More details revealed in new A Link Between Worlds trailer!

JordanOctober 11th, 2013 by Jordan

ALBWtitlescreenWithout even a Nintendo Direct to announce it with, Nintendo has suddenly uploaded a new trailer for the upcoming A Link Between Worlds to their YouTube channel today. This trailer features many never-before-seen clips from the game, including our first in-game look at the game’s villain and some new looks at previously revealed characters and locations. We now have a good look at some of our villain’s powers and can get some hint of his intent, and even a glimpse of what could be Ganon himself!

You can find the video after the jump.

In this trailer, there are plenty of new details worth noting:

- The Dark World in the game is known as Lorule
- The previously-seen wizard villain has the power to merge into walls as a drawing, and can turn people into framed portraits. They can be seen kidnapping numerous young maidens (including Zelda) in this manner much like Agahnim from A Link to the Past.
- Link obtains the Master Sword in much the same manner and location as in A Link to the Past; he is shown in the trailer using the three Pendants to draw the sword from its pedestal in the Lost Woods.
- At one point in the trailer, Link is seen confronting a large shadowy figure with horns who distinctly resembles Ganon.
- We also get a very clear in-game look at the bracelet which allows Link to merge with walls.
- Hilda refers to Link as “your Link” when speaking to Zelda. It is possible this means there is also a Lorule counterpart to Link.

What do you think of this new trailer? What new tidbits did you find in it? Does this make you more excited for the release of A Link Between Worlds next month? Let us know in the comments!

Source: YouTube

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  • The Mailman

    Am I the only one who noticed the extreme similarities in the music between “un-named villain” and Chancellor Cole from Spirit Tracks? This was the most amazing trailer yet…

  • Patrick Starman

    And you people said it was going to be a lazy rehash.

  • BigHairyFart

    Will the other Link be named Lunk? Seems appropriate to me…

    • Bobby Coghlan

      No that’s a stupid idea


    I stil think Hilda’s evil i mean shes standing right there infront of trapped zelda and not doing any thing about it. (Did anyone else get chills when they saw the alltp opening bit? i know i did)

    • Kaliospectre

      Maybe Link or Hilda needed to get that wand first because it looks like that was the reason Zelda was trapped in the frame in the first place.

    • Ninty

      What if that pale, Gerudo-looking villain we’ve been seeing works for Hilda, but toyed with Link to get him to go to Lorule and save them from Ganon? I know, it’s a shady tactic but that’s why Lorule is so different. Think of it like sorta what Midna did, but much less malicious. That’s my speculation, anyway.

  • Randy Matos

    All this hype….i can’t take it.

  • Carlbot

    Link’s dark world counterpart… Dark Link?

  • Kieroni

    Whoa. The baddie is tall. And if that’s “his” laugh at one point… Sounds like a girl ^^ *snicker* even Ghirihem (ARG! I STILL can’t spell it!) sounded like a GUY when he laughed. He just didn’t look it. I THOUGHT that his staff looked like a paintbrush! I win! =D The chime at the 2 minute mark gives me chills up my back. Not as much as the original, (More nostalgia factor I guess.) But It made me want to CRY! ;-; I’m so pitiful. =D

    • Kaliospectre

      Ghirahim? And me too it gave the game a more magical or a “You’re going to have the best adventure of your life” feel.

  • asdfg

    I want this game so badly it hurts

  • JeredenDonnar

    So Excited!! Only wwish I had any chance of actually getting a 3d/2ds and the game any time soon….matter of fact the same wish goes for the WiiU too. :’(

    • Sebastian

      Lol, same here… I wanna a 3DS!!!!!!

      • Link

        You do not have 3ds I am mortally offended

  • zarx1554

    Note that Hilda said “your Link”

    • Michael Hierlmeier

      Note that if there was a version of Link in Lorule, he probably wouldn’t be named Link. Why? Because Hilda is Lorule’s Zelda. She’s obviously not named Zelda.

    • Shane

      Link is apart of “Zelda’s people” in Hyrule thus “your Link”.

      She doesn’t say it in a way that Link doesn’t belong to her.

  • baileygirl99

    She used the word superb, So,would that maybe mean that she isn’t exactly as noble as a “proper princess” should be? I’m fine with it,but it shows how she is somewhat of an opposite Zelda perhaps? I just find that interesting because I’m pretty sure Zelda (excluding maybe the one from SS) would say “superb.” then again, I might be overanalyzing this.

    • Spencer Tinnin

      So, is she the Midna of Lorule ;)

  • LucasMull

    What if Majoras Mask’s Termina has a deep connection to Lorule (as hinted by Aonuma himself)? The HY in Hyrule originated from goddess Hylia, what if Lorule has a completely opposite goddess in its history? Since it’s basically an oposite world that goddess might aswell be a male, instead of Hilda being the reincarnation of the goddess it could be Lorule’s Link instead. If that were the case they could finally explain the Fierce Deity origins, all we know about it is that it was a mighty god, but we never really knew his name or why he was sealed into a mask.
    Also, could Demise be making a return? Maybe he will have some kind of role in this game story, hinted by his upside down sword triforce.

    • CraptainFalcon


      • LucasMull

        I’m not especifically saying he will return, but they might give a better insight on his past. All we know about him is that he left his underworld to try to take the surface triforce, that being said I hope he doesn’t make a return so early.

        • Guest

          Also notice how Fi and Ghirahim have a striking resemblance, and serve the same purpose as a sword’s spirit. We know Fi was created as a mirrored Hylia image, now what about Ghirahim? Who created him, and why? (Also the sword he turns into is similar to the Master Sword in appearence). Demise probably had conquered Lorule’s Triforces (as he stated he was powerful enough to conquer time itself) and was seeking to take the overworld Triforces aswell.

          • LucasMull

            Fail double post, sorry.

        • nice butt

          I agree with what you’re saying. Personally, I would love for it to be true, and what you’re saying makes sense. The upside down triforce was in majora’s mask a lot, and why wouldn’t they want to connect the two games?

      • LucasMull

        Also notice how Fi and Ghirahim have a striking resemblance, and serve the same purpose as a sword’s spirit. We know Fi was created as a mirrored Hylia image, now what about Ghirahim? Who created him, and why? (Also the sword he turns into is similar to the Master Sword in appearence). Demise probably had conquered Lorule’s Triforces (as he stated he was powerful enough to conquer time itself) and was seeking to take the overworld Triforces aswell.
        I’ll shut up now k.

      • TheMightyDekuWarrior


      • Shane

        Calm down. O_O

        It’s personally more believable than “OMG MAJORAS MASK MEANS A REMAKE”

    • Link

      Stop making references to mm I thought it was cleared up on Zelda wiki

    • TLoZKH7590

      I was thinking the same thing actually… about Lorule and Termina

  • CraptainFalcon

    Now I’m excited for this game. I used to think it was some bizarre remake of ALttP, but it’s a whole new game! CAN’T WAIT!

    Lorule is kinda funny though, you know “High” rule and “Low” rule… Nope no one?

  • sexyaussiekirkland

    omg pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase reintroduce Dark Link!

    • VitaTempusNexus92

      I know right

      • sexyaussiekirklandd

        I seriously can’t wait for this game I’m just sooo excited :D

  • Angron

    believe it or not, I’ve never played a link to the past :/
    I’m looking forward to this game, but I feel like I need to play alttp before I play this…

    • Benjamin

      Definitely do.

      Personally I’m hoping this means a 3DS eShop release of LttP.

    • BridgetD

      Me neither. I just got A Link to the Past, so I’m trying to get through it before November. I don’t think it’s necessary to play A Link to the Past, since A Link Between Worlds is supposed to take place years after it and has a totally different story, but I’m sure that they’re going to have references that I’m not going to get otherwise. I played Wind Waker as my first Zelda game, and so many things went over my head because it heavily references Ocarina of Time.

  • Mseevers95

    So the Ganon/Wizard person SOUNDS like a chick

    • Ninty

      yeah, kinda like Freeza from Dragon Ball Z. I don’t think a shrill voice like that for villains is uncommon in Japan.

  • Kincaid1

    If you look at 0:24, you can see what appears to be a purple-ish version of Link on the wall, probably hinting that Dark Link will make a return.

    • Ninty

      If you’re talking about the brick wall in that forest, the whole picture was made purplish grey, most likely to emphasize the text “A new evil has risen”.

    • Link

      Mandy it is link from lobule why hasn’t anybody part from me take the name link suckers

  • Spencer Tinnin

    How dare Nintendo put up such a tempting commercial when we still have to wait a month for it to come out!?!
    If you’ll excuse me, I have to go lock myself in my room for the next month and try to stop crying from not having this game already.

  • pixel

    HYrule … LOrule … i see what they did there

    • Link

      Finally notice have you

  • Jacob Lane

    who was that in the wall at 0:36 on the left top corner?

    • Michael Hierlmeier

      Nice spotting! Wouldn’t have noticed! :D No idea who that is, though.

    • Alyssa

      Well the villain can turn people into pictures so who ever is on the wall was probably guarding the maiden/temple she’s in.

  • DawnofaNewDay

    1:53 So nostalgic!

  • pixel

    is it just me, or does one of the pictures of the maidens look like tetra

    • Hero’s Shade

      It’s not just you…

  • disqus_cT0bisdNwv

    I’m literally drooling while withing this

  • Guest

    I hope that’s not Ganon at 1:47. He appears so many times in the series that I can’t take him seriously anymore(like Bowser).

    • BridgetD

      Ganon is a staple of Zelda. They’re going to keep bringing him back.

  • SquidLips

    This doesn’t make the wait easy, Nintendo. >:(

  • Mr Impatient

    That scene where Link pulls out the Master Sword takes too long.
    I know, I’m nitpicking…
    40 days 4 hours and 57 min…

  • Shane

    I think Hilda was referring to the fact that Link is apart of her kingdom and her people. But I’d dig Dark Link as a possible villain. Or perhaps the other Link is heroic but got sealed like Zelda? Argh, I can’t wait!

    Also I love Lorule. They could have been more cliche and called it Dark Hyrule or something entirely different which has no logic or reason.

    • Link

      Lourule is like hyule but was reversed by some evil probaly at that time link in Loury’s became dark link makes sence huh

      • HeroofTime2195

        Hyrule and Lorule. High Rule and Low Rule. One kingdom that has always had a hero to protect it, and is surrounded by prosperity, one kingdom who’s hero became corrupt, and was sealed away, covering the kingdom in a shroud of darkness, and always remained in the other kingdom’s shadow.

        • Link

          I knew about high rule and low rule bitch and I also was going to post what you just said when you decided to annoy me mother fucker

  • hollander


  • Rene Yanez

    Lorule, I like it! They didn’t try too hard to think of a name for it and it just feels natural. If that name had came up years ago we would all be cool with it by I am. Also, dat music!!

  • Dawson

    Why do you have to make those 3ds/2ds’ so expensive!

    • BridgetD

      I know right? I mean I get it, the company needs to make a profit. But consoles and games are so expensive.

      • Dawson

        They want profit? THEN LOWER THE PRICES!!!

        • think about it

          How does that make any sense?
          If they lower the price they lower their profit margin…and consoles have R&D, marketing and production costs. They don’t just show up from thin air and are packaged and sold to us…

          • Dawson

            People MIGHT by them more. Have you ever thought about it. Crowds flood in on black friday just so they can save and companies end up making TONS of money

          • Link

            That’s true my mum does that

    • Link

      You don’t have a 3ds they are dirt cheap in Canada got one when I went there on holiday

      • Dawson

        it’s not worth a passport and plane ticket…

        • Link

          Go there on holiday I mean not for the game and I thought you lived there most Zelda lovers do and secondly and worryingly you don’t have a passport.

    • Link

      Its not THAT expensive, I have one, and I can say honestly that it is well worth the price. Especially when you can get THIS game. ;)

      • Link

        How the hell do you have the same username as me phoney

    • Silent-Hero

      You must have a problem, I got the 3DS at $250, so, what, $180 is a GREAT price. And the 2DS is only $130?? The Wii U was over priced at $350 when I got it, and I still think $300 is much. That’s the topic you need to rant on.

  • Link35263

    So much for “And the Master Sword sleeps again… FOREVER!”

  • jjcraze

    When the game’s title was released I had this theory that the game would take place in hyrule, the dark world, termina, and koholint. Hence the name. Even though this didn’t happen I still think ALBW will be a great game!

  • Linked Past

    At the very end of the trailer, it sounds much like Zelda’s Lullaby except dropped in pitch and changed in key. This, amongst other things, leads me to believe that Hilda is perhaps Zelda’s counterpart in Lorule.

  • Hero’s Shade

    2:01 the 16-bit Link to the Past opening: then, BAM Orchestrated!! I shed a tear of joy.

  • Kravik

    So. No bundle then?

    “Sold separately!” ..

  • Fantym

    I find it funny that the dark world’s name is “Lorule” (Hence Hyrule is said like “High-Rule” while the other one is “Low-Rule”)

  • Merv?

    Yup. my fate is sealed. totally getting that game.

  • TLoZKH7590

    Hurry November 22! MUST GET THIS GAME!!!

  • Mr Krabs

    Yep. And if I can’t get enough rupees to afford this game, then SO HELP ME I will go get my lawn mower; and LEVEL the shrubs in my backyard! And yet every time I leave and come back, the dang plants show up again! (Thus,I’m filthy stinkin rich aside from my lawn mower breaking because of a rupee…..)