The Wind Waker HD soundtrack free on Club Nintendo Japan

JohnSeptember 15th, 2013 by John

tww soundtrackFollowing on from their recent promotion of a selection of special t-shirts which included The Wind Waker HD, Club Nintendo of Japan have announced another new promotion pertaining to the game, this time offering a CD of the game’s soundtrack, available for free for those who manage to register the game itself soon after its release.

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tww soundtrack listing

The CD features 50 tracks and is available to those who manage to register The Wind Waker HD between the 26th of September and the 4th of November. It comes with a simple, yet fetching gold cover, and the original MIDI tracks from the GameCube version have also apparently been updated to sound crisper and sharper, befitting of the game’s HD graphical overhaul.

Although the offer is extremely similar to the one which accompanied Ocarina of Time 3D upon its release in 2011, it seems fairly unlikely at this point that the North American or European Club Nintendo will be offering the same promotion, given the scarcity in which Japanese products and offers are carried through to the west. However, there is no reason why fans should not remain at least vaguely optimistic for the soundtrack’s possible release in western regions.

But what do you think? Is this something you would like to appear in your country? Are you perhaps upset over the imbalance of product availability regarding Japanese items? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: Club Nintendo Japan

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  • Nintenderp

    I hope we see a North American and European version.

    • sexyaussiekirkland

      Nope, Australia doesn’t exist at all. Only the largest island in the world but whatever…

  • PurplePenguin


  • PronounceHuynh

    Club Nintendo of NA never gets the good stuff…

    • hollander

      europa has nothingg

      • diabloaura

        Europe does have it pretty bad… I live in The US and, compared to Europe, North America has it GREAT. Of course, compared to Japan, we’re all terrible off.

        • Hoff123

          Eh… Sweden doesn’t even have Club Nintendo.

        • hollander

          did you knew that all european
          countries want to create one big country,
          the first step was the euro

        • hollander

          i dont want holland as a state

      • kamikazilucas

        thats so true, they take stuff away

  • TheMightyDekuWarrior

    Welp… Looks like my life is over…

  • hollander

    i asm dead

  • Michael Hierlmeier

    I need this!

  • Kaine Morrison

    I got the ZREo Twilight Princess SoundTrack 3CD set, The Ocarina 3D CD, I chose the Majora’s Mask OSt at my Platinum reward…. They better release this here!

    • Kaine Morrison

      Also have the Skyward Sword OSt that came with the game… completely forgot about that one

  • Jake

    I hope this comes in usa

  • TheMightyDekuWarrior

    Wanna know something? It’s gold.

  • Ninty

    Welp, time to get fluent in Japanese.

  • krule274

    That’s no fair.

  • lulles

    How come the American Club Nintendo never gets stuff this cool?

  • jamesd1615

    lulles you think the american club nintendo is bad go on the uk/ireland club nintendo its the worst :(

  • Rakso101

    Ahh Australia how you always pull through

    • sexyaussiekirkland

      The Americans are complaining so much and it’s like “yeah, at least you get virtual games! We get facetowels and playing cards”

  • deslandes

    os brasileiro sofrem :(

  • Knil

    I want it.

  • Joanna S

    It’s a no-brainer why they only offered it for Japan, it’d sell out too quickly if released anywhere else!

  • Silent-Hero

    Bullcrap, Japan gets all the awesome rewards and North America gets moderately alright awards… there hasn’t been anything on Club Nintendo in ages that caught my eye except for the Platinum rewards. Those were pretty good…

    • Raphael Gouin

      I agree man I have tons of coins, I’m still hoping for a WWHD related item soon to add hype to the game release, that’s why I kept my coins all this time. I don’t know what I’ll use my coins for if there’s nothing that is Zelda related.

    • Chaotix28

      And what do you think Europe gets? We get nothing.

  • HylianSquad

    Just register at club nintendo japan and use a japanese proxy

    • The_Zeldanear

      Does that actually work?

    • Sean

      Good idea but they probably won’t ship it internationally.

  • Pendio

    So, what happened to the Skyward Sword soundtrack CD?!

  • TheSegaMan

    I don’t know why this wouldn’t come over here. I mean, they did the exact same thing for Ocarina of Time 3D in Japan and we got that promotion. Even the way the CD and its case are presented are similar to the Ocarina of Time 3D one.

  • Matthew N Derek

    and once again club nintendo of america gives us absolutely nothing for shelling out our hard earned money to them. There hasn’t been one interesting thing on Club Nintendo since they took off the zelda posters.

  • sexyaussiekirkland

    New in Club Nintendo Japan: Windwaker HD OST
    New in Club Nintendo America: Video Games
    New in Club Nintendo Australia: Facetowls
    *slow clap*

  • npatoray24

    it cool if all we have to do is register our game.

  • Dave

    Must have. Anyone know how the housing market in japan is?

    • Kaine Morrison

      I lol’d

  • Albert

    IM sick an tired of nintendo giveing the ACTUALY good rewards to the japanese club nintendo give a good reward to the americans ALL WE GET ARE STUPID towels some cards and thats bout as much all the americans get also give at least something to the other countrys to