Nintendo discusses the ‘Zelda Cycle’ of fan reaction

KnowleeSeptember 19th, 2013 by Knowlee

Nintendo-LogoAs many Zelda fans know, when a new Legend of Zelda game comes out, be it a remake or a brand new one, there is a lot of hype that surrounds the game. Along with the hype though there are many people who show their displeasure for a game when it is announced only to reverse their initial feelings for those of happiness once the game is released. The Wind Waker is a well known example of this.

When The Wind Waker was first announced many people were expecting the game to be entirely different from the cell shaded look that it has now. This lead to a lot of outrage from many Zelda fans since it didn’t line up with the expectations they had. When the game was finally released though, some of those fans who initially disliked the game got to play it themselves and majority of them found that they liked the game.

Other Zelda games have experienced this too and it’s commonly known to occur in the Zelda fandom. Nintendo even knows of its existence and were discussing it in the most recent Iwata Asks.

Actually, if you look closely at the world of The Wind Waker, it has its own sense of reality that’s takes advantage of its anime-themed world. It’s so inventive with a lot of bright ideas packed in that you think “Wow! So much detail!” But I suppose I notice those things as president of Nintendo because I try to see its charms! (laughs)

Well, there’s a clear split with those who are reluctant even to try it.

But I think that has changed recently.

There’s a “Zelda cycle.”

Yes. Bill Trinen-san at Nintendo of America—who always plays a big role in preparing the overseas versions of The Legend of Zelda games—always talks about the Zelda cycle.

Basically, as time progresses, negative opinions about The Legend of Zelda turn into positive ones. At first, I wasn’t sure about that, but seeing the response to The Wind Waker HD, I think it may be right.

And it isn’t restricted to The Wind Waker. Every time a new Zelda title comes out, there’s no shortage of negative opinions, but a year or two later, people are revising their opinions, and its reputation goes up.

The response of fans in North America was like that for The Wind Waker. When we first announced the original version in 2001, the majority of voices we heard were against it. However, the responses for the Nintendo Direct we aired in January were incredibly favorable. Also at the Nintendo Experience event at Best Buy which was held at the same time as this year’s E3, a lot of people lined up in front of the single demo station for The Wind Waker HD in each store, saying they really wanted to play it.

To see the Iwata Asks where this was taken from, click here.

I can honestly say that I never was one of those who experienced disappointment when The Wind Waker was announced. Although at that point in time I wasn’t a big enough Zelda fan that I never felt a big need to keep up with the games. Now I will say that I felt this way when Skyward Sword was first announced, but eventually I got over it and became one of those who were looking forward to its release. Even now I find that Skyward Sword is one of my favorite Zelda games and I still enjoy playing it from time to time.

Its also interesting to know that even Nintendo knows of this happening with some of the later Zelda titles. I imagine that it may irritate them at times knowing that there are those who say that they don’t like a Zelda game before even trying it to really develop an opinion on it. It’s as the saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

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Source: Nintendo’s Iwata Asks

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