Zelda Fanart Spotlight- Forest Ancients

HachiMay 1st, 2013 by Hachi

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Zelda Fanart Spotlight, where we take a look at some of the latest and greatest fan work the community has to offer. Today we are looking at Forest Ancients, a digital illustration by Daniel Watkins. This piece features a stylized Deku Tree with a composition that is similar to a piece of official art from Ocarina of time. However, the atmosphere is interpreted very differently by the artist. The picture takes place in the future, many years after the Deku Tree has passed away and the forest was terrorized by invading monsters. The light through the branches and the fog adds a thickness to the air and shortens the viewer’s field of vision. Just behind the Deku Tree’s giant roots are several tiny crosses scattered throughout the forest floor, emphasizing the bleak situation the forest and its population have gone through.

This fanart sacrifices a close-up of Link for the majesty of the scenery that tells a larger story by the use of subtle cues throughout the composition.

Make sure to check out the rest of Daniel Watkins‘ illustration gallery on DeviantART, and as always let us know what you thought of today’s fanart spotlight below.

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  • Wil

    First! I like The Deku Tree’s nose,,,,

    • Silence


  • oozy the wolf

    such horrible deaths. unless one is mido. i hate mido

    • linkypete

      I think everybody does.

      Good Grief!

      • Charlie Brown

        me ripoff.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mveldran1 Max Veldran

    so is Link returning to the Deku Tree after his death because I believe that is the Hylian Shield

    • Never

      And the giant sword wasn’t an indicator?

  • Glunnator

    The Kokiri bury their dead near the Deku Tree? The Deku Tree has been fed by Kokiri corpses? Suddenly the nature of their relationship makes more sense and is all the more eerie at the same time…

    • J

      I thought the crosses were from Link’s mom, but there’s more than one cross.

      • zarx1554

        Strange, the Hylians have their own Pantheon but they use Christian symbols alot. Look at the wooden (or even magical shield) from the first Zelda game. They habe crosses. Maybe this was taken from the Roman story where all these Roman soldiers put a cross on their shield so they would win the battle with no harm. Other Christian symbols have been used, like the priest in alttp or the cross in Zelda 2. Maybe if Link had failed in OoT, all the Hylians turned to Christ because they could no longer trust their Gods as they failed them in removing Ganondorf from their plane of existence.

        • MyLastBatleWithDarkness


        • Cillendor

          lol not likely for A Link to the Past, where they talk about the Gods.

          The temple in that game is probably the Temple of Time from Ocarina of Time. The Hylians just moved the Triforce back to the original Temple of Time/Hylia’s Temple in the Faron Woods.

  • Wind waker Link

    Ummm……who would actually walk into a giant talking tree’s mouth, anyway?

    • http://twitter.com/patrickSluss Patrick Slusser

      If that tree told me he was sick and need my help, I would do it… Damn my sense of adventure.

      • Sauron’s Decendent

        Please, the only way I’d get anwhere near the inside of a giant talking tree is if I knew for a fact that he doesn’t want to eat me or feed me to the Queen Gohma that is bound to be within.
        Or if this will aid in my search for the One Ring.

        • http://twitter.com/patrickSluss Patrick Slusser

          That is fair enough! Haha

  • Lexi Z

    Hmmm….I can’t help but wonder where the graves came from…dooooesn’t look to promising;)

    But I like the Mario mushroom touch;P But in the end: better than anything I could ever do.

  • zeldabosses

    i really don’t think i could walk into the mouth of a tree. and, wat r the graves?

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/bs88145 bs8814

    Nice lighting, though not much attention to detail sadly…
    Overall a good piece though :)

  • Ninja Stud

    Then the jerk sapling ruins your life: “hey, your not a Kokiri, your a Hylian! Your whole life’s been a lie!”

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