Zelda 3DS: Thoughts and First Impressions

Minish PantsApril 22nd, 2013 by Minish Pants

By now, we are all well aware that it’s finally been announced! After the release of Skyward Sword a year and a half ago, Zelda fans have finally been treated to the first look at our next Zelda title! Personally, I am ecstatic. While watching the live stream of the latest Nintendo Direct, I was just hoping that the minimal Zelda information we would receive would be a release date for the Oracle games in North America (which we got anyway!). I am sure I speak for several Zelda fans when I say that I would have been more than happy to have seen just one of two things: Either the title of the new game, or a screenshot to see what it looks like. Nintendo did more than that, and gave us not only a trailer, but a downloadable 3D one. Needless to say, I was pleased. So with that said, I would like to discuss with my fellow Zelda fans what impressions, hopes, and skepticisms we have concerning this brand new adventure everyone is calling the sequel to A Link to the Past!

Just how much like A Link to the Past is this new adventure?

Anyone who read my last article knows that I love A Link to the Past. It was my first Zelda game, and possibly my favorite of the series, Why then, was I not excited to hear rumors that this game was going to take place in the same world? The trailer shows us some recognizable areas, particularly the Tower of Hera and the grassy field area that is at the foot of Death Mountain, east of the Lost Woods. My skepticism peaked here: just how much like A Link to the Past will this game be? Furthermore, how much time has passed between the classic game and this new title? Has Hyrule changed at all? Or will this overworld be more or less identical to that of A Link to the Past? I really hope there are significant differences. Yes, we are indeed guaranteed a new story with new dungeons. But are the dungeons really new? I mean, are they the same locations as those of A Link to the Past with new layouts (making them feel like brand new dungeons), or are they new locations altogether? Though I am certain that even if it is an identical overworld, Hyrule will be expanded to new areas, but I’m not all that pumped to explore a Hyrule with which I’m more or less already very familiar. Despite this skepticism, I can appreciate Nintendo’s first ever Zelda sequel that takes place in the exact same environment. But ultimately, I think if it’s too much like A Link to the Past, fans may find themselves underwhelmed.

Who is the villain?

If this game is indeed a sequel to A Link to the Past, I can’t help but think that we will be seeing a brand new villain. The essence of the Triforce assured Link that he had destroyed Ganon at the end of the SNES classic, though it should be noted that later in that timeline, Ganon is revived twice. So of course it’s completely possible that he will return. But as a direct sequel to A Link to the Past, this new game is unlikely to be ambitious enough to revive Ganon so quickly after his defeat. Besides, Ganon is revived way too often in the series. He’s a great villain, for sure, but I think we all wouldn’t mind seeing someone new!

What’s the story with Link’s new wall-inhabiting ability?

Already, I’ve heard fans belly-aching over this new game mechanic, but we haven’t even played the game yet! Personally, I am very optimistic about it. I think it will surely make for some interesting new puzzles. In many adventures, Link is capable of calling upon magic to do something extraordinary. Whether it’s turning into a wolf or putting on a shape-shifting mask, these gimmicks tend to be very central to the story. So for those of you who are complaining that it’s stupid or ridiculous, remember that you don’t even know the story! When the game is released, you will be given all the details and find out why Link is able to do this. I think this would also be a great time to reintroduce Facade to the series. For those who recall my article “Six Bosses That Need to Return in Future Games,” Facade was on that list. What if Facade is invulnerable until Link enters the wall or floor with him? Just a thought. I can’t wait to find out more!

What is the game’s title?

Like I said, I’ve waited so long to just see one of two things: a game name or screenshot. While I am certainly beyond happy that we were treated to a trailer, I can’t help but wish we got a title to go with it. However, I see this as a fun opportunity for Zelda fans to discuss possible titles. What will it be called? My guess is that it will have something to do with Link’s wall-inhabiting ability. The Legend of Zelda: Shadow Stalker? Wall Jumper? Wall Crawler? Eh, scratch that last one. Link isn’t Spider-Man.

What do you all think? How do you feel about these four points? What are your hopes and skepticisms? What do you think this new adventure will be called? Comment below, and let’s talk about it!

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  • http://www.triforcetalk9.blogspot.com/ Linkfan99

    Minish Pants! You’re an article writer! Yeah… I just noticed. :/ I remember a while ago a few of us created a really long comment chain as guests named “Minish Boots” and “Minish Sweater” and stuff….


  • youthpastor247

    Legend of Zelda: Wall Master? ;)

    • markoee

      legend of zelda hyrule hieroglyph

      • Nikokiri

        The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Wall

        • DigimonRoy

          The Legend of Zelda A Top Down View of the Past

        • The Minish Pants

          Ha! I love it! :)

        • Name

          A Link to the Window?

    • The Minish Pants

      That was honestly my very first guess! But about 2 seconds later I realized that that title’s probably not too likely! :-P

    • ceilingmaster87

      Legend of Zelda: A Link ‘Two’ the Past

    • linkypete

      The legend of link: a zelda to the past

      The legend of zelda: a pink to the last

  • Regent909

    I just want it to be “Holiday 2013″. Now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shamus.haines Shamus James Toby-Michael Hain

    Well, in the downfall/Ganon Wins/”Cop Out” (to quote Axel) timeline, Vaati still lives. I assume he would be a great villain to return, timeline wise.

    • Zack Patterson

      but he is sealed with the Four Sword. So unless the Four Sword is in this we probably won’t see him. Which is sad cause I want to see a 3D Vaati

      • http://www.facebook.com/shamus.haines Shamus James Toby-Michael Hain

        It’s not fully necessary… the four sword could possibly be destroyed. Or, like minish cap, the ability to split into four is only at the end, and a eleventh-hour superpower at that.

  • LetsGoRetro

    Everyone is forgetting the Dark World was vanquished, so thats half the game thats different. Actually, if i remember correctly, 9 dungeons were in the Dark World to the Light World’s 3 (plus the castle).

    Its likely the Light World will provide the “familiarty” with the dark world’s replacement (Golden Land?) providing the new content. And Im sure plenty of things in the Light World will be different, i.e. people having moved, closed up houses, new houses and rebuilt houses in Kakariko village. People lost or having setup camp in the woods or mountains. Possibly even an extension of the Light World’s borders?

    I, for one, can’t WAIT to revisit Kakariko village. Looking at a map of it feels like looking at a map of my hometown, lol. Walking around, talking to this one that built an addition on his housing, that one thats missing. What of the father of the flute boy looking for his son, or the thieves guild.. Were they run out? Are the feuding brothers talking again? Maybe the town is under siege in the beginning of the game by the new baddie’s forces and we have to liberate it.

    Also, who is causing havoc now that Ganon and Aghanim are defeated… Or were they?

    I, for one, can’t wait to find out. The possibilities are endless. Childhood, welcome home!

    • Nevan Lowe

      I just hope it has the same (or more, that’d be better) amount of dungeons. Maybe this time a different dark world appears? Instead of a corrupted Sacred Realm, maybe you go into the future/past? BOTH!

    • DementedAvenger27

      ign made a cool point about Zelda II. If your remember the lower part of Zelda II’s map was the original Zelda’s map, ie: Death Mt and below. Maybe they will do something similar? Have the LttP map and have a huge extension somewhere else.

      • ceilingmaster87

        I was thinking the same thing. Without the Dark World, there is more space in L2TP’s code to be original. I’ve always wanted to explore beyond Lttp’s borders.

  • Robin

    I agree with you; I also think the title will be something that has to do with his ability to merge with the walls. Perhaps the title will be the name of the item/power/thing that lets Link do this. Just like The Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time and Minish Cap.

  • Anonymous

    If the triforce has been completed, does this mean we’re still in the Era of Light and Dark, or have we moved on to the the Gold Era? Also, will this game take place immediately after ALttP, or is it between the Oracles or LA?

    • http://www.facebook.com/pkunhardt Philip Kunhardt

      Or is it AFTER LA, after Link has returned to Hyrule from his spiritual journey. Remember, ALttP, Oracles, and LA are ALL the same Link, so ALttP2 could EASILY be a finale story for this particular character, who has gone through so much in his journey to save three countries and a spiritual quest to make good with the strong feelings inside of him. He’s ready for the final test.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kraviken Kravik

    Compare that tower to the tower of Hera ..

    At first glance it might seem ALL different.. But it has A LOT common ..

    A lot! ..

  • Lolitzmari0

    Since demise did say he will be back or something like that at the end of ss? Will it be possible for him to be the antagonist?

    • DudePerson

      I only see Demise returning if the Master Sword is in this game, because Demise is sealed inside it. It is possible for him to escape the seal without the sword in Link’s possession, but it did say in ALTTP that the Master Sword sleeps forever. I guess we’ll see, though…

      One more thing… If Demise returns, then Fi returns. And if Fi returns, then make sure to NEVER let your batteries run low on the 3DS, or let your hearts nearly run out, or there is a 97% chance that she will have to point out the obvious -_-

    • theheroofdimes

      ganon is demise’s reincarnation, so its not likely

  • VikzeLink

    I’d like to hear what Mases thinks of the new game, haven’t heard anything from him about it

  • http://www.facebook.com/jwhitt987 J-Whitt

    I keep seeing it called “A Link to the Past 2″, but where was it stated that it will be a sequel? I would love to see it be a prequel to the classic story that introduced me to the Legend.

  • god like games

    all ever one talks about is a link to the past two its getting boring why not the wind waker hd

    • The Minish Pants

      Well, for the record, my articles are only published on Mondays, and this game was revealed only a couple days after, last week. I wrote this last Wednesday! I’d talk more about WW HD if we had more info, but all we have for now are a few screenshots. Besides, I personally think a brand new game is much more interesting to discuss than a remake, don’t you? :)

      • god like games

        i agree but all everyone talks about is a link to the past four (the other sequels are the oracle games and links awaking) Nintendo could have done a something else instead of the top down 3d why not one like Ocarina of Time(that game is still not the best but i dont want an other sequel to that game) the graphics make me want to play the WW


        “Excuuuuuuse me, Princess!”



        • BongoBongo

          Holy crap, were 3 replies not enough? Calm down buddy.

          • god like games

            for the record it was four and i will eventually clam if the release MM 3d or talk more about the wind waker hd

          • BongoBongo

            I count 3 replies to the author. And if the Oracle games and LA were sequels to ALttP, that would make Zelda 3DS number 5, not 4. So you’ll “clam” and stop whining over unrelated ZD articles once Nintendo releases MM 3D? How does that make any sense, and how is that anyone’s problem but your own? Your admitted unwillingness to calm down unless things go your way and your inability to spell and count lead me to believe that you are either extremely young or extremely stupid. Or both.

    • Davsto

      Because this is an entirely new game, but WW HD isn’t.

      • god like games

        Ocarina of Time 3d isn’t a new game but you guys kept on blabbing on and on about it

  • Nikki Smith

    I think the wall-inhabiting ability is neat! I’m also curious on who the villain will be and what the name will actually be when it’s released. I haven’t played A Link to the Past, so I can’t say if it’s like that one or not.

    • bob

      link to the past is good…

  • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

    So, they decided to release WW U to keep us patient for the new title, but low and behold, a new title is being released simultaneously. Eh, I’ll never understand marketing.

  • MiniJen

    I can’t wait to figure out what the game’s tittle is going to be. Nintendo certainly doesn’t intend for us to keep calling it “A Link to the Past 2″, do they?

    • ceilingmaster87

      Until we get a real name, let’s just call it ‘A Link 2 The Past.’

    • Twister27

      Well, the Japanese title has been confirmed as “Triforce of the Gods 2,” the sequel to “Triforce of the Gods” (the Japanese name for ALttP).

  • Vaatininja

    I feel perhaps Vaati is coming back

    • Vaatininja

      Wait on second facade might be too. Might explain Links Awakening later

  • oozy the wolf

    unlike some i look forward to the wall mechanic

  • ceilingmaster87

    In the trailer, we see Link switch between the hammer and the sword&shield immediately. Does that mean they are equipment and not items that are constantly being swapped out? And the sound that you hear when the stalfos bones break sounds familiar…

  • ceilingmaster87

    Unlike Oracle and Minish Cap, this seems more Alttp and less L’sA. I hate having to equip the sword, shield and pegasus boots to A and B.

  • TriforceoftheGods2

    just a few things, spoiler alert people Demise and Ganon are the same blood line they are the evil blood line so they are the same, i think those who haven’t played A Link to the Past need to, to see how wonderful and amazing ( however really easy ) it really is. I’m really excited for this new game i do hope the over world will be huge ( it should be the 3DS can do and hold sooo much ) but i’m sure there will be a lot of differences, like they said at nintendo there ” to everyone who’s played the original ALttP game i think you will be quite amazed on how different the two games actually are” so im not too worried .one way or another i’m buying this game, i’m playing this game i’m 100% going to love this game because i’m a Zelda Fan. what i really really wonder is what promotional Zelda thing will come out with this new game?? a limited edition black and gold Nintendo 3DS XL??? with the game already inside with a link plushie eh?? very exciting

  • Name

    Link looks rather Egyptian, from what I can see through the art style. Look at that eye – very much like the Eye in the Eye of Horus! Could ALttP-2 be incorporating something Egyptian-like?

  • weegeeman9001

    i am really excited, as long as it doesn’t copy the same plot (like pokemon games)