The Wind Waker Wii U release date leaked?

Jessica CappsApril 23rd, 2013 by Jessica Capps

Unoffical box artAccording to the European website The Hut, The Wind Waker Wii U is set to be released on October 15th.

Although the game is expected to be released in the Autumn, the retailer has it coming out much sooner than expected.

This listing seems a bit unlikely for several reasons. Jump inside to find out why we think this is just another case of a retailer jumping the gun.

Retailers have a history of just making up dates and listing them for as-yet-unannounced release dates. Sometimes for games that haven’t even been announced to exist. Just last week a European retailer listed Majora’s Mask 3D… which has not been announced by Nintendo at all. The Hut seems to be taking a wild stab in the dark with October 15th, which doesn’t even correspond with usual release day (Friday) for games in the territory the site caters to.

Also, taking a look at the box art… as nice and professional as it looks, it has been identified as fan-made, appearing on the site Video Game Box Art, where fans submit their homemade box art designs.

So we’re strongly leaning towards “not legit.” But what do you think? Could retailers have started getting release dates for the game already? Should we be looking for The Wind Waker Wii U as early as October 15? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: The Hut

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  • Nehpets700

    This likely isn’t “legit” but I can wait. I hope Nintendo takes all the time they need to make Wind Waker Wii U as great as possible. Patience is a virtue after all.

    • linkasourous

      But its a BORING virtue.

      lol jk

      • Nehpets700

        True but it’s rewarding in the long run.

        • Anonymous

          Especially if this is a mastered version with any/all removed/missed content like those two dungeons.

    • Ghabulous Ghoti

      I hope they reuse the old graphics style. The new one isn’t bad, but for Wind Waker, I want flat-out cell-shadding, not this CGI look, save that for some future game.

      • Nehpets700

        I disagree. I kinda like the style they’re heading for. If everything was going to be the same like that, I might as well play the one on GameCube.

        • Ghabulous Ghoti

          I was kind of hoping for new features with just the old graphics upscaled. Fix the problems, but leave the graphics.

          • Nehpets700

            Meh. I’m leaving it up to Nintendo. I trust they know what they’re doing.

          • Ghabulous Ghoti

            I’m meh about them knowing what they are doing. They’ve screwed up a lot of games in my honest opinion. Still make some of my favorites, but I certainly don’t trust them :P

  • Fred

    Box Art definitely isn’t Nintendo’s, the Wii U logo would be in blue not brown.

    • Blue Link

      Maybe is just an early concept art that will be replaced when the official cover is confirmed?

      • Eric

        No, not likely. Probably just a retailer trying to snag your money with ‘legit’ looking pre-orders. I wouldn’t pre-order from this retailer after this.

    • NintendoFan97

      Doesn’t have to be blue. Look at New Super Mario Bros. Wii. That had a red case and Wii logo.

    • bastian

      The box art is made by a fan (linked in the news post). The reason why that fan made the Wii U logo not blue was to make it a special golden Zelda color. :D

  • itsameluigi1290

    Nice fan art :D I dunno about whether this is legit or not, since another HD port, Kingdom Hearts HD, is coming out in September, but I’ll say it’s not legit, just so I don’t get my hopes up.

  • Justac00lguy

    Hmm I think we know it’s going to be released some time around October, the date doesn’t matter to me I’m just glad to be experiencing WW on a HD console :p

  • Michael D.

    I thought that when they announced WWHD he said they where planning on releasing it by this fall?

    • Michael D.

      sorry were not “where” lol

      • linkasourous

        Letme guess. autocorect? It always makes me say something I dont Nintendo

        • Anonymous

          Believe it or not, I read it as ‘were’. When you read fast, you overlook small details to understand the bigger picture. That, and I’m used to IPhone Text editing.

          • linkasourous

            Lol. I usually read fast and then end up donegoofing the whole sentence. and

            and actually I did read it as “were” the first time too and didnt notice it was a typo until he made his other comment :)

  • Merv?

    yay. more rumors…. -_-

  • fused_shadows

    Nintedo said that The Wind Waker HD was going to be released in Autumn 2013. This guess is not impossible at all. In fact, I think it is most likely to release around October 15.

    • VitaTempusNexus92

      no, they said “by this fall” which means before.

  • LookItsLink

    When was this discovered? Maybe they put it up on April 15, but their system only allows preorder dates within 6 months of posting.

  • The Silence

    You seem to have confused Wind Waker HD’s release frame with that of Zelda 3DS. Iwata specifically stated that “We are planning to release The Wind Waker by this Fall.” While Zelda 3DS will be released “this holiday season.”

    • bastian

      Yup! Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve edited the post to reflect that. And now that I’ve seen you, The Silence, I’ll have to draw another mark. :P

  • Austin_NES

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss it comes out on my birthday! Yeeeeeesssssss

  • JuicieJ

    That would be insanely close to A Link to the Past 2’s release date (Holiday 2013). I’m calling some time in August.

  • Nevan Lowe

    I got my hopes up for Majora’s Mask 3D, and got my soul crushed. Granted, the ALttP sequel completely filled the hole in my heart and built a mountain on top of that, I was the tiniest bit disappointed. Not getting hopes up for this one.

  • Nikki Smith

    I thought it was Tuesdays for release dates for stuff(like books, video games, etc.) I bet it’s just a rumor. I had heard(another rumor of course), that August was a likely time for it to come out. The Wii U Cover for it(even if it is fanmade) looks awesome! Either way, I’m anxious for all the Zelda games that will be released this year!

    • bastian

      Tuesdays in the US, if I’m not mistaken, Fridays in the UK.

      • Nikki Smith

        That would make sense that release dates are different in different countries.

  • Anonymous

    What if Nintendo learns about this fake release date, then moves their project forward a few weeks in order to release it on the fake release date?

  • Kravik

    I think has this same bad habit ..

  • Xyphon

    It’s being released in Q3. As in, July, August, September. So this is actually late from the expected release date.

  • HeroofTime123

    This wouldn’t surprise me if it were right. It does seem believable. I thought Nintendo said it was going to release this in October anyway.

  • Nintendocan

    As Iwata said on the January Nintendo Direct ( ), The Wind Waker’s Wii U remake is coming out this Fall. Not this Winter. So that would make October 15th a valid release date. However, since October 15th us a Tuesday and not a Friday, like you said (As Friday is when Nintendo games are released in Europe, just like how it’s Sundays here in the U.S.). So this is likely just a placeholder. I do expect an October release date, though.

    • VitaTempusNexus92

      Actually, Iwata said “by this fall” which means before fall season. However, I do have a feeling they’re going to push it up to next year, probably because of Zelda 3DS being set for holiday season this year. Plus it may be because Zelda U may not come out until Holiday season next year or sometime in 2015 so they need something to tide over the wait for Zelda U which is what WW HD was meant for in the first place anyways. Also we haven’t seen any actual gameplay footage of WW HD in action yet, all we’ve seen of WW HD in some screenshots of what the game’s graphics will look like in HD. In my opinion, I do think Zelda 3DS has better chances of coming out this year than WW HD as with Zelda 3DS, we already know of an example of what to expect the gameplay of that game will be like as where we’ve seen none of that with WW HD yet. It could be possible that Nintendo could surprise us and all of sudden reveal that what they made us think is WW HD is actually Zelda U and is another WW direct sequel. it’s possible since, if you think about it, they’ve kinda kept Zelda 3DS secretive til that more recent Nintendo Direct in the similar manner. anyways, that’s my opinion.

  • oozy the wolf

    i hate zelda games relese date jokes.

    • Linkfan99

      It’s not a joke…. it’s most likely just the store taking a wild guess at when it may be released.

  • Zeldafangirl199

    I forgot iwata mentioned a fall release. I got thrown off when I saw GameStop has a release date of 12/31/2013. I really hope it comes out soon it’s one of my favorite Zelda games

  • Armos98

    October 15th is my Mom’s birthday.
    I honestly don’t know what to say.

    • linkasourous

      Say happy birthday to your mom. duh :P

  • Luke the Kokiri

    I hope the wind temple is taken out and replaced with something good…

  • letsgoretro

    Wait.. Oct 15 is EARLIER than expected? Whyi think it was coming in the aug-sep timeframe?? WW is one of the few Zelda’s Ive yet to sink my teeth into so I was pumped to take my first stroll thru the Great Sea in glorious hd this summer n then brave the sequel to my favorite game of all time (Lttp) this December.

    I have a “retro game marathon” every year from Dec 17 to December 31st because i used to get all my new games as a kid on my bday(17th) and Christmas. This wouldve lined up oerfectly, i couldve did my yearly tread thru LTTP and when i finished, popped in my brand new pt 2 that ive been waiting 20 years for.

    I really hope WWHD and LTTP2 arent released at the same time :(

  • Pit

    I hope it would be coming out on Oct 15th…It would be a very good birthday present! XD

  • Linkfan99

    Whoa. Okay there, for a second I thought it said “Zelda Wii U release date leaked?”. And then I read on and saw “October 15th”. And I was like NO WAY. WHAT???? AWESOME! Sadly, I reread the title. Not that I’m not looking forward to WWHD, which I am, but you really got my hopes up for a second.

  • Linkfan99

    “Although the game is expected to be released in the Autumn, the retailer has it coming out much sooner than expected.” But…. October 15th is in autumn…..

    Oh, and “Autumn” shouldn’t be capitalized. In the second paragraph.

  • Emilio Valle

    seems legit

  • Rob

    I think they are saying October because every one know it will come out around the holiday season. And where I live, Tuesday is the day video games get released, not Friday.

  • god like games

    this was the best thing that anyone one this site has ever written! to bad the cover was a fake now i am going on a rampage like the hulk :(

  • cylordcenturion

    awesome box art

  • Omega

    Nice box art, and FAAAAAAAAAKE!!!

  • Jake Davies


  • Gabriel Gomez

    That is a beautiful cover! I hope Nintendo does something as beautiful as that!

  • Meta Meta knight

    Finally this game is almost in my grasp after all that time of wanting this game they finally make a remake, now I just need a wii u. I just can’t wait. (:

  • ToonZelda


  • Sidney600

    I don’t really see how that would be a release date. Nintendo tends to release the 1st party games on Fridays, at least here in Europe. And if that goes for this as well, as 15th October is a Tuesday, I don’t even know! xD

  • CrazyGamer916

    My birthday is on October. AH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!