ScrewAttack ranks “Top 10 Zelda Bosses”

KyleApril 30th, 2013 by Kyle

An action-oriented game is nothing without good bosses. And the Zelda series has some of the most iconic video game bosses from Ganon to Dodongo. ScrewAttack recently posted a video in which they ranked what they believe to be the top 10 bosses in Zelda history.

Hit the jump for the video!

Well, what do you think of this list? I don’t have many serious problems with it, although I hesitate to even consider Uncle Rupee a Zelda boss. I feel like any of the bosses from the first Legend of Zelda deserve that spot rather than him. So what about you guys? Leave a comment with your reaction to this list, or with what YOUR favorite Zelda boss is!

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  • clemens909

    I think I know what the next top 10 will be.

  • Julian Delarosa

    Being a long time fan, I never really thought what would be my FIRST pick for best zelda boss, I know a lot of final bosses are great, and some simple bosses are full of several puzzles, what are you guy’s fav bosses?

  • Anthony Pappas

    I love the bosses from the Zelda series, but Skyward Sword really took them to the next level. I’m glad Koloktos made this list. I would also have put the final battle with Ghirahim, if only for his Bowie dance.

    • clemens909


    • Ganon

      Koloktos is THE boss, when you put it next to some of the greats he rates in the top ten

  • Ganon

    Anyone else laugh when he said “OH MY GOD IT’S MATH”

    • Kablamogroup

      I did a little. It made me think, “WHAT TIME IS IT?!?!?!?”

  • serialmom1964

    I like this list. I also like the point that he made that bosses don’t have to be hard to beat to be fun. I understand that some people rate a boss on how difficult they are to beat. But for me it’s the adventure of it. I loved the bosses in Twilight Princess! They weren’t difficult, but each one had a level of enjoyment and interesting tactical things you had to do. Goht was hilarious and I did catch myself going back again and again because he was so much fun, (I also couldn’t stay away from the Goron races!) I do agree with OOT Ganondorf as number one. Can you believe I actually thought I could save the game and come back and fight the second half of the battle later? Boy, was that an ‘oh shit’ moment! So go pick up your controller, fight that boss, and save Hyrule one more time.

    • Ganon

      I feel Bongo Bongo was ripped off he was the best one EVER. He was a puzzle and a punisher…..

      • serialmom1964

        He was great!

        • Ganon

          I know right. He and twinrova are so overlooked it isn’t cool, i quite liked Morpha as well, But i think Bongo Bongo was the first of his type of boss.

    • Nikki

      I thought the same thing with OOT Ganondorf when I first played it on the 3DS!

      • serialmom1964

        Oh the humanity! >0<

  • Eric Helps

    How did Twinrova from OOT not make this list?

  • Krishna Moorthy

    I think the next top ten will be “worst ten zelda bosses”

  • Nikki

    My favorite bosses(in no particular order) are Dark Link, Ghirahim, Demise, Ganondorf/Ganon, Scervo, The Imprisoned, Gohama(WW and OOT), Big Octorak(I think that Vatti will be a favorite when I get to him in Minish Cap). I also liked Bellum and the Diablico sisters(tennis again anyone?). I liked Byrne too as a Boss and then becomes good, as well as the Demon King from ST. I haven’t gotten to many bosses for MM or TP to know what my favorite bosses in those ones are or in the older games. I didn’t even know that Tingle had a game, so I can’t say anything with that boss. But I did like the part where he said “Money” when doing the recap of their top 10 bosses were. Bongo Bongo was cool too, but not one of my top bosses.

  • zeldabosses

    my fave is ganon from twilight p. HE ROOOOOX!!!!! argorok and morpheel are great too! zant is crazy! volvagia from oot is cool

  • zeldabosses

    all bosses have like, weird eyes. creeeeepy!!!

  • KayliTheElf

    My favourites include (forgive me for I forget most names) Ganondorf in any game, Ghirahim (who SLAPS you when you stand next to him. Had me laughing for five minutes, and can’t take him seriously now), Yeta (TP), Helmasaur King (LttP), Agahnim (Lttp), Bongo Bongo (OoT), Bellum (PH), the boss on Dragon Roost Island (can’t remember the name… sorry), Blind (LttP, he did have a good disguise after all), and Dongorongo (PH). THese aren’t in any order, though Ganondorf is #1, and will always be that way. ‘Sides, he needs to return soon. I’m dying of not having a new title with him as the main villian.

    • Shadow Princess

      I swear I was wandering around for half an hour trying to figure out what the heck to do to fight Blind the first time I played LttP, and when I got it, it was the best feeling in the world. It’s a difficult boss, and I died too many times to count, but Blind–the whole thing–is one of my favorite parts in quite honestly any video game I have ever played.

  • JuicieJ

    This is one of the few lists of their’s that I can’t say I agree with, but I did enjoy the humor in it, as always. I think Ghirahim should have been on the list, though. Definitely one of the best bosses in video game history.

  • link

    I’d have to agree with their number 1 pick. Also I think the final battle in Majora’s Mask should have at least made it to #10. Demise fight should have been there as well. But overall a good list.

  • Midna’s Sister

    #10: She is beaten in 15 seconds. For me. My strategy: dekunut, slingshot, dekustick, dekustick. #8: Owo

    • Ryan

      You never had a v1 OoT cart then. The Dekunut broke the game.

  • zeldabosses

    ok. she was laying little larvae in the battle. VERY DISTURBING

  • Tyler Kane

    Couldn’t have been a more perfect list.

  • Alex Jones

    Try the Ganon fight with only 3 hearts, then you will know the meaning of being up against impossible odds.

  • Golossus117

    Well, I personally like Zant’s fight from Twilight Princess the most. Ganon from Ocarina of Time wasn’t that fun (I’ve only played the 3DS-version). It’s just roll, slash and repeat :/
    Other fights I really liked was Puppet Zelda/Ganon/Ganondorf, Demise, Stallord, Blizzeta and the final fight with Ghirahim.

    • Luke the Kokiri

      I loved how when you finally got to Zant, who had terrorized both twilight and light worlds the whole game, he was a complete, total spaz.

  • Crono A7X

    The narrator sounds like a douche.

  • Ilias

    Their top 10 worst video is there,,
    It’s pretty good. Number 1 is a bit of a cop-out.

  • monic

    nostalgia was the reason ganon was chosen in oot. he wasn’t even memorable to me and he was extremely easy. i think number 3 was the best

    • guest

      Oh yeah, definitely nostalgia. Or, you know, people actually do find the battle memorable. But that couldn’t possibly be it.

  • Jake Sutherland

    Ganon in ocarina is fun and not all that hard. I liked some of the bosses from spirit tracks and phantom hour glass also but they never mention anything from there. How about the Demon King? The two headed dragon from phantom hour glass? Malladus from spirit tracks? Twinrova the witch from ocarina? Lots of great bosses not mentioned.

  • Marlon Leal

    All Majora’s Mask bosses.

  • Emma Mix

    OH DEAR GOD, IT’S MATH! lmao

    • Lupine Hero

      That moment when you tap the like button at the same time as two other people.

      • Lupine Hero

        Or click. I’m on an iPad.

  • Zachary Morris

    Ehh I’m not a big fan of OoT final boss, too easy. The TP and WW Ganons are better.

  • Zachary Morris

    The Octorock in Jabu Jabu belly is harder then Ganon.

  • lusty zebra

    There were lots of bosses in four sword adventures that were 10x better than vaati.

  • Linkfan99

    Twilight Princess isn’t my favorite Zelda game, but I’ve got to admit, it had some FREAKING AWESOME bosses.

    A GIANT parasitic plant with three heads that sprays poison on you while you try to get bombs to land in its mouths.

    A flaming, gargantuan beast with a glowing crystal on its forehead that you shoot arrows into. It has chain shackles attached to its ankles so that you can put on your magnetic boots and yank the chain so it falls.

    A HUGE eel-thing that you battle deep underwater. After a while, it comes out of its hole and swims around while you chase after it, swimming around trying to hookshot onto its eye so you can stab it.

    A giant skeleton that was pretty much described in the video.

    A large flying dragon that you can hookshot onto in order to drag it to the ground and slash at its wings to kill it. But to hookshot onto it, you’ve got to grapple up on a bunch of chain walls and floating hookshot plants to reach it.

    And finally, one of the most epic final bosses you’ll ever face. First it’s pretty much the basic tennis match between you and possessed Zelda. Then an epic battle against a giant hog-like beast in wolf form. Then an awesome battle on horseback chasing Ganon’s horse while Zelda tries to shoot him with light arrows so that you can catch up and hit him. And finally an epic hand-to-hand battle with the Lord of Darkness, Ganondorf himself, dodging left and right to avoid his attacks, until you finally deliver the final blow through his chest.

    Yep, those bosses were awesome.

    • guest

      Sorry, I have to disagree. With the exception of Stallord (which was an absolutely phenomenal battle), all of those boss fights are either horribly easy or incredibly dull–their awesomeness comes more from being massive and visually impressive. Fyrus? Looks crazy intimidating when you see him, chained up and bursting into flames. Actually fighting him? Hit the obvious weak point. Heck, I don’t think Morpheel ever tried to attack me once. And as great as the buildup to Argorok was throughout the whole City in the Sky, the battle itself was a slow-paced and dreadfully tedious.

      Not to mention how embarrassingly easy Blizzeta and Armogohma are…I believe TP’s bosses are generally pretty underwhelming.

      • Linkfan99

        Meh, I guess I can agree about Fyrus, but I absolutely loved Morpheel. Sure, it may have been kind of easy, but that doesn’t stop it from being epic. In my opinion, it detracts from the battle, but doesn’t ruin it. And I just flat-out disagree about Argorok, but that’s again just my opinion.

        And Blizzeta and Armogohma I didn’t include, because I didn’t enjoy them as much as the others.

    • Lupine Hero

      You forgot the armless Yeti who dropped chunks of ice on your head, the giant spider you crush with a statue’s fist, and the psychotic maniac frantically trying to hack you to pieces with a pair of curved knives. Zant was my favorite TP boss, and is possibly my favorite Zelda villain. Sorry, Ganondorf, Ghirahim, Majora. You were close… very close, Ghirahim… STOP LICKING MY EARS!!!!

      Also, Argorok is my least favorite dragon fight of all time.

      • Linkfan99

        Oh, I didn’t forget those, I just listed my favorite. I loved all of those too, though. The Zant battle was insanely cool, but I just thought that it didn’t seem AS cool when it was followed by my favorite final boss(es), the 4 stages of Ganondorf. Or whatever you want to call them.

        But I don’t get the part about Argorok. That’s one of the few bosses that I actually took the time to save before them and make a copy of the save file to replay. It was him, Stallord, Shadow Link from OoT, Koloktos, and a few others…. but anyway, the point is that I loved battling Argorok.

  • Lawrence Edward Shelven

    bashing Koloktos with his own sword was immensely satisfying. And now that you mention it, Oot Ganondorf/Ganon was amazing.

  • Gorn free

    i got down to the bottom of this list yeah yeah okay i get… GANON OOT YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES screw attack this is why we love you

  • Ryan

    Totally agree with No. 1. That boss fight is truly the most epic in the entire series and it is the reason I go back to it time and time again. Navi’s lines: “Link! I can’t help you! Because of the waves of darkness, I can’t get close! I’m sorry, Link!”, then after the first form: “There’s no way he’s going to hold me back again! This time, we fight together!”. I have to admit, even though she annoyed me throughout the game, that made me smile. It was on. Also, Koloktos, probably the best boss in the recent Zelda games.

  • Majoro Mastero


    • Linkfan99

      Honestly, I could list a LOT of bosses who were better than uncle freakin rupee. XD

  • npatoray24

    “as long as a boss fight is fun it doesn’t have to be super difficult to be one of the best” i have to completely agree with this statement. That is why ghoma is still always a solid boss. I will admit i’ve never played tingle’s game, but that made the list? REALLY? but omg i loved goht and koloktos.. (yes even though i have a reputation of being tough on SS)

  • K2L

    My favorite boss by game:
    LOZ – 4-headed Gleeok. The only decent boss in that game
    AOL – Dark Link
    ALTTP – Can’t decide between Mothula and Trinexx
    OOT – Twinrova ^-^
    MM – Goht
    TWW – Gohdan
    TP – Zant
    PH – Eox
    ST – Demon Train
    SS – Koloktos
    I do have more, but I did my best to include #1 in each game (except in LOZ. All bosses minus Gleeok suck). I have come to realice that ALTTP has a majestic cast of bosses.

  • oozy the wolf

    tingle games aren’t canon. they can’t count him! he wasn’t in the official timeline!

  • Amber Evans

    Golden Robot George Washington! LOL :)

  • Andrew Flores

    I;m surprised they didn’t include any spirit tracks or phantom hourglass bosses

  • Colton36678

    i always loved Twilight Princess Ganon over Ocarina of times and to me it sounds like this guy has got some nostalgia goggles on

  • Achroma

    I screamed when Stallord got number 2. It’s my personal number one, it’s just so much fun. Riding around frantically on a top with gears, slamming into it’s back and reducing it to only a head. Then phase 2 kicks in and everything just turns into badass. And I just beat that boss for the first time today on my first playthrough.

  • Jacob Flicek

    I have to agree with this list. Gannon on OOT, I lost a lot. See I did not know enough to use the master sword, I would use the hammer, which never worked obviously. I think I would have to say Majoras Mask had the most interesting bosses, maybe even the most difficult. You used to have to use fairies. I think the games are starting to get to easy, after MM games seemed to get easier.


      if you have to choose between eternal life and motion plus,get motion plus

  • Izumi

    OMG that Koloktos part made me want the Wii Motion Plus so much!!! I wanna start playing skyward sword!! I can’t believe I have the game but not the stupid motion plus :( And I looove Dark Link, he’s so memorable, and I’m actually about to start the water temple of OOT so i’m happy YAY!

    • DamagingLink

      I actually started playing Skyward Sword (well Koloktos wasn’t the only reason but it sealed the deal)

  • Agmsy

    I agree with everything except for number 1, Ganondorf was more memerable in Twilight Princess for me.

  • dat derp

    to be honest I liked the demise fight a TON more than the oot ganon just me?

  • baileygirl99

    i agree with all but #7. I just don’t think it should count.

  • DeltaDragon

    really,…REALLLLLLLY UNCLE RUPPEE WHATSHISFACE IS ON THIS LIST aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHHHH! THEY should have put staldrich on this list.

  • reuschk447

    It just happens that whenever I play OoT, and I’m fighting Phantom Ganon, it’s storming outside. He’s my favorite just for how creepy it gets during a storm.

  • PurpleLoftwing

    Stallord was by far my absolute favorite boss

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