More GameXplain Analysis for Zelda 3DS

KyleApril 22nd, 2013 by Kyle

GameXPlain has a new analysis video for Zelda 3DS, this time featuring secrets and other hidden details, according to the title, but in reality focusing more on location. As we already reported, this video points out the 20 item slots on the bottom screen, and also makes mention of differences in the mechanics of the bow and Buzz Blob enemies. But the bulk of the video highlights the similarities and differences between the area of A Link to the Past’s overworld that is portrayed and their theory on where the dungeon shown is. Hit the jump to see!

While they weren’t shy about admitting it, but I feel I should point out: I think they’re looking a little too deeply into certain things, especially about the tree outside the lumberjacks’ house and the Buzz Blobs. Or maybe they’re completely right and I’m not looking deeply enough into it! Who knows?

What do you think of these theories? Do they make sense, or do they not hold water? Comment away!

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  • Daver

    the magic/endurance meter didn’t move for the spin attack but does for arrow and draw power.

    • baileygirl99

      good observation, but does anyone know what that might mean?

    • I have no name

      Good spot, but it didn’t use magic in alttp either. Ocarina was the first to introduce that.

      • Ben720

        Incorrect. Magic was used in a link to the past for the Fire rod, the Ice Rod, the three medallions, magic powder, magic cape, cane of byrna, cane of somaria, and probably a couple I forgot. I have plazed the game.

        • DekuMask

          I think he was talking about the spin attack.
          We all know A Link To The Past did use the magic.

          • Ben720

            Ah. Missed that he was replying to a comment >.<

    • Ben720

      also, the “hammer” in a link to the past is actually called a “magic Hammer”

  • Daniel Wray Swesey

    The Legend of Zelda: The Book of Murdora

    A game that takes place over the many timelines, eras,
    seasons of the Hyrulian universe. Features the ability to play as 3 separate
    stories- characters- or allow them to be combined into one epic quest featuring
    multiple paths and victories in a game that will have you come face to face
    with an evil more ancient then Demise- the Abysmal Abominations. The stories
    will center on the 3 separate powers of the Tri-force and of those that control
    those powers. Link, Zelda, and Gannondorf all play as protagonist against the

    The game should be linear game quest with non linear story
    telling- like branching paths depending on how you play the game or character
    you use. Stand alone adventures of each
    character will have you cross each others paths while the combined quest will
    intergrate all three stories together..
    Telling a story that is whimsical with childish humor and at moments
    extreme emotional intensity that connects the player to whatever protagonist
    they play. Game play for each character
    will have their own unigue styles yet flow seamlessly between characters as the game progresses.

    The setting of this game will take place over several
    realms. Each realm representing settings
    that have been explored in the Zelda series since the beginning. Each timeline and game will be represented in
    the overall story arc of this series for this grand and epic adventue. Seasons (weather), day night, hours, light,
    dark will all be represented in this game. While quite ambitious it is the game
    Zelda fans will want to play and a game that will allow newcomers feel more
    diversity in a classic and timeless series.

    Traveling will
    include open world exploration plus realm/timeline specific transportations systems that are vastly
    improved from the previous games and actually feel nessicary instead of tacked
    on. These transportation systems will
    include walking, sprinting, boating, horsing, flying, trains and a variety of
    others possibly related to the era and time line you are playing. Items will have greater purpose and upgradability
    that gradually improves the weapons worth throughout the game.

    The Realms

    The Heavens

    The Spirit Realm (light). Heaven


    The continents (light and dark worlds)

    Skyloft/ The
    City in the Sky

    (New) Hyrule




    The Paraells (worlds connected to Hyrule but separated by
    time and space)

    The Golden Land



    Sacred realm

    The Dream Realm

    ages/eras/ timelines

    • Cillendor

      This is really deep, but Nintendo has never put this much into a Zelda game before. I really doubt we’ll ever see a game like this, though it would be awesome.

      • Daniel Wray Swesey

        Thanks… It’d be nintendos Skyrim killer..

  • Justac00lguy

    I have seen the idea of time travel thrown out there a few times now and while I’m not fully convinced yet, I can see a possible plot point.

    Said Villain travels back in time to revive Ganon… However instead of such going back to the time frame of A Link to The Past we go back to the prologue. The Imprisoning War is an important plot point and includes possibly be the time frame we go back to, that is if time travel is a theme in this game.

    • Someone

      I hope that they put the Time Travel idea aside for once. It has been featured in so many games that the concept is feeling overused to me. (SS really didn’t need it)
      Don’t get me wrong, it’s an awesome concept, but it’s playing a key part in the series for so long that it lost it shine.
      So I think they should let it rest for a while, and get some other idea’s in. The first games also did great without it, and after a while Time Travel can make a fresh new comeback and surprise us again.

      • Justac00lguy

        I’m not a fan either and I do also think it should be left aside however I was just referring to what multiple people have said. If it does make a return it should be implemented effectively.

      • Krishna Moorthy

        i agree. I love the time travel idea but it is too overused in the zelda series.

  • asdf

    There is still one thing that bugs me. I’m pretty sure just because all of these things were in the demo it doesn’t mean that the game is gonna be exactly like it. I’m pretty sure we’re gonna see changes from this demo in the game.

    • wil


  • ???

    I’m pretty sure they are looking way too deeply into this.

  • baileygirl99

    *snicker* big butts. Anyway, i think that all the info they dug up is really cool, but I’m not so sure I will be buying this game. It just doesn’t seem like something I would want. Although, it does play similar to the other DS titles (seemingly).

  • frank a sblendorio

    the small rocks contain have a number 8 on them. i used to think graphic limitation made them look like a number 8 in alttp but now its put there on purpose. i wonder why.

  • zdog

    GameXplain is my favorite channel on youtube, best sub ever.

  • Wil

    Ummmm…. Did anyone consider the possibility that thos might be ChuChus? that’s the first thing that came to my mind when I saw them. Anyway, About the dungeon similarity, I think you might be over thinking it. seems highly possible that it could just be a DEMO to the game, and nothing more. to go with the revealation that it is a sequal to like to the past, they probably anticipated demoers to want to see some connections. I’m guessing that they just mostly copied a dungeon from LTTP. as for the number of items, maybe they didn’t want to reveal to much of the details all at once. they probablly just want to give the lucky people who played the demo a SAMPLE of the game to come.

    • DD

      Sounds about right. It was strange to announce this before E3 anyway, so the juicy details will probably come then.

    • StargazerV

      I kinda hope they fix it back to being buzz blobs. I don’t think the downfall timeline had chuchus at all

  • Tyler Corbett

    1) Isn’t it pronounced “” as in the Greek goddess Hera?

    2) I’m surprised they mentioned the Power Glove but not the fact that he’s actually wearing the Power Bracelet from the 2D games. The video thumbnail even zooms right in on his wrist. You see a gold band with a slight flash of red.

    3) The second sword that Link is holding looks like the Fighter’s Sword. It’s designed with a mix of the sprite work and the official artwork:

  • Cillendor

    Something to point out is that in other demos (such as the Skyward Sword demo), you start off with the dungeon item to speed up the demo. Just because you don’t find the dungeon item in the demo doesn’t mean that you won’t in the actual game.

  • Chypros

    There is 24 items in a link to the past not 20 as stated in the video. shovel and 3 bottles are missing in that photo + the bottles are placed along the right side of the itemscreen

  • Othy

    That was actually fun to watch. They may be looking to much into the demo because the game is early in development… maybe…

  • oozy the wolf

    i never get tired of these guys

  • ninty11

    Personally, if the temple from the demo IS actually in the game, it would probably have the hammer as it’s temple item. Most temples have their puzzles built around the item you find in the the dungeon. With those smiley switches and the way you reach other floors, the hammer is a definite candidate. As for the boss, the original moldorm boss did not use the dungeons item in battle. Perhaps this trait was carried over?

  • MatadorBID

    I can’t listen to that guy talk. It’s seriously the most annoying voice I’ve ever heard.

  • Linkfan99

    Are you serious??? It’s already been confirmed as a sequel!!! So why constantly bring up the statement “It suggests that it might actually take place before A Link to the Past!” ?

    And then I watched 10 more seconds of the video. :P

  • Thulak

    omg. Zelda team… I’m sorry for what I said when you made Skyward Sword. You guys really are amazing.

  • ceilingmaster87

    Maybe the shield design is beta and they haven’t finished its design, or maybe it’s a canvas that you can draw your own design on, like in Mario Kart DS.