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KyleApril 23rd, 2013 by Kyle

Welcome to Majora’s Memes, where we bring you memetic madness weekly!

Like scouring Hyrule Field for bushes that hopefully contain Rupees or bombs or arrows, we search the Internet for Zelda-related laughs. We have a somewhat shorter post this week. It’s finals week, and thus I’m running on about three hours of sleep. We have a few user contributed memes as usual, as well as some from Memebase and Memecenter that embrace the recent slew of Zelda announcements.

The meme that gives this post its title is actually represented twice. Last week Merv? posted a meme that he got from Reddit. While I found it funny, I felt I didn’t have room for it. But this week since it’s more low key, I’d like to thank Merv? for sending it my way, as well as to JucieJ who provided the variation below it.

I do have to admit, I never really thought of C-3PO before this, but I’m going to have trouble unseeing.

Our next post (and final user contribution) comes from Bob, who gives us an edition of a longstanding favorite.

Our sole Memecenter repost this week comes from coopahhh and captures the emotions some of us feel about this perfectly.

The announcement of Zelda 3DS has prompted a few memes already, although not nearly as many as there have been in the past. This first one comes from an anonymous Memebase user.

The next one was posted by Clucknadus summing up Nintendo’s recent decision as the most friendly of Rage Faces.

I’m not much for cooking shows, especially the hyper-dramatic ones like Hell’s Kitchen. But I find it amusing that it’s only just now become a meme, and that Zelda fans are already taking to it. Thanks to CatFeeded of Memebase for posting this one!

That wraps it up for this week’s edition of Majora’s Memes. If you’re in shoes like mine, I wish you the best. May the way of the hero lead to the Triforce!

Source: Memebase , Memecenter

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  • Aaron Carmichael


  • Jeremy Lewis

    Please, Fi is so much worse than Navi.

    • JuicieJ

      Yes, but Navi is the mainstream partner to hate.

      • Rosstifer

        Both never annoyed me…

        • thing

          they sort of annoyed me, but my sister didn’t think Navi NOR Fi annoyed her. :P

      • EzioCRossfire

        Yes, bu Fi is horrifyingly annoying

        • JuicieJ

          And? That doesn’t change the fact that Navi is more popular to hate.

          • ToonZelda

            Especially if you’ve played the game a dozen times like i have.

          • Bob

            I have played Ocarina of time 3 times within about 5 months. Each time I played it, I was only annoyed by Navi when in first dungeon where she interrupts game to tell you HOW TO OPEN DOORS!!!! Other than that, her “hey”s and “listen”s NEVER annoyed me. Why people hate Navi so much I will never understand.

      • leifthevikng

        Yes just join the bandwagon, I mean Navi isn’t even that annoying.

        • JuicieJ

          Except I never said I found her annoying.

    • npatoray24

      i have to agree

    • balloonofwar4

      I daresay that is very true.

    • Brian R Dalgetty

      I actually like Fi and Navi, the games they are in are so good a don’t feel bothered by either of them(unless Fi is pointing out that the batteries in my Wiimote are low, that removes me from the game a bit)

    • ToonZelda

      NO she is not. At least Fi blinks and beeps rather than going, HEY! or LISTEN! No offense intended.

      • Bob

        I will never understand why Navi’s iconic phrases annoy people to death.

    • Ninja Stud

      I’d kill them both if I could. :D

  • disqus_EewPxsM24D

    When can i get ALttP2

    • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer


      • thing


  • Justac00lguy

    SHUT UP Fi!

  • drnedaj

    Fi is awful. I can’t believe Navi is getting such a bad rap still. Navi is almost as silent as link compared to fi.

    • VikzeLink

      Exactly! I wasn’t even annoyed by Navi at all, and OOT was my first Zelda game

    • JuicieJ

      At least she makes up for it with all her in-depth optional info, like enemy scans.

      • Spirit Tracker

        Oh Fi, you’re help will be SO useful after fighting that enemy 3 or 4 times.

        • JuicieJ

          …Right, because the entire point is to use it AFTER you’ve fought an enemy. <_<

          There's also much more beyond enemy scans.

        • Lol

          At least Fi stayed relatively in her role rather than steal pretty much the whole plot of the game and then became blatant meat service to the Fanbase *cough* Midna *cough*

          • Nick Holmes

            Please remind me what the plot of Twilight Princess would have been without Midna. Save a bunch of hippie kids who had already been rescued by the time you got there? Or give a slightly pointed stick to the Hyrule Castle Guard? She stole the plot of the game because the ordinary plot had been used to death and the fans knew it. Not to mention that you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who gets off on mutant cat things like that… But if Mr. Lol here really is the president of Hyrule’s Fan Club, who are we to argue?

  • Ryokoshii

    I find neither annoying, in fact Fi, rarely popped up in my game lol then again I play so many RPGs dialogue doesnt bother me cause i get so into the nitty gritty details of any dialogue or story I end up analyzing key story points form tiny things. Darn me lol.

    • Adventurer of Hyrule

      I loved Fi, her voice, her design, her obvious (comical) advice her presence in the world and her ending.

      • RockyRaccoon

        I mean, I liked her character and all, but she was annoying. The captain of all Captain Obviouses. Or, General Obvious.

        • Adventurer of Hyrule

          I don’t think thats annoying, i think its funny.

          • RockyRaccoon

            I think she’s the worst sidekick, personally, but video games are indeed subjective. Now Ezlo, that’s a different story!

    • Mister

      “Fi, rarely popped up in my game.”
      How? She’s programmed to pop up all the time! O.o

      • JuicieJ

        HE’S A WIZARD!

  • Bob

    hope your finals go well!

  • Bob

    Memes I found on google images. I don’t know if the last is a meme, but it seems close enough to be under the memes section on GI.

    • Anonymous

      The syllable count doesn’t work in the first one

    • zdog

      Day=made, great one!

  • Bob

    I honestly never found Navi annoying (except for that time where she interrupts the game to teach you how to open a door in the first dungeon). I don’t know about Fi because I haven’t played SS. However, the 2 characters I found the most annoying were Kaepora Gaebora and Tingle (only because of the Triforce Chart deal in WW).

  • Bob


    • JuicieJ

      Oh, the Zelda fanbase…

    • nobody

      Wind Waker is released: DURHURR KIDDY CRAP
      Twilight Princess is released: DURHURR GRIMDARK WIND WAKER WAS SO BOOTYFUL

      • Brian R Dalgetty

        Zelda fan’s in many instances prefer things in hindsight, I personally love Skywards Swords art style, it is my favourite in the series.

      • ToonZelda

        Who cares about graphics? though honestly, the realistic zelda was cool.

    • Linkachu72

      LOVE the pie chart one! only problem: its a pie chart. i dont like them.

  • Amber Evans

    Ok I loved the hyruleglyphics :)

  • Daniel Wray Swesey

    People who r annoyed by navi annoy me….. All of links companions are like girlfriends who always state the obvious to their boyfriend…

  • LinkInMyHead

    Hahahahaha XD Think most of these are better than usual XD

  • TheTwiddler

    i agree with drnedaj fi is worse then navi and navi is cute as well :)

  • nignacio

    “This chicken is so raw it’s calling other chicken to beat Link”
    That one.

  • hdhafw

    i now quote happy mask salesman from mm
    “i have met with a terrible fate…….
    I am in LOVE!!!”

  • Fire and Ice Arrows

    Please include these!

  • baileygirl99

    my fav is the hyruleglyphics one!

  • pandoras mask

    navi. fi. whats the difference. MIDNA was annoying
    she knew everything but did she tell u NOOOO.

    • Nick Holmes

      Midna was Nintendo’s answer to people complaining that Navi kept stating the obvious. Then people complained that Midna never told them anything. So they created Fi. And now people are complaining about Fi.

  • Bob

    Memes I found:

  • TReXD

    What I found on 9gag while browsing it. Sorry if I don’t know the original author.

  • ceilingmaster87

    L2tp has memes already?

  • Alberto Mani

    The problem with all the assistants(Navi, Midna, and Fi) is that when I need their help in a dungeon, they typically tell me to keep moving. Nintendo really needs to improve on that.

  • Time’s Champion

    some reason, I always read Fi’s dialogue in GLADOS’ voice, so line’s like “This is a door. It requires a key,” were HILARIOUS.

  • ToonZelda

    OK. if this is rude, i appologize in advance. NAVI IS THE MOST ANNOYING! Fi, annoyance level: moderate. the only annoying thing is that her text goes too slow, and she tell you stuff that you may already know. Fi is a must for new players of zelda. MIDNA WAS GREAT! no ”HEY LISTEN!”s or ”Master Link,I’m about to tell you something that you may already know!” midna was the only companion that didnt do any of that. the giggling was cute. and she is an awesome character. that is my opinion.

    • Fred071202

      At least you treated it as an opinion. A lot of people hate Navi, but in my opinion, she’s just as good as all the others.

  • ShadowBeast

    :) MEMESIES! Why, yes I am insane, thank you.