It’s Dangerous To Go Alone: The Movie

GuestApril 23rd, 2013 by Guest

A few of you might remember a certain 3.14 second trailer that was released pertaining to the upcoming documentary “It’s Dangerous To Go Alone… The Movie.”  Well, as most of you know by now, that trailer was only available for a limited time, so Zelda Dungeon wasn’t able to make a post on it.  Fortunately, the makers of the video game documentary recently released a new, full-length trailer for the movie as well as an extremely awesome webpage that allows you to play a great recreation of the original Zelda game to unlock all of the content on the site.  Sound a little odd?  Well…it kinda is, but seeing how this movie is based on the nostalgia factor from the fist Zelda game (or that’s what I think anyways), I can see why they would add that.

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So, looks pretty cool, huh?  It seems like it has the potential to be at least as good as “Indie Game: The Movie,” which was another amazing video game documentary that I highly recommend you check out.  From what I can get out of the trailer, the film will be involved with The Symphony Of The Goddess, Chris Veal the 8-bit artist who makes great Zelda artwork, Joel and Hannah who were majorly involved with” The Hero of Time” movie, and some cool-looking Zelda cosplay from the folks over at Tiki Crafts.  Overall, I’m very exited for this new Zelda movie, and I’ll be sure to watch it when the full film is released.  If you would like to play the fun Zelda-based game and see some more content on the website, just click here.

So what did you guys think of the trailer?  Are you exited for the new Zelda movie?  Are you not exited about the new Zelda movie?  Be sure to tell us in the comments below!

Source:  It’s Dangerous To Go Alone… The Movie

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  • Blakenator

    Awesome! Can’t wait to see all the different people that are deeply connected to this wonderful series! It makes the fanbase seem more alive than what just the internet has to offer. Thank you for showing us that we are certainly not alone! :)

    • HaunterisbestPokeman

      That is my profile pic on Yahoo!

    • EzioCRossfire

      Sup profile pic twin. :P
      It is a good series

  • balloonofwar4

    This looks amazing. Period.

    • thing


  • sebastian

    Does anyone know where I can watch the hero of time film? Ireally wanna watch it…

    • balloonofwar4

      I’ve seen it before, but I’m not sure where it was. I’m pretty sure I had to buy it from somewhere, though.

      • sebastian

        I read somewhere that they had to take it out of the internet, unfortunately, I arrived late on the table and didn’t get to see it…

    • S. Mario

      Shortly after it was released, Nintendo asked the makers to take it down. The creators of the film hadn’t gotten permission to create a Zelda film. However, Nintendo realized how much love had gone into making the film, so they allowed it to stay up online for nearly a year before it was completely removed.

      You’d be very lucky to find it anywhere at this point.

    • Hyrule’s Hero

      It’s on YouTube. Just search up the name and you’ll get it. I watched it a few weeks ago and it was still up. It’s okay, I guess. The beginning is boring but once it gets to the middle it gets good.

      • sebastian

        Yeah, just saw it. I like it, althrough there are a few weird things that come up.

    • thormungandr

      its on youtube

  • Dr_Stein

    That looks amazing!

  • thing

    awesome! i really can’t wait for my sister to see this trailer, she’ll freak!

  • Brando


  • Nikki Smith

    I would be more excited if it wasn’t a documentary. I would probably get bored after the first five minutes or so with it being a documentary. Even if it something I like.

  • GSusanj

    neat movie, hate the website.

  • Vitamin E

    And he walks off like Link in does in the LoZ manual artwork. Nice touch.

  • bs8814

    All the little cinematics within the video I have seen on here before :)

  • Amber Evans

    I’ll take any form of a Zelda movie I can get.

  • god like games

    that was the crappiest and worst zelda trailer/movie i had ever saw sure there were plenty of awful ones but this one tops the chart like the god awful hello song

  • DF

    Well….That was certainly a thing which I watched. Don’t think I’ll ever watch it again, though.

  • baileygirl99

    that sounds cool…