Timeshift Thursday – Hyrule Field (Twilight Princess)

TimothyMarch 7th, 2013 by Timothy

Welcome to another segment of Timeshift Thursday! It’s great to have you join me as we discuss some of my favourite areas from past Zelda games and I would go so far as to say that this will probably be my most controversial editorial yet. I say this because I’ve read so many different opinions about this particular area and the actual Zelda title itself. Yet, I’m welcome to any comments you have about my different tastes in the Zelda series so let’s get into it!

Because almost all Zelda titles take place in the land of Hyrule, Nintendo can always be counted on to give us a beautiful Hyrule Field for Link to explore. Starting with the original NES adventure and fast forwarding all the way to Twilight Princess, Hyrule Field has been a memorable experience for players to travel in. By the time Ocarina of Time was being developed Nintendo even implemented a new method of travel, horse riding, by adding Epona to the Zelda series and giving us plenty of memories for our gaming childhood. We’re not here to talk about Ocarina of Time’s Hyrule Field, though. No, Nintendo created a greater, more expansive Hyrule Field which I love exploring to this day and hope to convince at least some as to why I thoroughly think Twilight Princess’ Hyrule Field as the greatest in the Zelda series.

Are you interested in taking a look at and sharing your opinions about Hyrule Field in Twilight Princess? If so, please hit the jump below and read my thoughts as to why I enjoy this area!

I’m sure there is one thing everyone agrees on about Twilight Princess’ Hyrule Field; it’s the biggest overworld area in the Zelda series (not counting The Wind Waker’s Great Sea). Obviously it isn’t as fun walking through this gigantic area yet it’s great that Nintendo allowed Epona to be accessible from the beginning of the game so exploring Hyrule Field may be a joyous occasion. To me, what makes this version of Hyrule Field so epic is how much space you’re given to explore. Nintendo seemed to size the area based on the size of the world we live in and this Hyrule Field Link explores is indeed HUGE! It’s riddled with multiple enemies, glorious environments, beautiful architecture, amazing viewpoints, and hidden caves while giving plenty of room and pathways for Link to travel to his destination.

Hyrule Field in Twilight Princess also happens to be home to some of the game’s most epic battles including the rescuing of Colin from King Bulblin and the stunning cutscene as Link and Epona triumph after striking the King off the edge of the gorgeous Bridge of Eldin. Link also needs to help Telma, Ilia, and the Zora prince, Ralis, direct their caravan safely over the Hyrule Field to Kakariko Village by eliminating the enemies which appear over the course of the trek. A wild and dangerous journey, this part of the adventure was awesome to play as Telma would charge off and prove to be an awful driver! The final two fights in the game featuring Ganondorf were a delight as well as the first required Link and Zelda to ride Epona and get close enough so Zelda could shoot a light arrow to pierce the body of their hated enemy while the final battle between Link and Ganondorf is just as epic as swords clash and Link gains the chance to finish with an ending blow in the heart of Hyrule Field.

I’ve been playing Twilight Princess over the past few weeks and one thing that stood out for me was the ability to see such beautiful viewpoints. For example, while standing on the Bridge of Eldin you can look and catch a glimpse of Hyrule Castle in the distance surrounded by the dark twilight encompassing it. It’s gorgeous while also enchanting and showcases the need to save the beautiful land of Hyrule. Also, the Great Bridge of Hylia allows the gamer to take a breathtaking view of Lake Hylia and its surroundings. To me, no other Zelda game gives me the feeling as if Hyrule is actually a real place as Twilight Princess does. Seriously, those who say this version of Hyrule Field is empty and dull must not like Xenoblade Chronicles’ overworld as that is gigantic as well as being emptier than Twilight Princess’. At least, Nintendo gives you the chance to search for golden bugs, explore lantern caverns, and enjoy Hyrule in its glory, while also detailing the area with superb artwork. This Hyrule Field is life-size as video gaming should deliver.

The music of Twilight Princess’ Hyrule Field is another monumental achievement in the game! From the moment you enter into the area for the first time, the stunning orchestra gives you a sense that you have just accomplished something great by reaching that point. It’s the music of adventure and exploration and it made me feel so excited to explore a new part of the Hyrulean world. If you ride Epona through Hyrule Field a more powerful version of the composition is played as brass instruments are included to produce more volume and exhilaration! Alternatively, hearing the Hyrule Field music played at night was spooky with its scary synthesizer feature as it seemed to express a theme of insecurity and sadness as if to say the twilight still rules Hyrule. It is one of my favourite pieces, alongside “Midna’s Desperation”, out of all the beautiful music in the entire game.

Do you enjoy exploring Hyrule Field in Twilight Princess? Did it leave you with a memorable experience to reflect on? Are you a fan of the day/night themes of this Hyrule Field? Please let me know your opinions in the comments below!

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  • Guy

    I think TP had one of the best versions of hyrule field! Since it was divided, it was not like the OoT central hub. It’s music was amazing, and I hope to see more of the original hyrule field music! :D

    • EOTW

      Actually, if I remember correctly, you can traverse the whole thing without going through a single loading screen.

      • http://www.controlpaddesign.com/ TheMaverickk

        Sadly to enter villages you still have those transitional screens.

        It really breaks the whole seamless world thing.

        Also even if TP’s Hyrule Field is sub divided it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a “Hub” world because there’s no dungeons in the fields, or events that are triggered in a field. All dungeons are located in extended regions.

        • Kravik

          The castle is kind of in the center of the field, though?

  • Other Guy

    I thought Twilight Princess had the best overworld of the entire series, and that OOT’s is vastly overrated.

    • Guy

      If is not overrated. Unlike TP, OoT flowed very well, and it’s overworld served its purpose. The overworld did not have a big role.

      • EOTW

        How so? OoT’s field felt like an obstacle between areas for me, rather than being an experience all its own.

        • Guy

          Epona makes traveling a lot easier. Like I said, it is not a big part of the game, but it does provide much exploration for secret holes, and golden skultullas. You have to remember, that TP was make much later. OoT, was just trying to re-implement the 2d games into 3d.

          • http://www.controlpaddesign.com/ TheMaverickk

            Agreed…. surprisingly Hyrule Field in OoT has more grotto’s and small things to discover in the fields. Like Big Poes, or blowing up rocks in the field.

            Not to mention I always count extended area’s as part of the overworld. So Gerudo Valley’s canyon, Lake Hylia, Zora River, … these are all basically a part of the overworld.

            Anyway I’m more lenient on OoT because it came first. They didn’t have the same power and skills in creating a 3D world they should’ve had for Twilight Princess.

            The fact that TP is still as barren and poorly thought out is sad considering they should’ve been learning from past Zelda titles.

          • Kravik

            An overworld is a world used to get to the “sub worlds” of the game, no?!

    • Dadoong21

      I’m playing through OOT and I have to say it’s not as good as I remember? It’s still a great game but it’s quite monotonous. Especially Hyrule Field.

      • for true story

        just screw it all. Termina Field is easily the best

        • http://www.controlpaddesign.com/ TheMaverickk

          I put Link to the Past before Termina Field, but Termina Field is actually what a good overworld should be like. Lots of interesting landmarks, distinct locations. People live through out the world and even hang out in field area’s.

          Skyward Sword would be the next overworld I put after these two games.

          • http://www.triforcetalk9.blogspot.com/ Linkfan99

            Skyward Sword had an immense overworld, but the problem was that it was too barren. I wish they had Skyloft-sized islands scattered throughout the sky, and the smallest the islands got were like Beedle’s island. They could have had much more gameplay in the sky for the amount of open space that was up there.

          • http://www.controlpaddesign.com/ TheMaverickk

            I’ve mentioned this before but the provinces are all a part of the over world.

            So if you consider SS to have a barren overworld, your saying the land as well was barren. It’s the combination of both that made for a solid over world. Not the best, but still one of the better ones.

          • Kravik

            I think we REALLY should define ‘overworld’ here..

            We seem to be speaking past each other.

          • Kravik

            How is it immense when there is like 3 exits? And 2-3 islands?

            I might be doing the opposite of exaggerating, but still..

            As I see it, SS had no overworld. It was all as streamlined as a 2D Mario game ..

          • http://www.triforcetalk9.blogspot.com/ Linkfan99

            Exactly, as I said, it was “immense, but barren.” You didn’t quite read the rest of my comment. It only had 3 exits and a few islands because it was very empty, but it was quite a large space. It took quite a while to fly from island to island, and as I said, they could have had many more islands.

          • Kravik

            Oh I read it alright! :) I just do not agree with it being immense at all..

          • http://www.triforcetalk9.blogspot.com/ Linkfan99

            Well, it takes about two or three minutes to travel from edge to edge (without any boosts), and you travel pretty fast on your bird already. In Ocarina of Time, with Epona it takes about 30 seconds to cross Hyrule Field. Also, it may not seem huge on your bird, but compared to Link it truly is the largest overworld of all the games. The problem is, you don’t travel it as Link. If there were more islands on which you do travel as Link, you would really get a sense of the sky’s size.

    • JeredenDonnar

      well remeber, OoT has been out for more than 10 years and we know it pretty well, we also know what its offspring look like. Don’t judge it based on what came after-the-fact.

      • shadowecho02

        the whole point is to judge it on what came after the fact… Because TP is newer, it has a better look, better feel, better everything really… TP Hyrule field is better BECAUSE it was made later and they fixed all the problems people had with OOT’s field. By problems I mean that it really was only to used to serve 3 purposes: inbetween travel, hunting gold skultulas, and chase a running man… It was not large enough to even have a good use epona in it really. I usually don’t even use her unless i’m doing the trading quest because I can run across it in about a day anyway. TP fixed all this. The field became it’s own area instead of an obsticle with lots to do. Bug hunting, finding the hero shade, getting mail, epic horseback battles, and heck the final battles of the game were there too . This all makes it better. And the size of it gives a lot of exploration chances and gets the player more than enough usage with Epona (Unlike in OOT, I’d never be caught dead walking through TP’s entire field…) and is also more fun (almost like riding a real horse) with her having so many things to jump over and run through (I mean the little inbetween mountain paths) Thiis could all only be done after seeing the faults in OOT and a little of MM which had a few of the same problems. This simple fact is that because it is newer, it is almost automatically going to be better. You can’t compare it to what OOT would have been like if it were made now (because it wasn’t made now), you have to look at what it WAS vs what TP WAS when they came out, end of story..

        • Kravik

          Hear hear!

      • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

        Don’t judge OoT by saying it’s automatically better because it’s first. (Even though I do like OoT’s Hyrule field better)

    • firecrb

      I think TP’s and OOT’s Hyrule field, but TP had way more area to explore because it is the 2nd biggest overworld in the series, but you should have had more walkable area in TP too.

      • Guy

        I agree

    • Pinzon23

      it is overrated because is the first hyrule field in 3d, the ocarina of time game is amazing but the field is really monotonous after you beat the game (:

  • MiniJen

    TP’s Hyrule Field is my favorite Zelda overworld ever!!!! On my last playthough of TP, I spent hours simply traversing the entire thing from beginning to end, finding secrets and simply just enjoying the EPIC music!!! I love it!!!!

    • Guy

      I think LoZ games should have more of the original music, like TP, instead of OoT’s overworld music.

      • Guest

        I loved OoT’s overworld music–still do! I don’t recall any other Zelda overworld themes that varied depending on the action. When you’re on the run, the music remains quick and adventurous. If you’re near an enemy, the theme alters a bit to sound more dangerous. When you’re just standing around looking at the scenery, the music calms down and becomes more peaceful. I used to stand on the drawbridge to Castle Town or atop Death Mountain, surveying my surroundings, and listening to the peaceful variation of the overworld theme.

        • Guy

          I like OoT’s better than TP’s as well, I just want to hear something original :D!

        • Lifeoflink

          Did you know that OoT’s overworld music is never the same twice? Koji Kondo composed the song in separate phrases that could be recombined any which way. Then he programmed the game to do that.

          • Kravik

            Overworld music? How can that even be up for debate?

            Nothing beats ALTP music! :p (Yes, I am biased.. First Zelda I ever played.)

          • Guy

            I agree. Alttp was my 34th zelda game, but i thinl its music WAS the best (especially dark world)

            EDIT: “4th” zelda game

          • Kravik

            I use the dark world theme as a ring tone when my old father calls me! ;)

            It is also my ‘favorite’.

          • Guy

            I liked how each area had a different overworld music on aLttP :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/Proganthony Anthony Farshaw

    Are you kidding me? What’s to explore? It’s just an unnecessarily big field that’s almost completely empty.

    • Guy

      Not at all. If you pay attention, you could find all of the little secrets.

      • http://www.facebook.com/Proganthony Anthony Farshaw

        Sure, there is SOMETHING (I wrote ‘ALMOST completely empty’), but it’s like wading through a huge cesspool to find one waterlily.

  • EOTW

    I really love this area in TP because you can spend so much time exploring and discovering the challenges and treasures peppered across the landscape. If you think that this field is empty and boring, you must be blind.

    • Guy

      agreed. Much better than OoT’s

      • Lifeoflink

        Of course. Nintendo learns from its successes and failures. They strive to give us the best they got with what they have.

    • Kravik

      Seems you stepped at least one blind person on the toes! :p LOL


  • OcarinaOfTime Fan

    I totally do not like Hyrule Field in Twilight Princess. The one in Ocarina of Time is way better. And talk about the graphics of the game, it’s too blury

    • Guy

      I am as big of an OoT fan as anyone can be, but the TP overworld IS in fact better than TP. Not that TP is better than OoT, but the overworld is better.

    • Guy

      The graphics r not blurry, it is just that some textures do not have a very high resolution.

    • Kravik

      TroLOLol?! ;)

  • Guy

    (Ever notice that these arguments always come up in OoT and TP articles?)

    • Kravik


  • OcarinaOfTime Fan

    Alright everyone!!!!! You just got to admit it!!!! HYRULE FIELD IS BETTER IN OCARINA OF TIME!!!!!!!!!

    • Guy

      I LOVE OoT’s Hyrule field. It is just TP’s hyrule field is better in general. OoT has a hyrule field that fits the game, but it is not necessarily BETTER. I think TP is a bit over-rated, but it did have some good things in it.

    • Mister

      Hyrule Field in Ocarina of Time has almost nothing in it. Two or three holes to find. Child Link has a few Pea Hats in the south where Child Link never needs to go and Stalchilds at night that are hardly threats. Adult Link has Big Poes that quite frankly don’t do much of anything. At least in Twilight Princess there are enemies and they attack you. Not to mention the golden bugs that can be a bitch to find in the daytime, even more poe souls (and these attack), pieces of heart, etc.

      • Guy

        R you kidding me? The big poe quest is almost as useful as the big goron sword quest!

        • Kravik

          Sarcasm? And “r”? You tired to type Are?

          • Guy

            No, and yes. Having a 4th bottle is useful. especially in ice cavern so you dint waste as much supplies.

  • Guy

    Everyone who is arguing over TP and OoT: I love OoT’s overworld, and I also love TP’s overworld, but the best LoZ overworld seems to be SS’s overworld (Not sky overworld, surface overworld) because it is both dense, and open. It has lots of collectables, and that should be the type of overworld implemented in the future.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Cyborg1985 Joshua Anderson

      I don’t call the surface of SS open, not when all three major areas are separated and you HAVE to return to the sky to get from one place to the next. That is not open at all.

      On another note, i have played both Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, and I have reached the verdict that Twilight Princess’s overworld is better than OOT’s. TP’s felt much more believable than Oot’s. Its much more like a real overworld would be like and immerse the player in Hyrule better than OoT ever could(I admit that that is most likely due to the upgraded graphics tht TP has).

      • http://twitter.com/MK_Langley Adventurer of Hyrule

        I think you are mistaking “open” with “interconnected” SS areas are very open, big and dense.

    • Lupine Hero

      It was kinda linear, though… I like TP’s better.

  • Darkstar

    This Hyrule field has the best music IMO. The sheer epicenes of its adventurous tone and enormous field. OoT’s field was just as good for it’s time. Both theme songs are excellent!

  • Hyrule’s Hero

    TP’s Hyrule Field is the best. It looked amazing. I don’t know why all these idiots( OcarinaofTimeFan) is saying that OoT’s Hyrule is better. OoT’s Hyrule is empty and it’s so pathetically small. TP’s Hyrule Field is Huge and there’s something to do in it. And stop complaining about the graphics. They look like that because of the limitations of the Gamecube and the Wii. I think OcarinaofTimeFan is expecting graphics like Skyrim or something. What an idiot. TP still looks impressive. It looks way better than the crap we got in SS. SS’s graphics were horrific. I hope Nintendo doesn’t decide to make a game like SS again. It sucked. SS’s overworld was also empty.

    • Lupine Hero

      I agree with your compliments to Twilight Princess, but not completely with Skyward Sword. Yes, the overworld was empty, and yes, the graphic style wasn’t really to my liking, but it was still an amazing game. What’s really annoying is that you complimented TP at the same time; TP is far more flawed than Skyward Sword (and this is coming from someone who lists TP as his favorite video game). In short, stop expecting a new OoT! The more you expect from a game, the more you’ll be disappointed.

      • Kravik


        SS is the worst flop in Zelda history.. Cause it tried to go mainstream, and failed so badly..

    • http://www.controlpaddesign.com/ TheMaverickk

      Technically speaking SS’s overworld includes more then just the Sky. The provinces on the surface are technically all a part of this over world, and they are incredibly fleshed out with monsters, intricate paths, plenty of denizens and points of interest. The Sky may have been a bit on the udner developed side, but there is still a lot of little things to discover.

      Far more then Twilight Princess’ field had to offer.

      Additionally OoT may have been smaller, but that’s because of the limitations of the N64 (the same way you defend TP because of the limitations of the Gamecube). Oddly enough although smaller… OoT’s field does have more grotto’s and does reward players for going out of their way to explore the edges of the field.

      Design wise all of TP’s field content is actually put on main paths. You can find everything the game has to offer by following these main paths. Straying from the laid out paths for the most part won’t reward you.

      • Kravik

        I think a proper definition of “overworld” would make this conversation much more palatable..

  • oozy the wolf

    boy i wish i had this game. i need some cash

  • Ilias

    The greatest experience I had in TP’s Hyrule field: as the dawn broke, it started to rain. Not rain for dramatic effect like when you’re helping Midna, just rain. Like a real world.

    • Kravik

      Most memorable gaming event I ever had was when someone reset the “ALTP for rent” video game. And when we rented it, it was just raining and raining, and one could do nothing..

      That is what lead me to go purchase the game for myself, eventually. :)

  • DuelMark

    You sir have just explained why I love this field and why until Skyward Sword this was my favorite game in the series. Granted I agree with some criticism, namely it having too little enemies. Still, what works still works.

  • the person who wrote this

    Nice to see Twilight Princess get some much deserved love here. 2nd best overworld in the series, with the Wind Wakers coming in first. (In my opinion a least.) I loved this overworld because of all the secret caves and stuff you could find. Plus that music is just so good. Oot’s overworld still has somthing special to it though.

  • Apa

    I liked the point that Hyrule field was the basic state of the map and all the other realms where parts sort of laid on top of it. In Ocarina of Time the field simply is another area and only works as a hub for all the other areas. In Twilight Princess it is instead interlaced across the world map and that makes it both feel more natural and it also means that the experience of it and long travels feels easier and less bothersome.

    There are some problems with it though. First off, while appearing quite natural there are a lot of annoying unnatural edges to it, most often sheer cliffs that just feels stupid. It also has a bit too much passes you have to get through when getting from one field to another, I understand these from a story perspective (limiting the area Link has access to) but it to makes it feel a bit unnatural and spell-breaking since it is so clearly done for a game mechanic. Secondly, the unpopulated nature of Hyrule fields makes it a bit boring too, yes, it is sort of wild nature but it wouldn’t hurt if there actually lived some farmers in some areas (or ruins of farms and fields) or if there were some neutral animals moving around (I always end up thinking “How the hell does this land support all these good for nothing people???”). Lastly, I find the progression access of Hyrule fields in Twilight Princess to be quite boring and dissatisfying, but that is just a personal preference.

    The best Hyrule fields is that of the Adventure of Link or the one in Link to the Past where you actually have all of these problems more or less sorted out, to the standards of their time at least.

    • http://www.controlpaddesign.com/ TheMaverickk

      The sheer cliffs are everywhere…. and you have to run down little corridors which connect each of these fields. There are no multiple paths for the most part. Not that it would matter since by the time you open up all area’s you can warp where ever you want.

      Also agreed in a such a huge field there is any worth while content. I mean OoT had Lon Lon Ranch to visit and discover that’s pretty awesome.

      In TP there is no houses or NPC’s in any of the fields doing their thing. Living life. They are desolate wastelands almost. Despite having land marks like rivers and bridges and you’d think there would be some people who live just outside Hyrule Town.


      • Kravik

        Thanks! :D Never seen it like that.. But now I know why it still felt empty! :D

    • Kravik

      I wish Nintendo would put in some redundant places, just for the sake of exploring. And making sense. Like the ruined farms you mention. Sure there could be some rupee chests or some heart pieces .. But the BIGGEST flaw with SS i.e. is that it just has nothing redundant. It is like playing a 2D Mario ..

  • Big Jake

    I completely agree with you Timothy. I’m replaying TP for the first time in years, and I was very impressed with the visual scope. I had forgotten how good it was. The ability to ride Epona almost immediately,(and to use your sword while riding) combined with the expansive areas to explore and the amazing music make hyrule field a blast. I have to say, I much prefer TP’s hyrule field. Granted, OoT was made quite a few years earlier, but I find TP’s hyrule field to be a much more engaging area to explore. Overall, I would say Oot’s hyrule field was great, but nintendo vastly improved on it with TP.

    • Kravik

      I could not have said it better myself! I am in the exact same position.

      Heck! After playing it, I even HAD A FREAKING BLAST OF A GOOD time playing “Links: Crossbow training!” ..

      Seriously. When or if you are done with TP, please go pick up that spin off game!

      We are literally in the same boat here. If I had written what you wrote, it would be correct for me as well. And I was one of those who thought I would NEVER play “Links: Crossbow training!” .. It is short, but so worth it, when one know the TP world..

      (Just remember that it is better to not shoot, than it is to break a combo..)

      • Big Jake

        Thanks for the tip, I’ll have to check that out.

  • Zelda4Life

    OK, here’s what I think. Twilight Princess’s Hyrule Field has got to be my absolute favorite because of the reasons pointed out in the article, and more. OOT is only good for the time it was made. For Legend of Zelda’s first 3D game, it was impressive. But it isn’t the best now. TP has a realistic effect that connects with people and makes them feel like it’s real. It gives a great sense of adventure that makes you want to play it over and over again. And the music brings it all to life. Many Zelda games do all of this, but TP goes beyond. That’s my opinion.

  • bluenayru

    a bit off-topic, but since it has to with TP, does anyone else’s Wiimote make those sounds when link slashes his sword? it’s getting a bit annoying for me, especially the SHLING sounds after a spin attack. how do i turn it off?

    • Pendio

      Go to the “home” menu and adjust the sound on the Wii remote settings. :)

  • Midna’s Sister

    I agree

  • Sunblaze24

    OoT’s Hyrule field is literally a hub. A very nice hub that connects all the other areas, which are the real points of interest for the game. I liked OoT’s entire world better than TPs, but I agree that in terms of Hyrule field, TP’s has the best one. An evolved Hyrule field from OoTs, actually.

    The only problem is it takes TP way too long to fully open hyrule up. OoT was a lot more free and open.

  • Westar

    When I was about to trying my first 100% run (the second time I beat the game, without any guides) I got stuck at some bugs and poe souls in Hyrule field. I backtracked almost 30 hours to find the last ones… From that moment, I’m really sick of it! But I don’t say it’s a bad design! I think it’s really enjoyable to explore the first time, but it get less fun every time you beat the game (like in Oot), but that is inevitable I believe.

  • asmith

    I disagree on the emptiness factor comparing XC and TP’s overworlds. There are hundreds of collectibles and monsters to fight in any given area in XC. Additionally, there is practically no limitation to where you can access in the XC over-world. If you can see it, then you can trek there.

    And the vistas in XC are incredible. Have you viewed the Makna Waterfalls or Valak Mountains at night or Eryth Sea during a meteor storm? It is a beautiful overworld that is rife with life and niches to be discovered.

    In terms of strictly Zelda game comparisons, I agree, TP has the best overworld to explore.

    • TwilightSword

      100% agreed. XC is quite possibly the best non-Zelda game ever.

      • Kravik

        Seems I got to check that game out?! ;)

  • Omega

    I like the hyrule field and I’ll definitely be exploring it more, because I didn’t know there were that many things to it. Even without knowing I loved it for it’s theme and nature

  • http://www.controlpaddesign.com/ TheMaverickk

    Biggest waste of a large amount of space ever.

    Additionally…. the exact same field is re-used twice for horse battles (due to being the biggest and emptiest I suppose)… they could’ve mixed it up and had a battle in a different field area.

    One of the more interesting points was the escort mission that’s for sure.

    Still overall the over world had little to discover. The game doesn’t encourage you to explore all the various parts of a field, and fields are for the most part left empty save for the two Lantern Dungeons (and a few quick easy grotto’s).

    My third least favorite favorite overworld.

    • Kravik

      Did you forget about the bugs? :)

      • http://www.controlpaddesign.com/ TheMaverickk

        The bugs are easy to find and in the most obvious places. Usually placed on huge land marks like giant tree’s and bridges, or on the side of a canyon you have no choice but to pass through.

        The bug side quest was terrible.

        At the very least they could’ve have “regular” bugs and then the “golden” bugs being the harder to find reward. Instead you have these oddly placed bugs which are the only ones in the entirety of Hyrule.

        It doesn’t compare to hunting for bugs in Skyward Sword. Which also rewards you by selling them, but there is a mini game based around them. Not to mention make potions with them… ect.

        Sorry but I don’t consider the Bug Quest of TP meaningful in any substantial way.

  • dara

    termina field is the greatest overworld, who argrees?

  • Jim

    Twilight Princess for the 3DS seems like it would amazing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/anatara43 Amber Evans

    I liked it as well. It wasn’t until I had played the game acouple of time that I realized that there was a treasure chest under one of the random bridges in Hyrule Field. It seems that I always find something new everytime I play this game.

  • Pinzon23

    actually i think the twilight overworld its a little bit boring, why?,well its empty, plain nothing in there, thats the only thing i didnt like about Twilight princess ._.

    • Kravik

      You sir, should go exploring more! ;)

      Not just expect for the content to pop in front of you ..

      • Pinzon23

        i know but even though i ran trough the field because it lokk amazing, there wasnt something pushed me to explore it, i just saw the green fields but i dont know it didnt felt like it was “alive”, i dont know why :/ i didnt attract me at all to explore it, but dont get me wrong i dont say the overworld sucks, i just dont think is the best one, but well that is just my opinion c:

        • Kravik

          Oh how I love it when people remain serious in this chat, thanks! :D (Not sarcasm.)

          I kind of see your point. But seeing that woman who tell your future either career or love, did hint at areas in the field to go look for heart containers. (At least one.) Also the bug gathering had one go exploring with no true aim..

          I am a completionist though. That might have something to do with it.

          On my second play-through of TP I did not bother with the bugs or the heart pieces though, (As I already finished it 100% on the Game Cube.) so I saw little of the field.. So I guess I see your point very good. :)

          (Edit: I also recall there being some cleverly hidden rupee chest in the field, rewarding the avid explorer!) :D

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  • zelda1947

    Couldn’t of said it better myself, thanks for sharing, Love TP, I think it is the best game EVER.

  • zelda1947

    One more thing I love about TP, you can be in the Arbiter Grounds and look over to Lake Hylia and see the water moving

  • TwilightSword

    Great article! This is easily my favorite Zelda overworld area and game. The Hyrule Field music in TP is my favorite of the entire series, and one of the best in all of gaming along with Xenoblade Chronicles’ Colony 9 area and Mechonis Field. I like the look and music of Hyrule Field so much that I usually would choose to take the “long way” and cross the sections of it rather than warp when completing some of the later quests like getting the letters to fill the sky book.

    My comparisons of TP to OoT are based on this: TP was my first 3D Zelda game, and only my third ever after the original 2 on the NES. I played OoT on the Virtual Console after TP and was not super impressed (although I gave it another chance with OoT3D and I do love that one). I never had a chance to play OoT on the N64 so I don’t know how the original version of the game was. If I had, I would probably have better memories of it.

  • Hoff123

    Yeah, I loved it :). And the music is freaking awesome! Also, listen to the end credits music. It’s a (improved?)remake of the Hyrule Field theme, and it’s freaking amazing :).

    Though, I don’t know if I agree about Xenoblade being emptier than this…. Anyway, I didn’t think Hyrule Field in TP was as empty as people claim it to be.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cameron.lilly.37 Cameron Lilly

    This is my favorite place in any Zelda Ever. Its so beautiful, so epic, and so so awesome.

  • Pinzon23

    Im not sure about the the explore, its indeed huge and when you first see the field its amazing, and the battles agaisnt the goblin king are epic and all but i really find this field way too plain, yeah it looks amazing and its a lot of space to enjoy a ride in epona, but it doesnt really encourage you to explore, there a few things to look in there so thats why I personally find it that great in content of “explorin” but its still a beautiful field (: