The return of Ocarina Time

Alexander EntrikinMarch 6th, 2013 by Alexander Entrikin

Hello Zelda Dungeoners and welcome to the soon to be returning Ocarina Time! My name is Alexander and I am here to teach you how to play your favorite Zelda songs on your ocarina… once again! Make the jump for more info.

Ocarina Time is back and ready to tackle new and exciting Zelda song ocarina tutorials for your viewing and learning pleasure. I took a few months off from Zelda Dungeon in order to cope with the vast amount of homework assignments five university level English courses threw at me, but now that the semester has started to slow down, I have enough free time between essays and readings to practice my ocarina, learn new songs, and shoot videos again.

That being said, the videos will be back on a weekly schedule… soon. I ordered a new ocarina off STL Ocarina a few days ago and want my first episode back to be shot with it. I am upgrading to a sleek, black ceramic ocarina. The actual date of Ocarina Time videos is still to be determined, so keep a look out over the next week or two for Ocarina Time #10!

I already have the song for the first tutorial back selected. The song is going to be…! You thought I would tell you, didn’t you? Nope! Still a secret, just like every week. Although, as always, I am open to suggestions for future songs to teach, so comment and let me know which Zelda songs you would like to learn/hear on the ocarina.

Thus far, I’ve made tutorials for the following Zelda songs: Song of Time, Song of Healing, Ocarina of Time Temple Songs, Clock Town Theme, Song of Storms, Ballad of the Goddess, Fi’s Theme, Saria’s Song, and Dragon Roost Island Theme.

If you haven’t seen any of the past Ocarina Time videos, or simply want to re-watch them, you can see the first nine tutorials on my YouTube channel.

What songs would you like to see taught in future Ocarina Time videos? Are you excited for the epic return of the tutorial series? Comment and let me know!

(Okay, here is a clue for Ocarina Time #10: The song is from Majora’s Mask.)

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  • Merv?

    I wanna see you do a tutorial of “scarecrows song” from oot

    • Alexander Entrikin

      So, just a bunch of random notes? Gotcha. :]

  • Guy

    Are u just doing 12 hole, or ar u also doing 9 hole?

    • Alexander Entrikin

      Just the 12 hole, sorry!

      • Guy

        thats k, i have both :D

  • BeastModeMan97


  • baileygirl99


  • linkypete

    FINALLY YOU COME BACK! The last one that you did was exactly one week before my 14th birthday, and I got my first 12-hole ocarina for my birthday. I was waiting for several months before you finally came back!

  • Mathew Blake


  • Krishna Moorthy

    can u teach the stone tower temple background music first?

    • Jem

      OOh, that one’s awesome. I figured it out one day after intense listening. It’s actually on an ocarina in the song, so I felt it had to be learned :D

  • Krishna Moorthy

    this time can u also give the notes?

  • Jordan D.

    Dang, I need to get on top of my game so we can have our ocarina-off.

  • Jem

    Wondering…. Is song of storms even possible without a second chamber? I can’t figure it out :/

  • armoorrock d

    awesome games