The real Zelda timeline that Nintendo doesn’t want you to see

JohnMarch 3rd, 2013 by John

With the release of Hyrule Historia, the official timeline and chronology of the Zelda games was released, putting an end to all speculation concerning the order in which the games take place. It was the final word in what was more than a decade of fierce debate and confusion amongst fans who yearned for the truth about the official order of the Links who had appeared numerous times in Hyrule. Or was it? According to user JoeyKazooie, the timeline included in Hyrule Historia was missing some vital information, prompting him to create the real Zelda timeline which Nintendo doesn’t want us to see. Interested? Hit the jump to see!

It all makes sense now. Everything from the Era of the Spinoff World’s Creation to the triple split leading to the seperate CD-i, Super Smash Bros. and Tingle timelines comes together seamlessly to make me realise that Nintendo truly were lying all along. I fully expect a re-print of Hyrule Historia, this time including the real timeline so that fans will be deluded by Nintendo’s deceit no more.

But jokes aside, this is a very well-done and funny alternative rendition of the Zelda timeline. I think some fans were actually puzzled at the fact that the spinoff games were excluded from the official timeline, so it’s good that there is now a rough guide to the chronology of the less-celebrated Zelda games and other mediums such as the animated series and the manga for reference to those who still think that the official timeline features in Hyrule Historia is, for whatever reason, sub-standard.

But what do you think? Do you think that there could still be some improvements made to the official timeline? Are you, like myself, glad that Tingle finally has a place in the history of Hyrule? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: GoNintendo

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  • linkmasta427

    i do not count any of the cd-i zelda game AS zelda games technicly they were not made by nintendo were not sponsered by nintendo and were only made because one stupid company had a few rights to the games. they distroyed the seires in 2 ways a. they. made. link. talk. link is a silent warrior and giveing him that annoying stupid voice only made it worse. and b. they let you play as zelda. because of those transgressions i will never count loz cd-i as a real zelda game

    • Mseevers95

      But if they had been released on the Super Nintendo people would treat them more like Zelda II, yes they exist but they don’t matter that much. It’s only because Nintendo made the mistake abandoning their contract with Sony for Philips. If they hadn’t the games would have come out on an early Playstation and Sony probably would have stayed partnered with Nintendo.

    • Locke64

      Spirit Tracks would like to have a word with you.

  • Zelda4Life

    Very interesting…. and yes, congratulations, Tingle, for having a place in the history of Hyrule.
    Tingle! Tingle!

  • Heroine of Time

    Hahaha, I love this. It’s hilarious! I’m surprised they even included SSB and Soul Calibur II.

    They really should have proofread this, though. I can’t help but notice “The Dark Wold”. And “Therefor”. It seems like they got lazy on the second half, haha. They didn’t even change the eras, did they?

    • et34

      I saw the word “retuns.”

  • Tehlul

    I’m sorry but this leaves more questions than it answers.
    How was the master rupee made?
    Did Duke Onkled ever finish scrubbing the floors?
    And what color was link’s ending?

    • Watch_Dog

      Haha. This timeline is hilarious!
      On another note, does anyone remember when Zelda Dungeon posted this video called,
      “A Link to the Future” which was a parody of the film series “Back to the Future.” Well anyways, the “Link to the Future” Series has Three Parts now. It’s on YouTube, Check it out! Here’s Part One:

  • Zach Daniels

    Side and spin off games shouldn’t be counted in actual canon, and therefore shouldn’t be included in the timeline. It’s good as is.

    • Guest

      Considering this is a parody timeline, it’s perfectly acceptable in this case.

    • Locke64

      They went and gave us the official timeline, so what else is there for us to do?

  • Guy

    Is this a joke? I’m confused. The manga series was just a graphic novel version of the zelda games.

    • That One Zelda Fan

      Yes, it is a joke.

    • Locke64

      They obviously occur in a parallel universe – the one shown here.

  • MiniJen

    haha well the “downfall” timeline really is the literal downfall timeline in this case. After all, it includes everything bad ever produced around zelda (the cd-i games and the show), save for a manga, which can actually be enjoyable sometimes

    • Nevan Lowe

      They should have put the Mangas in the SSB timeline, so all the awesome one would be in one Timeline.

  • Kyle Clark

    DUH we were all so blind not to have thought of this

  • Earthbound_X

    Wait, are those Tingle games real?

    • Gaseous Snake


    • et34

      Yes but they SHOULDN’T BE

    • Locke64

      Yes and they SHOULD BE LOCALIZED

  • LoTNH

    What an awful attempt at humor. Obviously whoever did this is a social reject.

    • Lawfawnduh

      YOU are a social reject for caring!

  • et34


  • Mister

    “The Hero is Successful.” Subsection reads, “Link Dies.” O.o

  • linkypete

    you forgot when link becomes a breakfast cereal when the princess does not excuse link!

    • Locke64

      Yes, I think that other timeline was much better than this one.

  • Nevan Lowe

    The VERY last part in the Hero is Defeated timeline (MANGAS) is good, and the Link survives timeline is good.

  • SirXblade

    So if Link is defeated in SC2 we get the Timeline of Shit? and if Link Wins but dies we get the Timeline of Creepiness? (Apocalyptic Future much?)

    I think I’m going to root for the middle timeline, the Timeline of Awesome!

  • itsameluigi1290

    I knew it! Everything is so clear!

  • brook

    i love this time line so much! except i did like the mangas being added to the time line! the comic books should have been added not the mangas, the mangas actually help me see the story of some of the zelda games i never played and are trying to finish now. but otherwise love this time line

    • Locke64

      The manga blatantly contradicts the games. Therefore they must exist in a parallel dimension. Perhaps the comic books occur in yet another parallel dimension. Actually, you may be right – the comic books should be here, and the manga should be separate.

      • brook

        yeah the manga i do see are a little off from when i played ocarina of time 3d and a link to the past, also oracle of ages/seasons did seem close but yeah ur right manga was a little differant

  • raymanx51


  • Mseevers95

    Nintendo = Illuminati

  • Colonel-Majora

    HA! Awesome! about time someone made one of these. XD

  • Wind waker Link

    Link asks the princess to be excused.

  • Locke64

    Again, this timeline fails to account for the Fallen Mases Timeline, resulting from Mases dying in LttP, leading into the CDi games. The split happens after LttP, not SCII, which also links it to the main timeline. Also I don’t understand the “Link Survives” and “Link Dies” split. Is there really any evidence for that? I’d invoke Occam’s razor.

    And where’s Zelda Game Watch? AST? The board game?

  • Jacob Tasiemski


  • Triforceholder

    Honestly I think that the timeline that Nintendo gave us what a piece of crap. They just kind of grouped the games that were made at similar times neat each other and with the third split for the hero’s defeat first wouldn’t it make more sense that the Wind Waker would go there because they didn’t have a link in that time so the goddesses had to flood Hyrule. Second if there is a split for Link getting trashed by Ganon shouldn’t all of the Zeldas split into two because there is a posibility for all of the heros to fail.

  • TheRizardon

    This is hilarious.

  • TimeLink

    HA HAAAAAAA…So Funny!!! -.-

  • oozy the wolf

    tingle doesn’t deserve his own spot in the timeline. he doesn’t even deserve his own game! link should send him back to the sidelines.

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  • Harold the Jew

    i’m so happy that the princess excused link


    Its all so clear to me now……….