ScrewAttack: What is the Worst Zelda Game?

Mases HagopianMarch 29th, 2013 by Mases Hagopian

What do you think is the worst Legend of Zelda game? Let’s pretend those CD-i games don’t count, then seriously, what is the worst Legend of Zelda game? Often times we’ll hear Adventure of Link get thrown in with that conversation, but I personally hold that up as one of the better games in the franchise. To me personally, I’ve have to say Four Swords Adventures, especially if you are playing it in single player mode.

The folks over at ScrewAttack recently raised this same question and a few members gave their thoughts. While not surprising, their consensus seems to be that the newer or ‘modern’ Zelda games are a bit lower on the totem pole. I’m not sure I agree with all their statements, but I do think they raise a few good points. Go ahead and make the jump to check it out for yourself.

WARNING: There is some harsh language at some points of the video.

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  • awsomeMrlink

    I would normally be really mad at anyone who said Wind Waker was the worst, but the last guy seems like he likes the game a lot, just not the sailing (and logic). At least he tried to make time go by, by making a hot pocket unlike some people who can’t use common sense, I mean its like if you have to wait an hour to pull something out of the oven do you just sit in front of it for an hour, its people who hate on the game who don’t use common sense I hate. However, it shouldn’t be considered the worst Zelda game for sailing, because I’m pretty sure it is mandatory to have the song where you can warp after the 3rd dngeon if you want to get the ice/fire arrows, get the iron boot/power bracelet, to get to the next dungeons. So yeah, however if we need to say what is our least favorite Zelda game, obviously Four Swords. Just Four Swords. Before the 3DS. Four Swords was a pain to find ANYONE who would play with you….

  • YourZoraHasBecomeABird

    As far as i know the Zora can only live in sweet water and the ocean has salt water so they evolved to bird people.

  • Twili_heart

    Honestly, I think most of the points made were not true. SS DID have a new and creative element to it, it just had a smaller usage range. I do agree Fi was relatively irritating and I found myself yelling at her often, but she is helpful and one of my top companions. Me and all my friends who have played it love it to it’s fullest extent. Compared to the other games, I in no way see this one the worst. It was probably the longest, most creative, and adventurous of all the games.
    The second guy however, I have to completely disagree. Ocarina of Time is in no way hurting the franchise. I’m not even sure how to disagree except this guy clearly does not like the series so why is he being interviewed on it…? I
    The last guy, I have to completely agree with. I actually would get up and make food while sailing and I did wonder where all the zoras went. (Gotta love Zelda logic) I have heard that people dislike this game because of all the water but I have also seen many people call it their favorite. Even with all the sailing and irritating side quests (my god the triforce) I do have to call this one my favorite.

  • DoctorProfessorTribblestheHutt

    Zelda II- It was too different from the original and just felt awkward. Why else would they go back to the original formula for “Link to the Past”?

  • linkasourous

    Parts of this video I disagree about: 00:00-5:31
    Although, the Zoras turning to Ritos is unexplained. :/ Nintendo Logic.

  • Ratchet25

    I agree with the first guy, the others, not so much

  • Zora-Twilight

    I don’t know about you but I thought Skyward Sword was great! The controls were sweet because Link’s sword moved with your hand and while it wasn’t exact all the time, it was really fun. There’s an IGN review on SS and it got a 10/10 so it’s interesting to see these polar opposite views.

    The worst has to be (In my opinion!) Spirit Tracks. You are limited to train tracks. Seriously. You have to park the train just right and then if one of those crazy train things come after you, there’s no way to really dodge them you just have to keep running. I forgot how to destroy them and I can’t remember if cannons work. And jumping notes on that flute is difficult… The gameplay is alright but the DS Zelda games aren’t as good as the console or gameboy games.

  • Jakeford

    i didn’t watch the video I because I don’t want there opinions to make me mad I think the worst game in the series is links adventure because its more like a final fantasy then a Zelda game with its leveling up system, my favorite Zelda game is twilight princess and I don’t understand why people (some people) say that its not a good game

    • Bob

      TP is an awesome game. But I like Ocarina of time slightly better. Still, both are great games!

  • James VanDam

    As Much as I like Skyward Sword I’m going to have to agree that it is the worst one. Design wise you just have an empty sandbox and then three worlds to enter. The sky world would have been a lot better if they put more things to do up there. Like a dungeon or two a few more towns, stuff like that. The land areas were fun but seeing the same laces over and over wasn’t that much fun. I will say though I loved the enemies in this game and the battle leading up to the final 3 part boss fight made me fell Epic. Though the final boss was a bit two easy once you found his pattern.

  • Nico

    “I’d say the worst Zelda ever is Skyward Sword”
    You’ve sealed your fate *takes chainsaw*

  • zarx1554

    I highly disagree with this last guy. WW is one of the best Zelda games out there. Yeah it used to be Hyrule. Ever heard of the Great Flood

    • Blackbaldrik

      Quite. (Although the sailing did get tedious after a while)

  • JeredenDonnar

    MY favorite is OoT becuase it set the standard. People like to poo-poo it nowadays cause that’s the cool thing to do, but in truth, OoT is our new standard. It set and cemented all the aspects of zelda that everyone claims to love and miss. ALttP is/was/will stay good, but it was not/is not the standard bearer. When people badmouth OoT, it gets me frustrated becuase They only say those things after 10+ years of analysis and play-through. My favorite is when they call it “predictable” or “safe” or “obvious”. It’s only those things because every zelda fan has played it and eaten it up. Now everyone knows it. TWW is good, MM is great, ST is way better than people call it, but OoT is the acme of zelda.

    • Sunblaze24

      OoT gets too much badmouth, yeah. I still legitimately view ALttP as a superior game to it, though. But after the last few 3D Zelda games, OoT’s quality stands out more.

      It took what ALttP had and put it into a 3D dimension. In my opinion, it wasn’t as strong as ALttP was in all of those aspects, but it still had them, and it had the advantage of being in a 3D world. Now with newer Zelda games, we’re getting linear Zelda after linear Zelda with little to no action, too many puzzles, too much hand holding, little exploration, no RPG elements, bad gimmicks and long tutorials.

      ALttP is the gold standard for 2D games, and OoT is the gold standard for 3D games. They show what Zelda needs to get back to the best. Sure, they can both be improved upon even further for todays world, as any old games could, but what they represent remains true.

  • overtninja

    no one mentioned the fact that outside the main quest there was literally nothing at all to do in twilight princess here, by the way, and i think that’s probably the most glaring flaw in a recent zelda game easily, especially considering that twilight princess was really gorgeous and you spent a lot of time running through cool enigmatic ruins hoping something cool would be hidden in them only to discover another pile of rupees that you couldn’t even pick up because your purse was always full because there’s nothing to spend them on except the cheaty invincible armor. bah humbug!

    also, there are no zoras in the windwaker because zoras live in fresh water, and when you have a salty ocean cover the whole of hyrule it means that all the freshwater creatures bite it. also, i don’t know if they turned from fish into birds, but as far as those sage-things go in the windwaker i always thought it might be a spiritual predecessor thing anyway, not a direct lineage link.

  • LinkInMyHead

    SS is amazing, the whole idea of a Zelda game is freedom to explore, whats more free than flying?! All Zelda games have their merits and bad points, WW is great but the sailing takes the p****, MM is just down right terrifying in my eyes, MC was a bit too short story wise, etc etc. Its the job of a fan to accept all of them, cuz at the end of the day a Zelda game that isnt as good as another is better than no Zelda game at all.

  • zeldalover1

    i am so annoyed with these guys >:(

  • Chris Mortti

    I also do that food thing in the wind waker! Except WW is my 2nd favorite game ever…

  • LinkyKins

    This is the worst video ever!! Stop picking on some of my favorite Zelda games!! Grrrr…

  • Guest

    I love SS

  • alsonic

    Jeff’s Adventure? Sorry, I just got turned off…

  • erikingvoldsen

    This article (particularly the comments) represent everything wrong with our fanbase.

    It is divided into roughly 3 pieces and out of those pieces there are those who so desperately cling to a long gone time and don’t seem to have accepted the reality…that it’s over…it’s been over for nearly 20 years…and yet they still persist.

    Another faction has the opposite problem…they want to completely move away the series from what makes it Zelda. Many of the people in this faction are denial over how much innovation Zelda has had lately and flame both innovative and non-innovative games for not being different enough rather than just do the easy solution and find another series that isn’t Zelda.

    The third faction is the most balanced and does not seek complete innovation or de-evolution back to the old series…instead it seeks improvement, making the games better and new while staying Zelda. However, this faction is also the least connected to the fanbase in general, often preferring to separate themselves from the chaos here. And even this faction shares one problem with the other two: That problem being that Zelda fans are way too zealous over their favorite title(s). I mean just look at these comments. So many of them are butthurt because one or more of these guys didn’t like their favorite game. It’s sad. =/

  • BlackRaven6695

    I don’t know why you would want to make a video specifically dedicated to bashing one particular installment of a franchise. All it does is result in a bunch of complaining. Nobody wants to watch an entire video of complaining. All it does is piss off the viewers and start a comment war.

  • pizzaman

    Someone doesn’t know how evolution works.

    • pizzaman

      And the whole “Zoras would thrive in the ocean” never seemed to make sense, because every game with a zora in it has them in a lake or river: fresh water.

      • CChaplin

        What about Majora’s Mask?

  • Rin Okumura

    Wow, I don’t know if I should take this video seriously at all. I feel like I’m being trolled.

  • Rose

    2 things I liked: 1. They said in a way OoT is the worst LoZ game EVER! (I agree, yet it’s still a good game) 2. I LOVED when the one guy was explaining the whole Zora f***s a bird thing. XD

  • Metalink1986

    Skyward Sword is a good game. GameInformer gave it a 10/10. Its artstyle is like WW mixed with TP.

  • Cobolt

    I kinda agree with Nick. Not that SS is the worst Zelda, but his points on what is bad about it. It’s linear design, the lack of exploration and Fi constantly taking you out of your immersion really bugged me. But then again I really liked the story, the setting and the characters. Zelda was way more interesting in SS than in any other Zelda game.

  • N

    Everything for the handheld systems were terrible.

  • Sassage

    I’d say Zelda ll: Link Attends Devry University. Even still I enjoy it.

  • Kravik

    SS is the worst.. It plays like a freaking Mario game….

    • TheMaverickk

      It plays like a Mario game…. or looks like a Mario game?

      • Kravik

        (Spoiler ALERT!)

        Plays like.. Ever played the NES Mario? 1-1, 1-2, 1-3 etcetera ..

        But I actually take this back. SS is only second worst in my opinion. The worst is ST cause of that god awful flute thing. I really had trouble getting the last song, on my 3DS .. And I almost gave up.. Then found a hint about turning the sound of, and NOT try just play .. And I did it on my first attempt!

        Then what do you know, one had to play the GOD damned thing again at the last boss fight..

        What a tremendous feeling it was to finally get it though.

        But because of that it has absolutely no replay value for me. I’d rather watch a walk through than ever go through that pain again. (Lest I find someone good at it of course, that could help with just that part.)

        So as it were I think ST is the worst Zelda ever! ;) (But I really just LOVE all of them, so do not get me all wrong.) :D

        • TheMaverickk

          So you mean that Skyward Sword has you jumping on enemies heads, and hitting blocks in order to get power ups? I’m guessing Skyward Sword is a 2D platformer then? lol XD

          Also you hate Spirit Tracks for one reason, the flute? You do know you can always turn the mic sensitivity down as well take make it easier.

          • Kravik

            LOL! You amuse me.. (Had we not spoken elsewhere in these comments, I would have taken you for a troll..)

            Other Zelda games are open for roaming..

            SS is Level 1-1, level 1-2, level 1-3, and so on.. Now you get it?

            And I tested all the tricks in the book about that god awful flute.

            Most of the songs was easy enough. No problem, but that last one is almost a game breaker. I actually know of people who have stopped playing it altogether.

            I could dig up the link to like a 100 posts long thread, about that exact problem. But somehow I doubt your seriousness. :)

          • TheMaverickk

            Technically you could apply that same Mario structure to Twilight Princess as well since there is no free roaming in there as well.

            I mean Ordon province is level 1-1. Getting the Sword and Shield is level 1-2, collecting the Twilight bugs is level 1-3, and the Forest Temple is level 1-4.

            That game is so Mario man.

            After that you have completed world one. Then it’s off to Eldin world for level 2-1 collecting Twilight Bugs, then level 2-2 rescue Colin, Level 2-3 Climbing Death Mountain to challenge Gorons, Level 2-4 is Goron Mines…. world complete, now your onto world 3 Lanayru World.

            Seriously…. Legend of Zelda is just Super Mario reskinned.

            See what I did right there. I could apply this to other Zelda’s as well not just Twilight Princess.

            I just don’t see how so many people were that frustrated, I just never had that many issues with the flute, I think it took me no more then three attempts to get that final song right.

            Also 50 posts over the course of 3 years isn’t really that impressive… not to mention half are posts about people who are stuck, the other half are people who had no difficulties passing it and are giving their tips.

            I’ll admit for some people it just didn’t work, and for others it wasn’t really that difficult. Like Skyward Sword and it’s motion controls either you can do it or you can’t. Still comes down to skill I believe.

          • Midna’s Sister


          • Kravik

            Come on! … I did not read all that.. But in TP you can i.e. go roaming in the field, and find a cave that is completely optional to finish..

            In SS, just following the story, will get you near a 100% run..

            SS is the most linear Zelda game to date.. If you argue that, I would consider you a fool! ;)

            PS: I dislike the motion control as well. Never got the hang of calling a skywards strike. I know it is easy once one get the right movement, but it just does not make sense to me..

          • TheMaverickk

            Meh… your loss…. Also in SS you can go roaming and find Goddess cubes, bugs, bomb-able walls with treasures, fly across the sky to islands, Lumpy Pumpkin, Bamboo Cutting, do side quests (like searching Skyloft for Batruex) and many other things, that are completely separate from the main quest and are completely optional. Free for the player to discover. Honestly Skyward Sword has more side quests and optional things to find then Twilight Princess and that is a fact.

            Personally I’ll be nice and say that SS and TP are on par linearity wise. Still if I was to count up all the optional quests, all the hidden treasures, goddess cubes, ect. I think SS might edge out TP.

            And don’t worry I already considered you a fool before this discussion escalated. Really what person would try and argue that Skyward Sword is Super Mario.

            At the end of the day your real beef with Skyward Sword is the controls, and by default you just want to find other reasons to hate on it.

          • Kravik

            If you actually took some time and read what I wrote.. Instead of trying to insist on putting words in my mouth, you would probably not be having this discussion with yourself! ;) LOL

            The facts remain facts.. No wonder how you try to twist them, .. :D

          • TheMaverickk

            What I love is you actually have absolutely no facts, no examples, and no argument at all. The only reason I’m having a discussion with myself is because there isn’t a brain on the other side.

            I mean I’m not twisting anything. I’m the only one giving any form of facts. What facts have you said?

            That SS is Super Mario because it’s linear?

            That TP is a Zelda game because you get stuck? That SS is a Super Mario game because you don’t get stuck?

            Although ‘getting stuck’ is all dependent on the player, and has no factual weight to the argument. I mean by your definition every game I play is Super Mario because I’ve never been stuck on a game. Dead Space is Mario, Zelda is Mario, Left 4 Dead is Mario, Pikming totally a Mario game.

            See that’s the dumbfounded logic of your argument. There is no discussion cause you can’t make a single point.

  • TheIvoryDingo

    From the ones I’ve played, I would have to say Phantom Hourglass is the worst. Maybe it’s just that I played it after Spirit Tracks, but there isn’t much in PH that I want to come back to.

  • zombie_eat_flesh

    I just couldn’t keep watching after the second person’s response.

  • tauntalus

    Zelda has had some low points, and some games that are loads of crap. luckily, they’re zelda, so the stories back it up a bit.

    Biggest zelda blunder? the oracle games, which was just a mash-up of everything link’s awakening brought out; nice job Nintendo, real smooth.

    Obviously, Zelda II was different, but nowhere near as different as the original zelda. I spent 3 hours looking for the last heart container, and when I found it, after looking up the zelda guide, the place took me 2 sets of 16 bombs to find. 3 HOURS. just… japan.

  • Skull Kid

    For my list of best Zelda games, my favorite is Skyward Sword (sorry Majoras Mask, you were my favorite :( ) and wind waker is third. My least favorite game would have to be phantom hourglass. Note, I love phantom hourglass. It had great graphics for the ds and had good, touching, and hilarious moments, and a worthy sequel to windwaker. However, besides the touch screen mechanic, I felt like it wasn’t very innovative. All the weapons have been used before, the sailing has already been used, and a lot of places seemed a bit pointless. The hammer could kill anything from a distance so easily it made the game way too easy. The villain was bland, only about 2 enjoyable characters, soundtrack consisted of like 4 good songs, and every other song was abused to DEATH. Please remember this is my opinion, and there are many good things about phantom hourglass. Maybe it just isn’t for me.

    • TheMaverickk

      I for the most part agree with your sentiments. I put Skyward Sword, Majora’s Mask and Wind Waker high in my list of Zelda favorites.

      And Phantom Hourglass was probably one of the weakest games for what it was and what it could’ve been for many of the points you mentioned.

      I mean the soundtrack was abysmal. Not only does it have a paltry 30 tracks… of that small tracklist the few good tunes were songs previously featured in other Zelda titles (or based on them) like the sailing theme, the fairy fountain tune, ect.

      I felt the steam boat route planning method of sailing to be slow (as in the boat literally moves slowly), repetitive (being forced to attack enemies in a mini game sort of fashion), and overall just a stiff experience compared to the fluid exploration of Wind Waker’s over world.

      Story wise, I never felt for the plight of Oshus, I never really felt like Bellum was a real threat (this evil entities presence is barely felt in the entire adventure) and overall just felt really under developed.

      The sad thing about the DS titles though is the over use of the Wind Waker visual style. In a way it watered down how special the original cel-shading was. Especially since as impressive as it was for the DS to replicate it, it still couldn’t do it justice.

      That said Spirit Tracks was a huge step up… music, character and dungeon wise.

  • Davsto

    I’m watching this on April Fool’s day so I can pretend that it is a joke.

  • HeavenlyBlade3344

    Hey Mases, are you guys ever gonna make a Wind Waker video walkthrough?

  • Jacob Tasiemski

    What the hell? These guys don’t know what they are talking about do they? HOW IS THE ZELDA FRANCHISE THE WORST THING THEY EVER DID?!

  • Jeremy Mitchem

    I’ve loved Zelda since I was roughly 4 years old when I first played Ocarina of Time and I haven’t played Skyward Sword (yes, I live in a cave) so I won’t try to defend it but to date my least favorite Zelda game has been Twilight Princess. I honestly disliked it to the point I haven’t finished it yet I’m in the middle of Snowpeak Ruins with a severe hatred for most of the items in the game. I’m not saying it’s bad, honestly it’s still probably the best game the Wii has to offer IMHO. But if I had to compare it to OoT, MM, WW, or even LttP, It’s not even a contest. Every Zelda game has had something that made it stand out OoT was the first 3D Zelda, MM had the most realistic NPCs in the series, WW was an artistic masterpiece, LttP invented the Dark World. Twilight Princess just wore ALL his older siblings favorite clothes and looks like he got dressed in the dark… which makes sense with the atmosphere of dulled depression that coats the experience like fire to a keese.

  • TheLastJessica

    Well, I personally don’t agree how the newer games are the worst. I really enjoyed Phantom Hourglass, it’s my favorite Zelda to date. Skyward Sword was too difficult, and Ocarina of Time, while addictive, just lost something after the Spirit/Shadow Temple (whichever one you fought first).

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