Play The Legend of Zelda… as Princess Zelda

Mases HagopianMarch 27th, 2013 by Mases Hagopian

Zelda fanatic KennaW has created a sweet mod for the original Legend of Zelda where instead of playing as Link, you can play through as Princess Zelda. The game is identical, other than the sprite swap, where you control Zelda instead of Link. The developer has created a short video highlighting some of the gameplay and you can see that after the jump. Additionally there are instructions on how you can go about downloading the game.

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  • Thing


  • ChuyckNorrisLoZ

    Holy Yoloswag, Batman!

  • Hero of Time

    That’s so darn awesome, it’s awesome. Second comment!

    • Linkfan99

      Firsters = Fail.

      Seconders = Megafail with a hint of lameness.

      • TheMaverickk

        What’s worst is when you claim to the second and you aren’t even that… your third.


  • fat jiggle

    this is sort of like the time that a dad hacked windwaker for his daughter

    • Harpist_of_Ages

      That’s awesome that you remember that news article! And yes, it’s just like that one time :)

    • Roth

      Only hacking WW is way more of an accomplishment than hacking the original. This takes like half an hour tops, as I know from my own experience of not being knowledgable enough to do anything beyond text and graphics.

  • asdf

    for his daughter or for the father’s own amusement?

    • TheMaverickk

      Just for amusement if I’m not mistaken. I’ve heard about this mod. They just did it to do it. For the novelty or the fun of having an alternate playable character. Almost as a joke about the fact that you never get to play the character the game is named after, lol.

      • Kravik

        Never? LOL So sadly misinformed you are.. Play SP ..

        • TheMaverickk

          You don’t really play as Zelda in Spirit Tracks though….. although you can give her a path to follow. I just never counted it. Not to mention she still isn’t the main character.

          • Kravik

            LOL Fail! .. My bad! I always mix up ST and PH in some strange ways.

            Playing as Zelda is playing as Zelda, if you are going to make other comparisons like that, specify them! :p

            And NO, CD-i games do NOT count. (I have seen all the let’s play, but will never get them I think.)

          • TheMaverickk

            I’ve played every Zelda game in the series save for the CD-i games, but I’ve watched enough reviews and tributes to those CD-i games to know how they played, the overall stories, ect.

            I suppose I should’ve been more clear on that, but at the end of the day I was just making my point based on reading the initial modders statements about why he did it. Which is because the Zelda series really doesn’t have you playing as Zelda or has her as the main character (majority of titles speaking).

            It’s no biggie.

          • Kravik

            I have done the same thing. :) I also own every single copy from Nintendo. And some extras, and all the Wii e-shop and all the 3DS e-shop, so I got several copies of some of the games. And the collector disk and what not! :p It is safe to say I truly LOVE the Zelda series. Nice meeting a fellow fan! ;) No biggie indeed!

  • Doniki

    “Hero of Hyrule”? Shouldn’t it be Heroine?

    • Alex Barnier

      No. Heroin is bad for you.

      • Heroine of Time

        I’m not bad for anyone. :(

        • Linkfan99


        • Cmaster

          No, Heroin is bad “Heroine of time” is good :D

        • itsameluigi1290

          You got that right! You’re a great person.

      • Guy

        Say no to drugs :P

        • EzioCRossfire

          If they talk to you, you’ve probably had enough. XP

  • JuicieJ


  • Tehlul

    I swear you guys just go on Google and type in Zelda to see what comes up in the news tab. It’s kinda funny.

    • Linkfan99

      XD go on the news tab and type “legend of zelda”. Currently it’s the second result.

  • EzioCRossfire

    It finally happened Link became female, quick everyone call him a guy to change him back.:P

    • ShadowBeast

      LINK! You’re a dude!!!!!!!!!

  • Emma Mix


    Probably everyone knows this (maybe), but did you know you can kill the old man who gives you advice in dungeons? If you do so, he disappears and the torches start shooting fireballs at you. Also, it looks peculiarly like Link stabs him when he first grabs the sword, similarly causing the man to disappear…

    • En_annan_Martin

      Correction: You can NOT kill the old man. You can hurt him, which makes the torches shoot fireballs at you.
      The old man only disappears when he gives you an item, such as the wooden sword.
      Go troll somewhere else.

      • Sunblaze24

        Well, I can at least stab him, run outside, go back in and pretend he bled to death.

      • Emma Mix

        Sorry, hurting is what I meant (brain fart). Obviously, if you had killed him, you wouldn’t be able to kill him again in the next dungeon– so obviously, I couldn’t possibly mean kill… Thanks for pointing out that error.

        I am no troll.

  • BeastModeMan97

    Let’s see a mod where I can play WW as Tetra :bleh:

  • SomeZeldaFan

    Legend of Link

  • Mich

    Try again, this is so old :)

  • oozy the wolf

    the name finnaly makes sense

    • ShadowsofTime

      No one cares if the name makes sense! It’s the Legend of Zelda! They could call it Extreme Magic Firecall 3 and people would still play it!

      • oozy the wolf

        i couldnt aggre more

    • baileygirl99

      It always made sense, but now people won’t mistake Link for Zelda!

      • Link and zelda

        I know right!!!!!

      • Quistis Strife

        Oh I know it’s so funny how people think link is Zelda I know this one guy who was talking about dressing up as Link for Halloween but he thought Link was Zelda.

        He kept saying I should make a Zelda costume and go as Zelda.

        I was like are you sure about that you want to go as Zelda right?

        He’s was like yeah.

        I was like well the costume might not be so hard to get right but the breasts might take some work.

        He didn’t get it at first I had to explain to him that Zelda was the princess.

        It always surprises when people make this mistake Zelda is an old world girls name it should be obvious that link isn’t zelda even before you meet the princess.

  • itsameluigi1290

    Yo dawg, I heard you like Zelda. So I put a Zelda in your Zelda so you can play Zelda in a Zelda to fight Zelda monsters in Zelda worlds whilst playing as Zelda.

    • Cmaster

      Try saying that ten times fast XD

      • itsameluigi1290

        That would be a very long comment XD

  • Linkfan99

    EEEEEEEKKK!!!!!!! Link talks! NOOOOOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO!!!

    • baileygirl99

      Omg you’re right!!!

      • Linkfan99

        Haha! FINALLY! I finally passed you in comments! I now have more than you ^^

        HA. Not to sound mean at all. But HA. I’ve long awaited this day…. :P

        • baileygirl99

          I will spam so I will pass you again!!!! Jk, but I will pass you -_-

          • Linkfan99

            Hrm…. challenge accepted :D

  • SuperNintendoNigga

    WEE! I heard that the OG zelda concept, you WERE zelda, rescuing a child,but it got switched :/

  • baileygirl99

    I see why LoZ was the last (or one of the last) games in the timeline. It said “…this ends the story.” Cool mod! And I noticed that when you fight Ganon, the room is shaped like a rough skull, and so is the dungeon (map)! Btw, I have never played the 1st LoZ, so this stuff is new to me. “^-^

  • Sunblaze24

    Non fans: “Worst mod ever. We were already playing as Zelda.”

  • Vink

    Cool, I wonder if someone’s gonna make a MOD called ‘The Legend of Link- Zelda’s Awakening.

  • Ethan Goh

    I’m confused. Should it now be called legend of Link? or should it be called legend of zelda still?

  • zarx1554

    Now they should do Minish Cap in the style of Wind Waker. That would ne epic

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