Monday Comic Corner – Good Find

DaveyMarch 11th, 2013 by Davey

I think the funniest aspect of the content from Completely Serious Comics is how blatant the humor is. Though I love subtle artwork and profound messages that comics can embody, sometimes I also just appreciate an easy laugh.

And that’s what happens every time a new Completely Serious Comic is made. This past week, the author Jesse wrote two comics that combined both this simple humor with our favorite video game character.

You should be able to tell from the title image that it’s Link. With a gun. And he doesn’t exactly look like the mature, intelligent Link that we see in most games. What else is he going to do besides go adventuring with his new weapon? Hit the jump to find out!

We’ve learned two things about guns in the Zelda world. 1) They’re awesome and will give you rupees just as well as a few sword slashes. 2) Don’t mess with stalchildren. Or at least keep your sword around because that’s still pretty effective.

Either way, it seems like Link is having an interesting time learning about his new toy. My only hope is that Completely Serious Comics comes out with some more of these Gun Link comics and continues to follow Link’s adventures, or misadventures as they might be.

What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Completely Serious Comics: Good Find, Gun Link 2


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  • Roth

    I’m counting the minutes until this thread turns into a guns-in-Zelda debate.

    • Jam9t3

      So true.

    • Nevan Lowe

      One thing is for sure, if guns make it in Zelda, it will be in the adult timeline.

      • Anonymous

        You mean the one with Toon Link? You are one weird person.

        • Nevan Lowe

          True, but the one with Toon Link is the most technologically advanced. Trains, Steam Boats, ect.

  • blue

    It’s obvious that a modern gun wouldn’t be included in a Zelda game. But if one were to be included, it would have to be more primitive. Perhaps a flintlock….?

    • Princess Zelda

      Flintlock muzzle loader from the early 1700s? I know my guns. :)

      • Gaseous Snake

        Pretty impressive for a princess

        • Princess Zelda

          Why, thank you, Gaseous Snake!

          • Gaseous Snake

            I am honored to receive your praise, Your Majesty.

      • blue

        If a game were to be later in the timeline, then technologies would obviously advance. And since no apocolypse happpens to reset the progression of civilization in the child timeline, then it would make sense that primitive guns would be developed.

    • SuperNintendoNigga

      maybe link could ge ta crossbow ment for close range with the normal bow long range and boss fights?

      • WhovianGrrlGamer

        In general crossbows shoot farther….

    • Linkfan99

      After all, cannons were invented after guns, and there are cannons in Zelda…

      • guest

        cannons were actually made before guns, but not to much before.

        • Linkfan99

          Well, technically, they were originally one in the same. They were more of small cannons/large muskets. The first recorded use of a handgun is around 1380, and the first recorded use of a firearm is 1364.

  • Draco

    That’s a Stalchild, not a Stalfos.

    • Roth

      Maybe plural “Stalfos” refers to the type or classification as undead skeleton monsters. A bass and a marlin are both fish.

      • Draco

        If it was supposed to be plural, then the word Stalchildren should have been used. Stalfos are just the skeleton knights. I don’t think that the word Stalfos is ever used as such a general term.

        • Roth

          Not explicitly, no. But it may be, and it could be. That’s all I’m saying. There’s a variety of Stalfos in the series (from Knight to Shrouded, and all the forms they’ve taken), to which you would refer, as a group, as just Stalfos. What are the Stalchildren but another breed, perhaps just a state, of Stalfos? I think “Stalchild” is only supposed to be as differentiating as “Stalfos Knight.” It’s a Stalfos Child, is all.

      • pjsmoulder

        Stalfos is singular, I thought. Plural is surely Stalfi…

        • Roth

          We don’t really know, as it’s only been used in singular. Although, depending on how you think the Kokiri in the Lost Woods is structuring her emphatic sentence fragment:

          “Everybody will become a Stalfos.
          Everybody, Stalfos.”

          That may or may not indicate the plural being the same. We really don’t know.

          • pjsmoulder

            That was meant to be a joke…

          • Roth

            Sorry, I’m not good at telling without the speech inflection that actually saying it would provide. I thought it was a valid supposition, anyhow; I’m kind of curious to see what the plural is someday.

    • et34

      Yeah… why bring it up? RANDOMNESS

      • Draco

        Why not bring it up?

  • Dr_Stein

    I think it’d be interesting if they did something like that; a western version or a more modern version of Zelda.

  • Jam9t3

    Well obviously link missed the shot! There’s no bloody iron sights on the gun!

    • alexlgamer

      iron sights aren’t Exactly necessary in fps games they just make it easier to aim there are fps that don’t even use iron sights such as the l4d games

      • Jam9t3

        You know, I wasn’t even referring to games, I was generally speaking, if you have no iron sights then how are you going to aim? Of course you would miss. Just because we’re speaking about guns here doesn’t mean it has to refer to FPS games.

  • Linkbeatmario

    Uses gun on gannon “Its super effective!”

    Stalfos “Its not very effective….”

    • pokemaster

      It’s pokemon!

    • Linkfan99


  • gamer

    Too bad it’s not funny.

    • Mich

      Exactly my thought….

    • Omega


  • Anonymous

    A Link to the Past with a gun. Why does that sound familiar…

  • Cucco Link

    I haven’t been on here in a while, well, it’s still magical though! Anyways, nice comic!

  • Cmaster

    Its dangerous to go alone-shoot this.

    Its a secret to everybody-BECAUSE ITS DANGEROUS!!!!

  • Dragon Ball Zelda

    Stalchild not Stalfos.

    • WhovianGrrlGamer

      I don’t think Stalchildren are that aggressive. (Also, not to be mean, but I think everyone knows you got this from Draco. Why not just vote his comment up?)

  • JuicieJ

    Poor Stalchild.

  • baileygirl99

    guns r bad. nuff said.

    • JuicieJ

      And swords aren’t?

      • baileygirl99


    • Mich

      and let me bet… you are american right?

      • pjsmoulder

        Only Americans use the name Bailey, as a first name…

  • Bionicle Guy

    Finally got an account. I was Unicorn Hanger outer previously, and on forums I am Unicorn’s Mate. Thx!

  • Bionicle Guy

    Finally got an account. I was Unicorn Hanger-Outer previously and on forums I am unicorn’s mate. Thanks!

  • linkInMyHead

    Well, that was a little dissapointing…


    No GUNS IN ZELDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Person

    Guns are useless in all good literature/videogames/art/everything.

  • Thomas Durand

    The boss fights would be so quick.

  • stop talking abou this

    pointless just stupid guns don’t belong in zelda and that is just that

  • iratecelt

    The fact that the ancient Hylian inventors were able to make the hookshot (which acts a lot like a gun, in Oot) centuries before the first Zelda game, and in that Like still uses a sword, indicates that the hylians had the means and knowledge to make guns all along, but have chosen not to do so, because they deems such weapons would be too hazardous and controllable. If you were to introduce the Hyrulian civilization to guns, They would likely do everything they can to destroy them all. Unfortunately, Ganon’s minions would inevitably manage to get a hold of some and Ganon uses one to shoot Link dead took the Triforce of Wisdom… Congratulations, ass hole. You’ve just doomed Hyrule, the rest of their world, and your own, considering that Ganon’s wish was to rule the entire Cosmos, and with link now dead, there’s no one left to stop him.