Monday Comic Corner – Arrowdox

DaveyMarch 4th, 2013 by Davey

This week on Monday Comic Corner, we have an older comic that tries to explore an idea that has plagued players since The Wind Waker. Though first appearing in Ocarina of Time, the true power of the two elemental arrows wasn’t described until later by the Fairy Queen in The Wind Waker.

Hopefully by now you’ve realized that something crazy is going to happen. Perhaps the introduction of a paradox having to do with arrows? To find out if Link actually makes this foolish mistake, hit the jump to read on!

Welp. Link has doomed us all, or at least those within quite a few miles of him. Now all of Hyrule, even underwater, is irradiated. Even if Ganon somehow survived, this is definitely not a Hyrule he wants to be a part of.

To be fair, the Fairy Queen didn’t even give Link a warning. Our hero can’t be the only person she’s given these arrows to, and it’s pretty obvious that these are dangerous. Not only are they pointy and meant to be fired at high velocity, but they have extra powers. And Link, wielder of the Triforce of Courage might as well hold the Triforce of Curiosity. You just can’t trust Link with these kinds of things all the time.

This comic comes from SMAAAASH!!, and if you liked this comic, they have plenty more Zelda, Pokémon, and otherwise Nintendo related comics.

What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

Source: SMAAAASH!!

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  • Guy

    Lol! I always wondered what would happen if u did that :D!

  • zombie_eat_flesh

    Link just became the head of the Manhattan Project.

    • Deidara

      Art is an explosion!

      • firecrb

        Deidara your supposed to be an edo.

        • Anonymous

          That just means I can self-destruct as many times as I want!

          • Deidara

            Pay no attention to the man in the Name bar.

      • Zzen


  • Chris Cartagena

    Don’t cross the streams, smartass.

    • Jonah Hunt

      you sir, are a flippin genius

    • Jack Lepien

      You stole my joke!

  • cant like this

    yes, I’ve glitched it so you cant like it!

    • Dragon Ball Zelda


    • Guy

      obviously, you can dislike it :D

  • awsomeMrlink

    Wouldn’t they become regular arrows since they cancel each other out? Maybe if you add light arrows to that mixture it would go boom since it is the bane of evil, and considering there is a lot of monsters out at sea, and noone near except for the fairy…

  • Mich

    Is it really necessary to get a “full description” of the comic? Most of us aren’t retards, we get it…

    • ralphpotato

      I’m not explaining the comic. It’s just some of my thoughts as I’ve read it. Like how the music and art features don’t just link to the piece, the authors comment on their respective features also.

      Besides, my few sentences doesn’t detract from the comic, you can always choose to just skip what I’ve read and move on.

  • Toonlink

    Hilarious! Hey, a new website poened up, its called

  • Mseevers95

    Still not as devastating as two Falcon Punches colliding.

    • Chuck Norris

      How about two of me roundhouse kicking each other?

      • Mseevers95

        Don’t ridiculous Chuck Norris is a singularity of infinite gravity, there can’t be another in existence or the fabric of the universe would rip open.

        • Chuck Norris

          I heard the Russians were working on cloning me. That, and I have broken through the limits of Time and Space; how else did I knock Amelia Earhart out of the sky?

          • Mseevers95

            The Russians also failed to catch Rocky and Bullwinkle. As for the space time that is because Chuck Norris is omnipresent and does not exist in a linear timeline, he is present somewhere at every moment in time.

          • Dragon Ball Zelda

            That is one of the most incredible things I’ve ever heard.

  • ghirahimhunter

    That is awesome.

  • pokemon brown

    It’s the same as when the unbreakable wall meets the unstopable force.

    • Bill Nye the Science Guy

      Just because it can’t be stopped doesn’t me it can’t be redirected, unless said force knows how to always resist redirection by seld-course correction

  • TrueMasterSwordWielder

    Nice going, Link. You finally managed to kill Ganondorf, along with everyone else.

  • Zelda4Life

    Beautiful. Just beautiful. I applaud Link.

  • firecrb

    Why can’t we do that in the game?

    • Anonymous

      Because there was no true multiplayer ability.
      Uh guys, I think we stumbled onto the real reason we can’t play a multiplayer game in Zelda…

      • firecrb

        I know there’s not a multiplayer, but if you just wanted to pick up the arrows and see what happens it would be very interesting.

        Also there is download play and game link cables for the handhelds. But they should have multiplayer and maybe co-op for the consoles.

      • Dragon Ball Zelda

        *Four Swords & Four Swords Adventures*

        • Anonymous

          OK. How about POPULAR four-player game? One that, when presented with multiple games with multiplier abilities, you’d want to choose that one just for pure gameplay and not necessarily for plotline or the fact that it’s Zelda.
          Before you go ahead and make false accusations, yes I’ve played those games.

  • Jonah Hunt


    • Mikau94


    • The Dragon Warrior


    • Skull Kid

      I see what you did there…

  • Caleb Simpson

    Steam Arrows. Because every hero needs to chill in a sauna sometimes.

  • Skeleton

    Hey! Thanks for the link.

    • Good Link

      Yeah, except this link destroyed his entire world.

  • Cmaster

    Link was just curious. I’m sure that anyone could have done that.

    *Pull out two arrows from my pouch…BOOOOMMM!!!!!*

    Like I said. XD

  • npatoray24

    i actually have never thought of that… o__O

  • Tehlul

    This might be why we haven’t seen link use fire and ice arrows for awhile

  • Aaron hill

    terrible i wish i could do that.

  • Triforceholder

    It’s just like the Japanese legend where a man gives the king a sword that can break any shield and a sword that can withstand any shield and the king wondered what would happen if you put them together. Thus the word for contradiction was formed.

    • pokemon brown

      The second sword only does you any good if you’re fighting some idiot that thinks a shield is a weapon. (I know what you meant though)

  • itsameluigi1290

    Whoa, so THAT’S what Toon Link’s Final Smash was supposed to be! It must’ve been too overpowered.

    • hyourinmaru

      yeah and pretty unavoidable.

      • itsameluigi1290

        Unless you ledge stall in Norfair >:D

  • Omega


  • Jack Lepien

    If you have ever tried shooting a bomb arrow in TP into a moblin’s flaming arrow, you have never known true fun.

    • Omega

      how so?

      • Jack Lepien

        It allows the player to create explosions in the middle of the air, which is very fun to kill Kargarocks in a very fun manner. Wait for them to swoop in and, BAM 5 down in one very precise and difficult to master move.

    • zeldafan123

      Why? What would happen? X-X ??????

  • Wind waker Link

    I just thought of that the other day…

  • Omega

    Link, you’re such a smart chemist.

  • Princess Zelda

    I can imagine him doing this!

  • TheIvoryDingo

    Cannon Game Guy: KABOOOOOM!!!

    I couldn’t resist! XD

  • Fire and Ice Arrows

    When the lake fills, shoot for the morning light.
    P.S. awesome comic

  • WhovianGrrlGamer

    Link is my big brother

  • zeldafan123

    I always wondered what would happen if you put extreme fire and extreme ice together! Way to go Link, you just blew up the whole of Hyrule….

  • Link123

    The Army should have wepons like these, or at least Link

  • thelinkmaster001
  • Sage of Winds

    And thus the question “what happens when you try to pierce an un-penetrable shield with a spear that can pierce through anything” can be answered.