Miyamoto Says Ocarina of Time was most fun game to make

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Almost every individual who considers themselves a “gamer” and has half-decent taste expresses a great respect towards Ocarina of Time or just Zelda in general.  And why shouldn’t they?  Ocarina of Time is arguably the best Zelda game to date.  Also, Ocarina of Time was a pinnacle in gaming history, marking the beginning of 3D graphics and gameplay.  So with that said, it comes with no surprise that Miyamoto had the most fun creating this wonderful N64 masterpiece that will go down in gaming history.

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Here’s Mr. Miyamoto’s quote:

I have a lot of fun making all the games, even surprisingly the ones that have a lot of challenges to solve or they take a lot of time to finally bring together into final form… Even those ones I have a lot of fun, and the ones where we have a lot of freedom to make the games, those are fun to make.”

But, I guess, thinking back, probably Super Mario 64 and the original Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. That era was the first time we were taking games and bringing in this new 3D technology, building the rules and the framework through which games would be depicted in 3D, I think, probably made those the most fun games to work on.”

In working with some of the younger staff members, and when they have a question on a project and say, “I don’t know who to go to to find the answer to this question,” I’m always the type that says, “Well, if you don’t know who has the answer, then simply make the answer yourself.” I have a lot more fun when we’re making up the rules as we go along.”

As you can see, this quote clearly proves that Miyamoto and the rest of the developers over at Nintendo really love their franchises, though I wouldn’t go so far to say that they appreciate them more that their fans.  It’s nice to see that Miyamoto is so honest about his beloved Zelda series, and hopefully he will stay that way for years to come.

So what do you guys think about this quote?  Tell us in the comments below!

Source: ABC News

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  • S. Mario

    “Well, if you don’t know who has the answer, then simply make the answer yourself.”

    This is an awesome quote. This is probably why Miyamoto’s games have a different feel to them than other games.

    • S. Mario

      Sorry about the double post. When I clicked the post button, nothing had happened, so I had tried posting again.

    • serialmom1964

      I couldn’t agree more!

  • S. Mario

    “Well, if you don’t know who has the answer, then simply make the answer yourself.”

    This is an awesome quote. This also probably why Miyamoto’s games have a different feel to them than other games.

  • guy


  • Gmanthedevil

    Miyamoto: World’s biggest troll! Fans ask for Majora’s Mask remake…gives WindWaker remake!

    • Fire and Ice Arrows

      But you gotta admit he’s an eternal bad@$$!

  • somebody you don’t know

    this is so awesome, I want to be a game programmer someday.

  • Hyrule’s Hero

    Honestly, I think Nintendo should have released A Link to the Past remake on the 3DS instead of Ocarina of Time. Ocarina of Time should have been released on the Wii U instead of Wind Waker. Imagine Seeing Ocarina of Time in glorious HD. Man, that would be amazing.

    • Luka

      Haha, not a bad idea. Maybe I’ll write an editorial on that!

  • erikingvoldsen

    …Most gamers don’t know what OoT is. So you lost me at the first sentence. I mean, I agree it’s a great game–one of the greatest–but let’s not romanticize its popularity. When you get down to it…7m sales from over 10 years ago isn’t a big deal.

    • Jam9t3

      What do you mean? Above it clearly states, “Almost every individual who considers themselves a “gamer” and has a half-decent taste expresses a great respect towards Ocarina of Time or just Zelda in General.” Most gamers have heard about Zelda at least, even Non-gamers. If it is ‘one of the greatest’ games then you should not have an issue when it’s popularity is being romanticized. You lost me with your whole comment.

      • erikingvoldsen

        Few non-gamers know what Zelda is. Gamers know what Zelda is, but mainly from brief reference, quite a few of them still think Link is Zelda and most have no idea what OoT is unless they are hardcore Nintendo fans.

        • Jam9t3

          OoT is a classic which was famous at the time of release and is Zelda’s main pride, you don’t need to be a hardcore Zelda fan, you don’t even need to be a fan to know of the game.

          • erikingvoldsen

            I said hardcore Nintendo fan. Obviously a hardcore Zelda fan will know.

          • Jam9t3

            Even so, Zelda is one of the main games from Nintendo, you still don’t need to be a hardcore fan.

          • serialmom1964

            Just like most people know who Mario is even though they might not play games.

      • Ninty

        She recognizes that her feelings are merely an opinion. Besides, she said she felt the first sentence was “exaggerating things just a bit” meaning only a little to her.

        • http://www.triforcetalk9.blogspot.com/ Linkfan99

          Um, Jam9t3 was replying to erikingvoldsen, not Heroine of Time…. heh heh..?

          • Ninty

            Woops.. (in Luigi voice) deleting time!

          • http://www.triforcetalk9.blogspot.com/ Linkfan99


    • http://medlismessages.blogspot.com/ Heroine of Time

      Ocarina of Time is one of the highest rated games of all time. As a result, you’ll find that many gamers have at least heard of it. You’re right that outside of the gaming community, it’s quite obscure, but I’ve found references to Ocarina of Time in several gaming areas that I wasn’t expecting to find anything Zelda-related in. In my experience, it’s relatively widely known.

      I did think the first sentence WAS exaggerating things just a bit, though… XD

    • Luka

      Sorry to prove you wrong, but Ocarina of Time has been considered the best game of all time in multiple situations. Most gamers have had many personal experiences with OoT one way or another, that’s why I added that in my post.

      • erikingvoldsen

        7m people played it. Even if you assume all of those 7m people were and still are gamers, 7m is tiny–insignificant even compared to the vast amount of gamers there are.

        • Luka

          Yes, but notice how I said gamers with half-decent taste. Those 7m people have half-decent taste, while most modern gamers are into games like CoD and other fps. Also, GameInformer and Nintendo Power consider OoT to be one of the best, if not the best game of all time.

    • Sunblaze24

      Actually, sales from over 10 years ago is a big deal. Population growth, my friend. Sales from all those years ago, especially in the NES/SNES era, mean more than what they do today. A game that might have sold 1 million back on NES is equally impressive as a game that sells 3 million today.

      One reason is population growth, and the second is the era that the game industry had just come back from (where Atari destroyed the market). So yes, OoT’s 7 million + sales is impressive. The further back you go in time, the more meaningful sales are.

      and now we have OoT 3D which expanded the audience for young kids who never played the game, since a lot of time has passed. Just like ALttP expanded the audience with its GBA port. So many people know about both games.

  • Westar

    Is the “Oot is the best game ever” a personal thought or has it been proven, if so, by which? (haters gonna hate) I don’t think Oot is the best zelda game ever (maybe most revolutionary) and that’s why Miyamoto loved the making of it so much. And it’s good that the developers enjoy and appreciate their work, because that shows dedication and that’s always good if you want to make a good game!

    • catatemybow

      That’s exactly how I feel. Oot brought in a lot of new aspects that revolutionized the series, but I personally don’t feel like it’s the best game. That’s still a matter of opinion.

  • oshawottanastas

    Well I love ALL the zelda games……

  • Roth

    Fun to make = awesome to play. I saw this connection after reading about the development of Link’s Awakening via Iwata Asks as well.

  • Tatl

    favourite game of all time! not only was it my first, but the oldest game i’ve ever played!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • baileygirl99

    It’s also lots of fun to play too!

  • Zero Wat

    “anyone who has half-decent taste expresses a respect towards OOT”
    Sadly, every FPS fan or Xbox owner doesn’t like Zelda, so practically every kid at my school doesn’t have any taste by that standard

    • balloonofwar4

      Just because you are an Fps fan doesn’t mean you don’t like Zelda. I have Black Ops 1 and 2, MW3, and the fisrt two Call of Duties. And I love Zelda! I have Zelda 1, Zelda 2, Alttp, Ocarina, Majora, Tp, Ph, St, and Ss. Also, my friend (who is rich and has EVERY CURRENT/MODERN CONSOLE) loves Zelda too.

      Im sorry, I just hate it when people assume things.