Medicom Toys unveils Skyword Sword figure

JordanMarch 25th, 2013 by Jordan

By now, most Zelda fans have probably heard of First4Figures and Figma considering the wonderful contributions the companies have made to Zelda collections everywhere. Now, though, a new company is quickly getting recognition with their own lineup of Zelda-related figures.

Japanese toy manufacturer Medicom has a fairly wide range of merchandise ranging from their small and affordable Ultra Detail Figures (UDF) to the large, gorgeously detailed Real Action Heroes (RAH) line of figures. Last Summer, Medicom announced three new Zelda figures for the UDF line, set to be released next month. Now they’ve stepped up the game with the announcement of a Skyward Sword-themed entry to their Real Action Heroes. Jump inside to see this sweet new figure!

Standing at 30cm (or just under 12 inches), this new entry to Medicom’s Real Action Heroes line of figures will be releasing this November – almost exactly a year after last year’s Skyward Sword Link Figma. Pre-orders are now being taken for this amazing figure, which will be debuting with a pretty big price tag of ¥20,790 (approximately $220, £144, or €166). Ouch.

Still, that price looks to be worth it; this is one very high quality figure. Link’s outfit is actually made of real cloth, and much like last year’s Figma he is also fully pose-able. Unlike the Figma, though, he comes with more than just his sword and shield; this set also includes his Sacred Bow and the Tough Beetle as well as what seems to be eight different facial expressions. On top of his two faces (calm and angry/yelling) he also has changeable eyes to further customize his expression.

Personally, I would love to own one of these, but $220+ is way too much for me to shell out on a figure. For now I think I will stick with my Figma. What do you think of this figure? Can you afford the steep price tag that comes with this awesome piece of work, or will you be skipping this item? How do you like the design? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Tomopop via GoNintendo

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    I heard about this yesterday!

  • André Moreira

    I have the model figma and I am very happy too ^^

  • LoupiTheMightyCucco

    I still can’t believe link link is supposed to be 17 and half in skyward sword….he looks like he’s 15,,,,

    • Clananik

      tbh theres nothing in skyward sword that suggests he is 17. He could be 15…though its unlikely. Wouldn’t it be interesting if in one game link had stubble, hmmmm

      • Mseevers95

        Hyrule Historia said he was 17 1/2 in Skyward Sword.
        I do think Link with a 5 o clock shadow would make his character interesting. But take it from a blonde guy when I say if you have blonde hair no one can see your facial hair unless you have a full on Biblical beard.

        • Blackbaldrik

          My facial hair was completely invisible until I was 18-19 or so.
          Also, who knows, maybe it takes much longer for Hylians to grow facial hair.

        • baileygirl99

          Please, no facial hair! It makes him (not real men, just Link mainly) look a lot less cute. :-(

          • Azariah

            I don’t know dude, I think a Link with more mature features would be pretty cool. A game that could be a direct sequel to either Skyward Sword during the foundation of Hyrule or a sequel to Twilight Princess. Link is one of my favorite characters and his androgynous features don’t really bother me at all, but I think there should be at least ONE game where he looks more masculine.

  • Vee

    Tell me- where one could find all of these for purchase?

  • Alexander Cox

    The head looks better than the figma one and i like this posability being hidden by cloth. but the price is a bit too much for me

  • Sarah

    I preordered it straight away because I know the prices will shoot up after release. They need to make a Zelda and Ghirahim one now those would be awesome.

    • baileygirl99

      I would spend big bucks for a Girahim one! He’s so fabulous…xD

    • joe

      Zelda is so pretty in SS I’d love to see her as a figure.

  • mumbojumbo

    why can’t they just make normal Zelda action figures that don’t have outrageous price tags?

    • Mseevers95

      Because they know collectors pay through the nose for this stuff.

      Mases will probably buy one.

      • baileygirl99

        Probably? xD

    • Jordan D.

      Quality purposes. You can see above that Medicom also has some much cheaper (and smaller) figures available next month, but for now the Figma one was probably your best bet at a reasonably priced and good quality action figure.

    • Shadowknight1

      Well, JAKS Pacific has acquired the license for Nintendo toys and costumes, so its possible. Won’t look as good as this one though.

    • joe

      Cost of making them plus how much they know people witl spend. Sucks but oh well ):

  • Nikki

    It’s way too expensive. I’ll be skipping this, even though it’s awesome and something I would like to have! I love the design on it.

  • tsu

    he’s so beautiful ;_;

  • itsameluigi1290

    I was gonna say, “Why would my internet provider make Zelda toys?”. But then I saw it was Medicom, not Mediacom.

    • Jordan D.

      My Google search trying to find their official website actually brought up a European medical group.

      • itsameluigi1290

        Was it a scary medical group?

  • Ryan

    I have it on preorder already from AmiAmi. They don’t charge until the item is ready to ship so I can save up for it. It is released in November so that is plenty of time to save up.

  • The Fierce Diety

    That does look pretty cool, but super expensive. No surprise since the economy is still screwed over.

  • npatoray24

    i already collect first4figures, i cant afford to get into another pricey collection.

  • Hero of Time

    Shut it and take my rupees!

  • Alan Da Cruz Nascimento

    So cool, but so… salt! D:

  • Morten Hoeben

    More than the figurine itself, this excites me to think Link could actually look like this ingame in Zelda Wii U. :3

  • Westar

    Should be cool to own one. Too bad I don’t got the money at the moment…

  • Passerby

    Preordered it 2 days ago. Excited :) the fact its till Nov. gives me chance to save up.

  • Omega

    shit, I thought the previous one had gotten expensive at $150

  • The Toof!

    It’s actually “only” about $168 if you pick it up through Amiami.

  • LinkInMyHead

    Amazing!!! But I cant afford that and Ill be in Japan in November, so Ill get the Figma Link and then one day, pray this comes home too XD

  • oozy the wolf

    the hero of skyworld and all his best items. now pocket size!

  • baileygirl99

    That….is so amazing….*faints from awesomeness*

  • Midna’s Sister

    … I love this and still do play action figures with my younger brother. (no judging now)

  • Sebastian

    Do you guys have any ideas on how to make a bow and arrow for the link figma?

  • Aaron Johnson

    Can’t do it, Right-handed link isn’t worth $200+ Make me a lefty model and i’ll consider it

  • Joe

    Oh my god it’s gorgeous. Wish I had the money to spend on these things ):

  • lulles

    amiami is selling it for 15,800 JPY :)

    They should make an OoT version… I miss left-handed Link.