Majora’s Memes – It Was Like This When I Found It!

Welcome to Majora’s Memes, where we bring you memetic madness weekly!

Like scouring Hyrule Field for bushes that hopefully contain Rupees or bombs or arrows, we search the Internet for Zelda-related laughs. I apologize that this post is a few hours later than usual. I’m on Spring Break, but my “vacation” consists of learning about Shakespeare in a professional actors’ setting! Fun fun stuff, but it doesn’t leave me with time I thought I’d have. In any case, I’m here to bring the memes! And once again, we have a large number of our own users to thank for contributions. There were a few that weren’t used, but we appreciate it all the same! Another note about the user contributions, if you could please tell us where you’re getting them from, we’d like to be more thorough in crediting them. Many of you are linking to sites that we can easily cite, but others are just linking the images themselves. Thanks guys!

Our first three user contributed memes comes from hunter zarkos! Yeah Link, sure…

And here’s a “99 Problems” permutation that I don’t think I’ve ever seen before! (Let me know if you have, I feel like it is a really easy joke.)

Perhaps this is why Nintendo won’t let The Legend of Zelda be made into a movie. I mean let’s face it, this is what a film series would become…

It’s a proven fact that pie charts make everything more scientific! TReXD was kind enough to provide us with this one as well as the next meme.

Memes from The Lion King don’t exactly strike me as obvious Zelda fodder, but there you are.

Any bronies in the audience? Any Twilight haters? Good! This one from Shadow Beast should get a laugh.

Whew! That alone would make a healthy post. But we have other stuff to get to! Like this egregious Hyrule National Security hole thanks to sness107.

I think “High Wind Waker” is becoming a meme in its own right, as this anonymous Memebase poster has shown.

Once again, I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s thought of this. It was posted anonymously to Memebase, but was originally at

Now THIS is a crossover I’d like to see happen. Of course, that would have some awkward implications for Super Smash Bros.…Anyway, it was also posted to Memebase anonymously, but was originally from

Ocarina of Time: Master Quest must give TMT123 a hard time. Of course, the Water Temple is practically a meme of its own, maybe Master Quest will follow?

We’ve all probably seen this sort of joke done before, but I have to like Shirtoid’s 8-bit take on it.

Having a Donkey Kong monster truck is one thing, but this…this is pretty cool.

Here’s another perfect memetic fit to a famous moment from Ocarina of Time courtesy of n1chris on Memebase.

Lately, Memebase has been having a field day with animated gifs from featuring the newest Pokémon starters, but here’s a Zelda gif that keeps pace with them!

That’s it for this week’s Majora’s Memes! Hopefully next week won’t be so late! As always, leave a meme in the comments, but please remember to let us know where you got it from so we can thank both you and the person who made it or posted it!

Source: Memebase , Alex Draws , Shirtoid , FinniChang , Monroestein

  • bluetoad

    The LOTR and Pokemon (Ponyta and Noctowl…brilliant!) crossovers are my favorite. And I love Omocat’s art.

  • Impala

    Sweet, especially Vaati at the end.

  • blue

    I think a real challenge is trying to get the master quest 100%… WHICH I DID!!!!!!!!!

    • Gaseous Snake

      You deserve a crown

  • firecrb

    The one with the pie chart is very true, the one with Ganon and the king=epicness

  • Queenie

    Really?? How come you were able to correctly source half of the fanart to its original artist and and NOT source the other half?? You could at the very least bother to properly credit ALL the fanart you post.

    • Kyle

      Well, not all the ones posted to Memebase have the original creator cited, and like I said, almost all the user contributed links just link to an image, not a site. I’m doing the best I can here.

  • JeredenDonnar

    Love the pokemon crossover, though instead of the new starter for link, I would give him a growlithe!! Instead of Cleffa for zelda, I would give her Wigglytuff!! Instead of Emboar for Ganondorf, I would give him Typhlosion!!

  • JeredenDonnar

    HEY Kyle!!!! Check Brawl in the Family’s newest entry from today (3/5/13)!! I’d leave a link (hehe) but I don’t know how!! It’s perfect for something like this. brawl in the

    • JeredenDonnar

      I figured out how, but it didn’t work exactly!

      • Kyle

        I’m not sure if we still do a comics feature, but Brawl in the Family would fit under that rather than this.

  • JeredenDonnar

    i’d replace Growlithe for the gen 6 fire-starter of Link, Wigglytuff for the cleffa of Zelda, and Typhlosion for the Emboar of Ganon.

  • EOTW

    Why does Ganondorf get the shinies?!

    • Katie Barber

      Biscause Ganondorf is awesome, and also PATIENT. He waited what had to have been at least a few years before getting trusted enought by the king to enact his plan in OoT.

      Plus, he’s awesome.

      • Ryan F. Hullstrunk

        I feel he should have had a Hydreigon instead of a charizard

  • Max

    Want a Spongebob reference? I’m not sure if you’ve used it, yet…

    • Guy

      i dont get it

      • firecrb

        In Spongebob when a crash happens or giant destruction a fish person says “My leg” offscreen.

        • Guy


          • et34

            yeah a joke is never funny if you have to explain it…

          • MeGustaZelda

            Especially when it wasn’t really funny to begin with :P

    • TReXD

      Mostly what I get is the Skyrim ” I used to be an adventurer like you, but I took an arrow to the knee” reference.
      But I got the Spongebob reference too :)

  • Driorianos

    haha Vaati looks like he’s waiting for a round of applause!

  • JuicieJ

    I died at the LOTR gif. XD

  • bs8814

    The one about starting the boss battles is so true..The last GIF is awesome. Good round of memes, keep em up Kyle.

  • DreamCat

    Great memes! The boss battle one is so true xD

    • et34

      It’s true unless you read ahead on the ZeldaDungeon walkthroughs…

  • Fire and Ice Arrows

    vaati sure whips his hair back and forth

  • oozy the wolf

    check this meme out

    • Guy


    • et34

      AwkwardZombie for teh win!

    • Connor Spiotto


  • viccie211

    The ironic thing is, I thought the water temple was one of the easiest adult temples in Master Quest 3D…

    • rjhewgyrfu (aka ruifgyqforug)

      Absolutely agreed.

    • Guy

      The only thing i had trouble with is going into the center room (with the 2nd water changing area) with the water fully risen. I actually think the mq dungeons were EASIER.

    • Mister

      That temple was a mess. I ended up with an extra key and there is a branch of the temple with. nothing. in. it… wtf?

  • itsameluigi1290

    I love them. ALL OF THEM.

  • Roth

    Pie charts make everything better. I one posted the infamous LttP flash mob commercial on Kotaku under a post dissecting the contents of VG commercials, asking, “What about this?”

    Someone replied with a pie chart that said, “5% sexual androgyny; 95% WHAT THE F#CK!?!?”

    Good times…

  • whosthemann

    I love that Vaati gif. His movements remind me of Ghirahim.

  • Guest

    Heres a meme I found about Majora’s Mask posted

  • Mitchell Florence

    Here’s a Majora’s Mask meme I made!

    • Guy

      Majora’s mask was made of wood :P

  • TheRizardon

    Get more funnies.

  • Alan Da Cruz Nascimento


  • Waker of Winds

    Why didn’t Ganon get a shiny Raquaza? Those things are freaking awesome

  • hunter zarkos

    all 3 of mine made it on :D made meh day

  • LinkInMyHead

    The Vaati one! <3 I adore Vaati!!

  • PRDX4


  • Someone

    Yay, you posted one from Omocat ^^ He has really funny zelda comics.

  • baileygirl99

    those are cool…but i dont get the 2nd to last one

  • firetruck501

    I find this to be quite funny…

    • firecrb


  • Guest

    The definition of the word “meme” is really being stretched here.

  • Mseevers95

    Ganondorf riding a Charizard = Hyrule is FUCKED!

  • Dr_Stein

    I think the crossover would be interesting (in a good way).

  • TReXD

    This is from OMO-CAT gif comic

    They have may Zelda-related items as well.

  • TReXD
  • TReXD
  • Anonymous

    Can somebody turn this into a video meme and post it:

    Link: You bring the crowns and heads of conquored kings to my city steps. You insult my princess. You threaten my people with slavery and death. Oh, I’ve chosen my words carefully Gerudo. Perhaps you should have done the same.

    Gerudo: This is blasphemy! This is madness!

    [Link looks to Zelda. Zelda nods]

    Link: Madness? THIS IS HYRULE!!! [Kicks Gerudo into Kakariko well]

  • Sage of Winds

    *sees the image clarifying the differenced between the Twilight Princesses*
    *hears “The More You Know” theme song.*
    You have been educated.

  • Linkisawesome

    Here are some memes.

    • Linkisawesome

      Oh, and I got the 3 last ones from memebase and the 1st from meme center.

    • Guy

      lol like first one! I would always troll golden skultulas like that

  • ShadowBeast
  • Omega

    I don’t get the gandalf and horse thingie

    • Omega

      o, nvm

  • FatalFerret

    no no no Link would have a Furret

  • rjeibmoz

    Tyranitar’s colour scheme is wrong in the pokemon crossover pic.

  • Dark Majora

    lol ive seen the KNow the difference one before and YES IMA BRONY SO BOOOYAH

  • ShadowBeast

    This isn’t a meme, but it is super awesome.

  • triwizard