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JordanMarch 6th, 2013 by Jordan

LIMITED TIME – Item no longer available.

ShirtPunch is always bringing more interesting and clever shirt designs daily, and every time they offer another Zelda design I am surprised all over again by how excellent many of them look. Today’s featured design by Pertheseus is probably one of the best yet.

Titled “The Journey of Courage,” this awesome-yet-affordable shirt features a cool and stylish mash-up of numerous themes from multiple games in the series including Wolf Link, the Master Sword, the King of Red Lions, Ezlo, Majora’s Mask, the Ocarina of Time, and more. Jump inside to see more!

As per usual, this design is available not only as a $10 shirt but also on hoodies, posters, stickers, magnets, laptop and game console decals, and more. It is available in forest green and black. Be sure to head over to ShirtPunch to pick yours up! But be quick; it is only available today, ending at 12:00EST!

So how do you like this design? Think you’ll pick one up for yourself? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments!

Source: ShirtPunch

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  • Baljeet

    the spirit tracks also appear in the picture, see Links cap.

    • Morten Hoeben

      Good catch. This design is really awesome. :3

    • et34

      I don’t see it…

      • Legendary_Link

        Look near the Ocarina and Link’s Hood. There you will see a series of small lumps on the hat of Link. That makes it a track design.

    • Luis Santiago

      Great Catch man, its very subtle but I figured people who played that game would catch it!

  • Dominic

    Although I love the shirts that places like ShirtPunch and TeeFury do, I hate the urgency of their deals. They output amazing quality but I can’t always just shout “Take My Money” every time they make a shirt I want. It’s quite bothersome not being able to ever get THAT shirt again if you don’t pounce in 24 hours.

    The story of a broke nerd college student.

    • oij

      Yea right… especially when ur overseas…

    • Jordan D.

      They occasionally bring back really popular designs again, but yeah… I feel your pain.

  • Guy

    Holy **** this shirt is so awesome!

  • Jean

    Just bought. At 10 dollars you can’t really complain-that’s cheaper than most shirts nowadays (20 bucks for a tshirt is kind of outrageous when you’re a broke student x___X)

  • Starblast16

    They really should make it available for longer. Not all of us have the time or money to get that stuff.

  • splngb

    Ohhhh, that’s the Phantom Hourglass above the King of Red Lions. Been trying to figure out what that was all day.

  • baileygirl99

    nice shirt. ME GUSTA.

  • Luis Santiago

    wow…. thanks for the feature guys, I lurk in this site alot – Hope everyone digs the design!!!

    • Jordan D.

      I certainly dig it :D I’ll be buying one shortly.

    • Merv?

      I’m diggin it.

  • Rachel

    It’s lovely that shirtpunch has so many cheaper options than just a shirt (I’d rather put stuff like this on my wall anyway), but the shipping takes foreeeeeever. I’m not sure if it’s better in Canada.

  • linkasourous

    Din’s Crest right above Wolf Link looks like he’s singing and the crest is like sheet music with two whole notes.

  • Merv?

    I wanna awesome t-shirt like this when I go to the symphony of the goddesses on March 16 but I
    cant afford it so I’m gonna make my own! i drew this up on the paint program on
    my computer. I’m gonna make it with fabric markers. This is gonna be the front.

    • Merv?

      And this will be the back.

  • JeredenDonnar

    That’s so cool, I love the DS title’s inclusion.

  • Blackbaldrik

    Dangit all! I want this shirt, but right now is the one time I can’t afford it! )=

  • Matt Cybolsky

    I went ahead and picked one up. I’ve got a thing for monochrome art right now, and the amount of games packed into this design are impressive without detracting from the overall quality or style.

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