GenGAME: New Assassin’s Creed takes cues from Wind Waker

JordanMarch 5th, 2013 by Jordan

As some of you probably know, Ubisoft’s latest entry in the popular Assassin’s Creed franchise was formally announced this past weekend. The new game, titled Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, features a privateer/pirate main character who sails the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Along his way, this Captain Kenway will be exploring numerous islands across these wide open seas.

How does this pertain to Zelda, you ask? Well, our sister site GenGAME has a good idea of just how much Zelda could be influencing the Ubisoft team. Jump on in to see!

It is fairly easy to say Black Flag could easily borrow from Zelda’s own The Wind Waker. The classic GameCube title featured a fully open-exploration style sea and islands over ten years ago, so we have to wonder just how much Ubisoft may have played it. A recent Kotaku interview with the developers shed some light on that question. Click here to read GenGAME’s summary and thoughts of the interview!

So, it seems a bit of a mixed bag. Ubisoft’s developers have certainly heard of The Wind Waker, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone there has played it; one of the interviewees did not even know what console it was on! Still, there are numerous staff members there who are very familiar with the game and it was stated that they would be looking into the pros and cons of just what made it great. It certainly looks like we can expect Zelda to influence another of today’s big title’s!

So what are your thoughts on this? Are you an Assassin’s Creed fan, and if so are you looking forward to seeing a little bit of Wind Waker thrown in? How do you think Ubisoft can use what the game has to offer, and how could they improve it? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Kotaku via GenGAME

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  • David Byrad

    Nice! Maybe Zelda WW WiiU will sell even better due to this… or worse.

    Anyways, nice article!


  • iZelda

    Awesome! I’ve never played AC, but with some Zelda influence it’s probably gonna be great!

  • itsameluigi1290

    Well, the game looks good, but the swearing and (possible) nudity keeps me from playing it. I’ll-a just play TWW HD.

    • Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule

      Really? You’re going to let a little bit of profanity keep you from playing a game?

      • Mich

        What do you expect from a baby?

      • Draco

        Some of us have parents, you know.

        • hot apple Fi

          I think you need to say instead, some of us have parents that care. My husband will most likely play this, but I would never let my son, who is only ten, even watch him play.

          • Hank Wikle

            Don’t take this as me criticizing your parenting, but I’m curious: as a parent, what is your reasoning behind that decision? Surely your son will be exposed to these things eventually,

          • Draco

            Yes, everybody will be exposed to things like this eventually, but not at such a young age. 10 is not the age to be exposed to nudity and the type of violence that there is in Assassins Creed.

          • Hero Of Wind

            You’re right to shelter him from it. He could be scarred for life if he were exposed to that at such a young age.

        • Myahhh

          Or people who actually, don’t want to play it because they find those things offensive and disgusting and completely unnecessary.

          • Hank Wikle

            I don’t think that’s anything to get offended at. Unnecessary, maybe. But then the whole video games industry is “unnecessary”.

          • ghirahimhunter

            Right on.

          • Tehlul

            Sounds a little pretentious of you.

          • itsameluigi1290

            I find swearing and nudity unnecessary, but nudity isn’t really disgusting, IMO. I mean, one day I’m gonna have children, and it’s not like I’ll cover my eyes from my own wife’s nakedness, but it’s unnecessary to put it in a game.

        • Hank Wikle

          Well, everyone has parents. I just don’t get the rationale behind that.

          • Draco

            By parents, I meant parents who don’t let me play games like this.

        • ghirahimhunter

          Absolutely correct. I would play some AC 3 and Far Cry 3 in addition to Zelda if my parents didn’t restrict me from those.

      • Draco

        Some of us have parents, you know.

      • itsameluigi1290

        Yes. I dislike swearing, but that’s just me. It’s not like I’m saying “OMG this is teh worst game ever cuz cussing aaa” or anything. I’m one of the very few people on earth who cares about that, so I’m sorry if this bothers you or whatever.

        • Hero Of Wind

          It doesn’t bother me. It just seems like a terrible reason not to play a game that could otherwise be very enjoyable.

          • itsameluigi1290

            Personally, I find Assassins Creed to be one of the best games I’ve played. I actually played a bit of Revelations due to there being less swearing than the other ones. I know it seems like a terrible reason not to play, but when you were raised like I was, you try to stay away from this.

            It doesn’t have anything to do with me being homeschooled, BTW, I’ve seen plenty of homeschoolers play games like that.

          • Linkfan99

            I can see what you mean. The Darksiders series, for example, is quite gory. It doesn’t have cussing/nudity, though. It’s pretty bloody, but boy, is it good. I still play it and enjoy it and all, but it could do without that blood.

        • The Unicorn Hanger-Outer

          That’s sorta like me. The swearing and stuff sorta puts me off. But I’veplayed a bit of AC and it’s pretty good!

          • itsameluigi1290

            It is very good, I’ve had to help my dad in certain parts that he couldn’t do. XD

        • npatoray24

          dont let all these ppl try to influence your values, good for you for sticking up for what you believe in.

          • itsameluigi1290

            Thanks (^_^)

        • Skull Kid

          Couldn’t agree with you more. If it weren’t for the swearing, I would play them. Sometimes I think developers just through swearing in there just to keep people from saying “omg this game izz horibl cuz it dosnt cus i hate youuuu”.

        • Cmaster

          Ditto. I don’t play halo because of the scenes with Cortana, I really don’t like how she looks but all of my friends challenge me about how I feel and and they tell me that I’m just being dumb, but It makes me sad about how so many people in the world are okay about how video games are today with the sensuality and language.

    • Kjetil Berthling

      I honestly didn’t notice the swearing in AC3, so I don’t think the swearing should be too big of a problem. there also wasn’t any nudity AC3 (though I wouldn’t be surprised if there was, since it’s a pirate game). The only slight hint of sexuality I noticed was just in two seconds of a single cut-scene. Honestly I wouldn’t be too worried about that stuff, and it certainly isn’t going to be any worse than a lot of the popular action movies out there.

      • itsameluigi1290

        Eh, they said the F word several times. And I didn’t notice much sexuality in it either, save for this one conversation with two people, talking about how the other guy was having sex with his sister. And I actually don’t watch many live action movies that are PG-13 XD

    • Tehlul

      The great fairies are almost as close to nudity as you can get, yet you play Zelda?
      The most nudity you’ll see in any other game is the side profile of a breast.

      • BigHairyFart

        somebody didnt play god of war III

      • itsameluigi1290

        Oh there’s nudity in other games alright. I read all about it on the ESRB site. And the great fairies don’t bother me.

    • Wert

      Assassin’s creed is one of the best video game series

      • itsameluigi1290

        It is fun, I know that.

    • TehLeetHaxor

      … Serious? You’re not gonna play a game just because it has coarse language? So all the violence is the world is okay as long as the language is appropriate? What’s wrong with the occasional swearing? Your logic is invalid.

      • itsameluigi1290

        You can turn off blood. I mean, it’s still pretty violent then, but swearing bothers me more.

    • adolf wolf

      i’d actually just like to point out that profanity doesn’t exactly add to a game and in fact often just seems forced. it makes sense in games like GTA or gears of war where swearing is part of the culture that’s being represented but most of the time it’s completely unnecessary and is probably just a lame attempt to make up for all the years everybody was saying video games are just for kids… as if a couple ugly words makes something more mature or adult.

      i swear all the time but i don’t think my books or games or movies need to

  • JuicieJ

    Given that Ubisoft will be expanding on the naval combat from Assassin’s Creed III, I’m thinking this could be the Great Sea done right.

  • HeyListen!

    Oh, come on! So any game that features sailing & exploration is inspired by the Wind Waker? I beg your pardon! I actually haven’t played any AC yet, but I’ve seen lots of footage of previous games and its my birthday soon, so I’ll be checking out AC 3. To me, the AC series seems like one of the best and most promising non-Nintendo franchises in gaming. Ubisoft just makes great games in general. I think it was kind of shallow to only point out a similarity in setting. I would have started ranting about how AC is similar to tLoZ in genre and gameplay and has everything Zelda is missing: A massive, but dense overworld & sidequests., and I think it is that what attracts me to this series. I only enjoy few non-Nintendo franchise games like Castlevania, Megaman, (Pokémon) & Rayman, etc., but I think especially for Zelda enthusiasts, AC is definitely worth a shot. While I’m at it, the sole thing about AC & Zelda that I personally dislike is the stealth gameplay component. Especially in Skyward Sword, stealth was a skill that was required far more frequently than in previous titles, be it at the Volcano or in the Silent Realm. It’s just, I play games for enjoyment and not for hectic hearbeats and suspense. I greatly respect the Metal Gear Solid series and even have an autograph from Hideo Kojima himself, but stealth games just aren’t …fun. Zelda balanced this by making these passages rewarding (at least in the Silent Realm),but I’m not so sure if just killing 1 enemy will be rewarding enough for me in AC. I really went of topic here, but what I mean to say is that the author should have dug deeper concerning similarities between AC and tLoZ.

    • JuicieJ

      The interview explicitly said there was some influence.

      • HeyListen!

        Maybe i made it seem like I’m denying the author, but I what I meant was that I don’t believe the statement itself. Its not like someone said “Hmm, you know Wind Waker? Let’s take a little bit from that and add it to AC 4.” The sailing and naval combat mechanics were definitely not modelled after Wind Waker, nor slightly influenced. Because in the end, if Wind Waker would never have existed, I doubt the game would turn out any different.

        • Jordan D.

          “Lacoste: It’s a good reference. The game director has [looked at it].

          Totilo: It’s one of the few games I guess you could even look at to see how they handled things. Have there been any interesting findings from that game, about what went well or what didn’t?”

          They’re not exactly modeling gameplay around it, but they ARE looking to see what went right or wrong and are using that to improve what they do.

          • HeyListen!

            Again, to make it even more straightforward: I read the interview and I don’t believe the referencing of WW had any impact on the game’s developement. What kind of insight would he have gotten from steering and shooting that would have significantly altered the naval gameplay experience? I am not refuting the fact that the game director has looked into Wind Waker, but I believe that the source has overamplified this referencing. If you put yourself in the shoes of the programming team, when asked about referencing WW, you would probably say you did, because it is regarded as a plus point if AC4 contains elements of WW. By all respect, I can see why you are downvoting me. I am spreading a negative opinion without basing it on any facts. I hope this shows that I am not attempting to prove anything here, I’m only throwing this out there that I am questioning the accuracy of the source.

    • Jordan D.

      This isn’t an article about how similar Assassin’s Creed and Zelda are. It’s a news report with a bit of speculation pertaining to a recent interview about a new game. Hence why the title doesn’t say “Assassin’s Creed and Zelda’s Similarities.”

      • HeyListen!

        I am aware of that. It just seems like a waste to me to write an article that is almost as long as the interview it refers to, while containing far less information. In my eyes, it would have been enough to just post a link to the interview, but expanding on this inspiration would have been much more worthwhile writing about.

    • PRDX4


    • Crono A7X

      “I only enjoy few non-Nintendo franchise games like Castlevania, Megaman, (Pokémon)”

      All three series you just listed are in fact Nintendo. >.>

  • Lupine Hero


    • Jordan D.

      What are you referring to?

  • LegendOfAwkward

    Not because of zelda, but this may be the first assassin’s creed game I try out.

  • lulles

    I’m an Assassin’s Creed fan, but I’m not really excited for this game. The pirate theme doesn’t really interest me. And who doesn’t know about TWW or which console it was released on?? >_>

  • Mich

    Now people can’t release a pirate game without comparing to Zelda… great.

    • CGav911

      if you’re complaining, what are you doing on ZeldaDungeon? it IS mainly a Zelda site you know. human nature dictates that we will compare different things in our world to eachother, so there’s no harm in it. if you have a problem, become amish and go live in the mountains :)

      • Mich

        Yeah, mainly because Zelda invented pirates right?

        • An Annoyed Guy on a Wii U

          They aren’t assuming. Why don’t you try reading the post? I’m sick of explaining this to people; they said in an interview that they are looking at Wind Waker among other games that have done this before to see what they can improve on. Quit trying to be a smart-aleck and try reading the post you’re criticizing for once.

        • Mike Sauer

          It’s right in the interview… Lol.

      • IMFWeirdo

        I’m pretty sure the OP was just joking…

  • LusterMan

    The real question is can this assassin swim?

    • HeyListen!

      Yes, as is stated in interviews. One can leave the ship to seamlessly swim to islands.

  • SuperNintendoNigga

    Whoo! AC, the coolest of games, and zelda, the best adventure games, come together!

  • Zachary Morris

    To be honest, they aren’t taking their inspiration from The Wind Waker, at least not directly. They are taking inspiration from Sly 3. The entire Assassin’s Creed franchise is really just an homage to the Sly Cooper series, and when the naval battles were introduced in AC3, that was no different.

  • guitarman9560


    • A Guy on his Wii U

      Nobody said it was inspired by WW… you just assumed that.
      The article clearly says it TAKES CUES from the game. AKA they’re making this pirate game with a sea open for exploration, and thinking “Hey, Nintendo made a game with that stuff in it! Let’s see what they did right and see how we can apply it to our game!”
      Why don’t you just read the dang post before you reply? God, some people can be so stupid…


    Two of my favorite games….

  • Talicor

    Assassins Creed looks like tons of fun! (And I’ve heard it is!) but it’s the big, ugly M rating that keeps it out of my house! Oh well… I’ll just play some TP.

  • champ

    Ac3 got the idea of a really boring, long beginning from skyward sword also. dam ubisoft! stealing nintendo ideas.