GenGAME: 5 Elements Wii U Should Borrow from Ocarina of Time

GuestMarch 9th, 2013 by Guest

Many people consider Ocarina of Time to be not only the best game of the Zelda franchise, but also the best game of all time! With the announcement of a new Zelda game to be released on the Wii U comes high expectations and pressure to find out which direction Nintendo plans to go next. GenGAME writer, Alex Plant, goes into greater detail about features from the Zelda franchise that belong in the new Wii U title by covering games individually in an ongoing series.

In this article he writes how some of those expectations can be met by exploring strengths held sacred in Ocarina of Time, beginning with how the game possesses a triforce of these three essential elements making a near-flawless balance: Gameplay, Content and Story.

The article mentions five things Nintendo should continue from Ocarina of Time into the next generation so that the upcoming game will still have the potential to match the successful Zelda formulas of the past. These include: touch screen usage, optional horse travel, open world of possibilities, expansion of the Hyrule legend and lastly, his main point, ‘A Game Focused Not on Doing Things Differently, But Being the Best That Zelda Can Be.’

Indeed Ocarina of Time 3D has excellent usage of the touch screen, offering a set of game play improvements that should be mirrored if not expanded upon for the Wii U interface. Alex points out that in Ocarina of Time having Epona, although convenient, was optional making her more special. He also shares with us moments that widened our perception of what games could be, such as the first moment you walk out onto Hyrule Field or the need to explore darkened lands when you awaken seven years later to an unfamiliarly familiar world. Read the full article by clicking the source link below and stay tuned on GenGAME for more of Alex’s articles focused on finding the best features of the Zelda series that he thinks should make the cut.

Alex, points out that the best direction for the series to take is the path both tried and true. With over 25 years of historia, this new Wii U title certainly has the opportunity to be “the best that Zelda can be!” Although doing something different with a Zelda game should be approached cautiously, I look forward to the future of Zelda and cannot wait to see what unpredictable innovations will be added to the core elements of game play and story that have brought our Hero of Time to life, time and time again. Eiji Aonuma has his work cut out for him, what would you like Nintendo to keep about Ocarina of Time and what do you think should be done differently? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: GenGAME

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  • Ganon’s Afro

    First!!! And I totally agree except that for me, Epona being optional lessend my experience with the game but it was still cool.

  • JuicieJ

    Majora’s Mask lacked proper overworld and dungeon content? That’s a laugh.

    • 7thHanyou

      Very well put, JJ. It’s balanced in almost every way possible.

    • Sunblaze24

      How is it a laugh that Majora’s Mask lacks dungeon content? It only has 4 dungeons, so of course it lacks dungeon content.

      and when it comes to 3D Zelda games, there’s definitely something that stands out about OoT – Freedom. As soon as you become an adult, the real essence of Zelda shines through. Every other 3D Zelda is so linear by comparison.

      Another few good notes about OoT: A proper Zelda story and good plot twists (Shiek is Zelda, Ganondorf tricked you and the Master Sword sealed you for 7 years). The story doesn’t get much in the way of the gameplay, and the story isn’t weird or hard to understand either. It’s the most classic tale of Link, Zelda, Ganondorf and the Triforce. No other 3D Zelda gets it down this well.

      and Alex is right about the horse: You had to earn your horse, it wasn’t available from the start. That made Epona a sidequest and thus, exploration rewarded you with a -horse-. That’s very unique to OoT. In TP you have a horse, but it’s forced on you at a specific point in the game. You don’t have the option to ignore it forever; You don’t even have the option to at least get it at a different time compared to other players (like the flute in ALttP was required to beat the game without glitches, but at least it wasn’t specifically needed for a long time and could be grabbed early if you wanted it that bad)

      • Ganon’s Afro

        Thats true, but I think instead of harder dungeons it also needs to be a follow-up on the story like Majora’s Mask was to Ocarina of Time or Phantom Hourglass to Wind Waker, just smaller.

      • JuicieJ

        1) MM’s dungeons are really long and really tough

        2) OoT’s story is light and predictable (besides Sheik, who is barely in the game)

        3) I didn’t say anything about the horse, but if I did, it’d be that Epona was utterly useless due to the warp system and not being needed ever

    • Vink

      Majoras Mask does in fact lack dungeon content but the overworld is massive complemented with the bombers notebook side quests, not much freedom due to 3 day cycle.

      Ocarina of time is the complete opposite: lot’s of dungeons, almost empty overworld lot’s of freedom and a good storyline therefore Ocarina of Time isn’t the only well balanced game.

      • JuicieJ

        MM’s dungeons are gruelingly-long with ingenious design and take lots of effort to even get to. There’s plenty of content to be had.

        • Vink

          True, forgot to mention they do take long. Took me a awhile to get to snow head temple.

  • Jam9t3

    I just want the next Zelda game on WII U to have Open world exploration again, Im not a fan of twilight princess, but I can’t deny that it’s over world was massive, maybe the biggest yet (Not counting Oceans and Skies), the recent most game, Skyward sword, extremely disappointed me in this, the skies were empty with a few islands having no other purpose than a treasure chest, they should have spread things out a bit in my opinion, but im not going to go into that right now. I want a big open world with LOTS of side quests with LOTS of things to find, LOTS of secrets and LOTS of exploration, I want that magical feeling of adventure again, just like how I first entered Hyrule Field and Termina Field. The WII U can finally handle that, come on, show me and impress me with what the WII U can really do!

    • Roth

      And yet, was there much point to most of TP’s world? The whole world of Termina was just riddled with secrets compared to TP, as the latter had very few types of rewards out there and a lot of the exploration was simply to get to those spots that obviously had something. I’d love to see a world that massive constructed more like like Termina, which is what I believe you are describing, so… Let’s go, Nintendo!

      • JuicieJ

        In all honesty, A Link to the Past is what should be looked at for the future. The world is vast, open, seamless, and packed with content. It wouldn’t hurt to have areas like Skyward Sword’s surface portions leading up to the dungeons — Zelda should actually do that very thing — but ALttP’s layout should without a doubt be the groundwork.

        • IgosDuIkana

          Thank you. It seems we agree on this yet again. ALTTP is what this series needs to reference to.

        • Roth

          Oh, I agree 100%. It just seems that, in 3D, they’ve never quite come that far. If they were willing to pull it off (they did it with Metroid Prime, why not Zelda?), I’d be first in line to play it. They might have to scale back the plot/character/scenario-based interactions a bit, though; the emphasis on script (not as in story per se but as in directing the gameplay) has been a significant factor holding back the 3D titles from this kind of holistic, free experience.

          • JuicieJ

            They took a step in the right direction with Skyward Sword’s surface portions. They weren’t exactly capable of being super-freely explored, but they had a whopping amount of content and were basically large gameplay spaces. With Nintendo’s promise of bringing non-linearity back in Zelda Wii U, I’m pretty much expecting them to give us an ALttP/TMC overworld in 3D.

      • Joshua Anderson

        While I don’t deny that Twilight Princess’s over-world did lack in the hidden secrets department, No over-world can match what Twilight Princess’s does in terms of Immersion into Hyrule for the player as well as the layout and look of hyrule. In those respects, Twilight Princess’s over-world is unmatched by any of the other land-based over-worlds! (this doesn’t include sea or sky based over-worlds).

  • HeyListen!

    I really enjoyed the GenGAME article apart from miniscule details, the greatest being that Twilight Princess’ overworld is being mentioned, although it is inferior to most others. OoT had a structured layout, so that was noteworthy, and ALttP featured slightly more randomized terrain, but TP had an OoT-esque overworld design that lacked density if you compare it to The Minish Cap. Instead, I would have referenced the third overwold style, one that does not have a strict center source the terrains branch off of, as is present in the NES, GB & GBC games. I personally believe TP is being overly praised for expanding on OoT elements, but hey, that’s just my opinion.

    Also, I would like to point out the quite entertaining choice of wording in the second paragraph of “#3: A World of Possible Roads”:”(…) for so many for whom Ocarina of Time was their first adventure in Hyrule, this kind of freedom was unprecedented.” If this is anyone’s first Zelda game and let’s say the author is only addressing the freedom within Zelda games and not others, then pretty much anything in the game was unprecedented.

    Anyways, enough with the negative critique, now to the positive: The clear structuring of the article is something Zeldadungeon authors should definitely borrow from. That’s pretty much the reason why I prefered this article over almost any I have read on this forum.

  • guest02

    I want the next zelda game to throw me into world I never expected. Thats what I felt with wind waker although i never really acknowledged it when i first played it.

  • TwilightSword

    I would love to see all those; especially the use of the touch screen since OoT3D was my favorite control scheme of the series.

  • JustSaiyan210

    Ocarina of Time is one of best games in the Legend of Zelda series but it is extremely overrated.

  • The Wanderer

    “A game focused not on doing things differently, but being the best that Zelda can be.” Exactly. EXACTLY. Nintendo needs to bear this in mind when crafting all their Zelda titles; the new gimmicks and ideas should be used to supplement the game, not define it. I loved aspects like motion controls and transforming into a wolf, but when you put too much emphasis on those parts, it’s easy to forget to refine the game as a whole. What I really want is the best Zelda game, not the best show pony for the current system.

    • Ninty

      It’s so easy to say things like that though compared to achieving it. But yeah, it does sound like a step in the right direction to for Nintendo to make a game that’s “the best that Zelda can be.”

  • Mseevers95

    Finally one that doesn’t say “Zelda should take this thing from this game that is nothing like Zelda”

  • Ratchet25

    Just make a Zelda game where Link is in the middle of his adventure and you just discover more about this incarnation as you go along your journey

  • JeredenDonnar

    Just don’t pull a pokemon: please don’t change that formula that makes Zelda Zelda. Don’t turn it into your everyday, niche-crowd-only anime (like pokemon). Stick to the plan, just make the plan walk in a different way.

    • PRDX4

      I pray you know that Pokemon is an uber-successful game series, right?

  • Boris

    Yeah, a HUGE new world with more monsters, and i liked the masks from majora’s mask with their power…. That they combinine like all the games in 1 MASSIF game!!!?? Zelda4life

  • Jason

    My favorite Zelda game was Majoras Mask with OoT in close second. I though that Skyward sword focused to much on the story and not enough on the game play itself. The game wasn’t very challenging and there were not enough side quests. With out a doubt my lest favorite Zelda game was Wind Waker… the part that bothered me the most of the game was travel. For the new and upcoming Zelda i really hope that they stick with Epona as the mode of transportation along side walking and of course roll attacks. I also really hope that they incorporate a lot of difficult puzzles not like the simple minded ones that have been in some of the recent games. I just don’t want them to change Zelda too much… “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

  • Merv?

    Hey guys this is Merv? Signing out. I won’t have the chance to get on the web ti”l next Monday.
    tmrw morning I leave for Portland and then on the 16 I’m going to the symphony of the goddesses

  • Sahasrahla

    I want a game with a lot more freedom in exploration. Oot and TP were the closest, in my opinion, to achieving the goal of a more free-roam world, but I’m talking a BIG map. The part I loved the most about the N64 titles is that there were so many rooms and shops and houses to explore, something that SS really lacked. I also really liked the more RPG-ish elements in SS, especially finding little things like feathers and skulls and, oh MAN the upgrades system! Zelda is the best.

  • Ben720

    1st element: CHANGE THE WATER TEMPLE

    • TheMaverickk

      The Water Temple was probably the best dungeon in Ocarina of Time. If they ever changed it…. or never created a dungeon that was as equally challenging again, I’d be severely disappointed in Nintendo.

  • Ordonary Guy

    Please don’t overload Nintendo with expectations. Do it like me: expect nothing and then be very happy when something like TP comes out.

  • Someone

    Something that i’d like to be implemented in the new zelda would be a lot of sword skills that you can learn as a reward from completing some side quests in order for combat to be more fun. They also should include a lot more enemies in dungeons and some places and have more of the phases where you are attacked by hordes of ennemies.

    • AliatusAquilan

      The motion controls for Skyward Sword made combat fun. If they tried to do additional sword skills along with the motion controls it would likely overcomplicate things. Personally I think they should stick with the idea of motion controls and maybe add a single sword skill you can earn from a side quest. Most dungeons so far throughout the Zelda series have had a good balance of enemies. There are some dungeons which are obviously more combat focused while others focus more on puzzles. I’d rather see more intelligent enemies than a larger number of them. Being attacked by hordes of enemies is just a nuisance. The only time I think they’ve ever done it right is with the horde battle in Skyward Sword. You don’t have to fight all the enemies and those that you do have to fight are rather powerful and intelligent ones. Not to mention the battle itself is meant to build up the hype for the final fight against Ghirahim which it does quite well.

      • someone

        Well I actually felt that the motion controls were fun at first but later in the game they weren’t as much fun. Also as it’s on WiiU, it obviously isn’t going to use motion controls and is going to use the gamepad instead so that’s why i would like interesting sword skills in order for combat to be fun and not just button mashing. Oh and about the enemies i never thought there was enough enemies for me to fight in the exception of some events that were awesome, but maybe that’s just me that feels that way :)

  • Nick Easton

    An element it should have in the next zelda game is the hero of time link he was my personal favourite link and I think the next game should be a majoras mask sequel with him

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