Fire and Ice Arrows necklaces and keychains

KyleMarch 12th, 2013 by Kyle

You probably won’t have to fire an arrow into the sun, or complete a training ground obstacle course, or meet up with Zelda to get your hands on these awesome necklaces and keychains decorated with fire, ice, and light arrows. Hit the jump to find out how you can!

ExplodedSoda brought these neat little accessories to our attention, made by MatchaNest and available on Etsy. The Etsy site also showcases other Zelda-related apparel such as Heart Container necklaces and Majora’s Mask mask magnets in addition to other items based on the Mario and Animal Crossing series. As for the arrow necklaces/keychains, you can get them for $12 at the Etsy link below.

So level with us, do you want these? Leave a comment and let us know what sort of Zelda-apparel you want to get your hands on!

Source: ExplodedSoda via Etsy

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  • Adam Setzer

    I would kill for these XD

  • Jes Quintana

    Yeah, those would be sick! Really though, I’d like to get my hands on a legit, custom 19oz Zelda Pool Stick! Apparel? I’d just want Link’s hat.

    • Rachel

      Link’s hat is pretty easy to get on etsy nowadays, and for fairly cheap, depending on what you want.

  • itsameluigi1290

    WHOA! Keep that Fire Arrow away from the Ice Arrow! Do you not remember that SMAAAASH! comic that was on this site?!

    • Demise

      I have a theory… The reason Light Arrows can stun Ganondorf is that he radiates Dark, so when you shoot a Light Arrow it creates the same effect as when you combine the Ice and Fire arrow. However, he is so powerful that most of the energy is used up to stun him, which is why the world isn’t destroyed when Light and Dark combine.

      That means that if you could fire a Fire and an Ice arrow so that they would touch just in front of Ganondorf, it should have the same effect as firing a Light Arrow. I just found a new LA skip! :D :P:P

      • Terry

        If a light arrow would cause a huge explosion if you were to fire it at Ganon and he wasn’t radiating darkness, then how do you explain that such an explosion doesn’t occur when you shoot a light arrow at a normal enemy?

        • Orbie

          The same eclispe effect in reverse. There might be darkness within the enemy, but nothing like the bright holy justice light of the light arrow. Simply, if the elements aren’t in close enough balance, it probably wouldn’t cause a nuclear explosion because the explosive effect is neutralized by the extreme excess of one element.

          At least, That’s my guess based on Demise’s theory.

          • Terry Generet

            That is illogical.

      • itsameluigi1290

        Ooh, science XD In all seriousness, that’s a great theory!

  • Nikki

    Those would be awesome to have! I seriously wish I could buy a lot of Zelda stuff, but just don’t have the money. ):

  • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

    And I’m going to keep on shamelessly self-advertising for my thing on Etsy whenever there’s an article here about something on Etsy. :p It’s a Yoshi Flash Drive. Not Zelda, but still nerd :p

  • oozy the wolf

    all i need is a bow and i can defeat all evil! i would like to see an enemy who could stand against me now


    They are EPIC!!!!!!!!!! If I had those I would use my bow and destroy anything in my way!

    • Guy

      Everyone needs one of them :D


        Too Right!

  • 60thchip

    what are the ice/fire/light part made from? some kind of hardening glue?

  • Someone

    I would love to have a pair of Ice arrow earrings ^^
    They look all really great

  • baileygirl99

    thats cool!

  • BladeOfTheHero

    I want them, yes.

  • bs8814

    I want one…

  • Altair_420

    Those arrows would look great next to an OoT Link action figure.

  • Jack Lepien

    On the fire and ice arrow paradox, each energy level is infinite. However, Ganon(dorf) and the light arrow have a definitive charge, equal to and opposite of each other. Therefore, when you shoot him with the arrow, they cancel each other out. Ganon’s power is temporarily taken from him, effectively stunning him, and giving you an opportunity to strike.
    My Science teacher would be proud.

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