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GuestMarch 30th, 2013 by Guest

Not many Zelda fans would go so far to make handmade Zelda soap for a bathroom accessory.  With that said, it is really no surprise whatsoever that some folks over at Etsy are now officially selling a Zelda hand cleansing material.  Along with other fantastic-looking soaps, these are available on SmallThingsForSale’s Etsy page, and come in the form of the Triforce, a Piece of Heart, various colors of Rupees, and more. So, if you’re interested in cleansing your hands with the power of Din, Nayru, and Farore, this handmade product may just be fitting for you!

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What do you think?  Look pretty cleansing, huh?  I personally think they look like they might fall apart shortly after you receive them, so you may just want to add them to your Zelda-themed items collection.  However, if you’d still like to obtain one they’ll range from three to five dollars, which is an excellent price considering that all of them are handmade.  To purchase one of these fine Zelda-themed cleansers, just click here.

So what do you guys think?  Are you going to pick one of these soaps up, or are you getting sick of too much Zelda-themed items on Etsy?  Tell us in the comments below!

Source: Etsy

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  • Personman

    (Not gonna say first, not gonna say first)

    • EzioCRossfire

      But you did say it.

      • Personman

        Yea, I was kidding, basically trolling those who yell first at every opportunity.

        p.s. Soaps… what will we come up with next? Maybe a Goddess Sword that changes into the Master Sword when set on fire…

        • EzioCRossfire

          I would love that.

        • Midnafan

          that would be awesome! o.O and also highly dangerous and probably illegal, but aren’t all things that are awesome a bit like that? :P (not referencing drugs, seriously. maybe fireworks but not drugs. -_-)

      • Tehlul

        And you care. your part of the problem.

        • EzioCRossfire

          What? Making a goddess sword that you light on fire and make a master sword, you wouldn’t like that, really.

  • EzioCRossfire

    I need rupees.

    • linkypete

      to buy rupees

      • EzioCRossfire


      • oozy the wolf

        you don’t buy rupees. you find rupees in grass

        • Tatl

          linkypete meant to buy the soap rupees, duh!

          • oozy the wolf

            i know i was making a joke

          • Tatl

            oh. well i had just woken up!

    • Midnafan

      i don’t really need rupees, although i did just realize all the difficult and annoying quests/mini-games i do in SS for rupees i’ll never spend. :/ that’s 100% completion for ya. :P

  • random nerd

    That is some nice soap. Maybe if I wash myself with a piece of heart I will get a life.

    • Midnafan

      that’s another way to look at it XD

    • http://www.facebook.com/linkthehero2007 Rachel Duece


  • athan circle

    Too much zelda stuff!!!

  • http://twitter.com/ZeldaJessi Machine Gun Bethany


  • baileygirl99

    The rupees!!!!! That’s so cool!!!!

  • RubyDragonCat

    This is cool, but…I am NOT using the golden power of the gods to clean my butt. Or a magic item. Or money xD

    • http://www.facebook.com/linkthehero2007 Rachel Duece

      yea who would want to clean their butt with the power of the gods…what a waist of magic…..j/k :P…i mean really

  • somebody you don’t know


  • oozy the wolf

    now clense your body with the power of a godess

    • Midnafan

      i’m sorry that doesn’t sound any better when you say then when Luka said it. o_O

      • oozy the wolf

        never thought of that

        • Midnafan

          i blame modern media and my crude Italian humor. :P

  • Midnafan

    I’m not really sick of Zelda-themed items, just stuck between there’s a lot of creative stuff on here or they’re starting to run out of ideas. :/ really cool soap though, i like the heart container. :)

  • Aura

    I want! ♥

    I love well crafted home-made Zelda stuff. :3
    It’s not like Nintendo is jumping all over the opportunity to do so after-all. ;p

  • zeldalover1

    i want one so badly :o

  • Midna’s Sister

    Oooooh. Ruppee-scented soap required.

  • punkinoodle

    There’s a dark blue rupee up there! I’ve never seen one of those before. Am I just short on Zelda knowledge or did this person just invent a new type of rupee!?!

    • Zazorok

      No a Dark Blue rupee does NOT exist anywhere

      • Tatl

        it’s purple! he must be color blind!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003298020387 Alan Da Cruz Nascimento

    that f*cking triforce is perfect to rub im my armhole. ¦D

  • Deku Link

    It will make taking a shower or washing your face a lot more fun.

  • Gary King