Dr. Awkward: A Boy Without a Fairy – Ocarina of Time rap album

Mases HagopianMarch 28th, 2013 by Mases Hagopian

Indie Hip-Hop artist Dr. Awkward has recently put out his own rap album dedicated to the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Titled, A Boy Without a Fairy, the album is samples many of the most memorable songs from the game, filled with rap lyrics related to Link’s adventure.

I’ve listened to some of the tracks and honestly, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Some of the songs really caught on and I enjoyed, while others, just seemed forced. In any case, I think it’s worth a listen and you can check out all eight tracks over at the artists’ Band Camp website. You can go ahead and make the jump to see the press release.

Fresh off a fifteen-stop west coast tour, Indie Hip-Hopper Dr. Awkward is back with a project that aims to take you to a whole new place, Hyrule. Fifteen years after the release of “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”, Dr. Awkward re-enters the war ravaged world as Link, with “Boy Without a Fairy”. The album is a 8 track walk through some of the themes present in the legendary game; sampling the songs that made one of the most memorable soundtracks to date. The production of the album is done by Shag, a man who shares Doc’s love for the Nintendo 64 game and Hip Hop, made apparent by his Zelda Beat tapes (Flyrule available at shag.bandcamp.com/album/flyrule).

Since 2009, Dr. Awkward has brought his unique twist to Hip-Hop which has garnered an ever-growing fanbase, and made him a staple at Hip-Hop shows and Comic/Game Conventions alike. Known for his video game samples and his psychological approach to video game music, Doc brings a unique dimension to the characters he explores.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, released in 1998 by Nintendo, is widely consider by critics as the greatest game ever made. It appears in the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest reviewed game of all-time. Since its original release on the Nintendo 64, it has be ported to GameCube and Wii and re-released on the 3DS; altogether garnering sales near 10 million copies worldwide.

“Ocarina of Time is and always will be the greatest action-adventure game ever made.” Doc says about the game that changed his life forever. “It was the game that represented the best parts of our childhoods; friendship, love, and adventure. As that nerdy kid growing up, Link was the unlikely hero that you always hoped you would be. The underdog, everyone loves the underdog.”

“Boy Without a Fairy” was released on Wednesday, March 13, 2013, and the runtime is roughly 20 minutes. It is available at www.DrAwkward.com for the option of Name-Your-Own-Price. The first single from the album is “Pieces of a Whole” which samples the Spirit Temple theme from the game, and explores the history and power of the legendary Tri-Force.
released 13 March 2013
All lyrics written and performed by Dr. Awkward
All production by Shag
Original Score by Koji Kondo

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  • Marinestar0

    I do not think rap goes well with Zelda…

    • linkypete

      Have you seen the legend of zelda rap by smosh? That goes well with zelda. But I have to agree that no other rap goes well with zelda…

      • Marinestar0

        Your right, I forgot about that video. I think it goes well with Zelda because it is humorous.

  • Hyrule’s Hero

    Rap is garbage music. It’s not even to be considered as music. Long live heavy metal bands. Metallica, Megadeth, System of a down, Disturbed.

    • http://rjhorst.blogspot.com/ Reuben Horst

      I’m quite the metal fan as well—Dream Theater, Nightwish, Theocracy, Lost in Thought, etc.—and while I really don’t like rap, there are some occasional rappers that I actually do enjoy. They are quite rare, though.

    • http://www.triforcetalk9.blogspot.com/ Linkfan99

      Ugh. Honestly, I don’t really like either one. They’re both basically tuneless. One is monotonous talking with a drum beat, one is monotonous screaming with some guitar.

      Just my opinion though.

      • Tehlul

        Dubstep rakes my ears and makes me want to commit suicide.

        • http://www.triforcetalk9.blogspot.com/ Linkfan99

          OK, I feel ya… but where did I mention dubstep?

          • Tehlul

            It was out of context. You mentioned music you didn’t like so I thought I’d throw in my 2 cents.

      • Hyrule’s Hero

        Heavy Metal is not about screaming. You’re thinking about Death Metal. That sounds way worse than Rap.

    • http://medlismessages.blogspot.com/ Heroine of Time

      That line, right there… makes me want to scream.

      It IS really music. There is a beat. There is a melody. There is a tune. It’s music.

      “It’s not real music” is such a cliché, annoying line. I get that you don’t like rap. I’m not a HUGE fan of it myself, either. But people who think that just annoy me! I’m sorry. I can’t stand dubstep haters, rap haters, and haters of whatever else they consider “not real music”. I come from a very open-minded household, where my parents listened to all different kinds of music, so I like just about anything. That’s why lines like that annoy me. I’m really sorry, but that’s just absurd.

      • Hyrule’s Hero

        Hey, do me a favour and shut up. Rap is sh*t music compared to hip hop, rock and heavy metal. Rap is basically talking into a microphone saying pointless or hateful thing. Like how much the guy hates women, or how many women he’s got or the cool cars he has or how much drugs he can take. That’s not music.

        Heavy Metal is interesting. There is true talent there. Playing guitar, drums and singing, not screaming. If you can take a moment, go to YouTube and search The Unforgiven 1,2, and 3. Those are examples of good music. No screaming. The first song is a power ballad. It’s a master piece. Now compare that with any Rap song. You’ll see the huge difference.

        Also search up, Csguitar89 and Familyjules7x. They make Zelda covers in Heavy Metal. It suits Zelda. The Zelda Rap by Smosh was good. The only reason it suits Zelda is because it’s frickin’ hilarious.

        • Tatl

          well, that’s your opinion, not herione of time’s. So you can shut up because not ALL rap is like that! There is christian rap, TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And one more thing, heavy metal does NOT fit Zelda, acoustic stuff DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Hyrule’s Hero

            What the hell? What’s Christian rap? And obviously, you haven’t heard these covers by these amazing people. Dark World theme by Csguitar89 is gonna blow your mind. Plus, ALL Rap is like that. And acoustic covers only suit Song of Storms, Dragon Roost Island and Gerudo Valley.

          • http://medlismessages.blogspot.com/ Heroine of Time

            I’ve heard sevearl of CSguitar’s songs and they are fantastic. My dad’s also really big into rock and heavy metal. I listen to it sometimes. Most of my friends really like it to. Additionally, for the sake of the argument, I looked up The Unforgiven I, and it is a fantastic song. I’m not entirely sure how that was supposed to prove anything at all, though. By the way, the fact that you swore twice already in your messages surprised me. I never, ever swear, and it’s the reason I’m not a huge fan of rap, as I already stated. I would have thought you’d try to use that as an argument against rap, but instead you’re pointlessly trying to use it to your own advantage. Considering that you seem to think that all rap music is only about adult topics, I wanted to bring it up. That kind of rap music isn’t my style at all. Listen to this one — are they talking about adult topics in it? …Okay, maybe they are. I only listened to about three tracks, and it was while I was writing my previous comment. But I only heard a few swear words (if any) to begin with, and I heard a LOT about the games themselves, so I don’t think so. Honestly, I’ve really never listened to rap music much… I’m just trying to avoid stereotyping the whole genre.

            And it is. Real. Music.

            It’s just that you’re so closed-minded that it astounds me. I thought it was just a hatred of rap, but the fact that you only bring up heavy metal songs makes me think this is just some kind of sad, blind loyalty to one genre, and thus you refuse to accept anything else. So, because I play piano and harp, do I have no talent, since I can’t really play heavy metal on something as quiet as a harp? XD Rap uses instruments as well. Like I’ve said (MANY times now XD) I don’t listen to much rap at all, but I’m pretty sure most of it is at least backed up by some kind of drum set or something. Even if they just use some kind of electric drum set, it requires some amount of talent to stay on the beat. I’ve played with many people WITH musical training who can’t even do that. (Annnnnd sometimes that’s me. :P) Regardless, it still took some kind of time and effort to put together those songs, and we should respect that, especially when it’s for something as wonderful as The Legend of Zelda like here.

            When it all boils down to it, it’s just your opinion and my opinion, and probably a bit of our upbringing, too. I’m not trying to be antagonistic; I’m merely stating my point of view and trying to get you to open up a bit. I doubt it’ll work, but it’s worth a try, you know? ;)

            Okay, I’ll “shut up” now. You have nooooo idea how many of theses stupid arguments I’ve gotten into in this stupid comments section…! WHY is no one ELSE like this? O_o

            And if you’re a troll: CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve just trolled the most easily trolled person in the ZD comments. Seriously.

            (…By the way this was supposed to be a response to your other comment, but my iPad’s being stupid, soooo… XD)

          • Hyrule’s Hero

            Okay, I’m 14 years old. My friends listen to Rap. Violent Rap. Most kids in high school listen to Rap.That’s what’s made me think that all rap is horrible. When I was 9, I started playing Guitar Hero 3. That made me get attached to rock and Heavy Metal, and it made me want to play guitar. Fast forward to the present time. I play piano and guitar now. I always get into arguments with my buddies about how Rap is horrible music ( happy that I didn’t swear?).

            Plus, I enjoy other types of music. I like some hip hop songs, and orchestral soundtracks of video games, and Latin music (because I’m Spanish). Okay, you’ve actually made me open up a bit about Rap. So for the sake of Heroine of Time, I will change my view on Rap a little (yeah right).

          • Tatl

            dude, im a 10 year old. and christian rap is about god!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Hyrule’s Hero

            I’m 14 and in all my life I’ve never heard about Christian Rap. In fact, when you mentioned it I laughed (no offence). Plus, I play guitar so that’s why I like Metal.

          • Tatl

            would it be weird if a girl my age likes zelda, cause i’m a girl!?^_^

          • Hyrule’s Hero

            Um, no it’s not weird. I know girls that play Zelda too. Plus, after The Wind Waker, Zelda became directed towards little kids (not that I don’t have anything against the game, it’s good).

    • Blackbaldrik

      Rap can be good. If done really right.
      There is just an extremely overwhelming number of terrible rap songs out there making it very hard to like this genre of music as a whole.

      I really don’t like rap. But even I have to admit there are a few gems out there.

  • Link

    You said it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/caleb.morgan.3958 Caleb Morgan

    I thought Link was the bottom left and Ganon was the top, since power is the top one and courage is left one

    • http://www.triforcetalk9.blogspot.com/ Linkfan99

      Nope, Link is bottom right, Zelda is bottom left, and Ganon is top. They just need to rotate them one clockwise.

  • Derpman

    I posted the link to this on their facebook page like four days ago…

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.davis.92560 Joe Davis

    Haha you guys don’t ya know metal is the real garbage that’s y mo listens to it anymore

    • Hyrule’s Hero

      Okay Joe Davis. Do you have any idea what true music is? Do you think Rapping is is a talent? (which is not). Do you think playing guitar, drum or singing are talents? (which they are).

    • TheMightyDekuWarrior

      Can you please type normal so people can at least read what your saying? I had to read this 5 times before I could kinda understand what you were saying.

  • LinkyKins

    Aw, and I thought there was gonna be a video. :(

  • Chris

    I can’t believe all the hip hop hate. Any one who else knows what a good flow is in hip hop and can appreciate it as art and lyricism AND has a passion for Zelda will love this just like me. No hate on metal or rock here either but don’t hate on what this guy did. I’ll forever appreciate something like this as a long time hip-hop and Zelda fan.

    • Tatl

      i don’t think rap SHOULD go with Zelda, but it could, unlike heavy metal, WHICTH SUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OtakuHub

    This is horrible.

  • rulerofyourface

    Wow thats incredible!

  • baileygirl99

    Too bad I don’t like rap…

  • Zeldafan759

    Personally, I don’t like Rap, but this is just AMAZING!!!