Curiosity Shop #116: Zelda Dungeon Mailbag

Axle the BeastMarch 28th, 2013 by Axle the Beast

Well hey there guys! New mailbag! Sorry for the absence of mailbags for two weeks there. Like we’ve seen a lot lately, this mailbag has a lot of questions covering a variety of topics in the Zelda series, ranging from a handful of questions about ideas for future Zelda games, to questions about Majora’s Mask — a number of them actually — and even Four Swords! 12 questions in all this time. Enjoy! You can watch the video here or check out the embed after the jump.

Questions and timestamps:

(00:36) – Which Hidden Skill was your favorite?
(01:25) – What’s your favorite enemy in the Zelda series and where did you get that poster?
(02:21) – Do you think Majora or Termina will be included in Zelda Wii U?
(02:28) – Is it better to play a Zelda game 100% or get as little as possible?
(03:38) – What’s your opinion or preference regarding items evolving into new forms, like the Clawshot?
(04:52) – What do you think of Skyward Sword’s upgrade system being expanded to include armor in future games?
(06:12) – What would you think if they made it so you can save any time in the overworld but use save points in dungeons?
(07:07) – Would you like to see a spinoff where you could play as Ganondorf, Zelda, or Groose?
(07:47) – How do the Kokiri repopulate if they are kids their whole lives?
(08:03) – Since the Happy Masks Salesman got Majora’s Mask back at the end of the game, could Majora come back?
(08:56) – How is it possible that Phantom Ganon’s sword has the names of the blacksmiths from Majora’s Mask on it?
(09:47) – Why is the fourth Link in the Four Swords games purple?

Be sure to submit your name/username and questions to our contact page, or if that page doesn’t work then email them to [email protected] for next week’s mailbag! You can also use my Twitter or Facebook, or use the Mailbag Thread on the forums!

Can you guess the quote on the paper, the sound at the beginning, or any of the music? Include them with your question and you might guarantee it gets answered! How about your thoughts about the questions? Which Hidden Skill from Twilight Princess was your favorite? What’s your favorite enemy in the series? Would you like to see a spinoff that lets you play as Ganondorf, Zelda, or Groose? Tell me your thoughts on these and any other questions you want in the comments!

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  • JuicieJ

    My favorite enemy is the Quadro Baba. I will willingly admit to a bias, here, because I absolutely freaking adore plant monsters, so when the Deku Baba got an upgrade (in a game where the standard Deku Baba already received an upgrade, nonetheless) to one of the most tricky and challenging enemies in the series, I went all fanboy on the golden, sharp-toothed freaks of nature.

  • blue

    My favorite hidden skill would have to be the helm splitter. I always imagined that a realistic helm splitter would involve link running up the enemy’s body, rather than simply jumping high.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe he can do that for larger enemies in future games.

      CRAZY IDEA! What if Nintendo cooperated with Team Ico to make a Legend of Zelda game that had elements from Shadow of the Colossus?

    • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

      Mine’s the hurricane spin from Minish Cap. It costs no magic to use, and once you find the even more hidden part of it, you can spin for literally a miniute with practically no charge time…. Good times, good times.

  • ShadowBeast

    I don’t know exactly what my favourite enemy is, but if I had to choose I’d say SHADOW BEASTS! Haha. :)

    • Anonymous

      From TP? The enemies that are actually innocent Twili, peasants of Midna’s, who were cursed and transformed into mindless idiots? Have you no humanity? I felt bad after learning their origins!

      • ShadowBeast

        That’s kind of the point. They have so much background… There aren’t that many enemies that you really felt bad later for killing. :( Poor, poor Twili.

  • Anonymous

    1. I’d have to say the Back Slice. It was a quick move that let me escape danger and clear a small area for me to recover in. P.S. Good reasoning for the Mortal Draw. I used Jump Strikes to quickly take down TP’s Redeads, they can’t shriek before they’re hit and OHKO’d.

    2. TP’s Darknuts. They were the ONLY semi-challenging enemy. They seemed to anticipate my Hidden Skills after a few attempts, forcing me to switch tactics and not use an easy kill method. (Yes, there is one. But I didn’t use it til after my first playthrough.). Why is the poster always a little crooked in your videos? For most annoying enemy, Miniblins from WW. P.S. They’re interesting.

    3. Doubt it. It’d be nice to have a game revisit there…

    4. It’s better to explore at your own pace. Getting 100% doesn’t mean anything if you don’t figure it out yourself. Whenever I use the walkthrough to find an item, I try to get the general area and search there. P.S. YOU HAVEN’T 100%’D YET?

    5. If it makes the item more awesome, GO FOR IT! P.S. Competely agree. Bad Balance makes a bad game.

    6. Good idea. However, there has to be a balance to upgrade cost vs upgrade difference (-2 damage to -10 damage is bad). P.S. I loved SS’s upgrade system too.

    7. Sounds good. Save points in dungeons mean we start from that point, not from the beginning or middle only. If they want to make a game difficulty system like Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded, where you can change the difficulty on the fly, then I’d be ok with save statues everywhere. We’d be able to freely change levels in the field save points, and (re)spawning enemies would change to match, while being unable to do so using dungeon/town save points.

    8. If done right. P.S. GIVE US A SHEIK GAME!!!

    9. … … … If they’re children of the forest… does that mean the Deku Tree is their daddy?

    10. YES!!! I want to see him again! P.S. you had to kill my dream…

    11. Easter Egg. Either that, or Ganon visited them or somebody who bought from them and took his sword.

    12. Purple is cool, and the color of royalty. Also, aren’t the four main Rupee colors Green, Blue, Red, and Purple?

    E1. Sorry, but I don’t think psychic abilities can transfer through technology…

    E2. It does in this case. Reread ALttP’s dialogue.

  • Manuel Velasquez

    Purple is red and blue mixed together.

  • DFM

    “What would you think if they made it so you can save any time in the overworld but use save points in dungeons?”

    I just wish everyone used save states! I love being able to pick up right where I left off when I get called away for some reason or other.

    “How do the Kokiri repopulate if they are kids their whole lives?”

    I also always figured the Deku Tree grew them, being their god-father figure (not to be confused with godfather figure, haha) and all. Also, the whole Korok thing. I have an old sketch I did around the turn of the millennium that showed baby Kokiri crawling out of long pods that grew on the Deku Tree.

    • Anonymous

      Can you upload a scan or picture of the sketch using that picture button in the bottom left corner of the reply box?

      • DFM

        I’m not sure a scanner can even pick it up! It was done in super-faint pencil lines that I intended to ink over later when I was happy with the lineart, but I never finished it. Given the time, I probably got busy with university and forgot all about it. I haven’t dug the sketch out and looked at it in years, but I do know that it was very very rough and unfinished. I remember that the pods were shaped like long pea pods, but had wings similar to maple seeds so they could drift down to the ground when “ripe” without hurting the baby Kokiri inside. Then the new Kokiri would hatch its way out of the pod like a chick coming out of an egg. My sketch was of the birth of the first Kokiri people, so it was basically a whole entire crop of babies coming out of pods littered over the ground with a younger Great Deku Tree watching proudly. :D I also had a sketch planned for where Kokiri Fairies come from since they seem to be quite different from standard Fairies, but I don’t remember if I did that one, or if maybe it was part of the Kokiri-baby sketch since I know the Deku Tree was involved in that process (in my head) too.

  • redlink98

    Favorite hidden skill was the finishing blow I just enjoyed the little sword thing he did when he finished to sheathe it
    Favorite enemy was the tp Darknut just enjoyed fighting a huge heavy duty sword guy then fighting a fast “speedy person”
    The only spinoff I really want to see is Ganondorf’s “raising” I think that would be awesome to see him training to rule the Gerudo desert, to deciding he wanted to rule hyrule and take the triforce, to him taking over hyrule after getting the triforce of power.
    Also I think they made the 4th Link purple because the other 2 were red and blue so red+blue=purple

    • Linkfan99

      Now remember kids, don’t make purple….. XP

      • redlink98

        LOL nice thought

    • Anonymous

      I believe the coloration is because of the Green, Blue, Red, and Purple Rupees.

  • rulerofyourface

    I have that poster, and I love it!

  • The Hero of Pompadour

    I swear, the music in the background towards the beginning was set at such a volume and consistency that I actually thought it was coming from somewhere in my house. Spooky.

  • rulerofyourface

    My favorite enemy in the series is probably Kirby from Link’s Awakening.

  • EzioCRossfire

    You still need to straiten your poster Axle. :P

  • rulerofyourface

    You did a great job with this episode, it was really funny!

  • suchanut02

    How can you keep a straight face answering the blooper questions?

  • Roth

    The best way to use the Mortal Draw involved the significantly less cool Shield Attack. Stun, sheathe, kill. It’s pretty satisfying to take down a whole group of Lizalfos in one blow.

    I think sword techniques should come back with a magical component. Give the magic meter a long-overdue revival while letting Link incorporate the elements into special moves, calling down a lighting shockwave in his jump strike and whipping foes afire with a flaming spin attack.

  • Zzen

    I wish there was one more game in termina fierce deity could be the new Truly evil god chaerecter/antagonist

  • baileygirl99

    Nice iron boots!!
    1. Mortal draw! I don’t think I ever actually got it (I hate how unsure I am being!!) but I’m pretty sure it’s the “final blow” type move, and those are very helpful.
    2. Darn it! I really wanted a poster like that!!!!! Favorite enemy would be the Darknuts!
    3. I would like it.
    4. I prefer to get all the sidequests done, not exactly before I beat the game, but just so I can have that feeling of completion. (So far, I have not completed every single sidequest in any games I have played D-‘:)
    5. I like how they do that, it brings back memories of the original items and I can check out the differences!
    6. …change his undershirt? I like upgrading my stuff. It’s cool.
    7. I prefer to press “start” and then “save” because if there isn’t a save point anywhere near me and I am forced to get off, then I lose all my recent data :’-(
    8. I guess Groose deserves his own game… But I don’t really like the idea of a main character other than Link.
    9. …err….maybe the fairies have kids then the Deku tree is just like “we need more Kokiri!” So he just turns the fairy kids into Kokiri…? That would explain why the fairies follow them around, because they are just trying to take care of their kids!..?
    10. I think that we will see an incarnation of Majora (different name and such) and that we definitely will see at least an Easter egg of the mask (ex. Like the Tingle doll in SS)
    11. Nintendo just wanted to put an Easter egg in there.
    12. Nintendo needed a different color to use.
    XD you are amazing Axle!!!

  • Twilli Link

    I think that the fourth link is purple to match the the title letters… If no-one has notced it yet the 4 title letter colors that we see on games are red, purple (MM & OOA), blue (OoT MQ) and green( FSA, & FS AE.)

    • Cameron

      It’s actually because the fourth element that went into creating the Four Sword was purple, while the other three were blue, red, and green. And if that weren’t true (which, as far as I’m aware it is), then it’s simply because purple is an awesome colour. My favourite colours used to be green and purple, because I like the mixture, but then I decided that green was too mainstream, and purple became my favourite colour.

      • Anonymous

        I believe Minish Cap, which was the first game to show the elements used to make the Four Sword, was the LAST Four Sword game to come out. So “the element colors made the suit colors” is actually more likely to be vice versa.

        Did you consider that the four main Rupees of lowest value are Green, Blue, Red, and Purple? Sure there’s Yellow. However, as of the point of time FS was made, 2 games had a Purple Rupee of a set amount, while 1 game had a Yellow Rupee with a value that varied between 1, 5, and 20.

        • Cameron Lilly

          Green- Courage- Farore
          Red- Power-Din
          Blue- Wisdom-Nayru
          Purple- Time – Hylia

          • Anonymous

            Neither Hylia color nor Hylia’s gift/power was confirmed, but White was semi confirmed. First off, Zelda wore a WHITE dress after learning she was Hylia reincarnated. If Din, Nayru, and Farore’s Oracles wear the same color as their goddess, it stands to reason Hylia is a White Goddess. Second, Nintnedo’s Hyrule Historia had a manga which named Hylia the White Goddess. Sure it’s a manga, but the fact that Nintendo included it in their “Book of Truths” suggests that the manga has truth, at least in part. Third, Hylia is only mentioned in Skyward Sword, which came out long after Four Swords. So it stands to reason that, even if Hylia’s color is purple and rules over time, it’s more likely because she was influenced by Four Swords than Vice Versa.

          • Bluefoxx

            THANK YOU!

          • Roth

            Then why does Link fall through whiteness when he manipulates time in MM instead of purpleness?

  • Marinestar0

    II was wondering if you ever noticed how the Poe Hunter in OOT and MM look similar to the Watchers in the silent realm in SS? They both have the single glowing red eye…

  • Bluefoxx

    actually the fourth link is purple to represent hylia. red,green,blue all represent din,farore and nayru respectively. I’m suprised that someone that’s dedicated to a fan site didn’t make that connection. there were originally 4 gods if you have played the skyward sword.

    • Anonymous

      Hylia isn’t Purple, or at least isn’t confirmed to be. She’s named the White Goddess in the manga (that is in Nintendo’s official Hyrule Historia, and therefore more likely than other mangas to be canon), and Zelda wears a white dress after discovering her past. Also, her Loftwing is mainly colored Blue and White. Blue for Naryu, the giver of the Triforce of Wisdom, and White, either as basic belly-feathers or for Hylia’s color.

      Did you consider Rupee colors of previous games? Before Four Swords, the first game to have multiple Link’s besides Dark Link, the most common basic 4 rupees were found in Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. They are Green 1, Blue 5, Red 20, and Purple 50. One game had the Yellow Rupee, but it wasn’t the set value of 10 but could be the same value as a Green, Blue, or Red Rupee.

      • Bluefoxx

        You can’t just base what she is off of a bird. why is Link’s bird red? to symbolize din? I thought he was more of a farore based character. You know. The green shirt, the the triforce of courage and all that. I see no connection with the rupees could you expand on that? The colors are there but there isn’t much meaning.

        • Anonymous

          The Rupees are an answer for why the four links have those colors. The four main rupees are the same colors as the four links.

          • Bluefoxx

            Then please explain the purple rupee. I think you have a point here but I’m not seeing it. The rupees are the colors as the links but I fail to see how that is relevant.

          • Roth

            Purple (50) vs. yellow (10) as a key rupee color may be contentious, but the first FS title had you fighting for rupees (Force Gems were not conceptualized until FSA). Nothing meaningful, but absolutely relevant when looking at the original design choices.

          • Anonymous

            Before FS, only 1 game had the Yellow Rupee, but it’s value varied. In contrast, two games had the Purple Rupee at a set amount.

          • Bluefoxx

            I’m not seeing the point here. you’re stating which rupees appear in which games but there is no connection to our original debate.

          • Roth

            Yeah, there is. His/her reply is toward me: “Purple (50) vs. yellow (10) as a key rupee color may be contentious…” stating why the fourth Link would be purple and not yellow as of the time FS was made.

    • Roth

      Did you miss the bit where Hylia herself referred to Din, Nayru, and Farore as the “old gods”? She’s not of the same order as they are. So no, there were not originally four gods. There were three gods of the Triforce, and Hylia was the patron and guardian of the world they created.

      • Bluefoxx

        Hylia was the only other God mentioned. No I didn’t miss that bit. If you’re gonna shoot down a theory it’s nice to have your own in it’s place. I still hold to what was said. Unless something official comes out it makes plenty of sense and there is not sufficient evidence to disprove.

        • Roth

          Sorry if I was terse; I just didn’t want to see another “Hylia is teh forth Triforce godess!!1!” argument spring out of this.

          As for her color, I agree with the “White Goddess” bit; but I’d also point out that purple has been the color of darkness for quite some time. Ganondorf’s evil aura, Sharp’s curse in MM, the Shadow Temple with the legacy of the Sheikah, and most lately Ghirahim’s fabulous wardrobe, all share a purple theme to reflect the sort of power that operates in the shadows, not necessarily evil, but unexposed to the clarity of light. If nothing else, Hylia is a bright, shimmering goddess. To retroactively assign her this hue for the sake of rounding out Link’s multiplayer tunics not only lacks exterior basis, it also disrupts the one area of consistency this color has ever displayed.

          • Bluefoxx

            black was traditionally used as the color of darkness. Purple for royal. Gannon is usually in black.. I do agree with There not being a 4th triforce but really hylia is a god even if she is an obviously lesser one so they might symbolize that. I’m gonna eventually quote that statement as it was pretty cool(the clarity of light one) but I disagree with the symbolism there. I will probably twist the quote a little when I use it in real life though. Purple symbolizes royalty which could hint towards the royal family (including princess zelda who was hylia)

          • Roth

            I’m aware of the real-life use of purple for royalty; but the Zelda series has used it pretty equally with black in order to lend a little hue to dark things. I suppose with Ganondorf and Ghirahim this could be a reflection of their desires to rule, and you could argue that the Shadow Medallion is purple because the Sheikah served the Royal Family (I will admit I’ve never thought about that); but these strike me as mere coincidences in a more general application of the color. Besides, Zelda herself is… pink, usually. Some violet bits in TP, red on the NES, and blue/white in LttP (perhaps her loftwing was simply a reference here). Her garb is inconsistent in the end, but it’s most often pink.

            I guess my stance is, there may not be definitive evidence to the contrary, but there aren’t any more in-universe connections to really support it in the first place. Linking purple with Hylia is therefore like (LIKE, in the wild-guessing to connect dots sort of way) thinking there’s a fourth Triforce piece in my book, although not in an overdone, heretical way. I just see it as a poor place to make a jump of logic.

            And if you consider time, speculated to be Hylia’s special dominion, purple becomes non sequitur, whereas white is somewhat classical representationalism: the persistent flow of time, how all eventually fades, the blankness of the future. To quote my reply to Cameron Lilly above, “[If Purple>Time>Hylia,] why does Link fall through whiteness when he manipulates time in MM instead of purpleness?”

    • Axle the Beast

      Hylia isn’t a part of the proper pantheon; she is beneath the three Goddesses. And the tunics in Four Swords still aren’t necessarily based on the Goddesses in any way. MUCH more likely is they simply picked them because they’re the typical tunic colors we see.

      • Bluefoxx

        We both know that The makers of the game are very picky when it comes to symbolism so it is much more likely that it has a meaning that just being a color they chose.. Could you define proper pantheon? I know what a pantheon but I’ve never heard of one that is “proper”. What I’m saying is There isn’t enough proof against it. hylia was a god and gods are in pantheons. if you are in a different pantheon then most likely you are in a different game or religion. I never called her an equal of the other 3 but she is a god none the less and therefore is still in the pantheon.

  • RJTheHero

    Awesome! I have the same poster! =D

  • RJTheHero

    For a spin off, I would like to see a Zelda game in a RPG format, like Fire Emblem or Paper Mario.

  • JeredenDonnar

    My favorite bad guys to fight are the Iron Knuckles of OoT and MM. No other villain makes better use of the z-targeting capabilities. I would love to see a game about Sheik’s seven years in OoT. (and sheik is a boy, magically transformed from zelda; zelda is not just a quick-change artist)

  • mcineri

    Play Adventure of Link Axle

  • Dragon Ball Zelda

    I don’t have a problem with it, but I found Majora’s Mask’s Saving annoying. With it you don’t have the ability to save frequently as in, if the game freezes or glitches up then you can’t get back to where you were.

  • conner gagmore

    axle is a little girly boy

  • Shad

    the quote on the back of the paper was from Hena at the fishing hole in Twilight Princess