The Wind Waker Live Stream at GenGAME

Mases HagopianFebruary 24th, 2013 by Mases Hagopian

Our sister website GenGAME is live streaming the Wind Waker! This is part of a series of streams that will take place over the course of the next couple of Sunday evenings. It’s not just a regular Wind Waker playthrough. This is a 100% playthrough, including all Treasure Charts, Sunken Treasure, Optional Items, Heart Pieces, and the massive Nintendo Gallery.

The stream is embedded right here within this post. However, you can also check out the live stream over at the GenGAME Twitch.TV Channel, where you can also take part in the live chat.

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  • Flaming Lemons

    Funny, I just read this on Gengame a little while ago.
    I love Wind Waker! XD

  • TheRizardon

    Way past cool.

  • AndrĂ© Gerow

    I love this game! I still havn’t finished it yet though.
    It’s even fun watching you play through it!

  • AndrĂ© Gerow

    Do you use this comment board to chat?

  • apricot

    why are you doing this?

  • Linkfan99

    Oh, goodness… the dreaded Nintendo Gallery… *shivers*

  • Nikki

    I hope to be able to watch some of this! I may not be able too though, depending on my work schedule): I haven’t finished the game yet either, and it’s really fun!

  • daver

    wind waker will be very popular this year

  • linkasourous

    I was just scrolling through and I saw “Wind Waker Stream” and thought it was “Wind Waker on Steam” and almost soiled my pants