The Two Islands Cut From The Wind Waker

TimothyFebruary 4th, 2013 by Timothy

The Wind Waker is a Zelda game full of creativity and imagination; a game which Wii U can really show its impressive power on. The Wind Waker HD is coming out in Fall and avid fans are already looking at ways Nintendo can make this highly anticipated remake memorable. Newly released Legend of Zelda almanac, Hyrule Historia, has provided clues as to how The Wind Waker HD could be even more special than its original counterpart by revealing sketches of two creative islands which were left out of the GameCube classic. One is designed as an actual Nintendo GameCube console while the other features an island of magma and smoke, seemingly a volcano.

If you would like to find out more about these two islands left out of The Wind Waker click on that jump!

As you can see above, the two discarded islands originally planned for The Wind Waker were GameCube Island and Stovepipe Island which look very creative. Some people think that Dee Ess Island from Phantom Hourglass was originally GC Island for The Wind Waker because of its DS-themed design. Stovepipe Island looks amazing as it seems there are buildings on one side with a hot spring lake above and a magma valley running down the other side.

The hot debate is whether Nintendo should add extra content into their HD remake of The Wind Waker for Wii U. It wouldn’t hurt to include extra dungeons and islands originally left out, especially the two islands mentioned in the sketches of Hyrule Historia. It’s great that this magnificent Zelda book has showcased some incredible sketches from Zelda titles which haven’t made it past the design stage as it would be nice for Nintendo to give fans a fully-packed Wind Waker HD remake.

Do you like the concept of these two islands left out of The Wind Waker? Should Nintendo add left out designs of different gameplay elements for its HD remake? Do you have any ideas on how Nintendo could make The Wind Waker HD an essential purchase?

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if I would want both back. I definitely would like to see Stovepipe come back. Could we use the Megaton Hammer to enter GC Island? If so, YES!

  • Mal

    Stovepipe is basically Death Mountain then.. but so is Dragon Roost. HM.

    • Midnafan

      that’s probably why they didn’t use Stovepipe. in fact it could have been one of the original concept ideas for the volcano island. Dragon Roost just won out. :/

  • TheMaverickk

    Personal opinion, Wind Waker HD is already fairly separate from the original.

    The visual style is something completely new and unique from the original. Not to mention that this is going to be a retail release, not a Virtual Console port. With that said I say they go all out and make it even more unique from the original and put the cut content back in.

    Make it a directors cut. add in the dungeon’s they originally wanted to have, add the quests they wanted to originally have.

    Don’t just add these two missing dungeons, but alter things like Great Fish Isle and have a dungeon there where Jabun would’ve been (or how ever it was that they envisioned that event taking place).

    I think if there was ever an opportunity for Miyamoto to go and fix any of the content which had been cut, now is the time. There will always be room for a direct Wind Waker port on the VC, but this is a fresh opportunity to have some fun with this title.

    • HeroofTime123

      This is exactly how I feel. Thank you for saying this. I can only hope there is someone like you at Nintendo telling the developers this. I also felt the same way about OOT3D but unfortunately that didn’t happen so hopefully they will do it here.

      • TheMaverickk

        The truth is that the original Wind Waker is an amazing game. If I ever want to go and play that version of the game, I will always have that copy.

        Simply put this is an opportunity to have some fun with the original. To address problems even the developers felt it had.

        At the very least, if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter, it’s not as though you can’t go back and enjoy the original version. I say they may as well have some fun.

        • Midnafan

          while very true, the problem comes in that if it doesn’t work, Nintendo will have wasted a ton of money on a remake bust, and anybody who bought it and has the original may feel they wasted money as well. i think the most important part of this remake is that it gives newer fans, such as those who’s first console is a newer Wii or even a Wii U, a chance to play one of the greatest titles in the series. that’s the best part about remakes: the classics are prevented from being lost in time. :)

          • TheMaverickk

            This can go both ways though…

            If it’s exactly the same as the original Wind Waker except for the new visual style, and Nintendo charges it’s usual $59.99 for the game, many people will likely be upset to have to pay full price for a game they’ve already played before.

            So people can just as much be disappointed if there is nothing new in regards to game play or the actual game’s content as people may be disappointed if they change it too much.

            Either way whatever direction Nintendo does take will probably leave some fans disgruntled.

            I mean I’m already personally on the side of it not being an accurate remake. The visual style is not the cel-shaded version I played years ago, so it doesn’t properly recapture the original experience. Hence why if it already looks and feels that different, I’m not too concerned if they alter more of the game (so long as it doesn’t stray too far from the key plot points) and add extra content in.

          • Midnafan

            guess we’ll have to accept that there’s no satisfying some people. honestly, i’d rather see a 7 year old fall in love with Zelda because of a remake than have a 30 year old complain it wasn’t enough like the original (no reference to you btw, just in general) :P

          • TheMaverickk

            Well I have no problem with them changing up the game. I feel that they already have enough, so they may as well go all the way with it and add extra content.

            So long as it doesn’t conflict with the original story and plot details it will be fine for the most part. I think most people can live with extra content as long as it’s not like an “alternate ending” or something.

          • Midnafan

            maybe not in WW, but an alternate ending would be amazing, especially if they did another more serious game like TP (tried). plus it would give them an excuse to create another timeline, totally screw with the current one, and/or, in addition to Demise’s curse, provide further reason that the series is never going to end. :P

      • Midnafan

        well at least in OoT3D they added an entire, mirrored version of the original quest. :) obviously not something they should completely repeat with WWHD, but they should have an addition of equal or greater scale, given it’s a console game rather than a handheld. :)

        • Sonic204

          Master Quest already existed, though. Pretty sure that was made for the GCN version.

          • Midnafan

            oh really? i didn’t know that, sorry. it still stands that something like that or greater than that should be implemented in WWHD though. :)

          • Sonic204

            Ha don’t apologize for that. OoT3D was actually the first time I got to play Master Quest.

          • Midnafan

            I haven’t even touched it yet. Something else new came out as soon as I finished it and I haven’t gone back to it. I actually finally finished all of my games in one big round, and planned on going back and doing post-endings. i think i did for one and that was it. :/

        • TheMaverickk

          Master Quest was originally released for the Gamecube as a pre-order bonus for the original Wind Waker.

          The only difference between the original Master Quest and the GCN Master Quest is that the 3DS version is mirrored.

          So to add this into OoT3D wasn’t a lot of work… the revised dungeon designs were actually done almost 10 years earlier around the time the original OoT was released.

          • Midnafan

            i was under the impression they hadn’t changed anything when they moved Master Quest into 3D. at least they did something to change the experience instead of just shoving it in there. and again, all they need is something like Master Quest or Hero Mode or whatever, and WWHD might be a little more worth its cost. :)

    • Midnafan

      well, they can’t change too much of it, otherwise it would be essentially a completely different game, but otherwise i totally agree. they should not only add the stuff they cut out but still would’ve worked great, but also fix/take out some of the things that didn’t work so well. don’t get me wrong, i actually am pretty excited to see what they do with this. I still think WW had some of the best/best use of graphics in the series. it had a quality to it that i really haven’t seen in any of the other games. :)

  • Nevan Lowe

    What if they added a Dungeon at the top of one of those islands that combined every thing hard about every dungeon in the past, so its got:
    (Raising and lowering of water
    (Water Currents
    (Spinny gear thingys
    (Confusing Layout
    (Tricky Platforming
    (Darknuts and other hard enemys EVERYWHERE!
    (other stuff that would make it Ultimately HARD
    That would be… HARD, and EPIC!
    And if you dont finish the Dungeon fast enough, IT RESETS ITSELF! MUHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!

    • TheMaverickk

      The truth is that….. just shoving all those things into a dungeon won’t necessarily make for the best level.

      I’d much prefer a well designed level then just rehashing and melding together a bunch of idea’s.

      Also if you really wanted to be tested, there is still the Savage Labyrinth.

      • Midnafan

        i think his point is making a super difficult dungeon, not a hashed together one. and it would only serve three purposes: to entertain those who finish the game ultrafast and are bored; to have a super great reward that makes you invincible,etc. at the end; or to have one last dungeon with one last useless reward for the 100% junkies to waste their time on (Cave of Ordeals anyone? XD)

        • TheMaverickk

          There was already a Cave of Ordeals in Wind Waker… it was called the Savage Labyrinth. It had more floors then the Cave of Ordeals too :P

          • Midnafan

            than maybe the point is to make the Savage Labyrinth better more difficult, or replace it with something altogether new? I don’t know, because, honestly, this isn’t even my argument. o_O

          • TheMaverickk

            That’s all I was saying, is that his suggestion is already in the game essentially. They could add a few more floors that would be cool.

          • Nevan Lowe

            No, I know about the Savage Labyrinth. I want a truly hard OPTIONAL dungeon, so when I really feel I’m the ultimate master of TLoZ, I will have something to test the other aspects of Zelda, not just combat.

        • Nevan Lowe

          That’s pretty much EXACTLY what I was thinking! I want something to test the other parts of Zelda. The Savage Labyrinth is good at testing your combat, but what about testing your skills in puzzle solving, or navigating around obstacles? I was thinking a dungeon that tests all of those at the same time. Meaning you would have to be the master of all parts of Zelda, not just combat.

      • Nevan Lowe

        It’d make it the hardest, which is what I was hoping for. Not best. Like how everyone hates the Water Temple. No… everyone hates the Great Bay Temple, all the sudden, everyone would think the great bay temple is easy.

    • Midnafan

      so…. an actually difficult and/or tricky version of a Cave of Ordeals+ Sky Keep combo? interesting. watch they do all that and your reward at the end: 10000 rupees! :D at the end of the game -_- XD

  • stupidsyrup97

    GC Island would be so awesome! You’d have to use the Iron Boots on the Eject button to open it up and then step on the Power Button the move some object blocking the entrance hole. I hope Nintendo adds more to this game, because $60 isn’t worth HD graphics. I still have a GameCube and I will go grab WW and play it, if I needed some WW Zelda.

    • Midnafan

      i get why people’s ideas on GC island are so lost one me: i’ve never even SEEN a GC! XD while it would be a tribute to the classic, i think some of these ideas would be lost on people who don’t get how a GC works. Dee Ess Island was funny to an extent because you could draw comparisons between the island and what was in your hand. A Wii U island might work, but it also might not be as fun. i could see them putting it in to make older players laugh and confuse younger ones. :P

  • DementedAvenger27

    Stovepipe would be good for a Goron home. It always upset me that we saw so little of them in Wind Waker.

    • TheMaverickk

      I think even if they do a directors cut of the game, it should still stay true to the original in terms of context.

      I love the Goron’s as much as the next person, but they aren’t supposed to have a home in Wind Waker. They are nomadic, their people have been scattered, and they almost live in a state of hiding.

      Technically Dragon Roost island would’ve been their home since it’s Death Mountain (if you check the maps it lines up perfectly with where it should be) and if they had a home it would be there.

      The thing about remakes and director’s cuts is that there is a fine line of balance between introducing new content, and staying true to the themes and atmosphere of the original.

      • Midnafan

        maybe if it was a few years ago, none of that would matter. but ever since the release of the timeline and the big reveal at the end of SS, Nintendo’s pretty much gotta stick to their hosh-posh program or else face the wrath of Zelda nerds everywhere. one chance they do have though (maybe not in WW but elsewhere) is to find ways to connect dots where there were no dots before. the timeline is improv as it is because they didn’t originally plan for it all to connect, so some things still don’t make sense. new game or content can be used to fill in those holes.

        • DementedAvenger27

          i agree. I am dying for a sequel to MM that explains how Link became the Stalfos in Twilight Princess. They could write a pretty compelling story.

          • Midnafan

            Well for one thing, he’s not really a stalfos, but i don’t really see a story there. the Hero’s Shade is the spirit of the previous hero. considering the “spirit of the hero” is constantly passed from Link to Link, and even though not every one has a Hero’s Shade teaching him stuff, i don’t really see there being a particular reason or story behind the Hero’s Shade. he was there to pass down skills to the next reincarnation. i don’t really see what else there could be there, but i guess it’s all up to the imagination. :)

      • Zecon25

        Actually, didn’t the Zora evolve into the Ruto? If that’s the case, then can’t Goron have evolved and placed on an island also?

    • Midnafan

      were there Gorons in WW? i haven’t gotten a chance to really play the game yet, and i’ve never actually heard much about them being in the game. fill me in please. :)

      • Zecon25

        I always thought that the merchants were gorons…

        • Midnafan

          i dunno, guess i’ll find out when i finally get to the game. :/

          • Philip Kunhardt

            There are 3 Gorons in the game, but they’re in disguise with hats on. They act as trading merchants, for the Magic Armor Quest.

      • DementedAvenger27

        there is one Goron, I think just one, who, like the genteleman above said, is nomadic. He travels from different islands and you have a side quest with him. he is a lot like the Goron from Skyward Sword traveling place to place. I figured most of the Gorons died off because they don’t like water too much, but always wished there were more of them.

        • Midnafan

          The Gorons need a comeback don’t they? i hope they make a good appearance in the next game.

  • Meddy Awardey

    The one thing Nintendo should add to The Wind Waker HD is an
    orchestrated soundtrack. If there isn’t one, I won’t even think of
    buying it once because I’m already finding this remake pointless.

    Fans were expecting Majora’s Mask. Not…this. Cel shading doesn’t need upgrading.

    • Sean

      I would love the orchestrated music. I was thrilled when I learned that Skyward Sword was fully orchestrated. I was also very disappointed at Nintendo for having not done orchestration for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.

      • Midnafan

        probably because OoT3D was just a handheld, and i don’t know about you, but i don’t have surround sound on my 3DS, so spending time on such beautiful music would have been a virtual waste. it works well for a console though. :D

    • Midnafan

      music is a good idea, and it would go well with WW, since we’ve already heard some good orchestrated WW on CDs and concerts and such. i’m still kind of curious as to what the new graphics are going to look like, but i do think WW’s were perfect as is, while for the ones that followed suit, i can’t really say the same thing

    • TheMaverickk

      Actually I do agree with this point. As much as I’m excited for this… I kind of feel that Majora’s Mask needs more of a facelift then Wind Waker.

      I would’ve been happy with a direct port of Wind Waker that just ups the resolution and screen ratio (like the dolphin emulator).

      I feel as though the Wind Waker’s cel style is lost in this version now.

  • Hero_of_Skyloft

    We could use the hammer to open Gamecube island and go inside

    • Anonymous

      You took my idea!
      That aside, I agree.

      • Midnafan

        must be a common idea for some reason. :/

    • Midnafan

      people keep suggesting that. it’s a bit lost on me though. :/

  • Lexi Z

    Hmmm…Less Zelda, or more Zelda…Need I say more?;)

  • Locke64

    Interview with Miyamoto from 2003:
    “First of all, due to time restraints, we had to leave out two stages, which included dungeons.”

    Some data from these unfinished dungeons remains in the data. idk whether Stovepipe and GameCube are the two “stages” he refers to.

    • Midnafan

      who knows? neither of them sound like they would have been very extensive islands, but again, who knows? :/

  • Midnafan

    It does look to me that both of these ideas were essentially reused in PH, and i’m sure they didn’t include Stovepipe because it would be weird to have two volcanoes. WWHD does need something extra though, because thus far, it fails to compel me to buy. as much as i’m all for HD graphics, i practically JUST bought the original WW, and haven’t gotten a chance to properly play it yet. as long as I’ve got a perfectly functioning Wii (or at least once i get it back from my mom who’s using it to watch Netflix -_-) i see no reason to go out and buy another version of a game i just bought. i can watch a let’s play on YouTube if i really want to see the graphics. :/

  • names are for tombstones

    no. WW is phenominal and doesn’t need this. for starters it would be hard for the developers to add this suff because it would change the plot(assuming they were dungeon related). Do I like the idea of seeing something new? of course. However I don’t see it working out for WW. The only things they need to do is add a motor for the boat, and fix the pictobox quest so it’s possible to complete without starting a new game. If they want to make a seperate game mode or even an entire new game based on what The Great Sea could have been like under different circumstances would be another argument I might buy in to.

    • Spiderfog

      The pictobox quest is possible without starting a new game. >.>

      • names are for tombstones

        as i recall there isno possible way to get ALL of the pirates without starting over with the lobsterT-shirt and visiting those parts of the game again.

        • Spiderfog

          It is. It’s when you go on Tetra’s ship again. Also, for the other fifteen, a lot of people think they need to get during the replay, these can always be done on the first run:
          * The figurines of Tetra, her crew, and Helmaroc King must be obtained before the reveals about the Great Flood.
          * The figurine of the first boss (Gohma) can be obtained later in Ganon’s Tower.
          * The figurine of Puppet Ganon requires a detour from the game’s final. A pictograph must be taken during battle, and then the game must be saved and the system restarted so that Link can go to the Gallery to show the pictograph to Carlov.
          * The figurines of Jabun, Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, Great Fairy, Queen of Fairies, Laruto, Fado, and Ganondorf may all be collected, contrary to what the strategy guides claim, by purchasing the respective Legendary Pictograph from Lenzo after meeting each character for the first time in a cutscene — the first brief glimpse of Ganondorf does not count for this and neither does speaking to the Queen of Fairies without having the Bow.

          • names are for tombstones

            right, but what I mean is the ability to get them whenever you please. Sort of how likle the trash can worked in Paper Mario Thousand Year Door where you could get pages for bosses that would be impossible to get otherwise.

          • Andyjoe522

            Actually, you can get figures for all of Tetra’s crew just by taking a pictograph of her. Just take one of her while you’re both in Hyrule together, then when you show it to Carlov he’ll make figures of her and all of her crew.

    • TheMaverickk

      Adding a motor to the boat would be the worst change the game could make, lol.

      The name of the game is the Wind Waker… you use the wind to sail the sea and to solve a lot of puzzles as well. Getting rid of that part would defeat the whole purpose of having control of the wind.

      Also the plot wouldn’t change, just a few events that occur. Not to mention they could easily put a dungeon on Great Fish Isle and still have you go looking for Jabun.

      You initially go to the island anyways to find him, and then have to turn around because the island was destroyed. Still what if you went there in the remake, and instead of simply leaving you were told to go and search the ruined dungeon/temple for Jabun resided to see if he was still there to get the pearl.

      After completing the dungeon and defeating the boss (which could easily be worked into the story as the beast that attacked the island and wrecked it) you discover Jabun escape and fled… which then takes you right back into the original events of the game.

      Story isn’t altered, and new content is added, bam.

  • Mseevers95

    Stovepipe Island was probably cut because having another volcano along with Dragonroost is just redundant just redundant.

  • Jacob Tasiemski

    Are these going to be in Wind Waker for the Wii U?

  • Princess Zelda

    Oooooo . . . .cool! Maybe Gorons live on Stovepipe Island . . . ?

  • Steele

    thats just early versions of dragon roost and hyrule castle :(

  • Tito Burgess

    I think I saw this in the Hyrule Historia a couple days earlier. Stovepipe Island looks pretty cool.

  • JeredenDonnar

    I would like Stovepipe island, but would really rather see the island for the third pearl, or one thrown in at the second half of the quest.

  • Skull Kid

    Honestly, I’m glad they are making a remake of my 3rd favorite Zelda game, but sadly, it isn’t going to do well if they don’t add new things. OOT3D had the master quest, and was a remake of the best selling game in the series. If they added new Islands, weapons, dungeons, and new uses for older items. If they did do this, I’s like it to be similar to master quest, being unlocked after the original game is complete.

  • Mike Sauer

    Weren’t the Fire and Ice Islands originally two full dungeons? And that there were supposed to be the whole Fire Earth Wind and Ice dungeons…. That’s what I heard a looooong time ago.

  • wheres_

    It’s just concept art, reading into it to much.

  • Alan in Japan

    If they want change the game, they should remove the triforce piece hunting and make the ship move much quicker/introduce extra warp points.

  • gravendoom75

    they could call it wind waker hd directors cut

  • LinkZeldaLinkZelda

    Looks nice.

  • sex

    Gamecube island just doesn’t seem to fit…I don’t like breaking the fourth wall too much…

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