Symphony of the Goddesses Coming to Berlin

JohnFebruary 15th, 2013 by John

Europe has already received great Zelda news in the form of Ocarina of Time 3D going on sale as mentioned in today’s Nintendo Direct. It has transpired though that this was not the only piece of good news for European fans of the Zelda franchise. Following the news that the Symphony of the Goddesses Tour will be visiting London and Paris in May, a new city and a new date was announced in today’s Direct. Hit the jump to find out more!

As the picture above shows, the Symphony of the Goddesses Tour will stop off in Berlin on the 28th of May in the Tempodrom in the Berlin city centre. There are not yet any details of when or how tickets can be purchased but no doubt the official Tempodrom website will soon update with all the relevant information.

So what do you think? Are you a German Zelda fan who will be attending this concert? Are you perhaps waiting in anticipation for more European cities and dates? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Nevan Lowe


  • Guy

    I wish they would come to the US…

    • Rin Okumura

      I thought they had been there a billion times already.

    • Anonymous

      They already have, and hey already have new dates for georgia in june posted on their website

  • JamesBond007

    London first, Paris second, Berlin third. It’s going to the east! Fourth city must be Warsaw!

  • Narisha

    I got my hopes up that I would have the chance to see the Zelda symphony when it finally comes to Germany… But since it’s so far away from where I live I probably will not be able to afford it, and that makes me really, really sad

  • Nayru27

    Please come to Amsterdam!

  • Levian VII

    Oh, great, brilliant! Why do I feel like everywhere else on the planet has been visited except for New Zealand? I was even offered a 15% discount for the Sydney concert, it’s not bloody likely I’ll ever get to use it though.

  • Liquidus

    Berlin, yes! I’m not gonna lie, I just did a celebration dance in front of my screen ;D

  • Jindrich Schelfhout

    Please Please Please anywhere in Belgium oh God please….

    • radioactivehylian

      I seriously doubt we’ll get a concert here in Belgium…. Paris isn’t too far at least :)

      • fabbie

        yeah I mean we have the train connection and Paris is closer than Berlin. too bad

    • Yannick Ketelslegers

      Yeah that would be great, but guess it will never happen.. Thinking about going to see the concert in Paris.

  • Anaken

    Please… come to Brasil…

  • HeyListen!

    Usually most concerts in Germany are held in Hamburg, Leipzig, Dortmund, Dresten, Stuttgart, etc., but they chose Berlin! Oh, yes. The Goddesses exist.

  • pizzaman

    Whenever I hear the word “Berlin” I think of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

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