Server Troubles: Website Loading Slugglishly

Mases HagopianFebruary 24th, 2013 by Mases Hagopian

Update #2: We are fully back online! Both the Forums and the Wiki are now back online and nothing was lost. The main culprit here was a hardware failure with part of the server. We got that replaced and after restoring some settings during troubleshooting, everything is back up and running. Thanks for your patience.

Update: The site and guides are now running at full capacity… for now. We are working on restoring the Forums and Wiki. Hopefully should be fixed shortly.

Hey guys, we are aware of the troubles with the website at the moment and we are working to get things all sorted out. The front page, news articles, and the walkthroughs are all accessible at the moment, however the website is loading rather sluggishly. The Wiki, and in turn the game index pages, as well as the Forums are currently not working.

A little patience is appreciated and we hope to get everything back up shortly.

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  • Justin

    *Sighs* I guess I have to log into Skype. . .

  • Furrysnail

    PHEW! thought my com was busted XD its th site not me… hope its back up soon =3

  • Linkfan99

    Haha I noticed that! I thought it was just my computer…


    I’m in a good mood today and I have no idea why so I just thumbed every current comment up. :3

    • Flaming Lemons

      *Thumb up*

  • The Hylian Monolith

    I see. Another user I know was also perturbed, although at first I thought it was just my old Linux being slow. Of course I can be patient, thank you for notifying us. Take as much time as you need, ZD.

  • linkypete

    I was wondering what happened. I thought that my internet was just really slow, but all other websites worked perfectly. I wasn’t crazy, after all!

  • TheRizardon

    I’m glad that the guides and main page is back up. Can’t wait for the forums and the wiki to be running again. I’m hopeless without them. xD

    • Mases Hagopian

      I like this mentality. :)

  • Azure Sage

    I hope no data is lost from the forums. Guess there’s no choice but to be patient.

    • Mases Hagopian

      No data will be lost on the Forums or Wiki. It had nothing to do with either of them. We were just disabling things to pinpoint where the problem was coming from. Should be back up in minutes.

      • Azure Sage

        Oh, I see. That’s good to hear then. =)

  • Atticus

    Congrats on getting the main site back up! May the Triforce be with you when getting the forums and wiki back up. =)

  • jimmy.f27

    Good job working through this Mases :) Glad to see that you are making progress and that forum and wiki data isn’t lost!

  • sailormars109

    My day has been completely boring without the forums. Never realized how much I just enjoyed the layout of the page and the nonsense in the ShoutBox

  • Vain

    Man, I haven’t commented on the main page like this is forever…overall good work on fixing things to this point so quickly though, Mases, I am looking forwards to when the forums are once again functional.

    • Mases Hagopian

      All functional now. Thanks for your patience.

      • Lord Vain

        Heheh, yes, I’ve noticed. Good work getting things back up so fast, and
        as far as patience goes, twas not a problem at all.


    Alright. Let’s get the party started.

    Nice work, Mases.

  • TehLeetHaxor

    I had originally thought that the site was expirencing a DDOS attack from the members of a rival Zelda fan site. Glad to see that the main site is now back online.

    • Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

      Hmm, the two main sites that rival ZD are ZI and ZU. Neither of which have an ill will cause to throw at ZD these days.

    • Mases Hagopian

      We originally thought it was a DoS attack. At least that’s what we diagnosed it as. (We’ve had about half a dozen of these in the last 2-3 years). We were wrong on this one. The Zelda online community is quite competitive, but not really at this level.

  • Justin

    Now everything should be fixed.. I hope >.>

  • jimmy.f27

    Mases, I can log into the forums but after a few page switches it automatically logs me out…


    Nice job on restoring the site.

  • Hylia Watson

    I worried it was my computer’s problem for a second there.
    You guys fix your site better than EA fixes their The Sims 3 site.
    Nice work! ^-^

  • Crono A7X

    “The main culprit here was a hardware failure with part of the server. We got that replaced”

    You mean your host did, how’s that going by the way…being hosted for free?

    • Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

      If I recall correctly, they aren’t hosted for free anymore. The stipulation for free hosting before was running the hosts ads (so essentially, the host made bank of ZD). However, Mases now runs his own adds, and I believe he has a flat rate fee he pays out to Atomic Gamer. Of course, this was a couple years back we talked about it so times may have changed.

      • Mases Hagopian

        This pretty much sums it up. During the ‘free’ period we had a split ad-share. Certain ads were mine, certain ads were theirs.

    • Mases Hagopian

      This big problem was diagnosing what was wrong. We couldn’t tell for the first 10 hours why there was a problem at all. A NIC got fried and needed to be replaced. Was a simple fix once we figured it out.

      We are on a paid hosting plan. I have a dedicated server for my other websites, but I’m keeping ZD at Atomic Gamer for the time being. There really is very little reason not to.

  • Azure Sage

    I’m glad everything was resolved so quickly! Good to see the site back up and running at 100% again. ^-^

  • Thareous

    Yay for working stuff!

    *sips his cola loudly*

  • Night Owl

    I think it is still a little buggy.
    I get the centos test page when it breaks.

  • Zenox

    aww man my DDOS attack has been thwarted!

    • Mases Hagopian

      Zenox. We all love you here ZD. And why do I actually think that you WOULD try this. :)

  • hoff123

    I noticed yesterday that the website didn’t work… Nice that it’s working again :).

  • bs8814

    Yay, back up

  • bs8814

    It still seems to be a little sluggish for me… Anyone else like this?


    do you guys need a new programmer to help out with stuff? its actually my job in real life, im a programmer and white hat hacker. comment a reply if yes or no please.

  • ShadowBeast

    Oh, brilliant! I was suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

  • WhovianGrrlGamer

    Oh no wonder! The front page wouldn’t load on my browser, but fortunately Google Chrome is awesome, and since I had visited this site before Chrome had a “cached” version of it. The cached version showed how the website had looked the last time I viewed it, so I didn’t see this update. Glad it’s working now though!

    Also, just randomly curious, why do I get a pop-up ad every time I go to a walkthrough? It’s starting to get really annoying.

    • Thareous

      Luckily, the Chrome version of AdBlock+ can resolve the pop-up ad issues.

      [Sorry Mases...]

  • bs8814

    I’m still having problems, it doesnt load the bar with all the games at the top :(