Realistic Ocarina of Time Paintings

DaveyFebruary 2nd, 2013 by Davey

There’s something about this kind of realism that I like when drawing fictional characters, possibly because it’s so rarely done. We’re all familiar with the way Zelda characters looks standardly, but with this kind of artwork, you might look over a Zelda painting. For example, did you guess already that the title image is skull kid? The skull kind of gives it away, but it’s still so radically different from the actual artwork that the image really throws you off.

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All of these digital paintings are done by Jasper Sandner, a freelance artist who displays most of his artwork on his website. His work is generally varied, but a focus of his is the fantasy genre, and specifically character models within that realm.

And The Legend of Zelda is most definitely a favorite of his, as quite a few of his paintings Zelda focused. My favorites are King Dodongo, Barinade, and the most creepy of all, the Happy Mask Salesman.

Quite a different perspective on Zelda, huh? I don’t know if the appeal would be so wide of the games featured these characters, and certainly Majora’s Mask would scare away a lot of potential players with this deranged salesman. I don’t want to know what kind of evil this would be animated and with sound.

The artist, of course, has more Zelda and other work. If you’re interested in more Zelda pieces, check out this compliation on Geek Draw. If you’d like to see some of Jasper’s other work, you can head over to his website and blog, where he goes more in depth on many of his creations.

What did you think of these paintings? Do you like this kind of artwork? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Geek Draw

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  • KidNintendus

    I think…. I think this needs to happen in a game. Nintendo could totally pull this off as like an M game…

    • rambler77

      Zelda will never be a M game, that would ruin the series.

      • Darunia

        I agree, but I do wish Zelda made a game with really good realistic looking graphics, like in this artwork. It would not need blood and gore, just good graphics. That way it would get a T rating instead of an M.

        • Jo Five

          How do good graphics equate to a higher rating?
          I’d prefer Zelda stay at E or E-10. I’d like the audience to remain as wide as possible so that more people can enjoy it. After all, wider audience means higher sales, right?

          • Ninty

            Well, good graphics to him are “really good realistic looking.” Twilight Princess got a T rating, despite having the same description as Skyward Sword (Animated Blood, Fantasy Violence), most likely because of TP’s more realistic graphics.. I guess parents and people felt that the more realistic graphics made it a little too mature to be rated for younglings.

          • Guest


      • LoupiTheMightyCucco

        It should not have blood and gore but I’d liked the idea of azelda game thatt would be darker the all the others and that would feature insanity

        • Red-tuniclink

          TP and SS had insanity, zant and ghirahim.

      • KidNintendus

        I didn’t mean it HAD to be an M game, but this artwork, if I was younger, I’d probably crap my pants if I saw the Happy Mask Salesman look like that.

    • Mister

      Zelda is one of the few famous franchises left that doesn’t cater to the “hardcore dark games all the time!!!1!” audience and still keeps the silly fun in video games. Let’s keep it that way, shall we?

  • Nevan Lowe

    I really like the King Dodongo one. He’s my favorite Young Link boss, and 2nd favorite from OoT.

  • wafflegoat

    Wow…they’re all amazing, but the King Dodongo one is the BEST!

  • Mister

    Wow these are really good! Happy Mask Salesman is really scary. Looks like I’ll have more nightmares as if last night wasn’t bad enough. ;)

  • RubyDragonCat

    Wow why are the salesman’s eyes fogged over? I like him better as he is in the game, but the boss monsters look awesome.

  • ender44

    i really like the king dodongo one. As i kid i never really considered him to be this giant lizard dinosaur thing that is actually dangerous.

  • Mseevers95

    Love the bosses. Skullkid not so much, when I first saw it I thought it was one of the Stalchildren.

  • me

    not realistic, just a different style

    • me

      also is that mask a mask of travis barker?

    • pizzaman

      Realistic style

  • Hero of Time

    I like the King Dodongo one. I’m kinda freaked out by the HMS one though.

  • S. Mario

    The bosses look more like they’re from the Metroid series now. I just started playing through the Metroid games, and those depictions of King Dodongo and Barinade look like they’d fit right in.

  • herooftime127

    WOW. The Happy Mask Salesmen looks awesome!

  • Red-tuniclink

    I’m not a fan of the happy mask salesman, he looks like a blind madman. I can’t say it’s bad because it’s very well drawn.

  • Thomas Durand

    The maskman looks so scary. Maybe they could use this art style for the new zelda game.

  • 7thHanyou

    While I’d never want the game to look like this, these paintings are a fantastic interpretation of the game’s enemies. It’s actually frightening.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing something like this in a Majora’s Mask remake…

  • Jonas Nuffer

    King Dodongo and Queen Gohma are the best ones

    • Nikokiri

      That’s Barinade, not Queen Gohma ;)

      • Mister

        But he is talking about Gohma. He’s referring to Jasper’s other works found within the link. The link is on this page. Click it and you’ll find Gohma.

        • Nikokiri

          Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t see that… so there’s more!? :D

  • VitaTempusNexus92

    The one that supposed to be skull kid doesn’t look anything like him. He looks more like a stal child in that Jasper Sander version.

  • lulles

    These are masterfully done, but I do not like his interpretation of the Skull Kid and the Mask Salesman. They look nothing like the original characters at all. The Mask Salesman just looks like a freaky guy cosplaying as the Mask Salesman. Wrong face shape, and what’s up with those eyes and beard thing?

    I do like the King Dodongo and Barinade ones, though.

  • The Hylian Monolith

    Ohhkay, that Barinade… is friggin’ amazing… ‘Nuff said.

  • Westar

    Really cool idea to paint the enemies/NPCs in a realistic perspective!

  • Luigicheesecake

    Am I the only one who thinks Barinade looks the same!

  • JeredenDonnar

    happy Mask salesman doesn’t look remotely like that. The only thing creepy about him is his smile and laugh. his angry face is a bit surprising, but not creepy.

  • BeastModeMan97

    Holy mother of this good earth…. The happy mask salesman just about gave me a heartattack!

  • Lupine Hero

    King Dodongo reminds me of the Tarrasque from D&D. Now we just need him to be that powerful; in my opinion, he’s the second easiest boss in the series (out of those that I’ve played). Argorok, though, wins that one my a huge margin; I’ve done multiple no damage runs against him without even trying! AND HE’S THE SEVENTH BOSS!!! AND A DRAGON!!!!!!!!
    Speaking of which, dragons are my favorite fantasy creature, and, so far, Zelda dragons have utterly failed to impress me.

    • Lupine Hero

      And that’s me rambling… again… sorry…

  • Jacob Tasiemski

    oh my God! these are awesome!

  • Rob

    I never thought you could make the happy mask guy any creepier.

  • FreakyDeath

    i would love if the whole game was like this

  • npatoray24

    the happy mask man….. creepy

  • Ratchet25

    His interpretation of the Zoras looks… interesting to say the least

  • Blackbaldrik

    I like the other pictures, you can fairly easily tell what they are supposed to be. But the Happy Mask Salesman just looks completely off, if he didn’t have masks on his back (and someone hadn’t told me) I would have absolutely no idea it’s supposed to be him.

  • baileygirl99

    That’s kinda creepy…

  • bs8814

    Wow, I really like king dodongo in that picture

  • ShadowsoTime

    incredible!!!!! he website itsself also shows darunia, ruto, and ghoma! Really creepy, really cool

  • James

    Barinade looks like something out of Metroid

  • Creeaz

    Love the not-so-happy mask salesman!

  • sombody you don’t know

    i thought the happy mask salesman was happy………..creepy.