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BastianFebruary 14th, 2013 by Bastian

[news post contributed by Jack L.]

As a kid, many of us had the dream of running around Kokiri Sword and Deku Shield in hand, and having our own adventure across a vast landscape, or at least those of us who played too much Zelda did.

Recently a user on Imgur has uploaded a very accurate replica of the iconic Deku Shield that Link wielded in Ocarina of Time.

Hit the jump to see this masterpiece!

In my opinion the Shield itself seems very accurate to how a real life Deku Shield would be depicted. It wasn’t meant to be extremely well-made, having been made by only a kid out of seemingly a mere piece of bark. This replica follows that crude design to the “T” with the actual raw bark of a tree being used, but still seeming believably durable enough to withstand a little wear and tear, overall not a bad job. The artist says that this replica measures three feet by four feet and that they have it mounted on their wall.

What do you think? Good portrayal? Lazily made slab of wood with some paint? Give your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Crono A7X

    lol…it’s just bark from a tree.

    • William Thomas

      zelda bark!

      • Twilight Demon


      • Awesome

        The best kind of bark

        • ShadowofTime

          no better bark

    • ShadowsofTime

      Kokiri Shield was made of tree bark so naturally, a real life Kokiri Shield would be made of, you guessed it, tree bark.

    • Nadaph

      Hasn’t it always been bark from a tree? lol

      • Crono A7X

        It was always a slice from a tree, actually wood is clearly shown in the back of the shield, only the front is made up of bark, not the whole thing.

        • Nadaph

          Good observation, I never noticed that.

  • linkasourous


    • ShadowsofTime

      40 rupees and its yours

  • Tim Dupont

    as far as I can remember the kokiri kids live they may look like kids but they’ll have the craftsmanship of a 200 year old.. it could have been made better in my opinion. I also feel like the paint should be a stain as opposed to an overly dramatic red, it doesn’t seem to fit in with the earthly tone

    • ShadowsofTime

      And yet, it is still tree bark

    • austin vidionin

      yes they do

  • zeldaman101

    Back then kids used to think a bark of wood is all you need to withstand an attack from creature twice there size.

    • ShadowsofTime

      Resistent to flying nuts, enemy spiders, swords, what kind of tree did this shield come from?

      • Tim Dupont

        Deku. -.-

        • ShadowsofTime

          makes reasonalbe sense to me

        • Merv?

          So he ripped itfrom the great deku tree!!!!! Maybe that’s why can’t walk around the entire tree!!!Or are there other deku trees?

          • Draco

            In the manga, Link made the sheild from the Great Deku trees remains after he died, but that isn’t canonical, so it is a mystery as to what the Deku sheild is actually made of.

          • Red-tuniclink

            My guess that it’s just from wood from a tree in the forest and them being kids it’s poorly made.

          • rjhewgyrfu (aka ruifgyqforug)

            Actually, the tree in OoT is the “Great Deku Tree”. Since there are Deku Babas, Deku Sticks, and more, I assume that “Deku” is a certain family of species (or something). Therefore pretty much any tree in the Kokiri forest would be a Deku Tree.

    • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer


      • bs8814

        Pee off grammar nazi…

      • Vink

        Honestly, ever since I went to school I never really bothered about the words ‘there’ and ‘their’. Oh, could you please check my punctuation Mr Grammar?

        • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

          Well, you should bother. Not using the proper word makes you sound stupid. Just try putting “there” where you should put “their” on a job interview. See where that gets you.

  • Jean

    I like it! This inspires me to make my own *_____* But I think when I do I’ll have make it thicker. It looks a little flimsy to me.

    • ShadowsofTime

      Try making the wooden shield from the original game, it’d be so much easier.

      • linkypete

        except for the pixels…



  • Anonymous

    All bark, no bite. Good decoration though.

  • Tehlul

    Looks pretty brittle

  • Sir GearHeart

    You know after making a few shields of my own over the years, I never thought to do the Deku one, and for one reason, it seems like the hardest to do. Even harder than the mirror shield I did. So props to this artist.

  • Medley13

    One time when my friends and I were having a water gun fight, I kick bark off a stump for a make-shift shield. Coinsidently, it had the exact same shape of the Deku Shield -,-

  • JeredenDonnar

    well, make it out of wood not bark. That sorta looks like a mistake. I mean, better than mine, but eh.

  • Dark Majora

    not as good as the one featured in the past that i bought

  • KidNintendus

    3′ x 4’?!?! Doesn’t that seem a bit large for a child’s shield? He was only 12!

    • HeroofTime2195

      12? To my knowledge, the age gap was 9-16, not 12-19…

      • baileygirl99

        That sounds about right. (The 9-16 part)

        • Someone

          How does it sound right?

      • Jray

        I always thought it was 10-17…

        • pizzaman

          10!?!?! I’m sorry but that sounds a bit young. He wouldn’t be strong enough to lift the sword! Those things are heavy!
          Always thought 12-19 by the way.

          • Jray

            I don’t know why i’ve always thought that, i think i’ve heard it somewhere, but does anyone know if Nintendo’s ever revealed an official age? I just thought 10 because i always thought older link wasn’t quite an adult yet ( i think of 18 as adult) and there’s a 7 year difference between the two…(but maybe my thought of what age classifies as “adult” is off.. i dunno :P)

          • Someone

            I thought that it was 10-17 as well, it just sounds about right.

  • Navi the Fairy

    AWESOOOOOOOOOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That looks soooooo realistic!!! I TOTALLY want one!!!

  • bs8814

    “Hit the jump to see this masterpiece!”

  • itsameluigi1290

    I would so get that. Just gotta remember to keep it off of the radiators…

  • Midnafan

    this is really cool, something my mom would’ve probably come up with (sucks i never inherited her creative talent). i like how its a piece of bark but they even made it perfectly match the shape of the shield. :/

  • Hylia’s Consort

    That’s pretty nice.

  • baileygirl99

    That’s beast. it looks so real!

  • Link Fanatic

    Dude, it looks like they reached into the game and grabbed it. The cut is almost EXACTLY the same as it is in the game!

  • Turtles!

    Better stay away from fire then…

  • Link


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