Monday Comic Corner – Physics

DaveyFebruary 4th, 2013 by Davey

One of my favorite common themes of video game comics is the exploration of “what if it were just a little bit more real?” We all seem to be okay with the existence of made up characters, languages, and lands, and even other, stranger things like how Link can survive blazing heat by wearing a tunic, but the littlest aspects of gameplay just stick out as “wrong” sometimes. This Corpse Run Comics features a perfect example of what happens when you add more proper physics to a classic Ocarina of Time puzzle. Hit the jump to see the comic!

Though this never really bothered me while playing Ocarina of Time, I can guarantee you that in my future runs, I’ll keep this thing in mind. How exactly does the block stay upright the entire time Link is pushing it over the hole? Forget about the Goron’s Tunic miracle, this physic conundrum baffles me.

Speaking of which, how can Link even push that ginormous block? It looks like stone, has a huge surface area, and Link isn’t even that strong of a kid! Courage only get’s you so far! But I suppose, like all gamers, push aside these little “inconsistent with real life” moments, and enjoy the game for what it is.

And of course, to see some more comics by the same author, check out the comic’s page on Corpse Run Comics.

What did you think of the comic? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Corpse Run Comics

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  • linkasourous

    Zelda uses nintendo logic. Either that or Hylian physics are different than our lame real-world ones

    • blue

      or magic…

      • Ratchet25

        with wimsey

    • baileygirl99

      Nice theory. (No sarcasm)

      • shadowlink13

        he said with sarcasm

    • Cmaster

      I thought Nintendo used Zelda logic…

    • Ben 10

      Gwen: What’s that?

      Parados: That is the next universe over. I don’t like it at all; the physics are terribly counter-intuitive.

  • Dr_Stein

    Stupid physics, it ruins everything….

  • farore


    • baileygirl99

      Now now, there is no need to get feisty. (If that’s how you spell it) he probably just forgot or hasn’t played yet.

      • anon

        to be fair, a writer on a Zelda fan site should know that kind of thing, I mean, its really really basic Zelda knowledge.

        • Erik

          Except those bracelets do not appear in every game. Even without them, Link can move huge heavy blocks.

          • Palmer Insull

            Well you see those heavy blocks are styrofoam due to cutbacks ganon
            had to sell all of his weighed puzzle blocks :I

          • Brandikins11

            I say…it’s a game and it doesn’t have to follow the laws of physics. End of story.

          • farore

            but he is talking about ocraina of time.

    • ChuckNorrisLoZ

      Link doesn’t have those for the start of the game and yet he still pushes these giant blocks. I’m starting to wonder who’s the one who hasn’t played the *FREKEN* game.

    • ChuckNorrisLoZ

      Link doesn’t have the Goron Braclet in the Great Deku Tree, but you still push blocks bigger than yourself.

      • Guy

        And the goron braclet doesn’t fit adult link

        • Anonymous

          The Silver Gauntlets do.

    • zombie_eat_flesh

      Let’s not get ALL CAPS about it.

      • itsameluigi1290

        Yeah, no need for a CAPSload of text! *Shot*

    • Cmaster

      That’s a lot of exclamations man, just chill bro.

    • Mister

      Just so you know, I didn’t read your post. Why? Because at a glance I could tell it’s obnoxious.


      I no think link has goron bracelet or either gauntlets no afense

    • JeredenDonnar

      There are blocks in the Great Deku tree that are just like that. He still moves those. And lets not forget MM, the blocks that deku link can’t move yet suddenly kid link can? Come now.

    • MoethePoe

      Erm… In the Great Deku Tree Dungeon, he doesn’t have the Goron Bracelet, but he can still move it. I mean, maybe Navi helps him… or something.

    • npatoray24

      didnt the goron bracelet let you pick up bomb flowers?


        and grass

        • PickAName

          Link couldn’t pick up grass at first, yet he could move blocks twice his size….. makes sense

    • 60thchip

      the goron bracelet gives link strength of adult link, and since hes already adult link, he doesn’t need it, and if you use these things called eyes, the gauntlets are not on him.

    • Ratchet25

      For someone who claims to have played the game, you seem to forget about the first dungeon, or before entering the castle for that matter

  • MiniJen

    hahaha true true! I love how the first thing i noticed about this comic is that it the block has the old gerudo symbol on it that looked like the Muslim sign :)

  • HeroofTime123

    The answer to all the unrealistic moments of Zelda is simple… MAGIC! Just keep that in mind and the whole series will make perfect sense.

  • Turtles!

    Nintendo logic. End of story.

  • ThetaLink

    I guessed what was going to happen when I saw the first frames on the front page :D
    Also, could someone tell me what does the surface area of the cube have to do with difficulty of pushing it around?

    • Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule

      I was wondering that myself.

  • JuicieJ

    That was the first thing I thought of when I first pushed a block off of an edge in Ocarina of Time. I got over it because it’s a video game, but still. It’s pretty funny how it doesn’t happen.


    Link: *PUSH PUSH*
    Link: no
    Block:*falls like a dimand not a cube
    Link:Mother of crap
    Navi:I was going to say you can push that block
    Link:*the finger*

    • baileygirl99

      I read this and laughed so hard when there was a sad part in a movie going on. My mom was like “????”


    Just stop with the ALL CAPS and settle it im on here 2 hours before now i take a break i see the link to this page then i read the comic i look at the comments 5,0000000000 people have commented. then EVERYONES fighting over nothing upvote if you are with me bros and for the love of Nayru pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeas stop fighting

  • The Hylian Monolith

    The rock block is hollow.

    And a lot happens that we don’t see.

  • Alexandra

    Why does everyone question the physics in a fantasy game? It’s not supposed to make sense. ._.

  • Ryan Kieffer

    Perhaps the cube is weighted so the bottom is much heavier than the rest! And the inside doesn’t have to be solid, this way it could be pushed easily!

  • Hylia

    I’m with linkasourous on this one. It’s the only thing that makes any since. How ever I do not think that hyliana have better physical traits because in some instances their are things that are blocking others paths and YOU have to move it for them. So it must be Nintendo logic

  • waffle

    The real question is how the heck can he PULL a block?!

  • npatoray24

    hahha i lol’d

  • Hero of Time

    I think the real question is how Link pulls those blocks. I mean, how in Hyrule does Link pull a big heavy block that’s all smooth? I’m confused by that.

    • ChuckNorrisLoZ

      I agree.

  • Hero’s Shade:|

    Guys guys. Why are we asking how such huge blocks can be pushed? We are talking about Link here! And Link is a hard core badass mofo. He’s always been that strong.

  • The Unicorn Hanger-Outer

    You’ve already done this comic!! Oh…wait…I already read this over at corpse run. :P

  • The Unicorn Hanger-Outer

    IT’S A COMIC GUYS!!! It’s supposed to be humorous!

  • Anonymous

    You see, the blocks are hollow with a perfect anti-gravity field and a smaller block with 95% of its weight inside. The hollow inside is in the shape of a Rupee with a cubic center. When a block is pushed, the loose weight inside is forced against the side you’re pushing from. Since most of the mass within the block is against that side, the entire block could balance on the edge of a cliff. When the block starts falling, the weight is moved to the peak of the Rupee, balancing the block and allowing it to fall straight down without spinning.

    • Anon

      Well gee…

    • Nevan Lowe

      Cool theory (no sarcasm)

      • Anonymous

        Now the question is, why can’t they use that level of tech for anything else?!?

    • Alberto Mani

      That’s a clever theory!! Now we just need something to explain everything else in the game!

      • Anonymous

        Like… what?
        Creatures don’t count; Darwinism wins. Same for plant-creatures.
        Magic, gods, realms, etc. don’t count either. That is a religious question. In this (your religion) world, there are other realms (heaven, devil’s playground, purgatory?), possibly multiple deities, and some deities with unnatural powers. If the Hylian religion says that they’re so, then they’re so.

  • Terry Generet

    How does the surface area affect how hard it is to push something? Don’t tell me it’s because of friction, because that’s the same even with a smaller surface area.
    Perhaps that’s also caused by Hylian physics…

  • Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule

    Of all the things that don’t make sense in Zelda, why is this the one that stands out?

  • 60thchip

    also, how can you use your mirror shield in the spirit temple of oot when it is night?

  • yeah guy

    maybe hes pushing down on the block so the other end stays up

  • Lupine Hero

    Different world, different laws of physics. Still funny, though.

  • itsameluigi1290

    The block is obviously controlled by candy. I mean magnetism.

  • Omega

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the comic but, though this may be true, it doesn’t matter at all, because we’re talking about putting video games in real life, you might as well start about ganon’s transformations, midna changing into a 5-armed monster, magic and a whole list of other things

    • Omega

      and it would be fun if it happened for real in a Zelda game

  • sex

    In all seriousness, i think it would be great if Zelda games incorporated physics into their puzzles. Think about the possibilities with rolling bombs, or trick shots with arrows.

  • linkmasta427

    to answer one of your questions he can push it because of the strength gloves .-. it doesnt just involve lifting

  • Ethan Goh

    or like how he can backflip with ease over a fence into a wall without getting hurt. DAFAQ?

  • Dragon Ball Zelda

    Any flaws in logic can be attributed to the magic of the Golden Goddesses