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DaveyFebruary 18th, 2013 by Davey

A little over three weeks ago, Zac Gorman began selling “Magical Game Time: Volume. 1″, and I bought the PDF to browse all of his comics on my iPad. I quickly read though all of the comics, and I immensely enjoyed the whole collection, but this comic in particular stood out. For some reason, the way this comic was crafted made me appreciate the work of the artist, the comic medium, and the video game inspiration all in just a few colored panels. Hit the jump to read the comic and why I found this one particularly great!

Though I also really like the art style of Zac Gorman’s comics for Magical Game Time, the main reason I really enjoy his work is the messages strewn throughout them. Sometimes they’re about appreciating your parents or the comic style may even be the message itself, and this older work is simply about doing the right thing.

Though I’ve imagined most of Zac’s Link cartoons to be The Legend of Zelda Link, I suppose the character portrayed in this comic could be any Link. I think something can be said about the way video games can bring a community together as place for common ground, and also how a comic can utilize this medium to say something is incredible. I don’t know how well a non-Zelda fan would perceive this, but at least those of us who do understand can appreciate the message.

What did you think of the comic? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Magical Game Time

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    awwwww adorable.
    also by the way im ψ®Í†¡¡¡

  • Majora
    • Majora

      This guy made an HD OoT opening…I recognized the background music as Zelda Reorchestrated too, and in 1080p! (sorry if this is off-topic but I thought it was pretty cool)

    • Majora

      I know this is off topic (I just thought this was really cool) but this guy made a 1080p HD video of OoT opening with Zelda Reorchestrated music behind it!

    • Hurt.

      I hadn’t realized it until now but the original is so much better.
      It almost hurts.

      • Calanekeeps

        How is the original so much better that it hurts? I’m just curious about your answer.

  • Dakota Zouzias

    I really want to buy Zelda comic prints from Zac Gorman, but last time I checked his website he didn’t have the ones I wanted.

    And by that I mean none of his Zelda comics are for sale. Whomp.

  • Princess Zelda


  • JeredenDonnar

    I don’t get it.

    • ocarinahero310

      The comic shows he not selfish by him giving the dodongo his food even though he was starving.

    • ZoraBAW5

      yeah, me neither…

      • bleachfan190

        Well in the beginning it’s implied that he fed the baby octorok but was then beat up by its parent. Then at the end he gives his food to the baby dodongo knowing, or at least having the preminition that, its parents (in the background) would beat him up but it was still the right thing to do

  • Midnafan

    This is so cute, and the message is sweet. I have to say though, usually if i see something cute in the game: “awww, it’s an actually cute monster!” *kill it* *move on* :P

  • Mariobros618

    Are those giant Dodongos in the background? If they are I would be like Peeta and toss the leg to him and get out of there. Also how do you get a leg bone from an octorok?

  • SkullKid

    cuccos disagree with this

  • baileygirl99

    thats cute…how did Link manage to get the leg from the octorock even after being chased down by the parent? btw, that octorock parent is SERIOUSLY overprotective. :-P

  • Ben

    The right thing is giving the world over to me. Come on, Hero.

    • Mseevers95

      It’s not nice to threaten people Ben. Don’t make me play the Song of Healing.

      • Ben

        It’s a myth that the song of healing hurts me. I would actually love for someone to play it, because then I could haunt an actual moving person instead of a stupid cartridge. *Kid walks along. “Look at this pretty mask!” Puts on. Arrrrrgggghhh!* And then I have a mobile symbiote to haunt. And now I can haunt the whole town instead of one person with a game cartridge. And I can always the song of unhealing when I get bored of that. Do you want to be responsible for the destruction of a whole town? So, yeah. C’mon. I dare you.


    Very Clever! I like it!

  • Ike

    How is risking your life to feed a dangerous animal that is commonly viewed as a pest, that you will most likely have to kill when it grows up, the right thing? That’s just stupid.

  • Amber Evans

    It took me awhile to understand it. I didn’t notice the baby at first. But then I read it right to left, like a manga. So it was alittle confusing at first…

  • Linkfan99

    Wait… I don’t quite get it… why is the octorok parent mad, if Link was patting the child? And is the leg bone from the octorok? If so, how did Link get it, as in the 5th panel, it looks like he was running away from it. Also, why do the Dodongo parents look angry, if Link is doing a good thing for their child? I’m confwuzzed… :P