Monday Comic Corner – Ilia Says Happy Valentine’s Day

DaveyFebruary 11th, 2013 by Davey

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and of course, we have an accompanying Zelda comic. This comic features both The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess characters in a short, but funny scene.

Though we see Ilia and Toon Link pictured here, Twilight Princess Link and Toon Zelda come in to make things a little more interesting. The result is a hilarious twist in which one Link comes out a bit happier and with fewer injuries.

Can you guess what is going to happen? Perhaps if you’ve played Twilight Princess, you’ll know based on Ilia and Link’s relationship. Either way, hit the jump to read the comic!

Did you guess correctly? It appears that Toon Link’s humbleness worked for him, and Twilight Princess Link’s haughty attitude was not approved of by Ilia. He may be getting plenty of Valentine’s Day fanmail, but he can’t hide his arrogance from his closest friend. Probably something we should all keep in mind.

deviantART-ist aquanut created this comic all the way back in 2010, and it appears by the comments that it’s still getting attention. If you like Aquanut’s work, you can check out more work, including plenty of Zelda stuff on aquanut’s deviantART gallery. There’s even a specific folder for just Zelda!

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? Will it be more like Toon Link’s or Twilight Princess Link’s experience? Let us know in the comments!

Source: deviantART

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  • Anonymous

    Toon Link’s right. It’s actually for Tetra.

    • Gaseous Snake

      You know that Tetra and Zelda are the same person, right?

      • Cranbery

        you know, since i havnt played ww yet, it took me FOREVER to figure that out…

      • Tetra, NOT ZEDA
        • That One Guy

          They still are the same person. Tetra just doesn’t want to be called Zelda.

          • ………..

            No, her name is Tetra. It’s just that because of AoL’s Zelda and years of tradition that the princess is to be called Zelda. In Tetra’s case, it’s just a title.

          • Anonymous

            Actually, according to Nintendo, AoL is in one end of the timeline and Wind Waker is in another. AoL is in the era of Hyrule’s decline and Wind Waker is in the era of the great sea. So this makes the prince’s new tradition in AoL completely irrelevant to the timeline, and the long line of princesses named Zelda a freak coincidence.

          • Ratchet25

            You do know this is SP Link don’t you?

          • Anonymous

            ST Link and WW Link are one and the same.

          • Anonymous

            Whoops. PH and WW Link. I got mixed up by your SP.

    • JuicieJ

      I always figured it was Spirit Tracks Link.

      • baileygirl99

        Me too…

  • chuchuchu



    • Lord Carlisle


      You were SECOND!

      • Anonymous

        By one minute! I think his first counts, since it takes a few minutes to actually show up. Therefore, he was among the Firsts, who upload comments while none are visible.
        It’s better to just ignore the trolls… unless you’re sticking your wand up their nose or bludgeoning them with their own club…

        • itsameluigi1290


  • Cranbery

    giving hand made valentines are the best. i did it once and got the email of the person i like

  • Jo Five

    Since when is Twilight Princess Link haughty? I don’t see him hoarding girlfriends no matter how many times he wins the STAR game.
    Skyward Sword Link, on the other hand…

    • Cranbery

      yep! but to me i like all links! and you cant really tell much about them because they never really talk…

      • Naruto

        Yeah, they can be more serious, mysterious, and silent than Sauke! At least I know why they like the Links better than the teme, believe it!

    • firecrb

      No OOT Link has the most GF’s.

    • Linus Lehmann

      I think it’s due to the whole thing about him liking Midna, Zelda, and Ilia all in one game…. SS Link on that hand only has two. (one of which is not important to the story) Additionally there are a lot of girls who have crushes on Link in TP, (In-Game, and Out) whereas Skyward Sword, and Spirit Tracks Link have significantly less. (Why do I always post these long rambly comments?)

      • ghirahimhunter

        Um… who ever said he liked MIdna? Sure, as a friend, but not as a girlfriend.

        • frgovo

          Umm… you have seen what Midna looks like in the ending, haven’t you?
          That should explain. I suppose…

          • Amazing Link

            Not really. Link just didn’t like the idea of him having to relive what happened with Navi.

          • Darmani IV

            But, it’s a different Link….

          • ghirahimhunter

            I do know what she looks like in the end. I’m saying, it wouldn’t work because she leaves at the end. It just wouldn’t work out.

          • Linus Lehmann

            Doesn’t mean he didn’t “love”” her.

          • ghirahimhunter

            No I know. He could love her as a friend.

        • Tom Peters

          Why do you think they both cried when Midna broke the Mirror of Twilight???

          • ghirahimhunter

            I’m only in the Eldin Twilight Realm. I know only a little about the end.

      • zark

        wo else in ss liked link

        • ghirahimhunter

          Other than Zelda? That creepy Item Check girl Peatrice.

    • Alan Da Cruz Nascimento

      Link appears without shirt for fisht sumô. rawr. -u-

    • itsameluigi1290

      Well, in Brawl we usually pretend that Link is dumb and snooty, like with Sonic, Marth, Roxas and all the other characters we love XD

    • LinkInMyHead

      TP Link had fangirls… tho I dont think he loarded it over us… SS Link just likes trolling Groose

    • trippytriforce

      Zelda 2 link… nuff said

  • rulerofyourface

    Toon Link is too adorable and tiny D:

  • MiniJen

    Aww… CUTE! though i gotta say, i would totally send Link fangirl mail!!! :D he’s so hot… and Toon Link and Zelda make such a cute couple!!!

  • anon

    Its less funny when you guys explain it, you know.

  • EeveeChan

    This is gonna spawn even more Zelink fanfic

    • Ake Sha

      At least it’s not Link/Illia. Ewwww.

      • Someone

        I actually think that Link/Ilia is cute, but I guess everybody has it’s own opinion.

        • Locke64

          Not as cute as Epona/Ilia

  • Nikki

    Neither of the experiences(Toon Link or Twilight Princess Link’s experience). I’m not doing anything for Valentine’s Day.

  • James Kensel

    I’ve-a got nobody… sigh. Poor TP Link.

  • bs8814

    Ha, funny

  • Sombody you don’t know

    Mabye I’ll do somthing like what Toon Link did……

  • Cmaster

    Just goes to show how all the Links have different personalities. (I didn’t think that the TP link would be such a jerk though…)

    • Nevan Lowe

      I like Young Link’s personality from MM or OOT. Read the Manga and you will too.

      • Cmaster

        Oh yeah I love the Mangas I have all of the Zelda ones except minish cap and they are all great.

  • baileygirl99

    XD I love this comic! I laughed. Out loud. I’m still kinda chuckling.

  • Nevan Lowe

    They should have had OOT Link. He had 4 girlfriends.

  • Locke64

    It’s okay, I bet Ilia got a nice valentine from Epona. Link’s too insensitive for her.

  • itsameluigi1290

    Hardy har har.

    Merry Valentines day… eh, it doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  • Anonymous

    I never found TP Link to be arrogant to people-especially the ladies. In fact, I found him rather quiet (not in the sense that he doesn’t talk) and shy. But everyone interprets characters differently. I also think that Ilia was the most realistic love interest in TP. One more thing: why is Ilia barefoot for the entire game? You’d think hanging with horses and goats would prompt oneself to wear shoes, no?

    • Demise

      Then the creation cutscene where a bunch of illias fall head down would’ve been less freaky. :P

      • Anonymous

        I don’t get it……I may be just slow, or your using some evil spell on me Demise…

        • rjhewgyrfu (aka ruifgyqforug)

          After you restore the light to Lanayru, the spirit tells you of the creation of Hyrule. It’s FREAKY. (It’s the one that tells you of the Dark Interlopers and all that.) And towards the end, you see Illia, falling head downwards right in front of you, giggling, almost shoving her feet in your face. Then about 15 other illias fall down, giggling…

          Don’t ask me what the cutscene means…

          • Anonymous

            Oh….yes……(not those memories…nightmares have returned)

  • George Costas

    but toon zelda became tetra, unless it’s spirit tracks zelda!

  • tawm

    skyward sword link eh.what other girlfriend other than zelda does he have.beatrice? hes not a male slut

  • Kieroni

    I think OoT Link wins the prize of most girlfriends. In-game that is. Ruto (who pledges her eternal love to you), Malon, Saria, and Zelda. There’s also Nabooru if you remeber her comment on how cute Link is. Of course, does he ever show any reaction? Well, he seems scared of Ruto but who can blame him?

  • Dragon Ball Zelda

    I assume that is the Toon Zelda from Spirit Tracks, because that hardly seems like Tetra.

  • Kyle Bennett

    Since when can Link talk? GG.