Mas’ Zelda Collection 043 – Au’some Link Klik Candy Dispenser

Mases HagopianFebruary 17th, 2013 by Mases Hagopian

In the latest collection video, we look the Au’some Link Klik Candy Dispenser. This was a Bubble Gum and Smarties candy dispenser released in 2001 by Au’some Candies. Nintendo licensed out three of their characters for these products including Link, Mario, and Donkey Kong. As a collectible, this item isn’t too rare at all and can be found fairly frequently on eBay for less than $10. If you are a collector and want a licensed item that is relatively cheap, this item is a perfect addition to your collection.

You can go ahead and make the jump to see this weeks video. Also, I usually try to upload a brand new collection video every week to our YouTube Channel, so if you want to see the latest items before they hit the Zelda Dungeon front page, than be sure to subscribe over at YouTube.

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  • sombody you don’t know


  • baileygirl99

    I got mine at a candy store for under 2 bucks. The candy doesn’t taste very good. At all.

  • Grace Catherine Williamson

    I got one for chrismas from a friend, and he wrote on the label “it’s dangerous to go alone. Take this!” Made me smile :P

  • angrymasksalesman

    I got this once. Didn’t think it was too special…

  • Triforce

    I got like 4 of those from Hot Topic then found them at Toys R’ Us.


  • M2-Wes

    I work at Toys R Us and find them there all the time! Great item!

    • Triforce

      Awesome! That’s where I found them.

  • ShadowBeast

    I got one recently at a corner shop.. For about a euro… Would not recommend eating the candy either, bleh. XD