Majora’s Memes – The Legend of Profitability

Welcome to Majora’s Memes, where we bring you memetic madness weekly!

Like scouring Hyrule Field for bushes that hopefully contain Rupees or bombs or arrows, we search the Internet for Zelda-related laughs. This week we saw better response to the request for help finding those laughs. Special thanks to Bear, Maeta Harunai, and Hero of Time for contributing. Unfortunately, we did not use Bear’s. We try to maintain at least a level of family-friendliness here. Granted, this is the Internet, so that may be an object lesson in futility, but better to try and fail. And finally, props to Tito Burgess for painstakingly posting a list of everything Mario has ever said in response to the speech therapy meme. Okay, we get it, he talks. But he’s not exactly reciting Shakespeare or delivering the Gettysburg Address, is he? But seriously, we appreciate the contribution to the argument, and the amount of time it must have taken to compile that list. And with that, we have a list of our own. A list of this week’s memes! We hope you like them!

Our first post this week, as well as the post’s namesake, comes from AdrianaEternity. It’s always fun to use Zelda to poke fun at other video game developers isn’t it?

Wolfcry1996 posted this little comic to Memebase, which is a twist on a joke that many of us are surely familiar with by now.

This post called “Oh Zelda” by marcoa84 from MemeCenter makes a similar joke.

The Internet was made for cats. It’s a fact. Google it. And this pic from Hero of Time brings the Internet’s true purpose and Zelda together.

And finally, thanks to Maeta Harunai for contributing not one, but two memes! This first one I believe is a Calvin and Hobbes joke, but I could be completely wrong. If you know, comment!

And finally, we have a good old visual pun at Link’s expense.

That wraps up this week’s Majora’s Memes! As usual, if you have a meme you’d like us to feature, leave it in the comments!

  • firecrb

    The second one is very true :P

  • MiniJen

    haha love the second one lol


    these are all really funny. once again, zelda wins.

    by the way, heres a great gif.

    hopeful it will be put in next one cuz its funny and i uploaded first.

    • Guy

      i dont get it…

      • Death the Kid

        He messed up, you can’t upload gifs using disgus.
        Here’s the actual gif:

        • Italy Veneziano

          Oh haha that’s awesome.

        • Guy

          Lol, tnx

        • Linkachu72

          i love it! u totally made my day!


    uh oh. it didnt work. i guess i should just tell you all to google realistic legend of zelda gif……
    by the way oops im second sorry.

  • Guy

    The second one is how i always feel lol!

  • Morten Hoeben


  • diabloaura

    The second one describes my view on the people at my school. We don’t want that in the gene pool.

    • Some Rando

      Ah, well don’t shoot them please.

      • linkypete

        I won’t shoot them. I’ll just stab them MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • Tito Burgess


    • linkypete

      Same here. sometimes, I just want to shoot them.

      • diabloaura

        little creepy there man.

  • Hyourinmaru

    If that’s what link looks like female then I’m starting to be alright with the mistake. I’m either gonna get a lot of likes from perverts like me. Or a lot of dislikes and rage comment from people who are like “HOW DARE YOU!!!” XD

    • bs8814

      True dat

    • Cmaster

      HOW DARE YOU!!!!!… JK its funny

    • firecrb

      (Creeper mode on) Yep, but if that’s what female link look’s like I’m fine with that
      (Creeper mode off)

    • itsameluigi1290

      Hm, well, if she wore pants I wouldn’t mind so much…

      • Cmaster

        I’d say about 20 people actually looked back up at the picture after reading your quote to see if she was wearing pants.

        • itsameluigi1290

          Hah hah hah XD

    • trippytriforce

      saying a female is attractive without getting too sexual isn’t creepy, its a complement.

    • Flexor35

      well, if you want to see more female links, you can trying going on Deviantart and look at all the fan made art of link if he was female

  • Anonymous

    Looking at this on my phone, I touch the last picture for too long and it says “Share Link”…

  • Tito Burgess
  • Blakenator

    Did anybody how strangely similar the two characters in the second meme are to Lucy and Erza from Fairy Tail…?

    • Kyle

      Oh wow, I didn’t even think of that! I just discovered Fairy Tail a few weeks ago, so you’d think I would have!

  • Mseevers95

    I want to pay someone to dress up as Link and then go into a China Shop and smash everything with a Master Sword.
    So anyone wanna pool their money with me?

    • Tomfire9

      Then we should dress up a boar as Gannon and let it loose in that shop after Link in done with it.

  • blue

    Here are a couple of memes I’d like to share:

    • Anonymous

      For the second one, the timestamp of the lovely phrases:

      SS: Right after Link caught Zelda falling from the Amber.

      ALttP: After the end credits. LONG after the end credits.

      Wind Waker: right after Tetra gets the outfit change.

      OoT: Right before you’re teleported back in time, but not soon enough for Zelda to stop.

      LoZ: Right when you walk into the room.

      Twilight Princess: As Wolf Link the second time you see her. What? No other time makes more sense to say it to Zelda than to Midna!

    • Emma Mix

      I’ve seen the second one on facebook before… It’s one of my faves…

    • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

      The third one is the best.

  • zeldaman101

    I MUST BE DRUNK BECAUSE LINK looks like he or she is wearing a school girl skurt.
    Just to be careful im going to play all the zelda games, and solve this gender problem. Note all you perves better stop looking under links scurt!

  • bs8814

    I love the first one about EA, I hate EA with a passion. They make you buy everything at least twice because of their crappy store and then the actual game doesnt even work!!

  • Tehlul

    The rEApers want to indoctrinate Zelda and turn it into
    The Legend of DLC

  • Linkmations

    I like the last one the most.

  • Hero of Time

    I was thrilled to see my meme here, guys. My favorite is the Dead Link one. Kudos to whoever made that meme!

  • Link

    Here’s a meme for you guys, I hope you like it!

  • baileygirl99

    XD loved these!!!!

  • Joshua Burns

    “Better kill it before it breeds”- lol classic
    If she were real I’d marry that girl…if she is I’ll consider it :p

  • Michael Medina

    How do i Post stuff like this to the home page?

  • itsameluigi1290

    Hmm. I dunno, these were okay. The second one wasn’t very funny at all, plus the girl’s shirt was way too revealing.


  • Rose

    the last one is my iPhone wallpaper!! XD

  • Merv?

    this is a fav of mine

  • Haley Carra

    I dressed up as female Link for Halloween. (Ya know. When my hair was blonde.)
    So many people called me Zelda, I wanted to stab them with my sword. =~= Too bad it was plastic.

  • Emma Mix

    Just saw the “better kill it before it breeds” one yesterday hehehe

  • Tetra

    L uv in comic how she says ‘ Better kill it before it breeds’. HAHA! nice one.

  • Smallchocolatebar

    I want to share this meme I made with you guys, hope you like it ^^

  • Tito Burgess

    lol thanks guys.

  • Cranbery

    skull kid is being a brat!
    “You wont play my way? Ok! I WILL KILL YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • npatoray24

    i love this new section on zd these are too good, and that girl is cute haha

  • Dat Rito

    “Better kill it before it breeds” LOL

    That cat picture is amazing and wow, dat female Link. I should go and see some hot female Zelda fans. …. Dat stockings… Dat Leather… I should stop now – sorry people.

  • RubyDragonCat