Majora’s Memes – The Legend of Jedi: Ganon Strikes Back

KyleFebruary 19th, 2013 by Kyle

Welcome to Majora’s Memes, where we bring you memetic madness weekly!

Like scouring Hyrule Field for bushes that hopefully contain Rupees or bombs or arrows, we search the Internet for Zelda-related laughs. And wow, you guys really stepped it up this week! We have a lot of memes contributed by users this week, so yellow rupees will be distributed to blue, Tito Burgess, Merv?, smallchocolatebar, RubyDragonCat, and Link. With the help of these contributions, this may very well be the largest Majora’s Memes post to date! (Even if they’re almost exclusively from Memebase this week)

To start things off, we’ll get the user-contributed posts out of the way! One of our users, blue, gave us a couple of ideas. The first one is a galactic spin on a familiar scene.

Now here’s the other contribution from blue. This joke has been taken further on other sites like Memecenter, but we’ll just leave you with this one.

We’ve joked about this several times, especially when the meme-makers do this one to death, but I think the sinister edge to this one sells it. Thanks to Tito Burgess for sharing!

Rage faces are, well, all the rage right now. We’ve had a couple on this feature, but this one that we got from Merv? might take the cake.

We love it when our own users create content. So when smallchocolatebar sent us a link to a meme he made on Memebase, we couldn’t pass it up!

I’m a little surprised that I never saw this joke coming. Thanks to RubyDragonCat for sending us this image posted to Memebase by AdrianaEternity!

And finally, we have Link giving us a meme from CatSoftLOLZ capturing a common frustration.

Thanks to all the users who contributed this week! Up next, we have a comic posted to Memebase by AdrianaEternity via Nami-Tsuki. I know I’ve done this before. Sucks when it’s Ocarina of Time and thus there’s no Song of Healing.

Clucknadus managed to take a meme like “Good Guy Rick” and make a Zelda joke with it. Show of hands, how many people follow Rick’s example too?

An anonymous user submitted this comic via TailofTwoKitties to Memebase. As much as I like Fi, I have to admit this is both fair and accurate.

AdrianaEternity has been busy this week! Posting via Tavoriel, we get a send-up to both Majora’s Mask and Vincent van Gogh.

In real life, I hate it when people say YOLO. But this post from sness107 captures what I think could be a positive spirit to the phrase.

Last Thursday was Valentine’s Day (as if you didn’t know), and love was in the air. As a result, we get this funny picture from an unknown Memebase user posting via Jaime Ugarte.

And speaking of Valentine’s day, The_Fool_on_the_Hill, posting via TwikiConcept, thinks that these would make the perfect gift for any gamer.

And finally, I wish we knew who posted this GIF to Memebase, because quite frankly, it’s hilarious! Next time I play Ocarina of Time I’m totally trying this.

That’s it for this week’s Majora’s Memes! Check back next week for more Zelda-related funnies! As usual, we love your comments and any memes you might come across!

Source: Memebase

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  • King Dodongo

    I like the one that says “Plays Link’s Awakening, doesn’t steal the bow.”

  • Name

    About the gif, I thought that was common knowledge.

    • Morten Hoeben

      I second that.

      • Scott Reika Ripberger

        Third. I love screwing the rules and laws of physics in games.

  • Jake Vendt

    Dat’s me! I’m a good guy Greg too! I didn’t steal the bow neither!!!!

    • L Lawliet

      I can honestly say that I didn’t either! Me three!

      • Guess what

        Never knew you could steal the bow, until my 8th play through.

  • Kablamogroup

    Little known fact (unless you’re a Zelda fan, or have played OoT so many times you know all the tricks): Song of Healing may not be in OoT, but you can still fix the sign by playing Zelda’s Lullaby.

    • Kablamogroup

      PS: I’m kicking myself that I never realized until today how much the Spooky Mask looks like “The Mask” from the Jim Carrey movie of the same name.

      • Kablamogroup

        PPS: I would totally play a Zelda game with Star Wars tiles!

  • Dr_Stein

    I’m a pretty princess!!! XD

  • JeredenDonnar

    I don’t get the last one. But I want a zelda Keychain!!!

    • Cmaster

      It shows how you SHOULD get hit by the monster but apparently climbing up ladder saves you.

  • Talicor

    Omigoosh! The gif is what I used to do ALL THE TIME! Just to screw around with those guys! Ahhhh… Good times. Good times…

  • MiniJen

    I’ve seen that Zelda’s reaction one at least a thousand times now, but it still always makes me laugh! After all, its so accurate!!!

  • ghirahimhunter

    all my want are belong to keychains

  • Ender44

    Stole the bow immediately, and i never looked back.

  • You’ll never know

    I played Link’s Awakening and stole the bow.

    • linkasourous

      U’re Scumbag Steve!

  • drnedaj

    I always did that in ocarina of time… I thought it was common knowledge

  • Tito Burgess

    Thanks guys

  • Tito Burgess
  • JuicieJ

    Dude, I did that ladder thing with the Moblins ALL THE TIME as a kid. It’s so fun to troll them. XD

  • Cmaster

    I am so ordering those key chains. They look awesome.

  • itsameluigi1290

    Me: You are boring!

    TP Zelda: Oh, I see.

    Me: …Drat, it’s no fun if they aren’t angry…

  • blue

    Believe it or not, I didn’t find the water temple to be that hard (yes, I’m going to be THAT guy). I played ocarina of time as one of my first Zelda games; playing through not knowing or caring what I was doing, and this oblivious feel was never broken by the water temple. I even had the same feel for the MASTER QUEST water temple. I only found myself using a guide to get everhting 100% in the MQ. NOW THAT’S A CHALLENGE!!!
    Btw, yay! they posted my shared suggestions!!

    • CChaplin

      Agreed, I never found the Water Temple to be inconsistently difficult compared to the rest of the dungeons… I’m not sure where the reputation comes from.

  • Mseevers95

    I gotta agree with TP Zelda’s reaction. She is the textbook definition of Ice Queen

  • The Blade of Evil’s Bane

    Lol the Fi thing is so true… and I’ve got to try the OoT Moblin thing, I’d never heard about it before! :)

  • Morten Hoeben

    Good guy Rick??

  • Fierce.Deity

    I want that Kirby keychain!!!

    • sombody you dont know

      i love kirby! i just got kirby mass attack today.

  • Fierce.Deity

    I like the way MM Link looks there.

  • itsameluigi1290

    The 3rd one, what’s that from? Is it an ad for something?

  • hey listen!

    Yeah! The saga begins on my birthday!

    • Lupine Hero

      Well then, happy birthday 43 days early! (I’d probably forget, so I’ll just do it now.)

    • The twilight prince

      Begins on my bday, too XD

  • linkypete

    Actually, zelda’s lullaby does fix signs in OoT just like the song of healing does in MM.

  • Groosenation

    I really like how the Skyward Sword Zelda just openly blurts out “I Love you too!” in response. Dur hur hur!

  • Merv?

    Yay! They postedn the “I’m a pretty princess” one! I have been posting that pic on like the last
    3 Majora’s Memebases!


    They are really cool and Funny!

  • (insert a FUCKING name here)

    here are some memes i would like to share

    • Guy

      I like te navi one lol!

      • Kabro006

        i kinda hated it since i hate the song…

        • Guy

          Me too, but its a PARODY of it! LOL :D!

    • [insert your **** here]

      MIDDLE ONE!!!!!!!!!

    • Linkachu72

      5 negatives: say yes!

  • Link

    Lol, I am CatsoftLOLZ.

  • Link

    Also, I have another meme :

  • Hero of Time

    A new meme for you guys!

  • Emma Mix


  • Kabro006

    If you destroy a sign in OoT you can repair it with zeldas lullaby….

  • Joshua Burns

    Lol I own a shirt which has the first meme on it (thankyou
    As for the last meme I thought that was my crowning achievement in Ocarina…bit like how I figured out how to jump up a ramp by switching to zora mask in Majora’s Mask lol

  • RockMan.EXE
  • Kravik

    What is the deal with the *.gif? I do not get it…

  • Dark Majora

    The secound one ive seen alot
    and i love the the mask one haha.

    • Dark Majora

      and about wind waker zelda’s reaction i always doubted that one all the otheres seem true enough

  • MegaQuack8

    in the second last one look where the chain is connected to megaman….

  • Zelda is the Bomb!!!

    *sees Zelda keychains*

  • jake c

    the last one: “Like a Boss”