Majora’s Mask’s moon originally had no face

ChristinaFebruary 19th, 2013 by Christina

One of the most notable icons of Majora’s Mask is the moon. Whether you are playing, watching someone else play, looking at pictures, or simply talking about the game someone always mentions the moon. How could you not? It is one of the central focuses of the game. Whenever you look in the sky it is staring down at you while it gets closer and closer to Termina as the days pass by. The face on the moon adds a sense of urgency to the quest. It personifies the moon in a way that a normal moon would not have. Did You Know Gaming has provided us with another Zelda fact discussing the moon in early versions of Majora’s Mask. Jump inside to read about it.

Do you think the moon is made better by having a face? Would a moon crashing into Termina be less threatening if it didn’t? Does it not matter either way? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Source: Did You Know Gaming?

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  • itsameluigi1290

    When it has no face, it’s about 5 times less threatening :/

    • Nevan Lowe

      Yeah. I’m glad it has a face. Or not glad. I’m scared. no, I’m glad! WHATEVER!

      • itsameluigi1290

        XD lol.

    • firecrb

      If the moon didn’t have a face the game wouldn’t be as interesting.

      • itsameluigi1290


    • bs8814

      Not 5 times less, it just wouldn’t be threatening at all.

      • linkypete


  • sombody you don’t know

    it would of been just crazy without a face

  • TheMinishPants

    I don’t want to live in a world whose moon doesn’t have a face.

    • Awesome

      Anyone think that should be NASA’s next project? Carve a face into the moon?

      • Clockwerk Orange


        • Debora Brak

          Me too. But is has to be a nice face. ….A Link-face. Wich Link? Or Tingle??/(NOOO)

  • Aaron hill

    it would not have been has menacing and atmospheric if the moon did not have a face and besides the face looks cool.

  • Dionysian

    I never found the face necessary. The moon wasn’t the evil entity and had no reason to look scary, it was just a tool for Majora’s will. That said, I always thought it looked more comical than scary. I would have found it more intimidating were it faceless. /$0.02

  • joegoku

    If the moon had no face there would be no Moontear ;)

    • Hero_of_Skyloft

      There probably would have been a moon rock instead ;)

  • Lon Lon Lady

    Things would not be the same if the moon didn’t have a face. I’m glad they made the decision that they did.

  • Mike Sauer

    I think it would have been fine without a face…but the moon is basically it’s own character at the end, and it would have been weird to see the moon speak without a face.

    However… They could have left it as a normal moon, and had the face appear at the end as some creepy plot twist when it says it’ll consume everything. Like have parts of the moon break off and crash to the ground and the face is revealed. Or something.

    • itsameluigi1290

      “Like have parts of the moon break off and crash to the ground and the face is revealed.”

      That would give me nightmares ._.

      • PRDX4

        Or have the moon do a complete 180 turn super fast so it shows the face.

        • Meg Rose

          now that would give me nightmeres…

    • Axle the Beast

      I think a disembodied voice coming from the moon would be really creepy — though possibly more-so had the game had voice-acting — but I love your idea of the face appearing at the end. That’s genius.

      • itsameluigi1290

        Whoa, Axle calling someone’s idea genius? I’VE NEVER HEARD!

    • amir

      I don’t know…For me, one of the reasons the moon was so threatening in Majora’s Mask wasn’t just because it was a constant reminder of the threat to Termina, but also because it always seemed to be watching you with its eyes. Wherever you went, you could see it’s face, staring down at you. The face made it so much creepier.

  • Fang

    If the moon didn’t have a face, how Majora could get back there?

  • Janken

    We always see the moon under the influence of Majora’s power, maybe the moon by itself has no face and that the face was formed when it Majora’s power started to push it down.

    • Denny

      I always figured the moon was just a manifestation created by Majora, and not the “real” moon. (obviously the real moon would be a lot larger).

  • Westar

    The game wouldn’t be as “dark” as it is if the moon didn’t got his face. It shows its face when it realizes it’s going to be an innocent mass murderer.

  • Mseevers95

    The face makes it look like Majora giving you a constant reminder of who your main concern should be.

  • sporty

    The face is iconic

    • itsameluigi1290

      When I first read this, I thought it said “The face is Sonic”, and I was like, “IT’S NO USE!”

  • ShadowsofTime

    The moon with the fac:, creepy, epic, totally must stay in the game.

  • ShadowBeast

    I took the moon more seriously because of it’s face. It might look a bit odd, but it definitely looks threatening.

  • 60thchip

    i think that the fact of dieing by a moon is scary, face or no face

  • Axle the Beast

    I wouldn’t do away with the current moon, but to be honest I actually really like the old look too. That artwork on the right is one of my favorite pieces of Majora’s Mask art ever, and I don’t think the normal moon there does anything to diminish the tone of the game. As it stands, within the game, the moon personifies the threat — as you said, Christina — and therefore, in a way, makes it less alien and more identifiable, albeit in a highly bizarre way. A simple sphere of rock, a familiar sight, becoming an apocalyptic threat? That’s no less disturbing to me.

    Like I said I’d never do away with the current moon, but I think I’d have liked the game exactly as much had they gone with a traditional moon.

    By the way, where did get this info? I’ve never heard of this. Probably they’re right, but what I don’t like about their stuff is they never explain why, and that’s important in case they got things wrong. I’ve blatantly /disagreed/ with them on some stuff that I did know about before; they need to back up their claims.

    • itsameluigi1290

      “A simple sphere of rock, a familiar sight, becoming an apocalyptic threat? That’s no less disturbing to me.”

      Yeah… you’re right. Especially if you stare at it for a long… long… long time– AAAAAAGH SO SCARY! *Hides*


    I love it without a face! The Face makes it way more freaky! :0

  • Corgand-James Svendsen

    no face = no moons tear so the game would possibly be un compleatable

  • Alan Da Cruz Nascimento

    face >>>>>>> faceless

  • Nachoman11

    I learned this in this gaming mysteries episode! copy this and go to the site.

  • Some Rando

    I think Nintendo wanted the moon to be a character and that’s why they gave him a face. Otherwise he would just be an object. The moon is really just another victim of Majora :( it’s so sad…

  • Michael Medina


  • JeredenDonnar

    the moon’s tear wouldn’t have made any sense.

  • Evan

    I don’t like the face on the moon, because it’s pretty creepy…

  • GhoustlyGengar99

    really I just glad they made a face because I am soooooo scared when ever I look at that thing and I love being scared.

  • Truth

    It’d look more threatening and realistic without the face…

  • L Lawliet

    When I first played the game many years ago, the moon’s face REALLY freaked me out. But looking back on it now, I find that its grotesque features truly amplifies the constant apocalyptic threat looming on the horizon, acting as a frequent reminder for Link to continue his quest to correct Termina’s dilemma with urgency.

  • Link13385

    actually the moon would of been more realistic if it didnt have a face but i wouldve liked if the moon would only have a face until the final 5 hours and at the end of the game when majoras mask flies into the moon and it says “I will consume, consume all” that wouldve been much more startling in my opinion whats your thoughts

  • Link13385

    and i always thought it was majora possesing the moon in the end not the moon physicaly talking and i notice someone else said that i just didnt reead the comment before i posted srry dudes and dudettes

  • Fire and Ice Arrows


  • oozy the wolf

    it needed a face or the moons tear wouldn’t have worked out

  • The King of Red Lions

    The Moon is an icon of the game, aside from it’s creepy look, it’s the source of the Moon’s Tear and it’s mouth is how Majora’s Mask enters and possesses the Moon. (or as I like to call the moon, ‘Majora’s Moon’)