Incredible realistic Master Sword render (Updated)

JordanFebruary 21st, 2013 by Jordan

With The Wind Waker Wii U on the horizon, Nintendo certainly has Zelda fans wondering about how many other favorite games in the series would look in HD or with updated graphical styles. While we have already seen Ocarina of Time in better detail thanks to the 3DS, Redditor maxenizer has given us a glimpse of how the game could have looked on Wii U with a more detailed style. Maxenizer’s awesome render depicts the Hero of Time’s finding of the Master Sword from Link’s point of view. Jump in to see this incredible work of computer art!

The image depicts the first moment after the Door of Time opened, as Navi flew forward to inspect the Master Sword ahead of Link. It is very well detailed, so be sure to click to picture to see the whole thing.

As is common among artists, maxenizer has taken some liberties with his work. Instead of the Door of Time we are all familiar with, he used a large wooden double-door for the picture to add to the “big reveal” effect. Plus, his original render also featured Navi as pink, but he remade it with a blue fairy to make fellow Redditors happy. Maxenizer has also promised to make more versions with the doors changed and with other tweaks in response to the unexpected popularity of the picture.

How do you like maxenizer’s render? Do you enjoy this depiction of the Master Sword, or do you think it could have been better? Be sure to let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to head on over to Reddit and tell maxenizer how you like the work yourself!

Updated 11:00CST 2/21/2013: Maxenizer made another comment today on his Reddit post and added an improved version of the render. This time around, he rendered it with more samples and improved the textures a bit. You can tell by looking at the bricks in the background that their textures are not as uniform as before; just another improvement to an already great picture!

Source: Reddit

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  • zombie_eat_flesh

    The Door of Time opened up, not out.

    • Jordan D.

      It also wasn’t made of wood. Maxenizer took a few liberties styling the render how he wanted, but he has stated that he’ll be making more versions with different doors and/or remove them completely.

  • richa

    thats awesome!!! <3___<3

  • Cranbery

    I think this is REALLY awesome! he did a great gob!

  • linkypete

    I think I just peed my pants from all this awesome.

  • Hurt.

    I get it. This is depicting what actually happened. Ganon couldn’t figure out how to open a wooden door, so he had to go get a child to do it for him!
    it all makes sense now!

    • Evil Tim

      He was afraid of splinters.

    • Thunderlite421

      Or perhaps Gannon is one of the aliens from Signs. You know, “They seem to have trouble with pantry doors.”

      • L Lawliet

        In that case, Ganon was a good problem solver in that he “found a way in.” (He got Link to open the doors for him.)

        Still, Link goofed; he should’ve been wearing a foil helmet to prevent Ganon from reading his thoughts.

  • linkasourous

    Isn’t that the Twilight Princess Master Sword in Ocarina of Time setting?

    • Emi the Hylian Elf

      They’re the same, smart one. ._.


    It is EPIC!!!!

  • itsameluigi1290



  • Guy

    The door is a little weird, but I still love it. The only thing that really bugs me is that the stone isn’t a grey rock, it’s a smooth, white marble. Other than those 2 things, it’s GREAT!

    • snakeoiltanker

      it is marble dude, havent you seen the black marble with the white swirls and whatnot in it. i though it was marble in the picture right off the bat! I love this pic

      • Guy

        I love it 2, but in OoT it is white marble, and i personally prefer white marble (in this case)

  • SonicHunter

    Um. How is it possible to improve on this? Maybe the three spiritual stones floating around in the foreground?

    • Jordan D.

      I keep thinking he can’t improve it, then he does. :D

  • npatoray24

    i think this is junk personally

  • Waker of Winds

    This is excellent. What rendering program did you use? Blender?

  • bs8814

    Dats real nice :)

  • Princess Zelda

    That is cool!

  • jorden1506

    only the door really really fails

  • VitaTempusNexus92

    Amazing! xD

  • DekuNut

    It really isn’t that great.

  • DekuNut

    It really isn’t that good. The same bitmap textures are being reused on every other brick. The bricks also look like they are bending at the corners??? Bricks don’t bend. The lighting’s okay but the whole thing is kind of preschool if you ask me. Why does everyone think this is so good? Just because it’s Zelda related?