IGN explains how The Wind Waker can be improved on Wii U

TimothyFebruary 26th, 2013 by Timothy

Nintendo is planning to release its next Zelda game as an HD remake of the GameCube masterpiece, The Wind Waker, during Fall this year and already Zelda fans are wondering what the gaming giant will do to create a more unique experience this time around. Gaming site IGN has written an article detailing how they think The Wind Waker HD would be a great improvement over the original in terms of more than just the graphical side of specifications by explaining needed polishing in other key areas of this much-loved Zelda title.

If you would like to view IGN’s suggestions on how to create a better experience for The Wind Waker HD remake then be sure to click the jump below!

IGN starts the article with the ever-popular complaint of the tiresome need to keep swinging that magical baton to choose where the wind should blow before embarking on the King of Red Lions towards your destination. IGN says that if this continuous need to play the same baton-swinging sequence was eliminated, gamers would find the sailing aspect of The Wind Waker to be more enjoyable, especially considering the amount of ocean-sailing needed during the game.

IGN also thinks the Triforce quest needing to be completed right before the game’s end should be either revamped or eliminated. Because Link can’t collect the eight Triforce segments until after picking up the eight sea charts which show him the locations of these pieces, this quest can seem tiring. IGN says the Triforce could easily and more logically split into three pieces rather than the designated eight otherwise the sacred power should be found by the need of completing a certain dungeon.

IGN also wants discarded dungeons to be implemented into The Wind Waker HD such as the two which Mr. Eiji Aonuma has constantly said were left out because of lack of time. Remember meeting the great fish Jabun to collect Nayru’s Pearl? IGN says Link should have needed to enter into the fish and complete the dungeon to collect Nayru’s Pearl (much like the Jabu-Jabu dungeon in Ocarina of Time) rather than just having a blatant conversation with him.

Finally, IGN wants Wii U to support off-TV play with The Wind Waker HD to make this the first official portable GameCube game. IGN thinks the inventory system should be placed on the Wii U GamePad so accessibility will be much easier than having to pause the game at every instance. They also think the Picto Box should be Wii U GamePad-implemented by using the controller’s gyroscope allowing for plenty of picture-taking fun.

There’s quite a bit more to read including thoughts regarding the use of the Tingle Tuner so if you’d like to read the full article click here!

What do you think of the suggestions IGN has given for The Wind Waker HD? How would you like The Wind Waker HD to be improved over its original counterpart? Would you like to see the introduction of dungeons left out of the original? Please let us know your thoughts and opinions below!

Source: IGN

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  • VikzeLink

    They have some good points, except for the sailing part. Am I the only one that doesn’t find it boring? I find it very refreshing and fun to sail around world, while you’re waiting you can plan your route, find interesting things and just relax for a while

    • zombie_eat_flesh

      It’s relaxing, yet tedious.

      • Paddy

        I love it, it makes the great sea seem like an enormous over world, something that hadn’t been achieved in my opinion since LoZ and ALttP.

        • http://www.facebook.com/Cyborg1985 Joshua Anderson

          How is Twilight Princess’s over-world not considered huge? I find that to be one of the largest, if not the largest land based over-world in the Zelda series.

          • JuicieJ

            It’s large, but it has a lot of hallways that make it seem larger than it actually is.

          • http://www.controlpaddesign.com/ TheMaverickk

            Twilight Princess’ world is large. Yet it has some lame boundaries. Everything is fenced in the paths from one province to the next is clearly and painfaully laid out with hallways.

            Not to mention even if each field is equal to Hyrule Field in OoT, they are also just as painfully empty. This is mainly done to give the player room and distance to make Epona more practical, still doing so really hurts the game.

            There is no excuse for the over world being that empty, There could’ve been hils, houses, forests, old fortresses, dungeons (I find it most bizarre that TP has the most dungeons of any game, yet none are accessed or discovered in any of the fields) you name it… there was plenty of land to put content on. They barely touched it.

          • IgosDuIkana

            ALTTP had the most dungeons, 12 if you count Hyrule Castle

          • Philip Kunhardt

            Hyrule Castle Dungeon/Castle Sewers, East Temple, Desert Temple, Tower of Hera, Hyrule Castle Tower, Shadow Temple, Water Shrine, Skull Woods, Thieves’ Town, Ice Tower, Demon Swamp, Turtle Rock, Ganon’s Tower, Temple of the Four Sword – 14 Dungeons, actually.

          • Kablamogroup

            Hyrule Castle’s Tower doesn’t come with it’s own dungeon map, compass, or dungeon item. I think of it and the rest of Hyrule Castle to be the same dungeon. Also, the Temple of the Four Sword isn’t a canon dungeon. In fact, it only exists on the GBA version of the game, and so would be hard to be counted in the list of ALttP’s dungeons.
            PS: I’ve never played the Temple of the Four Sword. I was the only one out of my friends who owned a copy of ALttP on GBA, and so could never play FS at all, and I’m pretty sure you need to have played at least a little bit of FS in order to enter the Temple.

          • http://www.controlpaddesign.com/ TheMaverickk

            You are correct, and I should’ve clarified, when I wrote it I was thinking primarly in the context of modern Zelda games. For whatever reason I always tend to differentiate the 2D games and the 3D games for no concrete reason.

            That said TP still had the most dungeons to offer in recent Zelda’s and I found it weird they crammed them all into isolated little lengths of Hyrule.

            Where as in games like Link to the Past (which honestly amazing example of a great overworld) has dungeons littered everywhere. There is a potential for a dungeon to be in any space. It never felt like they created a location specifically to drop a dungeon there.

          • CChaplin

            That’s a good point about none of the dungeons being accessible from the overworld, that certainly would have given it more life.

    • JuicieJ

      The problem is that it’s relaxation without stimulation. Pretty much nothing happens while sailing and you can reach your destination without every having to touch the controller (after setting the wind’s direction), which is inexcusable. Keywords while sailing. Once you reach an area to get off the boat, you start doing stuff. But that’s not sailing. That’s trekking on foot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/haydenmdd Hayden Dougherty

    i want the removed dungeons, faster sailing, and a tingle tuner that connects to a ds

    • Philip Kunhardt

      Would make more sense to have the Tingle-Tuner on the Gamepad.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hjbinbusu Hamid Mohd Said

    i really enjoyed wind waker, i didnt find any of it boring, i didnt mind traving the seas and collecting all scrolls and getting them translated then going clawing for the 8 shards. if they eliminate things from wind waker they mite as well change the whole thing and that would be plan stupid!

    • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

      *might. Mite is like the bug. After a period follows a capital letter.

      • http://www.facebook.com/hjbinbusu Hamid Mohd Said

        ok Mr spelling police

        • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

          It’s called “Grammar Nazi,” thank you very much.

          • GetOverYourself

            Hey, you know the internet is full of enough ‘Grammar Nazis’. You could instead just let things go.

          • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

            It is, it is. But the reason it is is A). It’s fun, and B). These people need to learn good grammar.

          • harda toenail

            Are you aware that you don’t need a period if using ) after your letter sequencing. I.E. It should just be A) and B).

            Didn’t I just sound like an ass? That’s exactly how you sound. Just let it go man.

          • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

            I am aware I don’t need to. I just want to. People didn’t like Nazis, that’s why people like me are called Grammar Nazis. I don’t expect you to like the way I sound.

          • The all seeing being.

            Defend the culture.

      • asmith

        You are on a fool’s errand.

        • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

          Ah. But, my friend, you just used proper grammar. The more people we get to use proper English, the less people will be careless with it in the future. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

          • harda toenail

            You made two grammar mistakes in the last comment. Stop using the internet to feel smart.

            BTW, I’m just trolling you now because people like you annoy the piss out of me. Just be cool and let the internet be a friendly experience.

          • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

            If you’re referring to “Ah.” being a sentence fragment, then you are wrong. And I don’t know what you think the other one is. Don’t troll the troll.

          • http://www.facebook.com/hjbinbusu Hamid Mohd Said

            WHATEVER YOU SAY MR SPELLING POLICE! I personally don’t give a rats foot what you think of my grammar! If seeing people grammar annoys you then soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo be it MY SPELLING POLICE. but seriously i dnt care if one backs me up… this post is about Wind Waker not Link the ultimate spelling police

          • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

            Don’t feed the troll either. I didn’t say seeing bad grammar annoys me. I said it’s fun correcting your grammar.

      • Strong Bad

        HEY YOU! CRAPFACE! this is the Internet man…Do-er-don’t troll.

        • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

          I’m pretty sure I’m the “Do.” Do you see how mad you got? That’s basically the kind of reaction trolls go for. I’m also teaching you a vital lesson in not feeding trolls.

  • JuicieJ

    The only thing I’d add to this is larger islands and things actually happening while sailing.

  • woogleboy

    that is awesome i have the game to the gamecube but i will love to play it on my wii U

  • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

    I hate everyone complaining about the Triforce quest/sailing. Nobody complained about how many times you had to use the Ocarina on OoT/MM, and you don’t really have to use the Wind Waker any more than than that. Sure, to change the wind direction. But people seem to keep forgetting, the wind stays in the same direction until you tell it otherwise. “The place I am trying to get to is North-East? I’ll change the direction to North-East one time then. That’s it. One time. Not so annoying at all. And once you learned the Ballad of the Gales, you could warp to 3 spaces away from anywhere. Meaning you had to sail practically none. And the Triforce quest wasn’t annoying either; you could find the charts before-hand to not do it all at once, and it just gave a chance to sail and explore. You know how many people say they want a new game like the original Zelda focused around exploring? This was it. And those same people complain about it. Derp. The only people who complain about these parts of the game haven’t played it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/hjbinbusu Hamid Mohd Said

      even tho you corrected me earlier, i totally agree with you. i want to play wind waker again, but my wii doesnt work, wish the wii u could play game cube games… i guess i have to wait for the wii u version…

      • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

        Again, each new sentence starts with a capital letter. “Tho” is spelled “Though. Single “I’s” are capital, and brand names (like Wii U) are also capitalized. You know that key on both sides of the keyboard with “Shift” written on it? It’s to make letters capital. Use it.

        • Jam9t3

          “Tho” is spelled “Though.
          Here you started speech marks before ‘Though’ but then did not add closing speech marks afterwards. People make mistakes.

          • http://www.facebook.com/hjbinbusu Hamid Mohd Said

            how bout i start type slang or teen txt, so what if i use shortcut words? does it really matter?

          • Jam9t3

            Ummm…… I was backing you up here…. Forget it, Im starting to think I backed up the wrong person here.

          • http://www.facebook.com/hjbinbusu Hamid Mohd Said

            i was tired, i still am. staying up late at night when i need to sleep cause i had work at 6am lol

        • Pochahontas Dissaproves

          God, this is the internet, not military school. Or even better,
          LAWD, tis iz teh interweb not miltary scool, lol.

        • Connor Spiotto

          Welcome to the internet. He/she’s typing up a quick comment, not a research paper. :/

    • kingofredlions

      yes finally some one with sense

    • Curly_Dodongo

      It was easy to set the wind and then continue going in that direction, however the thing that irritated me slightly was the fact that you had to wait to play each note. Admittedly, it is only a few seconds, but I prefer the way that you can just punch in the song really quickly on the ocarina, instead of being forced by the game to play it at a certain pace.

      Also, you mention the Wind Waker being about exploring, however it is kinda difficult to have complete freedom to explore when you have to play a song to be able to go in a certain direction or go a bit quicker.

    • JuicieJ

      You can play the Ocarina at any speed you want, and it’s only required for specific events. The Wind Waker HAS to be pulled out frequently, forcing you to take 10 seconds just to be able to go in a different direction. That’s an extremely irritating design choice that results in wasted time.

      And even when you warped, it often took 2 minutes to get to your destination due to the poor placement of the warp points (seriously, why couldn’t there have been more and in more convenient places?). Again, irritating design that wastes time. These issues need to be fixed in The Wind Waker HD.

      • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

        Obviously you can’t use a conductors baton to conduct out of beat. The Wind Waker is only required for specific events (i.e changing wind direction once per voyage). “[The WInd Waker] forc[ed] you to take 10 seconds just to be able to go in a different direction” Yes, it did; but how often do you change directions (the only other added use of the Wind Waker that makes you need to use it “frequently” )? That’s right: Once per voyage, as stated above. And OoT’s warp songs take 5 seconds As for the warping: It has more warp points that OoT did. It takes two whole minutes to get where you want? I thought Zelda games were about the journey. Two minutes is a pittance. I don’t hear anyone complaining about OoT’s warp system, and WW’s was an improvement on it (Only on song to memorize, takes you closer to everywhere). Granted, OoT’s overworld wasn’t as large, so it wasn’t as far between warp points. Considering what you’ve said, I think your annoyance at the WW has to do with the Great Sea, not the great mechanics.

        • The Wanderer

          I don’t know about it being once per voyage. Remember the Eyed Reef portions? These places are weird little mazes, and either you travel at a snail’s pace trying to find the entrance or your way around in it, or you change the direction of the wind constantly, which still eats up time. Or when you’re searching for treasure in the ocean and you blow past the necessary spot. When you actually turn your mind to exploration and not the straight line you need to go in, the Wind Waker is a bit more of a hassle.

          Honestly, I think all it needs is a divine motor or something like that, an object that allows it to travel quickly in short distances but not necessary or applicable to long-distance travel. Conducting the wind would become much faster and more fun that way, I think.

          • Arkanite Kae

            If you had the map already for the reefs it shows the entrance. and coasting without the sail isn’t that bad once you’re inside

        • JuicieJ

          The mechanics are half the reason the Great Sea is such a terrible overworld. They all add up over the course of the game, as they’re much more cumbersome than you’re describing.

          As for Zelda games being about the journey, that’s the Great Sea’s biggest problem. Nothing worthwhile happens while journeying in it. All the entertaining and engaging stuff happens on solid ground. Nintendo achieved the complete opposite of what they intended with the Great Sea despite the solutions to fixing its issues being so painfully obvious to see.

          • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

            Well, you obviously don’t like it and nothing I say will change it, so power to you I guess.

          • JuicieJ

            I think part of it is how much untapped potential lies within the Great Sea. It could easily have been one of the best overworlds in all of gaming, but it just missed the mark in every category, and that irritates me after having so many great overworlds prior to the game’s release. (Oracle of Season’s overworld obviously being a huge exception.)

          • The all seeing being.

            Squids. Jumped me really bad when first saw them.

          • http://Legendarysmith.deviantart.com/ ArabDiSASTER

            ” All the entertaining and engaging stuff happens on solid ground.” play the game again champ

          • JuicieJ

            I’ve played it a lot champ.

          • Guest

            the replay it

          • JuicieJ

            I have. Multiple times. Recently, in fact. Telling me to replay a game isn’t going to magically make substance appear.

          • http://Legendarysmith.deviantart.com/ ArabDiSASTER

            Then do it again, but this time pay attention.

            (also I have respect for people willing to come back and reply in discussion rather than hatred or ignoring, thanks for that)

          • JuicieJ

            I really think you need to pay attention while sailing. The waters are extremely barren. There may be a lot of content overall, but in comparison to the overworld’s size, there’s an embarrassing amount of content.

          • http://Legendarysmith.deviantart.com/ ArabDiSASTER

            Then replay it.

        • Mseevers95

          I think that warp locations should be changed so that there are certain island you warp directly to, the obvious being the ones you visit most often that are at opposite ends of the ocean. Or even just putting a warp point for section of the map.
          To add to that last statement, i think they should abandon the Fishmen, filling in the map yourself is pointless and repetitive.

          • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

            See TheMaverickk’s post right below this one.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000434540455 Franklin Howell

          I agree with you, I do hope they add more warp points though, just for convenience. Maybe 5, 1 in each corner and 1 in the middle, i think it would make it a bit more convenient. also would it just be the bees knees if they added more islands, sidequests, and maybeeee………make the ocean bigger? :D that would be superfly!

      • http://www.controlpaddesign.com/ TheMaverickk

        Actually all the Warp points are placed near key locations. So if your sole focus is to travel to goal points related to the plot then warp points take you directly there.


        I mean seriously most of the warp points take you directly to plot points. Need to get Makar from Forest Haven, well there’s a warp that takes you directly there. Need to have Tingle translate a group of maps, there’s a warp to take you directly there.

        The warp points for the most part cover everything… so if you don’t want to sail, you can go directly to the most important islands in order to complete the game quickly.

        Also there are very few locations on the map that aren’t more then a single square away from a warp point. The only warp point I can actually chastise is probably the one on Mother & Child Isle…. since that warp doesn’t do anything other then get you into an other wise inaccessible island.

        At the end of the day traveling the over world is only irritating to those people who didn’t like sailing.

        • JuicieJ

          Even with the main plot, it’s barely in line. There are multiple times you’ll be required to sail for too long. Beyond that, the game clearly wants you to explore the entirety of its watery overworld. Providing poor warp point positions alongside of unforgivably small islands and excruciatingly long distances between them is some of the most horrid design in video game history.

          I really don’t understand why you’re so quick to defend the Great Sea. You can see every one of Twilight Princess’s overworld’s flaws and are willing to point them out in a heartbeat, yet you treat the Great Sea like it’s fine, even if you don’t consider it to be perfect. (You’re honestly like this with the two games in general.) The design choices of the Great Sea are so awful that it’s baffling, yet you either don’t see all of them or view them much less harshly than you should. Probably both.

          I don’t mean to be on the offensive with all this, but I seriously can’t fathom why you can’t see why The Wind Waker’s sailing is devoid of anything interesting in terms of gameplay. The thought of sailing into the distance may be compelling, but the execution is what matters, and the Great Sea did not deliver in any category regarding this.

          • Ratchet25

            You see, they tried something new with Wind Waker and screwed up, in Twilight Princess however they tried something they had already done and screwed up, see what we, defenders of the Great Sea, are getting to?

          • JuicieJ

            I don’t understand how that makes a difference. Both overworlds were screw-ups. Plus, Twilight Princess’s oveworld was better, although that’s not saying much.

          • The all seeing being.

            I loved wind wakers over world. Though I mostly support it because its a step in the RIGHT direction

          • http://Legendarysmith.deviantart.com/ ArabDiSASTER

            it was not better. you could completely remove Hyrule field and I mean ALL SECTIONS OF IT, and all you would lose is the Boar Battle and like 3 caves with 50 rupees in them.. Seriously. You could NEVER do that with windwaker

          • JuicieJ

            You could remove the 90% of the Great Sea and not lose anything.

          • http://Legendarysmith.deviantart.com/ ArabDiSASTER

            Sure you could. I never doubted that. But you still need some distance between islands, it’s a ocean, not an archipelago.

          • JuicieJ

            Being an ocean doesn’t justify the design choice. A Zelda overworld should never lack content in comparison to size.

          • Connor Spiotto

            It may be called “The Great Sea,” but it’s definitely an ocean. Also why does it matter anyway?

          • http://Legendarysmith.deviantart.com/ ArabDiSASTER

            The sailing is a game mechanic that only benefits from having an open ocean. The Overworld was PLENTY full of things to do and discover.It wasn’t like TP where it was big for no reason, in WW it is big because the game mechanic of sailing calls for it. Also, once again, you probably just don’t like sailing. In one of my previous comments, I said if it were smaller, it would have been lackluster in terms of enemies around, or too overwhelming. Everything it does fits well in the size it has, and would no no better from having a smaller ocean. There also is already a megaton on content in the game. I would like to see the cut dungeons added back in, but that is a long shot and a different point entirely. However, there is no actually need to increase the content, for there is already so much, and sooo many hours that can be put into game time that is fulfilling beyond sailing. I’m afraid you really should check again or rethink your motives behind complaining about an overworld that most people tend to really like. Moreover, just because you don’t like it, doesn’t make it bad. Also, on a slightly off topic subject, if a product is made using really poor techniques, or (let’s just say) uses an art style that generally is looked at as bland, but it becomes popular and people really enjoy it, then who are you (or anyone) to say that the design was band, or poorly done. If people like it it can’t be all that bad, and if the majority do, then maybe it isn’t.

          • Connor Spiotto

            Although it would’ve been nice to see a few more larger islands and more mini dungeons/areas to explore throughout the Great Sea, it doesn’t come close to being “the most horrid design in video game history.” Every sector had an island, and there was always a little puzzle or something to make it interesting or unique (except for the x-eyed reefs). There was a seemingly infinite amount of treasure to be found, on the many scattered islands/platforms/submarines and even deep under the sea. The smallness in size and lack of civilization on the islands added to the post-apocalyptic feel of the game.

          • JuicieJ

            I didn’t say “the most”. I said “some of the most”. There’s a big difference between the two.

          • Connor Spiotto

            Well then.

          • http://Legendarysmith.deviantart.com/ ArabDiSASTER

            though I disagree with how you feel about it, yes there IS a big difference

          • The all seeing being.

            I quite enjoyed the sailing. Wind Waker being my favorite game. The only problems I see are what lazy people think are problems. But I also stopped and explored every island. Ghost ship was cool when you say it without knowing it existed.

          • http://www.controlpaddesign.com/ TheMaverickk

            The thing is what is too long? Is a minute to long? is two minutes too long? I personally never found it long. Not to mention that even if you don’t enjoy the act of sailing, it is broken up enough if you take the time to explore and check things out.

            Even on my trip from Windfall to Dragonroost, I stopped by on the island along the way because I couldn’t resist. I checked out all the look out points. I was exploring the sea, and it never felt like I was sailing for too long.

            I treat sailing the same as walking around on foot in any Zelda game. It’s the exact same level of engagement. Both are relatively passive game play mechanics. I don’t consider the two very seperate as they are simply means of exploring the world.

            What I do scrutinize is the level and amount of content I have to explore and how I’m rewarded for it. You complain about the trip to these islands, but at least they provide something. They are something worth checking out. At least there is something there to check out.

            Wind Waker offers me islands to discover, like golfing puzzles, or deku leaf flying games. Twilight Princess I can walk on foot… or even ride epona to an edge of a field and not be rewarded with a thing. There is nothing there. It’s a wall, or an empty space or just … well decoration or something. If I chose to walk around all of Faron Field what will I be rewarded with for exploring. Nothing.

            The trip is literally a waste. There is only a single point of interest in that field, a tree which for some odd reason has most of the fields content placed near it.

            Wind Waker over world not only encourages the act of exploring, but rewards it. It makes the process more rewarding overall. Especially in comparison to Twilight Princess, which doesn’t reward you from deviating from the beaten path… where most of the content is placed. That to me is a bigger sin in regards to designing an over world in the Zelda series.

            Not to mention there are reasons why I judge Wind Waker less harshly. It came before both Twilight Princess and Phantom Hourglass. Technically Twilight Princess should have learned from Wind Waker. Which is sort of did… the general over world is smaller, and can be traveled in less time. Yet for a smaller world that you travel on foot, it has even less content to offer then the Wind Waker’s over world. Something I learned after playing through the game several times.

            As for Phantom Hourglass… again didn’t learn and it even re-uses the same structure for an over world essentially that Wind Waker did, except they made it sloggy. Shooting constantly and mindlessly at enemies while on a rail path may be more involving, but it becomes so tedious and repetitive over the course of the game that it makes you wish you were back in Wind Waker’s Great Sea. Not to mention that at the end of the day the ocean of Phantom Hourglass didn’t offer much to the determined explorer out to scour the the ocean.

            At the end of the day I liken the process of sailing the sea of Wind Waker as a sort of special experience. The closest thing any other modern game comes to that sort of experience is Journey, which similarly involves you crossing large expanses of nothing more then sand. The Great Sea has this quality that is missing from Phantom Hourglass…. basically the Great sea was more alive, and there’s something to how you travel from one point to the next that has a sort of impact. It’s hard to put into words… it’s simply a sort of joy in the discovery as you pass points of interest on your journey/quest. It’s a quality few games posses. Journey and Xenoblade are probably the others I can mention in regards to the experience of traveling the Great Sea. Although Journey is probably the better example.

            Either way like I’ve said the Great Sea is not poorly designed. A little under filled for the size maybe, a little annoying to have to stop in order to change the wind direction, but all the parts of the Great Sea, and Wind Waker’s over world in general are utilized and compliment the game play.

          • http://Legendarysmith.deviantart.com/ ArabDiSASTER

            It executed it fine. I loved every single moment of it. You just don’t like sailing

          • JuicieJ

            I don’t like the sailing because virtually nothing interesting happens. If you’d say otherwise, go play Beyond Good & Evil, then come back to me. You’ll see how the Great Sea should have been.

          • http://Legendarysmith.deviantart.com/ ArabDiSASTER

            Depends on how you look at it. Do you go looking for trouble or would you like it to find you? People don’t want to be constantly bombarded. That’s why there are dangerous areas and small ones. there NEEDS to be enough room for freedom of danger, if the islands were close together, everyone would want there to be no sea enemies, but then people like you would call it dull because of no sea action, and it would get a worse wrap. There needs to be sea, free sea.

          • http://Legendarysmith.deviantart.com/ ArabDiSASTER

            Beyond good and Evil? I’ve heard of that. Is it good?

      • http://www.facebook.com/jdunbabyyy Marcos Hernandez

        if you can’t stand you’re not patient just don’t play it. simple as that.

        • JuicieJ

          I can stand playing through The Wind Waker. It’s a good game with a lot of redeeming factors. The amount of time required to spend sailing, especially given the lack of content while doing so, is something that I can’t overlook.

    • Ninty

      Yeah, a new game like the original that focused on “on-foot” exploration, not sailing. That’s what I want, anyway.

      • JuicieJ

        “Just give me some boots and a… map!”
        ~Axle the Beast

      • http://Legendarysmith.deviantart.com/ ArabDiSASTER

        Im glad, you are the first honest person here. “I don’t want sailing”. Rather than OH WW SUCKS BECAUSE THE SAILING IS A PISS POOR GAME DESIGN BECAUSE MY OPINION RULES. lol

    • Mawk

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I hate how people complain about transportation in TWW. Yet, the first four Zelda games were EXACTLY like that. The Wind Waker took a little break from linearity and wanted re-introduce the concept of adventure and exploration. I personally did not find the Triforce quest annoying. The only reason it took me a while to complete was because I took a break from the story and wanted to explore the many wonders of the Great Sea, something I don’t regret. The Wind Waker was a brilliant game that gave a sense of wonder and awe, yet it seems people are too used to linearity these that they don’t understand the concept of adventure anymore. Anyways I thank you greatly for having a lot of sense in your head and for proving a well put together point.

    • Gaseous Snake

      When people said that they want more exploration, they meant that there should be lots of freedom to explore where you want and be able to find dozens of hidden goodies by just poking around. The Great Sea is just to sparse to offer what people want.

      • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

        The Great Sea is just to sparse to offer what some people want. It was fine for me and the other people who don’t criticize it at every turn.

    • IgosDuIkana

      I have never complained about the Tri – Force quest. If you do it all at the end you are playing the game wrong any way. They point was to find things as you go. Gamers nowadays have the attention span of a gnat which is why the Zelda series suffers as it does now.

      • http://Legendarysmith.deviantart.com/ ArabDiSASTER

        This is absolutely true. Poor design of today’s games influence us as the player to play a certain way, and in fact, bred us to go in a certain direction in terms of plot and story, let alone gameplay. When I was a child still young to games (middle school lol), I played WW and found everything as I went. EVERYTHING, I explored constantly, never to be bored on the ocean, never to be caught into the plot. I explored all the time, did sidequest after sidequest, until I finally beat the game and enjoyed the story very much. I was not trapped by the plot as I am nowadays, I moved along it as it allows you to. Gamers like me tend to do either all or most sidequests they can either first, or last. such as capturing all of the outposts on FarCry3. This is the same way it is in WW with people who have been playing games their whole lives. They want to do a BUNCH OF PLOT and then A BUNCH OF SIDEQUESTS or visa versa, they have very little mind to just do things as they go along. I went back recently to play WW as an adult, and I realized like halfway through the game, that I had been too wrapped up in the story that I had only done like 1 sidequest. You can’t play the way the industry has commanded and have fun with a game that is supposed to break you of those habits and have fun. you need to open up. And if you don’t like sailing then Ok, that’s your deal, but that doesn’t mean the whole game overworld sucks because it’s based off of that. That’s like saying you think the Tracks in a racing game are just super shitty because you hate driving games. If you stop to explore every little thing you come across regardless of how motivated you are to do your objective, you will overall FOR SURE have a better game experience. And with WW, that is how it is meant to be played.

  • zombie_eat_flesh

    I really hope that the two dungeons and those two islands that were scrapped make an appearance. Other than that, I have to disagree with the other points that Lucas M. Thomas made.

  • JeredenDonnar

    I don’t mind the sailing, I Find the environment (especially at night) beautiful. The storms actually caused me some difficulty in navigating and i felt it a nice respite from the world. The requirement of the Wind’s Requiem might be tweaked a bit so that you don’t have to go through the WHOLE sequence each time the wind’s direction needs to be changed. I WANNA SEE THE CUT DUNGEONS!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/CheatMasterK Adam Miller

    Well, that’s it. I will DEFINITELY be getting a Wii U and this game.

  • cylordcenturion

    i think that they are overreacting. their response to long sailing; eliminate an integral part of game-play and essentially remove the titular object from the game. doesn’t that seem irrational.i think that the way to improve the sailing is to simply reduce the scale of the ocean by around 1/3 and speed up the sailing. as for the wind waker removing it would be a terrible loss and including it an opportunity. there is a touch screen i say that to pass a song all you need to do is swipe the stylus in the sequence of directions before the time based on the tempo runs out. whats more this opens another opportunity; music like ocarina of time with a mechanic that has more possible variations i think that you should be able to make free-music incorporating diagonal swipes and holds. as for the triforce quest i think that all you need to do to make it easier is to allow shards of triforce to be picked up at any time for those who want to get a head start. what people don’t recognize is that the triforce quest forces the player to explore and spend time out on the great sea. it provides a reprieve from dungeon play and that provides an opportune moment for side-questing since it is near the end there are no holds on where you can go so you can complete all the side-quests.

    • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

      You actually can pick up the shards at any time. And your grammar is atrocious.

      • VladNorris

        It doesn’t change the fact you’re not told of them until the late game, forcing you to travel all across the ocean to find them, AND the fact it’s FAR more time consuming to use the Wind Waker than the Ocarina.

  • Nikki

    I agree with putting the discarded dungeons in. Another thing I would like to see is having the islands show up on the map and not just the names. I agree with having something different done with the Tingle Turner.

    • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

      The islands do show up. You just have to zoom in.

      • Nikki

        Thanks! Especially because some of the islands that I’ve been too seem to not show up after I’ve “talked” with the fish and got the info with the sea chart. Still excited for the Wii U remake! Wish an actual date would be announced soon.

  • David Byrad

    Personally, I find that NIntend only needs to do the following:

    1. Add in the removed dungeons. This will allow a longer and fuller game.

    2. Add in more events while sailing, if the hurricanes and whirlpools were more frequent and things such as giant waves or lightning strikes during storms were added, it would make sailing less cumbersome and more adventurous.

    3. Make the Waker’s mini-game have faster beats and force you to have to not hold down the right buttons and instead push them at the right time, much like the infamous DDR. This will make the mini-game quicker to complete and less brainless, making it actually fun.

    4. More islands per square, that would make the sea feel fuller.

    5. The ability to choose NOT to take the rupees from sunken treasure. This will make it less annoying to find them with a full wallet.

    More to come later, back to school!

  • Omega


  • http://www.facebook.com/puremadnessproductions Sean Miller

    I would love more content/dungeons and various other quests.

  • asmith

    If Nintendo added the two dropped dungeons, then I could care less about all of the other suggestions.

  • oLDMANintheCAVE

    All I can say is that if Nintendo is putting in effort to update textures and add polygons then I’m sure there will be updates to the game play as well. Having played this game numerous times, I can say that some aspects are redundant and others unfinished. The Wii U port will make this game all that it was meant to be, and that is not say that it was ever anything but great.

  • Genome

    They won’t add/remove anything that may mess with the canon or the story.

  • http://www.controlpaddesign.com/ TheMaverickk

    These are the most obvious things. Would’ve been nice to see them really expand on it.

    Still hopefully the more news sites talking about how to make Wind Waker better, the more likely Nintendo will take notice of what people want.

    I’ve said it previously but if this is going to be a retail release they have to add something extra. I mean OoT 3D gave the Master Quest as a bonus (in most cases the game has been treated as a separate entity).

    Link to the Past had a dungeon added in not to mention Four Swords…

    There is no reason for Nintendo to hold back on changing the game since the visual style is already completely different from the original. It’s going to have it’s own feel and as such they may as well add content (within reason…. they should be able to add some dungeons with out messing any plot details… that is totally do-able).

    While they are at it, give a short cut for using the Wind Waker to control the wind. It was never personally a deal breaker for me, but for others I’m sure it would make the experience smoother. That alone would probably speed up the over world game play. Just hold a button and point in a direction or something, and the wind instantly changes to that direction. No need for the song to be played. Although I have no qualms about playing the other songs in the game.

    It’s all it would take to make what is already an excellent game into a perfect one.

  • awsomeMrlink

    How to make sailing fun
    1. Get a gameboy link cable
    2. Use the Tingle turner
    3. Mess around somehow
    Another way, you ask?
    1. Make a sandwich
    2. Comeback
    3. Find you died from a Giant octopus in the middle of the ocean
    4. Realize you didn’t save
    Oh wait, then you have to redo the game….well you have a sandwich. (Loved the Wind Waker’s sailing =D )
    How to make Triforce quest fun
    1. Go outside
    2. Sell lemonade
    3. Get $20
    4. Pay your local Zelda fan
    5. Watch and learn the torture that happens to them
    How to make Triforce Quest easier
    1. Go to Outset island
    2. Go to the ledge below the Giant head (You know the Savage Labyrinth)
    3.Tingle Turner bomb it for MONEYYYY
    4. Change day to night using the song
    5. Rinse and repeat
    Have a nice day!

  • georgia fargus

    axle is a little girly boy

  • Ocarinalink

    After hearing so many bastard complaining about Wind Waker, i have come to the conclusion that the gaming media hatred and love of a game and how they cover it is what makes everyone act like a dumbass. To quote the people who can make sence of shit classics: You can’t spell ignorant without ign.

  • Lord Shadowhand Darkskull

    multiple times in the series it is stated that if a triforce piece has no bearer, is not joined with the other two, and is not sealed away, it splits into a further eight. it has been this way since the VERY first game

    • npatoray24

      this is a very very good point. well done

  • Xaragon

    I didn’t mind the Triforce quest. It almost made up for the missing dungeons, and gathering rupees for the charts is pathetically easy, I mean, what else do you spend rupees on anyway? I already got Soup and 3 Blue Potions, finite items are replenished by cutting grass and I still have a full wallet every time I collect those silver rupees, so there’s really no excuse. The sailing did get tedious though, you warp to an island only to have the wind in the opposite direction, you gotta play the song just to sail into a swimmable range, maybe with the sail out, you should go 3x as fast with the wind and at half the Gamecube version’s top speed against the wind. Or just warp you 10 feet away from the shore. (The eye reefs were still annoying, so apply the sailing speed rule.)

  • Dark_Link9001

    I hate the first two suggestions by IGN. More so than the Triforce quest, I disagree with the first paragraph. The Wind Waker mechanic was not the reason that some people hated sailing, it was how long sailing took to get from place to place. Also, I could see an option for having the Triforce split into three instead of 8, but that was part of Nintendo’s decision. If they do implement 3 Triforce shards, it should only be optional.

    • harda toenail

      Though I don’t think it would happen, I think there should be an underwater temple for the triforce shards. A magnetic ball of pure energy under the great sea pulled all of these shards into one temple.

      The hero must defeat the 8 monsters that were summoned by gannon to not let anyone retrieve the shards.

      These 8 bosses would be King Dodongo, Agahnim, Twinrova, Masked Jungle Warrior, slime eye, Scaldera, Moldorm, and Bongo Bongo.

      The dungeon starts out by link dropping down into the middle of a great room. There is a long, lone bridge to all 4 sides of the room with 4 doors, one on each side. When Link enters the room, there is a puzzle from zelda games of past. One of the puzzles can be something fun like being in the fishing lake from OOT and having to catch the biggest fish to open one door and the smallest fish to open the second door. 4 doors, 2 puzzles and 2 bosses through each door.

      The reason I like this idea is because this is a remake. It’s not exactly adding new content if old bosses and puzzles are used and will add to the nostalgic of the game and show the puzzles/bosses in gorgeous new graphical detail.

  • Dark Link

    Masterpiece? Wind Waker? yeah ok. Nintendo’s sales were down 22% last year, The Wii U is
    selling poorly. Why? do they think their lamest Zelda game in HD will change that. Focus on new games not retreading the same games over and over and over…

    • harda toenail

      I am planning on buying a wii U as soon as wind waker HD comes out. That was my favorite zelda game. Don’t assume your opinion to everyone. Wind Waker was a masterpiece in my eyes. Your username is Dark Link but I bet you never faced the original Dark Link

    • frgovo

      They stated the remake(s) are made in order to experiment with shading styles and other things to be used in the new Zelda.
      By the way, even the Nintendo DS launched with an upgraded remake of SM64. It totally flopped, right? Oh, wait…

    • The all seeing being.

      I am buying a Wii U for that game…

  • Mseevers95

    Everyone knows that the gaming industry doesn’t pay attention to anything from IGN.

    • harda toenail

      I like them. They give videos, reviews, and news. It’s nice to have a place to go to find information on games. Also, they are very influential in some aspects of the gaming industry. And a lot of people use them. Just after the PS4 announcement their servers were down from too many people trying to access them. That was just after they updated their site for the PS4 page.

  • Toadstool

    wow, these are pretty dumb suggestions

  • Johnny Rogers

    I think it’s funny that the grammer nazi has a grammatical mistake
    in everyone of his/her posts.

    • The Unicorn Hanger-Outer

      Ive got a Wii U. They’re pretty fun, but I suggest waiting a bit for the price to come down and some better games to come out.

    • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

      *every one. Except that I don’t.

  • npatoray24

    a bunch of whiners crying over the triforce fetch quest… boohoo

  • Meddy Awardey

    Still, one too many remake.

  • myperuba

    i understand the changing wind directions complaint, but if it gets changed for a quicker experience i think it should only come as an upgrade at the end of the game, as in right before the triforce shard quest. keep the magic of the melody!

  • gravendoom75

    All they need to do to improve sailing is add more submarines, or maybe even an attack from other ships sailing. Because seriously, for a giant sea there is literally nobody sailing in it besides link.

  • http://www.facebook.com/anthony.pallotta.90 Anthony Pallotta

    What are Link, Tetra, and, Pot Lady…? Doing on Windfall Island? They should be at Outset Island. And come to think of it, I would have much rather seen an HD version of Outset island anyways. Oh well it still looks super amazing!

  • triforce of courage

    I personally think the game should stick fairly close to the original. Adding a dungeon inside Jabun would be nice, but that would mean an extra heart container and the need to eliminate four heart pieces. (maybe they could turn four of the heart pieces from treasure charts into rupees). But releasing Wind Waker on Wii U was a smart decision choice on nintendo’s part; that means that with the exception of four swords adventures and the CDI games, every zelda to date is playable on Nintendo’s latest consoles (3DS included and once they release the oracle games on 3DS eshop). No more pulling out old consoles to play classic games; it’s all in one place.

  • Zelda68

    I don’t really expect them to make any major changes to the gameplay, but they should give Wind Waker HD an orchestrated score!

  • http://www.facebook.com/MaaShinn Matthew Shannon

    im hoping that the mail sorting mini game implements the game pad like the ninja star mini game for nintendoland.

  • http://twitter.com/SnorlaxsTFW Alex

    Geez, that was a heated and useless discussion I just read. Who cares if you didn’t mind it or thought it was okay. The fact remains that this can easily be fixed, or made better, so why not make the gameplay better? Zelda is one of my favorite series, but I can look at them critically, unlike quite a few people here.

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