Hyrule Historia an International Success!

GuestFebruary 16th, 2013 by Guest

All things seem to be paying off for Dark Horse books after they released a fully translated English version of Hyrule Historia. As we already know ever since its release outside of Japan the book has become extremely popular on Amazon, eBay, and other such sites. Due to the overwhelming popularity of Hyrule Historia, Dark Horse has been quoted as saying that they feel the book’s popularity has only just begun and that they are willing to print as many copies as need needed to keep up with the high demand. However here is some more good news!

Jump inside to find out!

As noted before Hyrule Historia has already become popular outside of Japan but now with 400,000 copies sold Dark Horse has announced that the book has reached number one on Wall Street Journal and New York Times Bestseller list and the book hasn’t been out for all that long! Hopefully Hyrule Historia will have a lot more success and perhaps the book will bring some more people into the Zelda fandom!

Leave a comment! What do you think of all this success!

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  • handsome human

    It’s been 2 weeks and I haven’t receive my book from amazon yet. Sad, Preordered it like in august last year :(

    • Brandikins11

      I ordered mine off there last night, but from a seller and not Amazon itself. The seller was the second-cheapest compared to them and it shipped today. Don’t ever trust Amazon with pre-orders.

      • L Lawliet

        Really? I pre-ordered my copy from Amazon and it was delivered by the estimated date. Hmm…

    • Merv?

      my friend ordered a minecraft bracletoff of amazon 5 month ago… he never got it. same with his snorlax plushie he order 4 month ago.

  • itsameluigi1290

    “But if you wake the lion… he will bare his fangs!”

    *Dies because of epicness*

    • baileygirl99

      What’s weird, is in my copy, that page says “But if you wish to wake the lion…then give him fangs!” And there aren’t the white areas behind the words…weird.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Will-VanZant/1124721797 Will VanZant

        I believe that image is from the Glitterberri translation rather than the legitimate book.

  • Rid the Dragon Master

    “But if you wake the lion…he will bare his fangs!”

    Too. Much. F*****g. Epicness.

    • PRDX4


  • Sahittam

    Yeah, it’s a huge success.

    So huge, that Amazon Germany just canceled all preorders for the limited collectors edition … because they apparently were just informed that they won’t recieve any copies at all.

    They gave everyone who preordered it a 5€ gift coupon, but they raised the price of the regular version by about 9€, so that thing’s practically worthless.

    Plus, the regular version now has a estimated shipping time of 2 to 4 weeks …
    This whole thing really sucks.

    But I guess I’m happy that Hyrule Historia is doing so well. That’s something at least …

    • http://www.facebook.com/enrique.quinones.79 Enrique Quinones

      get over it. fucking nazi.

      • Nexus Verbal

        What a tasteless and stupid thing to say. He was just expressing his discontent, douchebag.

      • Rid the Dragon Master

        Your racism is bad and you should feel bad.

      • Laurasia Mitchell

        I hope u fall in a hole.

    • http://twitter.com/MagicalRamen Rin Okumura

      I live in Sweden, I just got mine from US Amazon. It was a lot cheaper too.

  • Irishdragon5

    I had to buy my copy on eBay, and It said it would be sent in *march.* Luckily, he just got new copies anyway, (Mine is in now transit) but still! This book sells out like a PS2!

  • Rodney

    My girlfriend so a copy just sitting around the local media store. So she bought it for me as a valentines day present :D

    • Johnson

      Marry her!

    • Rid the Dragon Master

      Dude. Take Johnson’s advice.

  • sombody you don’t know

    I havent gotten a copy yet, but my brithday is in 15 days so mabye ill get it

    • http://www.facebook.com/coolkangarooo Gabriel Gomez

      Better buy it quick!

    • L lawliet

      Happy Birthday!

  • ghirahimhunter

    Number one on the New York Times bestseller list. U jelly every other video game series ever?

  • emman

    amazing :)

  • jugglaj91

    Ordered mine this past sunday and got it Thursday from amazon. Amazing book, glad its doing so well!

  • Cmaster

    Hyrule Historia is so great. cant wait to get it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/amazingyannick Yannick Ketelslegers

    Very glad with this beautiful book.. Finally possible to read and understand the Hyurle Historia xD

  • Lon Lon Lady

    My dad went to get me a copy for my birthday, and the guy at the bookstore told him to check back it a week because they had NO copies left. I’m so excited to have one though!


    It is the most EPIC BOOK IN HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *dies of Epicness*

  • Someone

    I seem to be one of the few people who isn’t planning on getting it soon.
    I just want to wait and see what everybody writes and thinks about it.

  • Nikki

    I think it’s amazing that it’s hit Wall Street Journal and New York Times Best seller list already and the book itself is just amazing!

  • Hylia

    Barnes & Noble canceled my limited edition preorder.

    It hurts when I read about Hyrule Historia, knowing that I’ll probably never get it now.

  • baileygirl99

    My copy is AM-A-ZING!! I love it. Finished it in a few days. So worth it.

  • Jacob Tasiemski

    This epicness . . . is only the beginning!

  • Princess Zelda

    Can’t wait till I get mine in the mail!

  • http://twitter.com/TheSockster Sock

    I’m getting it as a late birthday present, since it was backordered when it was ordered off of Amazon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/RyanF.Hullstrunk Ryan F. Hullstrunk

    The next Zelda game should have Link look similar to this image. It would be fucking awesome.

    • Navi the Fairy

      they already made a ink for the new game….but he’s really HOT!!!!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/RyanF.Hullstrunk Ryan F. Hullstrunk

        If your talking about the HD demo for the Wii U that’s not guaranteed to be the new link or the new art style. Lol.

  • Navi the Fairy


  • Navi the Fairy

    they already made a Link for the next game…but he’s really HOT!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Akesha.nis Ake Sha

    Well Hyrule Historia is being translated in french and will be published by Soleil Manga next summer.


  • Findemaxa

    My best friend gave me this book yesterday as a belated birthday present… It’s awesome!!!! <3

  • Lightning Blade

    what’s the art from? Whatever, it rocks!

  • Zelda is the Bomb!!!


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