“Gone Gone Gone” gets a Zelda parody video

BastianFebruary 23rd, 2013 by Bastian

The Phillip Phillips song “Gone Gone Gone” has been pretty popular lately, with its accoustic guitars and catchy melody. And as with all popular songs, it has recently received a parody video. This time with Zelda-specific lyrics! Zelda fan and well-known YouTuber NateWantsToBattle has recorded a brand new cover of the song, complete with Link outfit!

If you’re a fan of the original or just simply want to hear an alternative rock style song with Zelda-based lyrics, jump inside to watch the video!

Truth be told, I hadn’t heard of NateWantsToBattle before seeing this video. But after seeing this parody video, I’m surprised: he has a quality channel that probably deserves more views and subscribers than he has. Not only is he pretty amusingly humorous, he’s also actually a really good singer! He also has a separate gaming channel on which he does Let’s Plays and such, so that might be worth checking out if you’re into that sort of thing.

What did you think of the video? Were you familiar with the original song it was covering? How did it compare? Let us know in the comments!

Source: YouTube

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  • TriforceFan

    This is what I will sing to my boyfriend…if I have one anyway…

  • linkypete

    anyone notice that he is wearing the shirt that was on ZD a few weeks ago?

    • sombody you dont know

      ya i noticed that

  • Princess Zelda

    I love it! I like how he used footage from the games. Great lyrics. :’)

  • Tehlul

    The power of OOT:
    See bits and pieces of it and you want to replay it.

  • Flamegnash

    Epic i will play this with the real game

  • BlackScare


  • Dragon Ball Zelda

    One of the best Zelda-related songs I’ve heard

  • Kablamogroup

    Not bad. Never heard the original. That shouldn’t be surprising with me, though. I don’t listen to modern music.

  • npatoray24

    that was pretty impressive

  • MaoShan

    This should be the theme song to the next LoZ game.

  • http://www.facebook.com/anatara43 Amber Evans

    I haven’t heard of the original song, so this was new to me. But OMG I loved it!!! I was grinning the whole time. People need to make more songs about Zelda. Thank you, this just made my day. :)

  • Nevan Lowe

    This and his “One more Fight” Parodies are my favorites.

  • Princess Jilly

    I mad crazy love this guy, and this song. I sing it in my head all day long. It is the most clever and well done video. Most parodies fall short. This gets 5 stars!

  • DarkSintergreater

    Lol my name is Nathan like him