Flyrule Brings ‘A Terrible Fate’ With Terrific New Music

GuestFebruary 28th, 2013 by Guest

Flyrule drops upon us all A Terrible Fate, a new album of wicked beats based on Majora’s Mask. This is Shag’s second album dedicated to the Legend of Zelda series after the first album, which focused on music from Ocarina of Time. His music brings us back to Termina with abstract remixes that will get your speakers bumping and put you in the groove. If you’re a stylin’ scarecrow in search of pleasant music then this is for you.

Shag is a 20-year-old hip-hop music producer from Texas who discloses that Majora’s Mask may be his favorite Zelda game and it shows. His musical choices reflect the impressions that the game left him with after playing the game as a child and then playing again as an adult. He does this by bringing modern rhythms to the nostalgic selection of melodies that truly captures the solemn feel of the gameplay. My favorite songs on this album are #2 “Astral Observatory” and #8 “Ghost Attack”, however any one of these songs will pass time in a blink of an eye.

(Flyrule fan art by Stephanie Hobbs)

Hitting the source link below will take you to his website, where you can play his music for free. Open your wallets to add these ten new songs to your music inventory by supporting Flyrule at a price you think is fair. Do Shag’s beats take you back to the dawn of the first day you played this game? Leave your notes in the comments below!

Source: Flyrule

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  • Cmaster

    thats a pretty detailed picture.

  • ZeldaMac

    That’s awsome! Is the original OoT album available anywere?


    That’s pretty cool!

  • Michael Karr

    Awesome! Cool picture too!

  • jk

    Stylin’ Scarecrow! All the way!

  • The Lone Saiyan

    His website background looks like the city from the Streets of Rage intro video. Also his Song of Healing has a Streets of Rage intro beat.

    Now that I listen to more of his songs I hear more hints of old school game beats, love it! Pretty sure I heard a little bit of Sonic in Fairy Fountain.

  • Alan Da Cruz Nascimento


  • ZeldaFanBoy

    Can you get headphones made like that?