Custom-made Majora’s Mask 3DS

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A Zelda fan on Imgur flaunts their new custom Majora’s Mask 3DS for all to see. The transparent design of the Majora’s Mask silhouette lays perfectly over the midnight purple 3DS, the beauty, the mystery, those eyes burning deep into my soul. It turns out this was actually fairly easily made: the design is simply a sticker that you can purchase on Etsy for five dollars.

Jump inside to learn more!

If you ever have the urge to purchase game themed things then check out the Etsy store GameThemedThings which sells things that are game themed. Not only can you imbed this decal sticker on your 3DS, for eight dollars GameThemedThings makes a larger Majora decal for your laptop or car window. Featuring many designs from a wide range of games they even gift you the option of requesting custom made decals, just ask.

Now you too can hold your custom Majora’s Mask 3DS high above your head for all to see! Pretty cool, huh? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Imgur , Etsy

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  • itsameluigi1290

    Oh ho ho ho! That’s cool right there. I should get one of those…

    Also, nobody say f*rst or ELSE you deal with me.

    • john


      • itsameluigi1290


  • TheRizardon

    That’s pretty cool. Maybe Nintendo will make a 3DS that looks like this whenever they make MM3D.

    • Kravik

      Not likely..

      • wafflegoat

        I do doubt it, but they made SS Wii-motes when that was released! Not like I’ll be allowed 1 when I’ve already got 1…

        • Kravik

          They also made golden nunchucks later.. But not in Europe where I live. :(
          But they made the special 3DS for OOT 3D .. So I really do not see it ever happen that they would do it again for a possible MM 3D .. They made it clear that they do not like repeating themselves. Reason we got no AWESOME Zelda game collection when they turned 25 years. Is cause that would be “too similar to the Mario 25 years celebration disk” ..

          • wafflegoat

            I live in Europe as well…they seem to miss us out a lot :(

    • Tehlul

      There isn’t gonna be a Majoras Mask 3D

      • Kyle Clark

        YES stop trying to be so unhopefululul.

        • Kravik

          Only time will tell! But it sure might help to stay positive! :)
          Who knows though .. Perhaps Nintendo people read enough of those negative comments, to just make it out of spite for the nay sayers! ;)

          • Tito Burgess

            Project Moonfall wooooooooh!

    • john

      id rather have a nonobnoxious protective case of mm awesomeness

  • Nicholas Alexander Jabbour

    I have that hylian shield decal for my 3DS XL (there’s versions for both original and XL). It’s so awesome.

  • Kabro006

    This is really cool! But i would really like a 3DS that is drasticly changed instead of just a decal.
    If there comes an original zelda to the 3DS they might make a special edition of the 3DS itself like they did with the gamecube controller with TP.
    If peapole doesn´t know what im talking about there is a pic in the product section on ZD.

    • Kravik

      Dude? They have made a 3DS Zelda special edition already..

      .. or did you know that?

      Edit. Oh you mean custom.. :)

      • Kabro006

        well yeah i know but i was thinking more on the lines of not just decour but to change the shape of the 3DS itself.

        • Kravik

          But Nintendo has never done that?!
          That one you linked to sure looks like the real deal. But it is a custom mod as far as I know.

          • Kabro006

            well i assumed that it was the real deal, i dont have it myself though so im not so sure anymore.

          • Kravik

            Sadly I can tell you it is a custom. But I do wish I was wrong. :)

  • your mother larry

    This guy earns a himself golden star!


    These are Epic! I would so get one of these!

  • Fredster

    …It’s upside-down. Still though, looks nice!

    • Kravik

      What is upside-down? :)

      • itsameluigi1290

        The Majora’s Mask one. He’s holding the 3DS upside down, so the Mask would be upside down if you were holding it normally. At least I THINK that’s what he’s saying.

        EDIT: Actually, when you open the 3DS it’ll be upright.

        • Kravik

          Compared to the OOT 3DS you are correct. :)

  • bs8814


  • Sheldon Clifford

    This whole bring majoras mask to the 3ds has brought a whole lot of majoras mask fans, I like the game and i think its awesome that operation moonfall is bringing in fans but really its awesome seeing things like this!

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