The Wind Waker HD Already Available for Pre-Order

KyleJanuary 27th, 2013 by Kyle

We know we’re excited about The Wind Waker being in HD on Wii U, but this is a little unexpected. Although there’s no release date attached, GameStop is already taking pre-orders for the HD remake expected to be released later this year.

Make the jumnp for a screencap from GameStop’s website which says it all.

Well what are you waiting for? Are you pre-ordering The Wind Waker Wii U? Leave a comment and tell us!

Source: GameStop

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  • Cmaster

    I cant wait, Its going to be so awesome. :D

    • Midnafan

      kind of feels anticlimactic to me. i’m not saying i’m not glad or excited, and i know they’re trying to keep us satisfied until they get the new one out, but it just feels weird that the first Zelda game on the Wii U is a remake, although it was the same on the 3DS too. i guess i don’t feel that way about the 3DS because i’d never played OoT before, while i actually pretty recently got the gamecube WW for the wii. :/

      • Cmaster

        That’s an understandable feeling and I totally see your point, but the way that I look at it is a remake Zelda game is better than no Zelda game at all or for at least a few years.

        • Midnafan

          yeah that’s true. at least that’s one reason to keep people from complaining.

  • hot apple Fi

    That price point is going to be hard to justify, for a game you can play on the wii. The HD looks great, and I want the game, but sixty bucks for a game I’ve beaten twice, and can play any time I want right now…. I don’t know if just having HD graphics is worth 60 bucks.

    • Supersonik360

      It is a bit overpriced but they are treating it as any other Wii U game, not a remake and I’m pretty sure they will add more than just HD graphics. I hope….

      • IgosDuIkana

        Here is to hoping then. I really did enjoy Wind Waker although I disliked the portrail of the characters. The envoironments did look wonderful, especially the color changes in the ocean. I’m hoping that the new visual interpretation does not disrupt the effects that I appriciated from the original.

        • Jesse McCarty

          no need to hope. it is going to be more than HD. You can play it rendered in hd on dolphin. This is rebuilding the game from ground up with a new engine more details, etc… Just like the zelda tech demo was based on twilight princess, but OBVIOUSLY looked way better than normal TP in HD. This obviously is the same. It is in HD yes, but it also has alot more detail. This is NOT windwaker in HD. just as OoT 3D wasn’t just OoT in 3d. It was rebuilt with new textures and more detail.

          • Midnafan

            I think the point is whether they are simply remaking the game with different graphics, or if they are going to change anything about the gameplay or add new features. honestly, i don’t think i would buy the game either if it just looked different, especially considering i have the orginal and have yet to beat it. they will have to change some gameplay though, considering the Wii U’s controls are very different from the Gamecube’s.

        • Midnafan

          I actually really enjoy WW’s graphic’s style and the characters, especially Link’s facial expressions. even though they were handhelds, i don’t understand why PH and ST’s graphics were so much worse then their predecessor’s. :/

          • Michael Philliber

            because they were on ds lol

          • Midnafan

            i figured somebody was gonna say that. :/

          • The Unicorn Hanger-Outer

            I hated the fact that you had to move with the stylus. It was ok, but not like other Zelda games. I’m definetly not buying PH or ST if they get a remake.

          • Midnafan

            honestly, i don’t have nearly as many complaints about them as other people because PH was my first ever video game, and , while it REALLY did not age well on me, it will forever hold a place in my heart. ST on the other hand, sucked because it took the worst of PH and made a whole other game out of it. -_- i honestly prefer the stylus to buttons because it’s a bit more precise. i’ve tried playing the older games, and they drive me nuts. i’m not saying the old controls are bad, it’s just that i came in so late i’ve been spoiled with motion controls. :P

      • erikingvoldsen

        But it IS a remake.

        • Supersonik360

          Yeah I know I meant it’s not like they have separate prices for remakes they put it in the regular game catagory.

          • Cmaster

            How about this plan: We get everyone in the world with a Wii U not to buy the game until like a month or two after it comes out and by then Nintendo will be forced to lower their prices, and everyone’s happy…Except Nintendo

          • The Unicorn Hanger-Outer

            Australia’s is $78. Australia has rip offs.

          • Cmaster

            Poor guys, we should send them some copies for $8 cheaper then the ones that they pay for, that way we could make money and they get a better deal on the game that they want. Everyone’s happy…

          • assasin1010123

            maybe the economy is different over there? IDK! Sorry…

          • Linkman

            Hahahahah then u have never been to Brazil… here is R$200,00 wich is about a little over 100 bucks :P

          • ArabDiSASTER

            No Australia does not get ripped off and I have to tell every Aussie that I come across this fact. You get paid minimum wage at an average of $15 an hour, in 3 hours you can get that… In the US, games are $60, minimum wage is $8.75-$9.00

            lets assume that it is $9.00 for everyone, in that case it will take 7 hours to earn enough cash… Stop whining PLEAASE.

          • WeSupportMarkSalling

            nahhhh im buying 1st second its out

      • Midnafan

        all but the non-mainstream Wii U games are $60. they are treating it just as any other Wii U game, but it is still a remake. never thought a remake would be this remade though. :/

    • twinkie

      probably not an official price. i think thats the default price (for wii u games) until the company reveals the real one.

      • Majoras_Wrath

        Agreed. For all we know the price may be cheaper, that $59.99 is a placeholder for now, just like $99.99 was before any Wii U game prices were announced.

        • Midnafan

          but can’t you pre-order it now?! that Wii U price was before you could put any money towards the system: in other words, it was the price back when everything was still in the announcement stage. :/

          • Michael Philliber

            yes you can pre-order, but no money is taken untill it ships, so the price can lower still. there is no reason the price cant lower

          • Midnafan

            well aren’t you still putting money down? or at least saying what amount you’re putting down? i know no transactions go through until it’s shipped, but what do they do, say “oh we don’t need that extra ten dollars” or “you’re short ten dollars and we won’t ship until you give to us”? :/

          • Michael Philliber

            no you are promising no money, you can cancel at any time AND if the price lowers so does the amount you have to pay, and if the price raises you pay the lowest price that was offered while you were pre-ordering it. so lets say the price lowers to 19.99, that is all i have to pay, then if the price raises again i still only have to pay 19.99. that is how both gamestop and amazon pre-ordering works. if you pre-order now and the price goes down, so does the amount you have to pay.

          • Midnafan

            i guess part of the reason i’m a little confused is usually the price doesn’t change all that much, especially once “transactions” if you will start being made. however, i do recall when pre-ordering a game in-store in Gamestop, i had/could put some money down and then paid in full when i picked up the game. so it’s not like they except NO money. in fact once the price is set i think putting your money down moreso ensures you get the game, doesn’t it?

          • Michael Philliber

            no. the fact is there is no transaction at all. going on the site and clicking the pre-oder button is more or less saying you are in line to buy the game when it comes on sale, forget the price, the price is only there because they need to set one, at this time they could have the price at $1,000 though it doesnt change anything, it is just set as any wii u game right now, but when the price becomes anounced, the one on the site will drop, and so will the price of anyones who pre-ordered will because neither the seller, or the buyers have put any money forward. in short, pre-ordering it, is just saying you will buy it when it comes available, and it assures you a copy, because now you are ahead of everyone else

          • Midnafan

            okay, that all makes sense. however, i did say when pre-ordering in store, not online, i did put money down (i think it was also optional i don’t remember) but i don’t know if this is always the case. i would assume when they put up the place-holder price, that definitely not something ridiculous like $1000, but some sort of estimate of what they think it could be (in this case it’s the most sensible to price it as any regular wii u game). if they ridiculously overestimated, few people would pre-order (as i doubt very many average people understand that it’s a placeholder price) and if they underestimated, several of those pre-orders might not be claimed. :)

      • Midnafan

        i don’t think so. it’s available for pre-order, and it would really freakin suck if you paid the full 60, then they revealed the price was actually 50 or 70. then you would either have lost 10 dollars or be short 10 dollars. why would they make it available to buy at price it’s not going to be? that makes no sense. :/

        • Olamarr

          I thought they took your money when the game comes out.

          • asmith19

            Yes, it says no one will be billed until the game ships. Or you can do a ship to store option and they won’t ever bill you online (at a Gamestop). Also, Gamestop says if the price is lower, then no worries, they will drop it to that price as well.

          • Midnafan

            i know no transactions go through when you pay online definitely, but i remember pre-ordering from Gamestop in the store one time and i had to put down some money for the pre-order and then pay in full when i picked it up from the store.

    • Midnafan

      Unless some of the gameplay or other previous problems have been improved, and unless the HD is absolutely amazing, a remake might not be worth it. I think the people who will benefit from this the most are those were have newer Wiis that don’t play Gamecube, or are too young to have ever played WW. That’s the best thing about remakes: the younger generation doesn’t miss out on the best of Zelda. :)

    • FierceDeityFan

      As stated in another article, they are making it sort of a directors cut, adding two or three more dungeons, bosses, and items that were scrapped for the gamecube release. Im getting it so along with the HD graphics and the extra stuff, I very well think its worth it.

    • ghirahimhunter

      it’s on the wii u not the wii

    • Vink

      It’s not just HD graphics, they are considering putting in the dungeons that were cut from the original WW. Also, the sailing will be quicker but it is over priced considering the price is in US dollars and games in the US are cheaper than games here in Australia but I am still tempted to get it because of the gamepad gameplay.

    • DarkLink27

      They could be doing a director’s cut where they take out the triforce chart hunt and re-add the 3 temples they took out.

  • IgosDuIkana

    Interesting Seems GameStop is jumping the gun again

    • Midnafan

      they’re doing the same with the new Pokemon games, but have they done it anywhere else? just curious.

  • HunterP

    Unless we get a few new temples, buying this game new for full price won’t be worth it. I’m not ordering this until I hear more about the extras it’s coming with.

    • Midnafan

      yeah that’s the problem with making it available to pre-order so soon: we don’t know anything about it yet! it’s almost as if Gamestop’s expecting a blind rush to get the game. :/

      • Vink

        Same thing for Zelda WiiU.

        • Midnafan

          do they have pre-orders for that?! it doesn’t even exist yet! o.O

    • Cmaster

      You are asking for a remake to be changed and have different content, whats the point of a remake if its not going to be the same as the previous game. A remake is something redone to look better.

      • gamer

        Everyone is talking about bringing the director cut dungeons that were taken out of the game and putting them back in. Unless you’re a strait up Nintendo can do no wrong fanboy, paying a full new game price for a game with nothing but some new graphics is kind of stupid. I bought WW off of ebay for less than thirty bucks a couple years ago. Why should I pay over double for the same game? I think it’s funny how nintendo fans have been saying graphics are not that important, and it’s design and gameplay that makes a game. But, the second we get HD graphics, we forget about that, and are willing to drop sixty dollars on a game we already have.

  • Henry Perno

    I’m only pre-ordering if there’s a really cool pre-order bonus. If there’s no bonus, I’m buying it digitally on the eShop at 12:01 AM on the first day it’s available.

    • Midnafan

      have they said it’s going to be on the eshop? but i preordered SS for the same reason: ireally wanted that gold wii remote. oh and the cd too, that’s pretty cool :P

      • npatoray24

        yeah me too! I went out on black friday to get the gold wii remote, offering som cool bonus would have me sold

    • Vink

      Is it really on the eShop?

  • ilovezelda

    Gamestop treats their customers badly. Don’t buy games from Gamestop! There are plenty of other sources.

    • Midnafan

      i always hear crap about Gamestop, but i’ve never had problems with them. while i admit they don’t have the greatest deals or system, i can’t really complain :/ plus they’re the most common source of promotions, and there’s one at almost every corner around here. :/

  • itsameluigi1290

    I’m probably getting it digital.

  • jimmy sarashala

    Must buy a Wii U first D:

    • Midnafan

      i know the feeling…. :'(

  • Dark

    $60.. Is this an HD re-release or a remake..?

    • williamator123

      remake im pretty sure, obviously in hd

    • Midnafan

      it’s an HD remake. :P

    • Cmaster

      Yes, LoL

  • williamator123

    I have $100 saved up for the pre-order and the guide, just gotta wait till pre-order is available in canada. price isnt an object for one of my 3 favorite games!

    • Midnafan

      now that’s the spirit! :D

  • erikingvoldsen

    I called it. $60 bucks. They must be freaking high if they think I’m going to pay that.

    • Midnafan

      i’m presuming you don’t buy any wii u games then, because they’re all that price. -_-

      • erikingvoldsen

        Well yeah…cause they’re actual Wii U games. This is a GC game with better graphics.

        • Midnafan

          and a new engine. and a new control system. and hopefully new and/or improved gameplay. i see no reason it shouldn’t be considered an actual Wii U game. :/

          • erikingvoldsen

            New engine only contributes to the graphics. There will be no new game play…it’s highly unlikely. And a control system offers nothing to the experience…it’s just something we must pray doesn’t go wrong.

          • Midnafan

            if they don’t put some form of new feature (like Master Quest) then no one is going to buy this game if they’ve played it before or have what it takes to play the older cheaper one. i’m sure Nintendo knows that and will change something to appeal to as many people as possible. they’re business people, they know just throwing out new graphics would be a dud. :/

  • Hero_of_Skyloft

    Preordering even though I don’t have a Wii U!

    • Midnafan

      i wish i could say that…. just make sure you buy a wii U before you get the game! :P

      • Cmaster

        WHHAAAAAA!!!!! Y would u no do that? It would totally make sense to buy the game first *cough* *sarcasm* *cough*

        • Midnafan

          it’s not that hard to not have enough money to buy the system in time, especially in this economy. or like when i bought WW for my sister, she had to wait a week to play because i bought the wrong controller -_-

    • Cmaster

      How does that work? you will have a game and no console…. :O

      • Vink

        It’s a Good idea because by the time WWHD comes out, the Wii U will probably be cheaper therefore saving money unlike me, I bought it on launch day.

  • Midnafan

    Gamestop’s been doing really early pre-orders lately. I think they started the pre-orders for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y almost immediately after the announcement. :/

  • Michael Philliber

    guys $60 is a place holder. no money gets taken until it ships so the price can still lower. they just have the price of a general wii u game right now since the official price has not been announced, and if any of you cared to pay attention this is a full re-make not just a re-release. and they said there will be things added to gameplay, so it wont be just graphics.

  • Baljeet

    not only gamestop, bur also game mania (holland)

  • Silent-Hero

    i dont have the money to get it right now.. pre-orders dont sell out :c

  • gna gt it rly kool gme

    gna gt it rly kool gme

  • Vink

    I don’t mind paying full price for a new Zelda game because I want to support Nintendo but this isn’t a new zelda game also the price for WWHD and new Zelda Wii U are both AU$78.

  • Daver

    What! Already??!!

  • Zeldaforce

    guys stop bitching about the price you have no control over it so put it to bed if you don’t want it don’t buy it, most of you are going to not care anyway, half of you get your parents to pay for it

    • Thrice (╥﹏╥)

      Anyone who gets their parents to pay for it obviously wouldn’t care about the price.
      Wonder who prime suspect #1 is. Such a mystery and God knows how much I just love a bad mystery.

    • erikingvoldsen

      Parents buy it huh? I guess that explains why you don’t care for the price.

  • Thrice (╥﹏╥)

    The new WW is going to burn my eyes.

  • anonymous

    Finally they remake a GOOD game. I just hope this time they add more islands and maybe a couple dungeons…

  • Hero_of_Hyrule18

    im def going to pick up a copy the day it comes out, as long as nintendo keeps things classic with new twists i will never stop playing.

  • Nikki

    Yep! I’m going to pre-order it! (: I am a little surprised that they would take pre-orders before having an exact release date though.

  • Nikokiri

    You can pre-order this game on a Swedish website for about $90…

  • Olamarr

    I’m going to pitch a tent out side gamestop.

  • bs8814

    Already that was fast.

  • WeSupportMarkSalling

    please id buy anything for this game <3 best zelda game ever <3


    my birthday is not until july, and i have no money to buy it before then
    SOB. :(

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  • somebodynow

    An HD version of the crap fest graphic that is “Wind Waker” didn’t buy it the first time, why would I buy it now?

  • objob1

    For that price you could probably buy a gamecube and WW

  • Sonic204

    A $60 remake of WindWaker is easier to justify and swallow than the $60 port of RE: Revelations. That really disappointed me. Despite the price I’ll still probably buy this.

    • gollum969youtube

      either $60 for the remake or 40 for the original i’d say get the remake

  • Zelda Keldeo

    I don’t know about the HD graphics, it looks to real, it doesn’t hold the cartoonish feeling that the original had.

  • Believe it or not, in Australia, that’s pretty normal. But what do you mean buy already it’s coming out in August, isn’t it?

  • Katalyst

    My favorite game is TWW, but the new graphics have some serious proportional issues that need to be fixed to earn my purchase, exceptionally so at 60$. I mean, look at orginal TWW link vs HD TWW Link. The head is out of proportion D:.

  • Elzo

    I’m definitely going to preorder this game, but I’m going to wait a little longer until I can be certain there won’t be a Limited Collector’s Edition, because if that becomes available, I’d definitely go for that instead!

  • joe vanderbeck

    I read it’s coming out in August on IGN. I already pre-ordered my copy. Wind Waker in HD might bump it up to the best Zelda ever made.

  • RoBirk29384

    It’s a placeholder price. Relax, people.

  • ventus

    i’ll probably try to get one from ebay for like $15 dollars less.

  • gollum969youtube

    according to gamestop it comes out on october 2nd