The Promise of Ocarina of Time 3D

HanyouJanuary 11th, 2013 by Hanyou

Handheld Zelda games always take a different course than their console counterparts. In the current 3D era, this mostly means having a top-down view. The Game Boy Color games, made by Capcom, built off the engine of Link’s Awakening DX (a remake — this will be important later) and bore more than a vague resemblance to its template. This made sense, as the Game Boy Color was the last in a line of mini-NES handhelds, culminating, of course, in a Game Boy Color Super Mario Bros.

The Game Boy Advance was a Super Nintendo, part two. With titles like Golden Sun, Metroid Fusion, and the Final Fantasy, Donkey Kong Country, and Super Mario Advance games, it aped the Super Nintendo, acting as a platform for re-releases as well as new titles that bore a striking resemblance to classics. The Minish Cap, naturally, played to the Game Boy Advance’s strengths, echoing the Super Nintendo. If Golden Sun was the new Chrono Trigger and Metroid Fusion was the new Super Metroid, The Minish Cap was clearly the new A Link to the Past, with its own very different dual-world mechanic and even overt references to the Super Nintendo classic, like Hyrule Castle and Dark Hyrule Castle.

These games all acted to modernize classic ideas and apply them to the new platform that housed them. Capcom led the charge in this respect, but Nintendo had clearly started the trend with Link’s Awakening and, in another series, Super Mario Land.

The DS was entirely different, though. It had something like Nintendo 64 graphics, but still played often enough like something in-between the Super Nintendo and its successor. At first, its direction was hard to discern. Nintendogs wasn’t part of any trend on Nintendo’s part. Super Mario 64 was offered as a release title, and held promise for the future. The result was fun but mixed, but it still strikes me as an intriguing experiment, one that wouldn’t be duplicated on the DS very often.

Indeed, the DS itself didn’t feel like a Nintendo 64, so it broke with expectations. It was eclectic, experimental, and only traditional when necessary. It felt like an honest-to-God handheld system, not a miniature version of an older console. It’s hard not to think of it as THE quintessential handheld system, having birthed whole franchises, like Professor Layton, that functioned well on a small screen and were conducive to bite-sized gaming sessions. The Zelda games on the DS reflected this, with an isometric view for most of the journeys and a touch screen-focused overworld. Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, while they largely shared the same structure as any other Zelda game, felt more like handheld games than possibly any Zelda title beforehand (even the Oracle games, Link’s Awakening, and The Minish Cap don’t feel all that different from 2D console Zelda titles). I love Spirit Tracks, but even a fan of these two games would have to be blind not to notice the criticism heaped on the games by a good amount of the Zelda fanbase, mostly due to the touch screen controls. This was, of course, perfectly in line with the DS offering so much experimentation.

Handhelds as a haven for 2D gaming may be a thing of the past. Now we find ourselves well into the 3DS’s lifecycle, and it may be a return to tradition of sorts. Like the Game Boy Advance, it plays like a miniature console. Last year, we received Ocarina of Time 3D, a completely faithful remake of the Nintendo 64 classic branded then and now as the “greatest game of all time” by many critics and gamers alike. As a console game, some might argue it’s dated. As a handheld game, it’s a large-scale quest unlike any other, rivaling the best the format has to offer — as was the Game Boy Advance remake of A Link to the Past in its time. The 3DS launched with impressive 3D games that didn’t look too far behind the then-current-gen Wii: Stuff like Pilotwings showed what the platform was truly capable of. Later on, Starfox 64 joined Ocarina of Time as a port of an old console game.

The PSP and Vita exist, of course, but Nintendo has always played its own game and they are unlikely to affect Nintendo’s strategy with the 3DS. So, as of right now, we have no idea for certain what Nintendo has in store for the future with respect to Zelda on the 3DS. What we do know is the simple fact that they have a great-looking engine on which they could, theoretically, build more handheld playgrounds for Link to explore.

It’s popular to say the Zelda series doesn’t change much, but the 3D games have all been wildly different from each other, at least in subtle ways. Ocarina of Time was arguably the last console Zelda game that felt like a completely traditional experience. Likewise, its world was constructed in a completely traditional way, with all the tropes fulfilled and few other ideas to get in the way. The 3DS took this world and remastered it, making it look better than ever before and adding depth. With this precedent in mind, we can speculate that we’re now set for another handheld game that feels like a console game. The 3DS being what it is, and the Ocarina of Time 3D engine being what it is, the developers should utilize them in some way. In 1998, the sheer size and scope of Hyrule Field was unfathomable to a number of gamers. The 3DS recreated that feeling much later, and did it brilliantly. So what’s in store this time around?

I think it’s time for another entirely traditional Zelda game. It can have a central gimmick or series of gimmicks, certainly (Ocarina of Time did), but a traditional, less linear overworld populated by at least eight dungeons could be just what the series needs, and the 3DS is an excuse for Nintendo to offer it. This would accord with tradition, too — Link’s Awakening was certainly more conventional than A Link to the Past, at least in terms of gameplay, and the Oracle titles, creative as they were, offered fewer dizzying options than Majora’s Mask. The Minish Cap felt entirely conventional compared to its predecessor, The Wind Waker, and was no more experimental than Twilight Princess. The DS games have at least followed modern trends, with long-winded narratives and a focus on controls, but everything comes down to the touch screen, a harbinger of what was to come in Skyward Sword. They also feature transportation overworlds, another modern trend.

But as the 3DS returns to the trends set by Nintendo’s earlier handhelds, its Zelda games seem set to reflect traditional trends as well. While I’ve avoided specifics, I think the appearance of Ocarina of Time 3D promises grand, epic adventures the likes of which we have never seen on a handheld.

Author: Hanyou

Hanyou has worked for the article staff, both as a writer and as an editor, for over a year. He has also been an active member of the Zelda Dungeon forums since 2008 and an avid fan of the Zelda franchise since 1998. He has degrees in writing.

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  • VikzeLink

    I will put this simple: I agree

    • Midnafan

      that’s kind of all i have to say to some of these other long comments too. this seems to be a kind of i agree article :)

  • trol


    • Midnafan

      :/ ?

  • Linkfan99

    I’ve looked at the graphics of OoT 3D, and they are much better, but for some reason, I still prefer the look of the original.

    • IgosDuIkana

      That is probably because the Original reflects the actual mood of the story better in it’s visual presentation, While the remake, although offering a higher pixel count and polygon count looks terrible, at least to me anyway. This is just my opinion, but it is increasingly difficult to take the series seriously with all of the casual elements and art styles aimed at much less sophisticated gamers. Link in the official art of the original, and in the game itself was rather broad in his upper body and looked like an adult male in the face, while in the remake, he looks like a tall 14 year old. Nintendo is no longer out to sell to the fans, they are trying to bring in casual gamers with full pockets. The fans have no weight in the making of the games, else we would have creations like ALTTP, OOT and MM, where the game is appropriate and fun for kids, but if you are old enough to understand, there were things to appeal to you and to deepen the story and game play.

      • Skyward Schlong

        Ignore my user name for a second…. There is no way you’re more “sophisticated.”

        • Midnafan

          i have to admit sophisticated wasn’t the right thing to say (its actually kind of offensive now that i think about it). a better thing to say is that they’re aiming at younger audiences, not less sophisticated. and that’s smart, because the last thing we want is for the franchise to die with those of us born in the 80s and 90s. also, i wouldn’t have noticed your username but since you pointed it out…. i don’t get why that’s a deal? :/

          • Skyward Schlong

            I like my name, but it’s just not very sophisticated, is it? :P

          • Midnafan

            no, i suppose not, but neither is Midnafan. you didn’t need to point that out, its like having a pleasant conversation then pointing out some zit you have on your back for no reason. nobody cares, it doesn’t matter, so you didn’t need to make a point of it, that’s all :)

      • Midnafan

        well don’t forget, as much as everyone loves video games, Nintendo is a company. and company’s need to make money. also, they kind of have to have some successful sales before they bust out what the fans want, otherwise they’d be wasting precious resources that could go towards the next money-maker on a very select group of people. its not that they don’t care about the fans, but they do have their priorities as a business. plus, Zelda isn’t the only game they do. :)

    • Midnafan

      nostalgia most likely. :)

  • Skyward Schlong

    You know, it seems like a no-brainer they should remake Majora’s Mask considering they’ve already updated the graphics for Ocarina of Time…. But suppose they did us one better and released that plus a direct sequel using the same engine and on the same cartridge?

    That seems like even less a brainer.

    • Skyward Schlong

      Adult Link this time–to bring the 3DS trilogy full circle.

      • Midnafan

        i was thinking that, but i don’t really know. :(

      • Ben

        Boo, young Link is better. Without him, I would be some creepy adult. Imagine what that would do.

      • Link_The_Ultimate_Chronomancer

        Nope, Young Link is the best. I love TP and SS, but the thing that bugs me about them is: No Young Link. I like him, and not because I’m a kid, because I’m not.

    • Midnafan

      a direct sequel to MM? a direct sequel to a direct sequel? as much as i would like MM to come out on the 3DS, i can imagine a lot of other games that might have better direct sequels. though it seems in experience, MM was the only really successful direct sequel, as PH and ST were nothing compared to their predecessor.

    • guest-ZeldaBoy

      If you’ve ever read or seen the official zelda timeline, technically TP comes next, but then, if you think about it, it kinda doesn’t tie in… I’m not trying to say TP should be on the 3DS, but I’m trying to make a point

      • Skyward Schlong

        They can squeeze something in there, Link’s-Awakening style.

  • Kravik

    Must say I enjoyed the two NES games A LOT on the 3DS! :D

    • Midnafan

      and they weren’t even remastered! imagine what else this wonderful handheld can do…. :D

      • guest-ZeldaBoy

        “It’s not magic…It’s radioshack :D” – Mr.Lunt, pirates who don’t do anything, a veggietales movie

        • Midnafan

          i was gonna say its been a long time since i’ve even watched veggietales, but then i remembered how my grandmother traumatized me with them when i was 2, and now i won’t go near anything in a mask, :'(

  • JuicieJ

    Should traditional elements return? Yes. An open world and an adventure without padding are features that we need back in Zelda. Should Zelda 3DS be entirely traditional? Absolutely not. The treasure system that Phantom Hourglass started has vastly improved with Spirit Tracks and Skyward Sword, and it should only keep improving (as well as the new upgrade system). The Stamina Gauge and Adventure Pouch should also never be abandoned, as they open up loads of new options for the gameplay. What we need is a mixture of the best of the classic elements and the best of the modern elements. Zelda needs to continue to grow, and going with just a traditional approach won’t allow that to happen.

    • Darkgreyfire

      I think they are headed in the right direction adding RPG depth to the franchise that’s been missing since Zelda 2. What I think Ocarina 3D showed us, was that with the hardware the modern handheld system has, there is no excuse not to have a console quality game on the nintendo handhelds from here on out. The one thing Nintendo has to make a decision on, is do we keep the two screen touch play with the 3DS or go all out classic play as Ocarina 3D was. I’d like to see them go straight classic, and use the touch screen as an adventure pouch inventory screen, and get away from the touch drag movements of Link we used in Hourglass and Spirit Tracks.

      • Midnafan

        I think the wii U could really take advantage of that just as much as the handhelds. i’ve noticed some games on the wii u now already do this, but by having the inventory and menu screens more separate from the rest, they don’t take as much away from the screen, and nintendo could take advantage of that by having stuff take place in the background,even while you’re on the inventory screen. This may not matter to most gamers, but i know it would matter to me because half the time my mom won’t let me play the wii cause she gets board watching me go through my inventory. :'(

      • JuicieJ

        Yeah, definitely. The touch screen shouldn’t have any kind of forced usage. There are things like the portions of Resident Evil: Revelations where you have to use the stylus to move circuits around to fix a lock on a door — the stylus technically isn’t required, but it’s much easier with it — but nothing to where we have to execute some complicated mechanic on a moment’s notice.

        • shadowlink13

          i personally love the touch games spirit tracks was what got me into zelda

          • Ghoti

            Phantom Hourglass got me into it, and while I loved that game, I kind of want a button-based adventure next (that also means no motion on the console, but using the Tablet as a lower screen with an inventory and map would be nice.)

          • JuicieJ

            I’m a huge fan of Spirit Tracks myself. I’m just saying it would be best to not go with a purely touch screen approach.

      • Vink

        I like touch screen controls but Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks was one way to get your touch screen scratched up.

        • Vink

          (continue) I ended up using cotton buds (the things you clean your ears with LOL) as a stylus.

        • Ian Sketchie Nix

          I think you’re pressing too hard. A normal stylus like the one Nintendo sends should not EVER scratch your screen. I’ve never seen anyone with a scratched screen from the stylus, either.

    • Midnafan

      as much as i totally agree with you, i hated both the adventure pouch and the stamina gauge. both were extremely restricted. with the adventure pouch, you had to pay ridiculous sums of money to take anything with you, and even then, you were still extremely restricted to what you could take, and there were so many great items. and all the stamina gauge did was slow me down and add a little more than necessary extra challenge.

      • JuicieJ

        The whole point of their existence is limitation. They’re designed to make you have to plan out what you’re going to do before you do it. Beyond that, Link would have been extremely OP if we’d been able to carry every single item designated to the Adventure Pouch and not had limitations on how long he could dash and whatnot. They’re beneficial limitations that add some (proper) realism to the game.

        • JeredenDonnar

          But LOZ doesn’t need cumbersome realism, that’s what sets it apart. How exactly does Link carry all that stuff? Such is a beloved quirk of the series. I’d love a return to an inventory screen like nearly every game before SS. The pause menu screen have always seemed like a “Home-base” to me and their demise in SS made me feel naked as I played, having to access my garbage while I’m being shot at. Its LOZ. It is so not broken, why mess with it so?

          • Roth

            “…their demise in SS…”

            I see what you did there. ;)

            But seriously — or not — just how many guns can Solid Snake carry around at once? His bandana can’t be as expansive as Link’s hat for storage space.

          • Midnafan

            i don’t think anybody does that on purpose, it just seems to happen. guess Nintendo’s finally brainwashed us. o_O

          • Roth

            Just gotta point out, in line with JJ’s remark about being overpowered: is it better to walk around with an arsenal of stuff you’ll never use or need, or to take only so much with you and have to organize for the journey? OoT’s item screen could be pretty darned useless for all the stuff you’d amass over time.

          • Midnafan

            i admit, while a lot of the stuff you end up with is useless, especially in OoT, its nice having a backup in case you don’t know what else to do. in ss, you could only have one thing or the other and if you picked the wrong one or forgot something that would have been helpful, sucks for you. :(

          • Midnafan

            well in TP, the explanation of Link’s inventory was whatever dimensional pocket Midna put them in. i have to admit, not being able to pause while drinking a potion or getting another item was painful, especially in the battle with Demise. :'(

          • David Byrad

            1.0 It’s not cumbersome, OoT 64’s Inventory was cumbersome, LOZ’s game-to-inventory pan (no matter how awesome the effect was) was cumbersome, the only game inventories that are not cumbersome were TP (At least for items) and SS’s.

            1.33 Also, how IS realism cumbersome anyways? It made Link faster, more agile, easier to use, and more fun to run around with. The stamina fruits were EVERYWHERE so you hardly ever need to slow; and on the off chance you need to, all you have to do is stop running. The gauge refills pretty quickly and Link’s normal running speed is one of the fastest it’s ever been.

            1.66 The only way I see someone could be complaining about this is if they had tried to spam running and never payed attention to, nor even cared about the Stamina Gauge.

            2.0 Don’t even get me started on how stupid the adventure pouch thing is! The gambling games are SO easy, especially the clean cut. After you get the three map pieces, you can sell all your bugs and treasures to max out to 5900 rupees. (If you had the max wallet, that is) So the price really doesn’t matter. The first Adventure Pouch can be worth 5000 for all I care!

            2.50 Then, if you wanted could carry everything you wanted, you will be even more OP’d than playing Kid Icarus: Uprising on 0.0 difficulty with a 6-Range/6-Melee weapon. Not to mention how easy it is to win even without anything but a shield. Potions are WAY underpriced and are only really needed during bosses like The Sealed, Ghirahim or Demise. (Unless you are playing on Hero mode) Also, Shields are not necessary to stopping opponent’s attacks, just slash when the opponent will or dodge using Z-Targeting. Finally, the medals help, but you can win without them. (Except for the Heart-Rarity one on Hero Mode, that helps A LOT) So yeah, moving on!

            3.0 He uses pouches and pockets stashed under his tunic, duh! How else would someone carry all that stuff around?

            3.5 And if anyone even THINKS of bringing up the Iron Boots: The Goddesses enchanted them to increase the gravitational pull on the wearer.

            4. I actually got ANNOYED the first played a Zelda other than SS after playing the latter. Sure, I was introduced to Zelda with Majora’s Mask (I feel it’s so awesome, calling it MM is an insult) and Ocarina; but after playing SS for hours on end I just couldn’t stop trying to jump up walls. (LOL I failed SO much because of that!) Course, once I started playing OoT and Majora’s as much as SS again, that went away.

            5. Also, I feel the swapping during battle makes it easier to keep up a rapid assault. If you memorize the positions, you start to swap weapons in under a second. Also, I feel the wait between opening the inventory and resuming the game in other games is just too much of a waste of good hype.

            So yeah, that’s what I think. But you made a couple good points.

        • Roth

          I just want to say, I greatly appreciate seeing someone else understand how such systems are designed to lend a unique technical spin to the equation, rather than just bitching about them being different or troublesome. People should save their breath for obvious design flaws like controller support or having to access the menu just to take the iron boots off.

          • Midnafan

            why does an opinion have to be “bitching” about something? >:( i didn’t hate SS, nor did i consider the stamina gauge or adventure pouch design flaws. when something’s a pain something’s a pain. and the iron boots thing is definitely one of those. -_-

          • Roth

            Well, maybe that’s why I tend to avoid that word… I didn’t mean to offend you personally; I just see the majority of people who dislike something go on about how it was dumb or bad without considering it in any depth. I do understand that different elements will be annoying to different people, and I try to respect that. I suppose I got a little tired of hearing about the stamina gauge being awful, is all. I apologize.

        • Midnafan

          i completely understand the benefits of those limitations ( more realistic stamina, customization of your inventory, and all that you said, plus a whole sidequest to go with the inventory) i just personally found it all to be a pain in the butt when the one thing i didn’t need was limitations, and that wasn’t the entire game, just some parts where i could really have gone without running out of stamina or could really have used a back up shield. :(

      • Roth

        Is not parkour-Link a load more action-y and fun than running around statically as OoT-Link? For the minor annoyance of having to, you know, not abuse it, the speed and footwork should be welcome. “Walking” is really no slower than Link’s ever been. Perhaps the real issue is the gauge destroyed people’s ability to happily somersault everywhere impulsively, so they felt like they weren’t able to do as much to push Link along from one place to the next. Sort of like being trigger-happy and then being given an ammo limit, only it’s not effectively so restrictive; you only hate it because you got used to fooling around with it.

        • JuicieJ

          You… basically said everything I was going to in your multiple posts. Thanks lol. =)

        • Midnafan

          well, i personally found link walking to be extremely slow, although the dash made up for that by being faster than previous games. my problem wasn’t so much that you couldn’t roll everywhere like before, but that when you really needed it, you couldn’t depend on your stamina. i found it to be a pain to have to find a place to stop when climbing vines and running up hills, and if i ran out i would have to start all over. it was especially a pain when trying to run in the Silent Realms (i ran into waking water a lot okay?) and i swear it depleted a lot faster when you’re there. :/

          • JuicieJ

            You should mess around with it more, then. Learn its nuances and practice keeping the limitations in mind so you’ll know how to approach things long before you get to them. It’s all part of the experience.

          • Midnafan

            i just spent two hours today going up and down Skyloft’s waterfall trying to get that stupid baby rattle. to be honest, the limitations didn’t affect me that much, but when they did, i was already frustrated as hell, which is why i mentioned the Silent Realm. i just did nayru’s Silent realm today too, and i ran into waking water and watchers so many times it was terrifying. what’s worse is there’s only one pool of waking water there. :'(

          • JuicieJ

            Silent Realms are tough. You REALLY have to plan out your moves long in advance if you don’t want to get caught/run out of time, so I can see where you’re coming from.

          • Midnafan

            It’s funny you say that, ’cause normally I just wing it and run. :P so far it’s worked pretty well. My second playthrough in Farore’s Silent Realm, i only lost once because i turned around right after getting the last tear and ran into a watcher and was all disoriented. Nayru’s I didn’t lose once, though quite a few close calls and falling into quicksand. :/

          • David Byrad

            How exactly, was he even CLOSE to slow? The stamina fruits were EVERYWHERE and when you do start to slow down, all you have to do is stop running. The gauge refills pretty quickly and Link’s normal running speed is one of the fastest it’s ever been.

            Also I seriously do not get what’s so hard about Silent Realms. Plan your movements, go at a steady pace and do not be afraid to slow down now and again. When you first start out, avoid the guards and make it to the first tear. Then find a beacon fruit and use it to find most of the nearby tears. Keep moving forward and always take the shortest route between tears.

            If there’s a big gap between two bunches. Take half on the way to the first area and the other half on the way back. This makes it so the 90 seconds last as long as possible. If you DO catch waking water though, run to the nearest tear and avoid those ripples on your screen. (They signify where a guard is) The guards are slow and clunky so you can easily outrun them if there is a nearby tear that is easy to get.

            Also, if you ARE doing the half-one-way/half-the-other method, collect an easy one first, then a hard one second, easy one third, hard one fourth etc. This will make it so that on either trip, you will always have a tear that is in an easy location.

    • jiminaycricket

      MY MOM!!

  • hyliansword

    i agree 100% i loved 0ot 3ds updated art style

    • Midnafan

      so did i, it was nice as a modern gamer to be able to skip the blockiness of the N64 and enjoy the fun of the game with much more asthetic graphics. :)

      • Guy

        Yes. People say that ss and oot have the same art style, but with the oot remake, it is much more detailed. I feel it is the perfect mix between tp’s detail, and ss’s general base.

  • Midnafan

    I loved OoT3D, it was my first chance to play the legendary game and i absolutely adored it. as for PH and ST, PH will always have a place in my heart because it was the first video game i ever played, although it certainly hasn’t aged well, and ST kind of felt like it took everything that was bad about PH and meshed it into one game all while adding the dumb concept of a fairly modern train in a medieval world. I really like the 3DS, because of its features, and the 3D adds a lot of depth to everything i’m playing, especially OoT (while i must admit, i think i’ve adjusted to the 3d too much, because i have it on high all the time and everything seems less 3D to me.
    :() i’ll probably like whatever Zelda puts out there next, especially if its like OoT. right now i’m excited for the Pokemon MD game coming in march, and absolutely shocked by the announcement of Pokemon X and Y (i’m still trying to figure out how i feel about that, i mean i like the graphics for the most part and love the new battle animations, but the new starters and the titles sound so stupid :()

  • Roth

    The most important things for me about the 2D Zeldas are: 1) fully free-roam world; and 2) nonstop adventuring, not only free from a bunch of hand-holding but also without drawn-out plot sequences where I must abandon my liberty for the sake of a wild-goose chase, overly-forced conditions, an isolated and preordained scenario, etc. The linearity itself of SS didn’t get to me so much as how the events were attached at the ends, for example. Beyond these, I’m happy being told where to go and having a limited ability to advance without meeting certain requirements; I just don’t want to be hand-held, physically pushed along, or *scripted* through it.

    I’m currently rockin’ 3D Dot Game Heroes on my new PS3, and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants another oldie Zelda that goes in new directions while remaining traditional. Imagine giving Zelda 1 the world, item, and quest depth of LttP or the Oracle games, giving Link a set of swords five times his size (some with the ability to swing in arcs rather than stab), and throwing in a bunch of other classic NES references and parodies for good measure. The difficulty level is well-balanced despite the gratuitous weapons-fanservice, making it feel like a hybrid of Zelda 1’s gameplay and LttP’s challenges met with a built-in Game Genie just for the player’s enjoyment. The dungeons are well-built, and the bosses are a step above LttP’s, taking as long to beat as a 3D Zelda’s but demanding the fighting effort of the 2D ones. Top it off with some Pegasus Boots racecourses and tower defense minigames in the towns, and you’re in for a good time.

    • Midnafan

      did you just say a game for the PS3 was a combination of half of Nintendo’s greatest series? there are sooooo many things wrong with that…. also, did you like SS, or didn’t you? because 1: its obvious that’s what you’re talking about before naming it, and 2: you said that how the events at the end got you, but was that a good or a bad get? because if you think it was bad then i think you were kind of missing the point of the whole story: to tie EVERYTHING together. while the wild-goose chase was albeit pretty ridiculous, and don’t get me started on the whole paradox we end up with at the end, i really enjoy a story game. LoZ is great to me because it combines excellent gameplay with great stories. SS was perfect for me. :)

      • Roth

        Allow me to clarify:

        What “got to me” meant “bugged me”; and “how the events were attached at the ends” wasn’t referring to the conclusion(s), but to how the plot sequences went from one to the next, like ends of a string. To rephrase it, I didn’t mind the linearity of the adventure so much as the strain of advancing to the next chunk. For example, the mini-quests to repair Scrapper and such took too much time out running back and forth talking to people, especially when replaying the game.

        “A wild-goose chase” had no specific direction, it was just a classification of scenarios that many games have had. Examples include, again, talking to one person, who tells you to talk to another, etc. etc.; and overlong fetch-quests that completely halt the rest of the game until completion.

        While SS was indeed guilty of these issues at times, I really enjoyed the game (far more than TP, which had similar problems but fewer points of success and greatness to match them). Perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned SS in the same comment, because I certainly wasn’t trying to bash it specifically. It was just a good, recent example.

        As for the PS3 thing, I think that’s your fanboy/girl talking. 3DDGH isn’t an amalgam of “half of Nintendo’s greatest series” in the sense that it has everything they have to offer; far from it. But it takes cues from a lot of them, and it does so quite well. Ultimately the game is a great homage to Zelda and the classics, so Nintendo should be flattered and their fans entertained. What console automatically makes something worthwhile has never been a valid argument, just a bias of loyalty.

        • Midnafan

          i can understand all that. the whole thing was a ridiculous wild goose chase by the time you got to the end of it, no matter how amazing the conclusion. and as evil as demise was, when it comes down to it, Hylia completely destroyed two kids lives so they could run some freakin errands for her. and because Demise is destroyed in the past( the paradox i mentioned) that means you never set out to destroy him in the first place, and thus the only explanation is that link’s entire quest was solely to bring the goddess statue to the ground. :/ and i hate PS and Xbox because they’re not family friendly like Nintendo is, all the violent crap comes out on them, so yeah, i’m pretty biased.

          • Roth

            Yeah, strictly plot-wise, the paradox where you defeat Demise in the past after destroying him in the present was the only big problem for me. I mean, come on, after crafting such an elegant time loop with Zelda in stasis, you go cop-out the final boss by retroactively screwing the whole time loop over? Fail. Other than that, pretty much all that I found fault with was in the execution for the sake of gameplay, not the substance itself.

  • Calanekeeps

    I’ve been looking forward to Zelda 3DS since…I got a 3DS. Ocarina of Time 3D was the first 3DS game I got, and I loved it even more than the original (I know I’m probably the only one who did) and since then, thinking about going on a Zelda adventure on the 3DS that I don’t know how to
    beat, or know what’s going to happen…just makes me very excited. I remember hearing that it’s going to be more like the console games, and not be a sequel to Spirit Tracks, so I have no idea what to expect. Can’t wait to hear something about it soon…it was like being made since 2011, right?

    • Dustin Kirksey

      I enjoyed OOT3D more than the original OOT. OOT3D is OOT, but this time it is more refined.

    • Hero of Time

      I enjoyed OoT3D more then the original as well. :)

    • David Byrad

      I played both versions of the water Temple, 64 AND 3DS, and I’ve found that the Temple itself was really fun, the second best in the game next to the Shadow Temple! The reason why I hated it in the 64 version was because you had to keep switching your boots between normal and iron every 5 seconds!

      The 3DS one made that better by changing it to a normal item. GO NINTENDO!!! (Kind of, I would really rather a group of people who are both good at coding AND have been avid fans of Zelda all of their lives. All it takes is for them to know what we want and BOOM! EPIC NEW GAME. Although, Zelda Wii U DOES sound like Nintendo is listening to us… IDK what to think now. o.o)

  • littlemissgleek

    I understand much of the critisism for the ds titles, but I really don’t understand the hate on the controls. I thought the controls worked in many ways, like the fact that they were easy to use for anyone, making it more inviting for potential new fans, and it also worked great for swordplay, and it felt like the fighting involved much more technique than button smashing.

  • Dice

    I wouldn’t mind a Hyrule field for the 3DS… Between the sea [again], choo-choos for the NDS, and the sky for the Wii, I would love another title that’s back on the ground.

  • Shadow masked vigilante

    Hey ever body just wanted to say this as a discussion starter I’m confused why is it that Nintendo remake’s oot nothing wrong with that ocarina of time the best zelda game ever supposedly made and Square enix is scared to make a remake of FINAL FANTASY 7? cause they think it there best game ever and it once it made no one’s gonna want to buy the any of the other pufff I mean you introduce a game that good to the public people get hooked off that game and then they become fans of the francise. But square is complete diffrient company by all mean’s but I’m just saying nintendo made a remake’s of Oot for the 3ds they should make one for majors’s mask cause majors mask is a sequal to the best game ever so it would make sense for a remake cause it’s easily set up for them cause on the end of oot3d it’s the same ending showing navi going away and you know link’s set’s out on a quest to find her so I mean bam people new to zelda that played oot3d for the first time would be like would be like I want to see what happends next but you know they would make a good profit from it cause I and many others would buy the remake too add it to there collection or just buy it too play it. I just think nintendo need’s to adnounce one soon cause the wait for a adnouncement is mad and can’t drive a person insane lol. But square enix should make a remake for FINAL FANTASY VII I herd they want to wait until they go bank rupted or make a game that’s better than Final Fantasy vii then they’ll make one puff that’s pretty dumb if you ask me but I think they should just make one cause you know some of there Final Fantasy’s are good and some just suck but you know I’m a Zelda nerd/ FInal FANTASY nerd but you know people that are as crasy about these type’s of game’s would just buy them for the sake of buying them cause there fan’s and a fan follow’s the team even i the darkest hours of the game but on the other hand some people don’t care and would say oot is the best and the other rest suck but that wrong cause it just saying only one player one the team is good and the rest of the team sucks but you gotta give them a chance cause they might make a good comeback and you might over look some of the mistakes they made. but yeah zelda game’s are all good well I mean there pretty much all good except for the cdi games cause I don’t really consider them games and vise verusa for Final Fantasy some might say others are games stupid and suck and that ff 7 is the best FF game there is but some might say 8 or 9 is better and 7 sucks I mean what I’m trying to say is too spread the word and you know and what did you think about what I had said I mean we all want a remake for majors mask and I wouldn’t mind seeing one for FF7 so maybe we should all bring it to attention to nintendo and square that they should make the remake’s for us the one’s that we want and ask about cause we are the fan’s we are the one’s that pay’s them with are hard working money so we have the power to say, do and make what we want so comment to this message and spread the word to the video game company’s that you care and love dear let you’re voice be herd lol but don’t be shy Just one thing too ad they gotta make a new Banjo Kazooie game I mean and original classic for the fans too love yeah welll that’s all you guy’s that all I have to say.

    • shadowlink13

      i dont want a remake of a game i already beat (i never beat oot but i beat oot3d so i guess thats okay) over a completely new zelda title.i have a basic idea for a game that i believe is missing from the zelda timeline and i would love it if they made it or a different new game so theres a completely new experience.i also dont want to have the option of looking up a walkthrough of the original every time i get stuck.

  • Dragon Ball Zelda

    This may be a stupid question, but is the name “Hanyou” a reference to Inuyasha?


    Another game using the Ocarina of Time 3D engine would be okay but I don’t expect it nor do I want one. I would much prefer a new engine, because it would feel newer, and while OoT 3D looked pretty good, it could easily look even better

  • Cameron Lilly

    I would also love a re-imagining of the original Legend of Zelda. Not like they did Ocerina of Time; add MUCH MUCH more. I’m thinking, beef up the graghics (although maintain the top down aspect) add in a storyline tht is PUMPING (story wasn’t a big deal yet. Let’s add in some stuff from the control booklet and new story plots while we’re at it), new stuff to find while you explore (still open world, but with more in it since there is more memory) maybe even design Hyrule to have that post-apocotolyptic look, ya know? Maybe even add new MAJOR elements, like the Master Sword and Light Arrows (since we now know thts the only thing tht can kill Gannon) and perhaps even a partner (who isnt freakin annoying). Essentially, let’s take everything in the original, and then stock all its extra memory-holes with a BUTTLOAD of stuff. Not a remake; a reimagining. An update to bring the Original Zelda up to date story, weapon, and graghic wise with modern gaming. You know, to reintroduce its magic to the kiddies!

  • Light Arrows and Ice Arrows

    Spirit Tracks was my first Zelda game, love it to death!