The Minish Cap Guide Update: Chapter 5 Complete

MasesJanuary 16th, 2013 by Mases

One of the projects I started back in 2012 was upgrading The Minish Cap Walkthrough in anticipation for its inevitable release on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Well, over a year has passed since the game was released as part of the Ambassador Program on the Nintendo 3DS, but yet, the game still isn’t readily available to public for purchase. I’m sure that announcement cannot be that far off. Seriously, this is a certain money maker for Nintendo, I wonder why it hasn’t been done yet?

Nevertheless, I completed the first four chapters in early 2012, but then went on an extended hiatus, working on other projects across the network. I’ve finally started back up again this year and today I have released Chapter 5, which covers the Palace of Winds. The guide is a 100% guide and is filled with detailed text and screenshots. Eventually I’ll fancy up the walkthrough a little bit, with nice maps and interesting facts on the sidebar, but for now, the guide works very well for what it is. I’ve only got one more chapter left to go, so I’m hoping to get that out rather soon! Let me know what y’all think of it.

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  • littlemissgleek

    *started and finished the game before they redid the 5th chapter* oh well, it was a really good game though! I enjoyed the larger amount of side questing :D

  • TheRizardon

    This is great!

  • Chris

    I loved the game a lot when I played it on GBA. Now I finished it twice with my Ambassador 3DS. However, I have 99.9% completion due to the fact that I’m STILL missing ONE Kinstone fusion somewhere… I’ve looked everywhere… I was afraid that I may have triggered something that may have permanently removed that fusion in particular. One question about the Kinstone fusions, are we supposed to fuse with all three of the women with the Goddess names? (Din, Farore and Nayru). Because I only did two out of three, and the third one won’t fuse with me :( I think this is the final fusion that I’m missing… I’ll probably replay it with your walkthrough, since it’s been bugging me for missing that damn final fusion >_>

    • Zenox

      hmm … it’s odd that the last one won’t fuse with you. Initially they all live at the inn and all want to move into houses in town. Doing so will grant you the ability to purchase their charm, allowing for different effects. Each one has one, so yes, you can fuse with all three. I wouldn’t have a clue why you wouldn’t be able to.

      • Zenox

        Actually, if I remember correctly, they won’t fuse with you until you do another event first. For example, I can’t remember who, but fusing with someone will make Gorman want to rent his house out, allowing you to fuse with one. Perhaps you haven’t completed the prerequisite.

    • Mases Hagopian

      Yes, there are some fusions that do become impossible after certain events have occurred. ‘Almost’ all of the Red and Blue Kinstone fusions are fixed. Only a few of the Green Kinstone fusions are fixed. However, the vast majority of Green fusions are random. This includes the actual person you fuse with, and the corresponding reward. Making a Kinstone guide is a project that I will eventually take on.

  • Jelle

    Eeh, Mases, you know the 10 GBA-titles released for ambassadors are ONLY for ambassadors and will NOT be released for everyone in the eShop.

    • Mases Hagopian

      I think it is inevitable that the Nintendo 3DS will have GBA-titles. Maybe they are holding off because some people still play GBA games on their original Nintendo DS? I don’t really know why they haven’t done it yet… but it has to happen eventually. There is too much money to be made for it not to happen.

    • zombie_eat_flesh

      There are some of the original Game Boy titles on the eShop, but there has to be some line drawn for games on its successor for digital download. Kinda like how Nintendo keeps promising that they will bring EarthBound to the VC, but won’t for no good reason.

  • Someone

    It’s a great game, I finished it this summer and I took a peek at the walkthrough here a few times for the kinstone fusing. The walkthrough needed some update, so I’m glad that you are working on it. Good luck and I hope that the walkthrough will help a lot of people in the future

  • Roedburn

    I actually just beat this game two days ago! Pretty fun, though it seamed pretty short compared to the other titles I’ve played.

  • Twister27

    @Mases:disqus I don’t want to be rude, but you should check the guide for errors. For instance, “When Link charged his sword, the the gauge will now speed up,” should be “When Link charges his sword, the gauge will now be sped up.”

    • Ninty

      “Sped up” is past tense, though. It should still be “speed up”.

      • Twister27

        You are right that “sped up” is past tense, but I said “be sped up,” which is present tense. Also, since Mases wrote “when” (and he probably meant whenever), using “speed up” would imply that the gauge speeds up each time Link charges his sword or that the gauge speeds up at an increasing rate whenever Link charges his sword, whereas “will be sped up” simply means that the gauge will move faster.

  • Mseevers95

    Any idea when the video guide is coming?

  • zombie_eat_flesh

    Just out of curiosity, will there be a complete Kinstone Fusion guide when the main guide is complete?

  • Ninty

    Ugh, I’ve still yet to play this to the end! I only played through the first dungeon ’cause a friend has it on his 3DS, though he hacked it. Does the legit download from Nintendo look crisp, or does it look stretched on the 3DS?

  • Pyroblock

    sweet, just need the last chapter, good luck

  • M C

    Wind Waker was the first Zelda game that I ever played, and is so far my favourite handheld game.

  • Mister

    Zelda Dungeon has the best guides! Even if I don’t need them, I do admire the effort and detail everyone puts into these.

  • drnedaj

    As others have already said nintendo has already made a statement that they will not release the GBA ambassador games to the general public. Sure they might change their minds but rightnow I kinda doubt it.

  • drumjolter01

    Nintendo said that they would release the NES games to the public in the eShop, but they had no plans to release the GBA ones. :L

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