The Game Station – Ocarina of Time Trivia

DaveyJanuary 1st, 2013 by Davey

The new year has arrived, and what better to celebrate than with some old fashioned trivia of a classic Zelda game. The Game Station brings to us an interactive YouTube trivia game of the beloved Ocarina of Time with three levels of difficulty.

Though you may think you’re a seasoned adventurer, some of the questions may stump you. Overall a great, short trivia. Hit the jump to start!

You’ll probably start with easy or medium, and even if you’ve only played through Ocarina of Time once, you can make your way through without much work. If you’ve completed a 100 per cent run, these two difficulties will be a breeze.

The hard game, however, raises the bar a notch. This time, many questions don’t deal with the game experience directly, but ask questions that are bigger than the game itself. Do you know which version Ganondorf’s blood was switched from red to green? Did you even know that was switched?

If you complete this challenge, let us know in the comments! Hopefully many of you will be able to get through with few stumbles!

Source: YouTube

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  • Ganon5069

    Well that was easy, even on hard mode.

    • linkasourous

      I know right?

  • Nerion

    I hope they’ll make a Zelda Trivia Quiz for the entire universe instead of just one game.

  • Tehlul

    Here for the cans

  • Kabro006

    yeah i came through hard no problem.

  • TheOrdonianHero

    This was not hard. even on hard.

  • zeldaman

    AHH C’MON the last one in hard???? what??? if you didnt know that you are not worthy

  • Shear

    That was pretty easy. The only one I had trouble with was the OoT 3-D question in Medium. Hadn’t played it, so didn’t know it.

  • Lady Mongrel

    Walked into this thinking it was easy, until the video made it rain in my house.

  • That Guy

    I love the host. Especially with her complete and utter lack of zelda knowledge or acting skill. WTF is a “sario”?

    • guest-ZeldaBoy

      itza typo ;)

  • littlemissgleek

    As usual, easy. What’s funny is if you do the world’s hardest zelda quiz you’ll almost definitely get 100%

  • radioactivehylian

    That really wasn’t too hard… I did easy and medium perfectly and I made 3 mistakes on hard. But that question about the skultulas with the megaton hammer was insane 0__o Only walkthrough makers like Caleb and Mases know that one…

    • IgosDuIkana

      I got the question with the amount that require the iron boots and I got it right however I have 100% oot way too many times, and I still had to think about it and wasn’t completely sure.

    • Linkfan99

      “with the megaton hammer” Don’t you mean the iron boots?

      • lan lan cow

        Mooo moo mooo moooooooooooooooooo.

      • radioactivehylian

        Yeah you’re right. I misread the question when I saw it for the first time xD

  • Ciano Cianuz Launius


    • BlackRaven6695

      It’s-a me, Sario!

      • The Hylian Monolith

        Sorry Sario, the Princess is in another temple.

      • Ciano Cianuz Launius


  • Assasin1010123

    trivia hero on hard! Theversion one tricked me.

  • Nayrulinkx

    Hard was hard at some points, (Version & Iron boot Skulltula) medium was easy, and easy was super easy. The only reason I made a mistake on easy was because I’ve never actually heard Navi say “Hey!! Listen!” In-game, only on the internet

  • BlackRaven6695

    Fun quiz although I do have a problem with a couple of the questions on the hard difficulty. According to the quiz Ocarina was the first game to give Link blonde hair and three Gold Skulltulas require the Iron Boots to locate. However, Link has blonde hair in the artwork for Link’s Awakening and you technically need the Iron Boots to get all the Gold Skulltulas in the Water Temple so the correct answer would be more like eight or nine.

    • Guest

      Well, in regards to the blonde hair question–they specifically ask about in-game traits, so they’re disregarding official artwork. But I agree with you about the Gold Skulltulas.

  • Dark_Link9001

    I beat all difficulty. Too easy I think.

  • Linkfan759

    This was accually very easy, even on hard mode, I scored every question right. Next quiz please, PLEASE!

  • Cmaster

    That was really really fun. I like how they set it up. Great job guys :D

  • AgeOfGlenn

    A few of these had no correct option. Link had blonde hair in the artwork for A Link to the Past and Link’s Awakening. And what the hell is a “Sario”? I’m pretty sure it’s Saria.

    • The Hylian Monolith

      That’s why I messed up on that one.

      • AgeOfGlenn

        Me, too.

  • Linkfan99

    1. The only question I got wrong was the one on OoT 3d Master Quest, because I don’t play that 3ds version. I PLAY THE ORIGINAL.


    3. “Sario”. Just “Sario”.

    • lan lan cow


      • zombie_eat_flesh

        Okay, that’s getting really annoying.

        • Linkfan99

          PLEASE, help me! He has done this on my past 20 comments. Yes, that’s right, my 20 latest comments have all gotten this reply:
          “Mooooooooo…” “Mooo?” “Moo mooo moooo”
          or something like that. Do you know of any way to block spam from someone who doesn’t have a profile?

          • zombie_eat_flesh

            Nope. That’s the only loophole trolls can exploit on Disqus: have no account, and you can’t get banned. It’d be best to ignore him. How he gets thumbs up is beyond me.

          • Linkfan99

            Hmmm… I’ve been trying that…
            But, I’ll bet you anything that he’ll reply to my two comments right here with another moo… Oh, well. I guess I’ll keep ignoring him.

          • guedesbrawl

            make another account.

          • Linkfan99

            Nah, he’d probably just start spamming that one. Plus, I don’t want to lose all my comments and stuff.

          • baileygirl99

            (this is a completely different situation, I just needed to contact you somehow) I can’t post comments on your blog (triforce talk-clever name, btw) but I want you to know that I read your blog, I just can’t comment.

          • Linkfan99

            Wow, I’m REALLY surprised. I seriously thought NO one was reading it. Thanks! You just made me happier!

          • Emma Mix


            … Just kidding, hehe… … … :-/

          • Dark Majora


          • HunterP

            Just act like he’s not there, and eventually he’ll go away. Or you could just play into it. Treat him like he’s you pet. That defeats the purpose of his post, if he’s just trying to annoy you.

    • Emma Mix

      For the 3DS one, I just guessed based on what I THOUGHT they’d do to change it, lol… And yeah, where the heck is the wallpaper?! :'(

  • RubyDragonCat

    That’s awesome! Kudos to whoever made this. I did medium, and got one question wrong. I havent played the 3ds version…that was the one I got wrong. Almost got the purple rupee one wrong though, I didnt know that one off the top of my head.

    Might come back and do hard later.

  • Link98

    Really, they put the easiest question on the last question on hard mode… makes no sense…

  • TheFrostDragon

    Sari… O?

    • guest-ZeldaBoy

      Itza typo ;)

  • TheLinkGanon

    i guess im the “UMM…..RLY?” on hard

  • quordlepleen

    Anyone else notice that the got the answer for the navi question wrong? Navi never actually says Hey!Listen!, she only ever says them separately .

  • ennie

    Love the girl!!!!

  • Scott Sage Goodenough

    When I finally missed one I was shown a fatality scene in Mortal Kombat, now I feel like I was missing out by looking the right answer so much…

  • george fulop

    it is the girl from the wendys commercial’s.

  • george fulop

    it is so bloodey *P

    • baileygirl99

      ya. that scene kinda scarred me.

  • baileygirl99

    It won’t work on my iPad!!!! Argh! I will try on computer later. :-P

  • baileygirl99

    I’m a trivia padawan on hard mode. >:-P

  • Emma Mix

    The easy and medium were super easy. Level hard was… well… Hard. I think I got 4 wrong on that one, lol. But I got all of them right on easy/medium. Egh, I haven’t played the game since I was 4…

  • Baws

    Easier for most of it, except for the “How many Gold Skatulas did you have to find using the Iron Boots?”


    Before i quit games in December 2011, i had played and finished every Zelda game ever. So, yeah…this was easy for me

  • Dafster

    I got them all on easy, three restarts on medium and…err…eight restarts on hard

  • missiongirl87

    I agree with many that this wasn’t too difficult. I did get stumped on a couple in Hard Mode, but overall it was easy.